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Ryousuke seems like the type to get a fancy coffee from a ritzy cafe, and Kuramochi seems like the type to chug a can of mountain dew for breakfast

Learning languages in the US public schooling system:
  • Year 1: "Hey let's learn our manners! Please! Thank you! My name is! Here are prepositions! This is how you say 'I like X'! Let's have some cultural cuisine! Also here are some verbs."
  • Year 2: "conjugate these verbs. Conjugate more verbs. More verbs to conjugate. Are you remembering these? More verbs. Conjugate them. Like, not even in context. Fuck context. Just fill out verb conjugation tables. Why are you failing your oral exams just do more conjugation tables. Conjugate these irregular verbs now. More irregular verbs to conjugate. Have a mango or a croissant or some shit okay now conjugate 'to eat.'"
  • Year 3: "let's read this story! What do you mean you don't know that verb in context? Didn't you do your conjugation table for it? Do it again. I don't care if they don't use vosotros in the western hemisphere just remember to conjugate it! Let's read more stories and you can just pretend to know what the verbs are!"
  • Year 4: "I'm going to start the first semester off trying to teach the class exclusively in the language I'm teaching but since you obviously have no foundation in the language I'll give up by November and we'll just dick around with games and have food parties since you're all seniors and are taking this class as a joke anyway. Hey do you remember how to conjugate 'vivir'? Ha just kidding have some tostadas."

anonymous asked:

Looks so easy for you to forget the past. How u do this? Cause im stucked in the past,in my 3 year relationship with a dickhead and yes i know I should forget him but I can't cause he was the first one I fell in love completely and in an insane way. I was there for him,I supported him when he reached the bottom and as soon as he got up he turned his back and left. I can't like other guys no matter if they are 100 way better than him. I'll always hope for him. How can I change that?its killing me

How the fuck can u love someone who doesnt love u and hurts u, he doesnt deserve u , i know that u love him so much and this words mean nuttin to u but pretend like u dont give a fuck start goin out with new boys if he feels smth for u he will come back… always act tough.. never let him think ur weak.. SHOW NO LOVE , LOVE WILL GET U KILLED .. most probably as soon as u read this ur still gonna run after him cause all u think about is him , but thinks of this : no one deserves u , ur the best , think that he thinks of u more than u do and if its meant to be ur get back togeva one day.. this thoughts will calm u down…. remember that one day ur gonna laugh about all this bullshit , ur gonna love again , maybe more than him… ❤ .. stop listening to his songs , stop looking at his pics , delete him from everywhere , dont go to the same places and trust me ur gonna forget him real soon…