i'll probably get hate for this now but eh

I really hope I never have to make this post again
  • Sending hate is not okay
  • Sending hate to somebody because of what they ship is not okay
  • Enjolras is canonically asexual
  • Enjolras did not reciprocate Grantaire’s feelings, nor did he have any for Éponine
  • That does not mean it isn’t okay to ship them because get this, you can ship whatever you want and other people don’t have the right to send you hate for it
  • Its a 19th century French novel and a lot of you are sending hate to people for shipping two fictional characters because
  • If people can ship Éponine/Cosette, Valjean/Javert and Jehan/Courfeyrac, we can ship Enjolras/Éponine