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Chirrut learns not to grab Baze in certain spots (if u know what i mean)

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Would you mind adding Gregor to the bath tent peeping prompt?

[Gregor actually stole my heart a little, when I first went through to get all the routes for completing the game’s sake. He’s just a giant lovable dork. <3]

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Gregor wasn’t one to go traipsing into the women’s bathing tent; no, he left that sort of idiotic behavior for the younger, more sexually repressed kids. He was a real man, and he was married to a real wonderful woman. No sir, no need for him to go anywhere near the bath tent in the slightest.

Then he heard you scream.

“What in hells?” Gregor’s brow furrowed, practically doing a full 180 when your cry split the air. He grabbed the nearest weapon, sprinting for the far side of camp. You couldn’t possibly be in danger, could you? Not his Robin.

“Get out of here, you pervert!!” He heard you shout next. Gregor felt anger suddenly pour into his system, mingled with confusion. Was someone actually trying to do something to you? Gregor growled, bursting through the camp. He wasn’t about to let anything happen to you.

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Can someone please go save poor Hatch’s trash guitar ?? He dropped it to grab Dixie and bolt out of there….He will give you a nice reward for it! He’ll probably sing for you too if you want…..