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I can’t be the only one that thinks this but I’m convinced that Dazai is the main character, not Atsushi.
Sure the story is told from Atsushi’s point of view, but Dazai is usually the one fueling the action. We even get to see Dazai’s past for four episodes in the anime.
The movie poster convinces me of this even more, being that Dazai and Chuuya are pictured front and center.
Even when Dazai’s been MIA(ex: capture by Port Mafia) he’s still been important to what’s happening in the story.
It makes sense that we would follow Atsushi since we seem to be going by the rules of “person being introduced to his new surroundings as the audience is” and it makes it easier to explain things if one character has no idea what’s going on.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the Protagonist all along.

Tsukinoya headcanons ayyyy #1

- Tsukishima craves the physical comfort (which no one else knows and Nishinoya just happened to realise) and Nishinoya provides and it ranges from casual brushes against each other, to holding hands, and to full out cuddles with Tsukishima being the big spoon.

- Nishinoya tries to be the big spoon sometimes (senpai ego and all) but because he moves around in his sleep so much, most of the times he ends up either kicking Tsukishima or sprawled all over him.

- Mornings are simultaneously the worse and best for Tsukishima because Nishinoya is loud and relentless in trying to get Tsukishima up but his sour mood usually dissipates within the first few minutes of Nishinoya pressing kisses all over his face and whispering “good morning~” after each one.

- Their bond slowly grows through watching each other on the court and adjusting their plays, as well as through the casual conversations they have in between practice. Hinata is still surprised they get along so well.

- Nishinoya likes standing atop things that will make look taller just so he can bend down to kiss Tsukishima instead of the other way around. (and whenever he’s drunk, he does it a lot more often and one time he stands on the table declaring “Hah look at me Kei! I’m sooooo tall! Now get over here and kiss me!” but he loses his balance and thank goodness sober Tsukishima is there to catch him lmao)

Phantoons To-Do List

Phantom Fine Art Portraits:
Steve Barton/Sarah Brightman
Rebecca Caine
Gina Beck
Peter Karrie

Solo Character Poster Ads

Master Style series:
Picasso “Three Musicians”

Phantom Mash-Ups:
Assassin’s Creed
Curious George
Lollipop Chainsaw
The Nutcracker
Star Wars

Phantom Movie Posters:
The Jerk

Phantom Album Cover Parodies:
Madonna: Like a Virgin (Christine)
Queen II (Little Band)
Bruce Springsteen: Born in the U.S.A. (Raoul)
Beatnik Little Band
Hip Hop Little Band
Punk Little Band
Disco Little Band

Phantom Pin-Ups:
Reyer & the Slavegirls

“The OG” character designs

Phantom Theatre set
Christine’s Dressing Room set
Phantom’s Lair set
Manager’s Office set
The Graveyard set
Don Juan Triumphant set

“The Joy of Phantoons” instructional video
“12 Days of Phantom” animated music video
“The Music of the Night” animated music video
“Opera Garnier” Village People music video
“Promiscuous” DJT music video
“Masquerade/Why So Silent” ABBA/Michael Jackson music video

Video Game:
“DivaDome 1881″ online fighting game

Board Games:
Chutes and Ladders
Epic Duels

Think of Me “Dropped Drawers”
Carlotta Heisman Trophy pose w/ severed head
Piangi Coppertone ad