i'll probably delete it actually

I am now keeping a carton of juice by the side of my bed.
Because that’s the kinda thing a responsible diabetic would do. 
The kind of diabetic who perhaps wouldn’t mind sticking around and seeing the future.

The point is i’m not giving up. 
For a time I thought I was.
But I’m not.

how do you silence the voice in your head that tells you you’re a talentless hack and everything you write is garbage asking for a friend


This tale is true, and mine. It tells
How the sea took me, swept me back
And forth in sorrow and fear and pain,
Showed me suffering in a hundred ships,
In a thousand ports, and in me
. It tells
Of smashing surf when I sweated in the cold
Of an anxious watch, perched in the bow
As it dashed under cliffs. My feet were cast
In icy bands, bound with frost,
With frozen chains, and hardship groaned
Around my heart. Hunger tore
At my sea-weary soul. No man sheltered
On the quiet fairness of earth can feel
How wretched I was, drifting through winter
On an ice-cold sea, whirled in sorrow,
Alone in a world blown clear of love,
Hung with icicles. (…) 

 And who could believe, knowing but
The passion of cities, swelled proud with wine
And no taste of misfortune, how often, how wearily,
I put myself back on the paths of the sea

My Soul Roams With The Sea

Kitty 🐱

I know that like, I’m being a brat, but if you make clothes please, please please remember to adjust the tiling for patterns and to check for clipping or body issues!

There are so many really cute and amazing clothes being made but it just makes me so sad when I can’t use them because of the reasons listed above. 


Is anyone taking art requests? ;; v ;; bc I’m writing a Werewolf! 2P! America fanfic and I’d love a proper cover image for it ❤️❤️ much appreciated and thanks for your time-

// the 2P fandom needs more mythical creature AUs tbh Q w Q

  • The Winter Soldier: Bucky doesn't appear much, despite the movie being named after him. He's more like a shadow, a mystery.

⊰ ♛ ⊱—;   ❝ I spent most of my life in Maine .  .  . ❞  and what is in Maine? A killer eldritch terror god clown monstrosity.  ❝ I can’t believe I’m going to have to kill this fucking clown. ❞ 

ooooooh fun learn about me

actually don’t read this or learn anything about me at all

💫 name: renee
💫 nickname: i don’t have one? 
💫 gender: cis woman
💫 height: 5′6
💫 ethnicity: highly white
💫 favorite fictional character: frasier crane, laurent prince of vere, jane eyre, remus lupin, marian holcombe, michael scott
💫 favourite fruits: strawberries, peaches, bananas, mangoes, apples, raspberries
💫 favourite season: fall and winter
💫 favourite book series: captive prince, hp
💫 favourite flower: gardenia, rose, lilac, iris, honeysuckle, wisteria, tulip 
💫 favourite scent: gardenia, pink pepper, freshly mowed grass, peppermint, spa, the ocean, green woods, rose, any white flower, tobacco
💫 favourite colour: forest green 
💫 favourite animal: cats 
💫 coffee/tea/cocoa: all 
💫 cat or dog person: cat
💫 number of blankets: one in the summer; innumerable in the winter
💫 dream trip: venice again, pacific nw, iceland, sweden, south of france, prague, athens, rome, switzerland, scotland 

💫 star sign: just your typical extra aquarius 
💫 time: 2:38 pm est 
💫 birthday: february 8
💫 favorite bands: fall out boy, fleetwood mac, one direction, brand new, the killers, bruce springsteen and the e street band, jimmy eat world, third eye blind 
💫 favorite solo artists: harry styles, carly rae jepsen, lourde, lana del ray 
💫 the song stuck in my head: the theme from the nanny 
💫 last movie i watched: twister 
💫 last show i watched: keeping up appearances 
💫 when did i create my blog: i created in 2010 but didn’t become really active until 2011 
💫 what do i post: art, harry styles, memes, housewife gifs, landscapes 
💫 last thing i googled: “how to tell someone you like them when you are an aquarius”
💫 do you have any other blogs: i have a harry styles fanblog 
💫 do you get asks: sometimes
💫 why did you choose your url: childhood nickname: my cousin couldn’t say “ruh” and said “one” instead making my name one-ay 
💫 following: i literally have no idea and i’m not going to check 
💫 followers: i literally have no idea and i’m not going to check 
💫 average hours of sleep: at least 8 
💫 lucky number: 8, 19 
💫 instruments: the screaming tenor of my own voice 
💫 what am i wearing: leggings and a big tshirt with a drawing of pizza on it 
💫 dream job: tenured professor 
💫 favorite food: grilled cheese, roasted broccoli, peanut butter fudge 
💫 nationality: thoroughly american 
💫 favorite song right now: take me - aly & aj 

(Not even gonna lie, it would actually be the most fuckin’ adorable thing if Janny ever befriended a smol one. Like, a really smol one. Child. ‘cause I guiltily love the fuck outta the whole ‘scary violent thing befriends pure smol thing’ trope when it’s done right. I laugh ‘cause he’d totally be the guy who swears in front of the smol an’ realizes an’ then he’s like “whoa yo fuck sorry shit wait GODDAMMIT”)