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A more in depth Post-Trespasser/game outfit chart for Feyrien. Tried to age him up a little since he’d be in his early 40′s by that time (or I assume so in DA4 lol). He kept the Inquisition under the Chantry as a peacekeeping force, so I merged the two styles together.

Some believe Feyrien’s eye going blind after the Mark’s removal is more symbolic and spiritual than it actually is. He just thinks it’s painfully ironic.

Hunk’s Backstory

(this (first part) is based off of some text post I saw and I thought it was cute and it makes sense as to why Hunk loves everyone and is soft and warm)

-Hunk’s mom and dad had been together in college (evidently creating him) but after about a year(a month or two after he was born) his father came out to his mother as gay, and his mother (relieved) came out as gay as well.

-They both agreed it would be easier to just raise him together though instead of fighting for custody, so they live in a house while also not being together.

-At age 5, his Father meets someone and at 6, they get married.

-At age 7 his mother meets someone and at 9 they get married.

-Hunk lives with his 2 mothers and 2 fathers in the same house, growing up happy and warm and safe with his mama and mom and dad and papa.

-His uncle (on his mom’s side) would often come and play with Hunk and had bonded with him.

- Hunk learned mechanics and how to tinker with his Uncle, his Uncle telling him that he would one day be good enough to go into space as the engineer to a pilot.

-His Uncle often told him of stories from when he was an active engineer (he had gotten caught in a work accident that left him unable to work at his old job) and it was always amazing to Hunk about how smart his uncle was, and how he wanted to be just as smart when he grew up.

-Hunk had met Lance when a friend of his Papa’s had introduced their son, Lance, to him.

-At first Hunk was very nervous so he had trouble speaking to him at first, but once they started seeing each other more Hunk started to warm up to him.

-After that they became best friends!

-Hunk and Lance would back each other up whenever the other was getting picked on or in trouble, they were nearly inseparable.

- Lance also knew Hunk’s Uncle, and just how much he meant to Hunk, and even how much he meant to Lance.

-Hunk’s Uncle would often help Lance with his homework, or if he didn’t understand something, Hunk’s Uncle would patiently explain to him out to do it.

-Hunk’s Uncle was much of a roll model to the two boys, a kind, honest man, with a warm presence and a way of calming everyone down with just a small smile.

-Not to mention his way with the ladies(Lance had always admired him, and will always, for this.)

-But at age 12 it had been announced that his uncle has cancer and most likely wouldn’t make it to next year.

-About a half a year later his uncle was sent to the hospital, and Hunk didn’t get to see him as much anymore, and after about a year, his uncle had been pronounced dead.

-Hunk was very…lonely after that. Drawing in on himself, distancing himself from everyone around him. The once glowing presence of Hunk seemed to dim, and grow cold the more time passed.

-That is, until his parents and Lance had come talk to him about his feelings. The emotions he tried to keep welled up inside him came flowing out like an avalanche, sobbing as he tried to hold onto as many of them as he could, holding on as tight as possible.

-After that, Hunk felt that it would be best to just wear his emotions on his sleeve, Lance telling him to always come to him if he needed a friend.

-Once he turned 14, he realized he would be nearing the age that was allowed to join the Garrison, a school that would teach people from 15-21 engineering and piloting/other skills of that nature.

-Hunk had always known he wanted to be an engineer, but what kind? He could never decide on one but his mind always revolved back to his Uncle and how he would tell Hunk he would be good enough to accompany a pilot (Lance would always claim it would be him).

-Hunk never really wanted that, an engineer of course, but on a spaceship? With his sensitive stomach??? I think not.

-But when he…passed away, Hunk had remembered some of the last words his Uncle had told him “Never aim for lower than the best, and never give up. Be kind, be brave, and live the best life you possibly can.”

-Those words would always repeat in his head whenever he felt like giving up, invigorating him and inspiring him to keep pushing.

-Hunk had finally decided that he would aim to be a Pilot’s engineer. Knowing it would take a lot of work but would have a willing pay out.

-Never in his life had Hunk been so into studying and learning how to be a full engineer, memorizing the names for tools and just about every screw, wire, or other thing there was.

-Lance, seeing just how hyped Hunk was, went along with it and started training with him.

