i'll post the step by step


“How Far I’ll Go” from Disney’s Moana
sung by Auli'i Cravalho
written by Lin-Manuel Miranda

How do we emerge victorious from the quagmire
Leave the battlefield waving Robbie Rotten’s hat higher?

slycooperandcarlosfox  asked:

You know, I bet in animal worlds like Sly Cooper and Zootopia, foods like Casu marzu and Chapulines are more common place and less questionably insane.

I’m not exactly what you’d call a gourmand, so I had to Google what both of these were

Oh, fair enough.



【他来了,请闭眼】 Love me if you dare 04 - 薄靳言的沉默

i feel like i was the only one truly appreciating joe playing the flute y’all are so unsupportive LET MY BOY SHINE

Tom: “Ugh, I feel sick all of a sudden…”

Tom: “Just when I was starting to get over that cold, Matt and Edd go off and make me worry myself sick again…”

*knock knock*

Tom: “?!”

Tom: “The door…?!”

Tom: “Matt? Edd?!”

Tom: “!!!!”

Tom: “Holy crap, you guys–”

Tom: “H-here, I got you–”

Edd: “Tom…”

Tom: “Edd, your forehead …  It looks bad. Can you stand?”

Edd: “Not … really…”

Tom: “I-it’s okay, just come on. You can make it to the couch.”

Tom: “Okay, you guys made it, good job…”

Edd: “…agh…”

Tom: “Y-yeah, I know, just stay there, I’m gonna go get some bandages–”

Tom: “…What am I saying, of course you aren’t going anywhere. You two are practically unconscious.”

Tom: “…Anyway, I-I’ll just go get some bandages and some tylenol…”

~A few minutes later…~

Tom: “Okay, I’ve cleaned up their wounds and given them painkillers and thrown their dirty sweatshirts in the laundry … I’ve done what I can for now. Now I just need a moment to calm down…”

Tom: “…”

Tom: “God, what I wouldn’t give to know the bastard who did this is.”

Tom: “I’ll destroy them, whoever they are. No one hurts my friends and gets away with it.”

-Mod Matt


Something watercolored I did for Makoto Shinkai who was at the preview shooting of Your Name in Paris this week !

We talked for a while, it was so exciting and interesting ! As I told him his movie has broke my heart in too many ways, he said my voice was pretty and truly fitting Mitsuha and he said this about three or four times AND I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER ??

Seriously, I’m so thankful to this man for the experience I had on this wonderful movie.

Click on the pictures for captions concerning the WiP !

hello~! OvO/  i’m new here & this’s my art blog!!

my art may not be that good but i hope i could improve it by updating this blog day by day and try to be a better artist!!

it’s summer now so i’ll try my very best to be active on here and keep drawing!! >___< thank you so much for stopping by & have a great day~!! ouo/

Posting Art Progress On This Blog?!

What have I done!? 

Nothing, actually, just did some practice on Yordle anatomy sketching yours truly. Be warned, I’m far from a professional artist but some advice a friend once told me was ‘if someone says art came easy, they’re lying.’ 

I’m following the advice of posting my art just to have it somewhere and get me to strive to make it better! The head shape and ears were not as difficult as I anticipated but GOOD LORD I need to work on proportions and detailing. Next time I’ll just fill a page of basic gestures until I get that down then move on to detailing.

One step at a time! One day I’ll look back at pieces like this and remember how far I came.