i'll post the real one in a bit


I’ve been feeling really disorganized and gross lately, and I feel like my styles looking a bit too clean and polished and stiff. I feel really cluttered and lazy and unmotivated, but it happens. It’s come and gone before, so hopefully this’ll pass real soon. So to clean things up a bit, here’s some sketches I never really finished, or just little ones I didn’t feel like posting on their own.

6789iuhghjkkgjh-deactivated2016  asked:

"I’ll be glad every time I find out one of you have been driven out or shut down." so you're saying you'll be glad if one of us are driven to suicide ? i'll keep that in mind lmao

Please circle the bit about me wishing anyone commits suicide.

Oh that’s right, you can’t, because I never said that.

I said I’d celebrate if those blogs attacking people and twisting people’s words to be offensive (like what you just tried) were to end up being forced to delete said posts or leave tumblr until they can come back and behave and actually help with real issues and real problems instead of stretching people’s statements to make up problems.

The whole point was that these people cause the people they attack to commit suicide or nearly commit suicide, like Zamii, or me, if you consider that horrible plan I had for the end of my life to be suicide. Would kinda defeat my point if I said I want them to commit suicide. I hope they get better so they don’t get murdered when they piss someone off that doesn’t have a friend that can stop them. My population control views are more about condoms and “the pill” than nooses and pills if you get the idea.