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Rose-colored Lips

A/N: Day Two of Royai Week is here!! Here is my contribution for the second prompt: “Color.”

If he hadn’t the self-control, Roy’s cheeks would have turned the same striking shade of pink as the lip print that stained his pristine white collar.

The moment Roy Mustang finished scrawling his signature onto the dotted line beneath the report he had been working on, he promptly dropped his pen and sighed, closing his eyes as he leaned back in his chair and tipped his head back. After another grueling week of nonstop meetings and reports, he was ready to welcome the weekend, despite the fact it would be just as fast-paced as the week it trailed.

Though Roy couldn’t be happier with the notion.

Because instead of a Friday night mission similar to the ones his team had been assigned to for the past month, the night that would begin in just a matter of hours would consist of drinks, dancing, and fine dining. He had never been one to get too overly excited about the annual ball hosted by Eastern Command, but what he found this time around was that he actually was. Though he mainly attributed it to the fact that he had been given a sneak preview of a gown a certain blonde Lieutenant would don…

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Bend The Rules (24/?)

Summary: (High School AU) - Michael comes from a very strict and quite religious family, but that doesn’t stop him from having a somewhat of a normal teenage life. He still goes out, though he has an early curfew and rules to follow. He has the mouth of a sailor, but makes sure his parents never hear. He maintains good grades so his parents aren’t ever thrown off. It can be annoying, but he can handle it. But life only becomes too difficult when Gavin Free intervenes. 

Word Count: 4240

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Gavin felt more comfortable with how he was doing in Economics thanks to Michael’s help. Michael felt proud of himself because of that, so when Gavin asked if Michael could possibly help him out with Algebra 2, Michael agreed with no hesitation. Ray overheard this tutor session and decided to join, considering that pre-cal wasn’t his strongest subject and Michael could easily help him with that.

Their first session happened a few days after the first and it went on during lunch. Michael would ask to see their homework, go over the problems they couldn’t understand with them separately, and Ray and Gavin would attempt to do the problem on their own. If that didn’t work, Michael would try a different explanation until they understood.

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