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These monsters are called pack hunters, they stalk the city streets. 


While I was waiting for you downstairs, I stashed a few of the sensors around the place, just to keep the problem fresh in your mind.

How To Do That Neat Texture/Pattern Thing In SAI Paint

Semi-requested by prospitanfirefly (this is for you pal)

Step 1: Draw something idk what you draw but just have fun with it

(This looks so boring without the pzazz) 

Step 2: Pick a pattern that you like from wherever on the internet, save it to your computer, and then open it up in lil’ old SAI

Step 3: Click on the lil’ ol’ Laso tool

Step 4: Laso around that bad boy

Step 5: Hit that ol’ Copy button

(or you can just hit Ctrl+C or Ctrl+V or whatever keyboard shortcut you have for copying)

Step 6: Paste it to the canvas that you’re working on

(I have two here to see which one would work better for me you don’t have to do this but if you have more than one you want to try out just do Steps 2-6 again for each one.)

Step 7: Put the pattern(s) below the areas you want to use the patterns for

Step 8: Take the Select tool…

…and outline the outside of the area where you want the patterns…

(For really dark patterns like this one you might want to turn down the occupancy to see the lines) 

…and used the Magic Wand tool to select the inside parts

Step 9: Click on Copy and then Paste…

…to create a brand new layer for the sections of the patters you’ve made

And *Ta-Da*, your super neat looking drawing now have a pattern.