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I would be interested to see your take on Mr. Freeze. I have a few images in my head, but I cannot get it right for the life of me.

Boy, what a challenge! The Mr Freeze from the animated series is kinda my main idea for him (along with a lot of the rouges). But I’m terrible at designing armor/suits so I did my best. And I think everyone can agree that Victor is an absolute sweetie! (although he kinda scares me a little bit).

This is my super multi-purpose silicon muffin mold!

Useful for all kind of stuff, from XL ice cylinders to frozen soup,to freezing individual portions of pre-cooked whole rice or lentils

(that need to boil for half an hour and I rarely have the patience to cook if I’m already hungry but only need five minutes to warm up again from the freezer.
Also very useful way to pack a healthy snack, just take the iced rice/lentils from the freezer, pop it in an appropriately sized airtight container with whatever sauce or dressing you want and stuff it in the bag, it’ll be thawed by lunch and won’t have spoiled even outside of the fridge.)

Each muffin space is also collapsible so it stores super slim!
The collapse mechanism means it’s even easier to pop stuff out of it than any regular silicon molds!

Never baked anything in it though, so I can’t give a review on that…
But I guarantee you I never regretted buying this ice-tray

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