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bnha headcanons bc i have no impulse control
  • kaminari once staged a worker’s strike and refused to charge anyone’s phones. they glared him down for about an hour and he caved. he made picket signs and everything too
  • midoriya has the most heathenistic, gross food opinions it’s disgusting af
    • deku: “im glad everyone agrees that wasabi goes with chocolate milk” iida: “i’m sorry the whom
    • bakugou, in the distance: “why’re you always like this shut the fuck up you’re gonna make me fuckin’ hurl again–”
    • nobody can tell when midoriya genuinely means it or when he’s just fucking with them to gross ‘em out and nobody wants to ask
  • don’t sneak up on kirishima in the middle of the night he’ll harden and accidentally stab you in the face trying to defend himself
  • wildly mispronouncing uraraka’s name is fun
    • “uarakrara” “urethra” “release the urararakraken” “durarara”
  • mineta kicks ass at wii bowling but that’s about all he’s good for
    • tsuyu, on the other hand, is strangely athletic and can beat many people in a variety of sports
  • sero is the resident tape dispenser. he too attempts to stage a strike. it also ends up failing
  • todoroki got a fever once and taking care of him was A Fucking Nightmare
    • “do we give him ice packs or heating pads?” “wait shouldn’t he be able to regulate his own body temperature?” “no illness causes hormones and quirks to go out of whack right” “ahHHHH wait you give sick people soup right–” “–and medicine and blankets and pillows and shit right f uckajfjdks ;fjldsfja;”
    • everyone’s running around panicking meanwhile todoroki is motionless in bed trying to get everyone’s attention 
    • “guys. guys recovery girl is in the building next door. as in the hero who can literally cure sick and injured people in an instant. g u y s
  • aizawa: “i’m a hero trained for a wide variety of situations” [gets handed a small human child] “wait not like that”
  • present mic’s parents are both deaf and he knows sign language
  • sometimes random snippets of childhood memories come up in bakugou and midoriya’s conversations and it’s wild to listen to them pulling receipts on each other
    • “remember how dad used to make you pee your pants crying by pretending to attack you with his fire breath whenever you came over for sleepovers lmaooo”
    • “oh shut the fuck up as if you didn’t cry whenever you came over and the food was too spicy for your bitch ass to handle”
    • “oh what’s that?? hm??? i can’t hear you over the sound of you falling face-first into the sandbox in front of that super cute girl you liked back in daycare– megumi yamamoto was her name right? smoooooth, kacchan <3”
    • “why the fuck do you fucking remember that, you little fucking shit did you write that in your shitty notebooks or something i’ll fuckign kill you–”
    • midoriya [laughing while crying hysterically and running away from bakugou, who is equipped with explodo-hands]
    • rest of 1-a, listening in: ?????????????????????????

I was rewatching some stuff and the most tragic thing is that Loki never got to apologize to Frigga for claiming she’s not his mother when we all know she had one of the biggest influence in his life :’(

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Damn all Jaebum wants to do is love Youngjae and I'm here for it! (This is coming from me after reading your response to that ask about the fancam where JB sings and clings to Youngjae)

My dear anon,

This message has been sitting in my inbox for a while, and it makes me smile every time I see it, but I’m having a lot of 2jae feelings tonight, and reading your comment again has me feeling the need to appreciate how true your statement is! Because the love that Jaebum has for Youngjae (and that Youngjae has for Jaebum, even if less obvious!) is so precious

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and so genuine

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and full of so much happiness and playfulness

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and moments of affection

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and it makes me so happy to see the beautiful way they are together… even if it overwhelms my heart and shatters me in the process!

Jaebum really just wants to give Youngjae all his love… and his heart.

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trying out some new clothes and makeup 💕