i'll probably be quoting this later so you might as well watch now

Jonathan Strange and mr. Norrell, episode four: All the mirrors of the world

So. I haven’t written a review of this episode yet, mostly because I needed to take a step back after watching this to think - why do I write these? What do I want to say? I knew that I was going to say so much of the same things in this review that I also did in my others. So I’ve been thinking a little about what it is I really want to say, what is it that I talk about again and again in these reviews, and can I just… get it out of my system?

So here you go. I’m getting stuff out of my system. Mostly about Stephen Black. Not much about the episode at all, really. Beware of book and show spoilers below the cut. Like, hella spoilers. We’re talking the ending here.

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