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Dating Virgil Tracy would include...

Requested: Yes! A lovely Anon suggested I do the other Bros similar to the Scott post, so Virgil is up!
Notes: None? I hope you all enjoy! Oh and of course, it’s gender neutral! When it comes to reader-insert headcanons, I always try to make that the case unless I really can’t do otherwise!

  • He wooed you by painting pieces with a special message on the back just for you
  • After moving to Tracy Island to be closer to him, and consequently sharing a room with him, most of said paintings are hung up around the wall. It provides you comfort while he’s away on missions, and reminds you how committed to you he is.
  • Evenings are always super romantic with Virgil. A sunset accompanied by sitting beside Virgil as he plays a gentle piece on the family piano cannot be topped by anything.
  • Sleeping arrangements are night are simple - you share a double bed, sleeping big spoon/little spoon style, with Virgil being the big spoon. He just loves to glomp his partner in his arms.
  • He snores pretty loudly though, so you’ve gotta be ready to put up with that.
  • When you first started dating, he’d allow you to accompany him on Thunderbird 2 during missions, but you wouldn’t be allowed to leave for safety reasons. 
  • That being said, he’d happily agree to you training to join the team, reasoning to his brothers and Grandma that he could do with a co-pilot, especially since Gordon couldn’t always be available.
  • You guys are the best power-couple ever, once you’re cleared to go on missions, you guys keep an impressive record of missions completed.
  • Before going to bed, you and Virgil will occupy the empty living room to slow-dance to a soothing song, enjoying the sweet embrace, and the calmness around you. Because once you guys wake up tomorrow, that calm will be looong gone!

Well well…this thingy kinda went into my head when I had a little conversation with @xladymalice..
She mostly says no when I ask her if she loves me. But that time it was so icecold and that image came into my mind.
Don’t get me wrong~ we’re best friends…but if life were a video game she probably would’ve shot me a couple of times. Just for fun…
well I guess I will upload some more of this because I still have a little idea but this shall be it for today~