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You gotta stop lying to us. We can tell you’re lying to us. Stop telling me, “Well… someone one day will think that crooked nose is just cute as a button,” I don’t want to hear that. I don’t want to hear the only thing that you can reassure me with is based on what I look like.

Stay beautiful. Stay beautiful. Staying beautiful is why I’ve got shaky hands and no metabolism. Staying beautiful is why I keep crying myself to sleep. Staying beautiful to me meant staying empty. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of people who’ve never seen me telling me, “Don’t worry, you’re somebody’s wet dream.” I don’t want to be. I don’t want to be beautiful. I don’t want to be pretty.

Stop telling girls they’ve just got to love themselves because “Everybody is beautiful.” You say the word “beautiful” and we think of magazines. Beauty exists in each person but it’s not because you’ll eventually stumble across someone who finds you attractive. Love your body because it’s flawed, love yourself for your heart. Beauty exists in you, I promise.

It’s because when you breathe in, sweetheart, you’re swallowing four million words you could have said but when you exhale, you choose the ones that are kindest. It’s because you’ve got sharp teeth and round hips and a good grasp on video games. You’re beautiful because they’ve knocked you to your knees and you keep wiping the blood out of the corners of your mouth and getting right back to your feet. You’re beautiful because they told you that you couldn’t succeed so you strapped yourself into the fastest car you could find and told them to fuck off, that you were running away to somewhere their venom couldn’t pierce through your fingertips - you’re beautiful because you’ve got stories stacked up your spinal column, not because some dude one day is going to say, “Huh, I’d fuck her.”

Stop preaching the same few words to us. Stop saying, “You’re beautiful,” because yes she is but she’s only going to hear, “I’m only saying this because I feel bad and I have nothing else to say.” Stop talking down to us. Instead start giving out compliments that mean something. Tell me I dress like I’m a queen. Tell her that you’re more than willing to punch somebody who asks, “But weren’t you born a boy,” tell her that you are willing to protect her. Tell her you’re happy she’s alive, not that you’re happy about how she looks.

Baby girl, look down to your hands, because these are the bones that will build and break nations - stay strong, stay wild, stay free, but don’t stay beautiful. Get ugly. Get hair in your mouth and sand in your eyes. Bite the people who hurt you, draw blood. Have sex in public restrooms, laugh about it, keep notches in your belt. Kiss the girl in your class with blue eyes you can’t stop staring at, get her lip gloss all over your collarbones. Skin your palms. Moan loudly. Stop getting quiet when obnoxious people interrupt you, talk over them, talk while staring them down, show them you don’t give a shit whether or not they like what you’re saying, you’re going to finish it. If somebody calls you a bitch, wink. Be ugly. Stop tearing your sandwiches apart under the table so you can eat like a fairy. Stop trying to be dainty. Cut your hair. Pierce everything you want, tattoo the rest, roll your eyes at your parents. Don’t hide your hurt, wear it, stop thinking you’re going to inconvenience everybody. Take back this world you gave up. Make it yours. Don’t go down without screaming.

You don’t need to be beautiful. You are not somebody’s art piece. Baby girl, look down to your hands.

What’s important is that you can do anything. You have so much potential and that’s what makes you important. You are so much more than your cheekbones or the width of your thighs.

What’s beautiful is that you can make anything happen. Stop being beautiful. Get ugly.

Go be alive.

—  Be alive, be glorious, be good at sex. Be so much more than just plain “beautiful.” /// r.i.d | inkskinned

what gets me is the fact that Taylor’s doing all this - dating Calvin and stressing the fact they ended amicably; now dating Tom and rushing to recreate everything because the Calvin breakup was a mess and there’s clearly no friendly relations between Scotland and America - just so she can write a happy album about Karlie. I know Taylor’s said before that she finds it difficult to write happy love songs with ease like Ed does, so album 6 would be a real milestone for her - just think of all the complex emotions and imagery that Taylor would be using to describe and express her love towards Karlie. It would be the most amazing sound and something unlike what we’ve ever heard. We’d be hearing songs about the person who finally stayed and who Taylor absolutely adores. But I just can’t connect that album and the potential it has with the current Calvin and Tom situations. The first relationship’s breakup has spun out of control to the point where I don’t think Taylor would want people thinking the songs are about Calvin (hence Tom entering the picture). And now Taylor’s trying to publicly date Tom in a manner so the public wouldn’t find it strange that these love songs would be about him… But the thing is, how do you fit 3+ years of love and memories with Karlie into such a short timeframe (whilst trying to appear believable) with Tom? I duno, I don’t know why I’m even rambling about this. I just think Taylor’s trying so hard to make it all work so she can write the happy album she wants to and express what’s in her heart, but she’s at the point where nothing’s working to plausibly recreate those emotions and memories with a man and where does she even go from here. She’s well and truly at an impasse.

i like the way you drink wine & whiskey on saturday night

like the way you can’t find what to wear when you wake up

and i like the way that you look in my shirt, on my bed and i’m hooked

like the way that you say the cigarettes will kill me some day

and i know you’re right, you make me feel alright.

i like the way you look in the morning, i like the nights when you’re wrapped around me

i like the way you whisper what you want to do

yeah i like the way you love me too

well i like the way that you sing all those country songs to me

like the way that you bring out the better man in me

and i know you’re right, you make me feel alright

i like the way you look in the morning

and i like the nights when you’re wrapped around me

i like the way we fight and kiss and breakup and i like the way we always seem to make up

i like the way you win and i always lose

yeah i like the way you love me too

well i hope you’re waiting by the door when i get home

because when i’m gone, you’re what i miss the most

there’s a missing thread in my bed

i’ll think of all those words we said and i’ll wish for you

would you wish for me too?

Jasper Fan: Jasper did a lot of messed up shit, and I can understand why people don’t like her. However, I think there is a double standard in the fandom surrounding her and certain people exaggerate her actions while toning down other characters equally horrible actions and making excuses for them. Her pressuring Lapis to fuse by appealing to her previous trauma was very wrong and I see why people were uncomfortable with it, but I don’t think it justifies Lapis’s decision to continue forcing the Malachite fusion and deprive her of all autonomy, especially since both the show and outside resources point to Lapis’s primary motivation being revenge. Both characters were under a lot of stress and I think they need their individual time and ways to heal.

What people hear, apparently: Jasper did nothing wrong! She was just doing her job! Lapis is an abusive evil villain and Jasper is the innocent victim!!!