i'll post the step by step

Tom: “Ugh, I feel sick all of a sudden…”

Tom: “Just when I was starting to get over that cold, Matt and Edd go off and make me worry myself sick again…”

*knock knock*

Tom: “?!”

Tom: “The door…?!”

Tom: “Matt? Edd?!”

Tom: “!!!!”

Tom: “Holy crap, you guys–”

Tom: “H-here, I got you–”

Edd: “Tom…”

Tom: “Edd, your forehead …  It looks bad. Can you stand?”

Edd: “Not … really…”

Tom: “I-it’s okay, just come on. You can make it to the couch.”

Tom: “Okay, you guys made it, good job…”

Edd: “…agh…”

Tom: “Y-yeah, I know, just stay there, I’m gonna go get some bandages–”

Tom: “…What am I saying, of course you aren’t going anywhere. You two are practically unconscious.”

Tom: “…Anyway, I-I’ll just go get some bandages and some tylenol…”

~A few minutes later…~

Tom: “Okay, I’ve cleaned up their wounds and given them painkillers and thrown their dirty sweatshirts in the laundry … I’ve done what I can for now. Now I just need a moment to calm down…”

Tom: “…”

Tom: “God, what I wouldn’t give to know the bastard who did this is.”

Tom: “I’ll destroy them, whoever they are. No one hurts my friends and gets away with it.”

-Mod Matt


fire camp kookie ! 

had lots of fun with this, it burned 5 hours off my usual daily amount of sleep though

some of those steps are so blurry lmao… sorry i took those pictures at 3am with my phone, i didn’t even realize it was so low quality  😂 😂 😂

anonymous asked:

Hey :3 So I wanted to ask if you maybe have some tips or advice for bullet journal newcomer? Because I recenlty started mine and I just have the feeling that I'm doing some things wrong, also the handwriting stuff is pretty hard to learn~ Btw I love your blog and bullet journal, it's so pretty ♥~♥ oh and I'm also from germany :3

Heyy, I will take photos of how I create this week’s spread, so I will make a post at the end of the week to show you the process of designing a weekly spread. I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong since there are no actual rules for bullet journalling! I guess it’s just about practice!! when I started using a bullet journal, my very first bullet journal pages didn’t look perfect either and I guess you just need some time to figure out what works best for you.. concerning the handwriting: I download nice fonts at dafont.com and use them as a reference / model for headlines or quotes that I write into my journal. I hope this was helpful!! And thank you!! Liebe Grüße :))

shiro’s reaction to a pun, step by step:

1) he gives you the side-eyed look and judges you so hard, it’s impressive.

2) occasionally, he covers his mouth with his hand because he will not give others the satisfaction of seeing him smiling ( “admit it, shiro, it was good–” / “no, it wasn’t.” )

3) he turns around like “nah, man, for the next hour I don’t know you.”

4) when he’s on his own, he chuckles at a) his own sense of humor; b) the fact that said pun was fucking awful, goddamnit guys.

5) he’ll get back at you with an even worse pun. and everyone will regret it.

Coloring ~Thing~

i’m teaching/lending my girlfriend my tablet and photoshop on and off and she is nervous about colors so this is for her, but in case it helps anyone else here’s blocking things to heck!

step 1 vague block. every change in the gradient is safely kept on different layers. (the figures in the background are separate from the main two, which are separate from each other where they overlap, etc) 

step 2. LOCKDOWN, lock the layers one by one to add and easily tweak the colors within their forms. we’re using sunny orange and bright blue with rust red! hot hot tater tot!! 

no more grey gradient! it works for most any composition and saves you from your own indecisiveness when coloring. If I chose to change everything to a pink sunset or even flip the shading, i could in less than five minutes!

How To Do That Neat Texture/Pattern Thing In SAI Paint

Semi-requested by prospitanfirefly (this is for you pal)

Step 1: Draw something idk what you draw but just have fun with it

(This looks so boring without the pzazz) 

Step 2: Pick a pattern that you like from wherever on the internet, save it to your computer, and then open it up in lil’ old SAI

Step 3: Click on the lil’ ol’ Laso tool

Step 4: Laso around that bad boy

Step 5: Hit that ol’ Copy button

(or you can just hit Ctrl+C or Ctrl+V or whatever keyboard shortcut you have for copying)

Step 6: Paste it to the canvas that you’re working on

(I have two here to see which one would work better for me you don’t have to do this but if you have more than one you want to try out just do Steps 2-6 again for each one.)

Step 7: Put the pattern(s) below the areas you want to use the patterns for

Step 8: Take the Select tool…

…and outline the outside of the area where you want the patterns…

(For really dark patterns like this one you might want to turn down the occupancy to see the lines) 

…and used the Magic Wand tool to select the inside parts

Step 9: Click on Copy and then Paste…

…to create a brand new layer for the sections of the patters you’ve made

And *Ta-Da*, your super neat looking drawing now have a pattern. 

so, I’ve got a couple issues with how fandom and CS fandom in particular is responding to tonight’s episode, and so I’d like to get something off my chest

the obsession with infantilizing hook and pretty much ignoring the 99% of his life before he met emma is really getting on my nerves. one of the things I really disliked about s4 was how they essentially made him into a toothless puppy who was infatuated with a woman. which is okay, in a sense, because that’s what was needed then. but fandom has forgotten that before he was killian jones again, he was captain hook. we got a teaser two weeks ago, a reminder of the villain he used to be, and that excited me.

because like it or not, he wasn’t ooc or horribly one-dimensional tonight. he was everything he’s always been when consumed by darkness(rash, thoughtless, selfish, hurtful, evil)

think about the three hundred or so years he spent as a villain, embracing his darkness, with only small little glimmers of light. all we’ve seen is the glimmers, and yet we think he wasn’t so bad.

but yes, he was so bad.

he had a very long time with darkness as his only companion, selfishness corrupting what had started out honest enough(with love) until all he had was his revenge. it’s only been since emma stepped into his life that he’s begun to see the light and step away from that darkness, searching for a happier ending. so counter three hundred years of hate with maybe fifteen or sixteen years total of love(liam, milah, and emma), and you start to see why it’s so damned easy for him to slip back into who he was.

remember emma herself, who was ready to leave her family, despite how much they loved her, and run back to new york with henry, because that’s what she was good at, because that was what she knew and once she’d had a taste of the easy life, she wanted it for the rest of her life. and she’d only been alone for twenty-eight years.

it’s easy to love someone when the going is easy, and it’s easy to stay when you love someone. see aforementioned puppy killian from s4. he loved emma because there really wasn’t a huge drastic issue standing between them. there wasn’t the ultimate betrayal. it’s easy to be selfish and hate, it’s so fucking hard to love someone who committed the ultimate betrayal against you. and if this was any other situation, would we still be saying he has no right to be this way?

and now there is and we’re surprised by his reactions?

we shouldn’t be. hook has always felt things so intensely; he loves or he hates and I doubt he’s ever had to try to live with both. yet he quite obviously still does love emma, you can see it in how he threatens rumple and when he struggles with the darkness at first. he loves her. but he also hates her. and how can he reconcile the woman he loves with the darkness he hates(that makes him hate), with the betrayal she caused. so he doesn’t. he hates her with every fiber of his being, and he tells her so. he crushes her heart before she has a chance to crush his(again).

everything has been leading up to this darkness. like adam said; the darkness is like giving a drunk a drink, and emma didn’t just pass him a sip, she force-fed him the bottle and threw away his liver. hook cannot deal with it on his own, and she showed her hand, showed he couldn’t trust her when not only did she turn him into the dark one, but she made her first words to him a lie about excalibur. how was he supposed to trust her to help him after that? by the time she realized what she’d done it was too late because he’d already let it in.

we know the darkness consumes someone, and hook was and always has been ripe for the consuming. he’s smart, but he’s reckless, and the darkness preyed on that, because it knew he would do whatever he had to to make sure he would never get hurt again. it feels like reaching to say this is all his grand plan, that there’s a good honest reason behind it all. who knows, I might be wrong, and I eagerly await whatever will happen. but I think hook is dark. I think the darkness is playing him, not the other way around, because this does make sense.

but, of course, there is a glimmer. his own words will come back to haunt him soon, because I firmly believe that he was right, and we’re all about to see it; anything can be forgiven when someone loves you. even when that anything is as dark as what hook has done.

especially when that someone is the motherfucking savior

What about Magnus’s first time though? The first time he takes his baby steps but trips and falls after a few steps only for his mother to catch him, the first time he starts to control his magic watching the blue sparks in fascination looking at the silent brother for approval. What about his first time wondering how long he had with his first lover? The first time he meets Catarina and Ragnor? What about the first time Magnus learns how to dance and the first time he helps someone and feels the goodness and he realizes maybe he’s not the monster he thinks he is?

I’m finally doing that post on spirit traps but I’m doing it as simplistically as I can

Step 1: Get bottle

Step 2: wrap chain around bottle’s neck, draw sigils of entrapment on cork.

Step 3: put (uncorked) bottle in the center of a maze/labyrinth/spiral design, probably in chalk.

Step 4: Put something yummy the spirit will enjoy inside the bottle.

Step 5: Do the magical equivalent of this:

Step 6: wait.

Step 7: Probably wait more.

Step 8: When spirit gets close, get ready. When spirit enters bottle, slam the cork in. Seal with wax. Add more chains and or cords.

Do. Not. Open.


How to create a melon ID & Stream for iKONICS or anyone interested!!! requested by anon
> I recommend using a mobile device to sign up for an ID. Also, for gmail, check your spam for the confirmation. 
>I can’t post pictures of a step by step streaming method because I recently got a 9 month apple music subscription, and if you have this, you cannot change your region unless you cancel it, but this is basically what I did for Winner just a few months ago. Feel free to ask anything, and I’ll try my best to answer <333