-Not for engineering maybe, but piloting. He would learn the names for the different buttons on the console, he would devote himself to learning the controls of all the newest planes and space ships that the scientists and engineers had thought up.

-Hunk, much like his Uncle, would help Lance with his homework and patiently answer his questions and had never once made Lance feel stupid for not quite understanding.

-Hunk and Lance would always talk about their dream school, the Garrison.

-When the time came for them to turn in their slips for the places they wanted to go, it ended up being about a year before they were officially accepted to the Garrison.

So yeah! That’s…about it for now…sorry this kinda hops from one thing to another it’s like…kinda late and I’m tired.

I have a confession to make: I’ve been slacking on the omgcp train because… I got a Nintendo Switch… and the new Zelda is just too good

It did get me thinking about how the Haus (really the frogs) would react if someone brought home a Nintendo Switch though. Probably Bitty (who’s in his senior year at this point)? As a gift from Jack, who bought it deciding he wanted to give it a try after a life of non-video gaming? The two probably had some fun playing Zelda and 1, 2 Switch in Providence but decided it was too much of a time-suck for the two of them (senior year, Bitty’s Samwell captaincy, NHL captaincy), so Bitty drags it along with him back to Samwell.

Of course, Chowder’s been keeping track of Nintendo stuff, and his family/friends back home have been posting on social media about it, taunting him, when he knows they’re sold out within a twenty-mile radius of campus, so the boy is DYING to play it. When he sees the Switch in front of the television downstairs, he lets out a squeal an opera singer would applaud at. Nursey and Dex are very confused.

Nursey and Dex have probably all played at least a few staple video game franchises in their childhood, but Nursey abandoned them kind of quickly in his attempts to “chill”, and Dex couldn’t really afford consoles as a kid, so he’s only really played them at someone else’s house or something. Chowder plays a bit of Zelda with them as witnesses, and they pass it off as “cool” and go on with their day. (Very reminiscent of a certain confession about someone dating a certain professional hockey player tbh)

Except they’re secretly fascinated by it. For different reasons. They sneak downstairs and swipe it to play for a few hours when they know everyone else is in class. Sure, they both know fuck-all about the plot, but they get the basic premise – walk around, explore, complete quests, kill monsters, stop Ganon – and that’s more than enough for them.

Dex loves it like he loves any good puzzle. An encampment of monsters hoarding a treasure chest to themselves? Obviously, it’s time to start a fire and ride the updraft it produces to get the drop on them. Enemy that’s way too big to take out one on one in a thunderstorm? Bait it with food and turn that sucker into a lightning rod by chucking something metal. Dex is all about this. (He does, however, wish you could repair equipment instead of passively watching it slowly get worn down.)

Nursey’s more into the exploration and the sights. He’s a hazard to himself, really. Chowder leaves off after the introductory tutorials and dungeons, and Nursey decides it’s a good idea to make a beeline for the castle swirling with black and purple clouds and a ravenous demon circling it. He dies. A lot. Until something pretty and glowing red calls his attention to the east, at which he point he turns his focus on it. And dies. Again. A lot. Even death in this game - in the form of crisp, deep red laser beams and soft blue, plush as hell explosions - is a thing to behold. There’s just too many beautiful sights and only four measly hearts to spare, but Nursey’s a trooper. Or a troubadour. Whatever. He perseveres.

And the game is great! What’s not great is the fact that, at least twice a week, the two of them have a similar gap between classes, and they are itching to play. They’ve only played individually though, and they’re probably not looking to share, until one day, Dex cracks and asks, “If I get the game for the first hour, you get it for the next, and we just trade off, okay?” Nursey’s indignant and puts on a front to make things difficult, even though it’s a pretty reasonable offer, but ultimately gives in. Dex returns with the Switch in his hands like a kid stealing a cookie from a cookie jar.

But playing/watching each other play is an exercise in restraint.

Dex wants to work through whatever obstacles and monsters are in his way and complete the main story, but Nursey keeps pointing out randomly glowing things off in the distance no less than twice a minute, and it drives Dex crazy. He blows himself up on his own explosives no less than twice the first time they do this. It’s hard to play while swatting Nursey’s grabby hands away from the screen. (He also gets his hands on some pretty swanky treasure and weaponry thanks to Nursey’s observational skills, but he doesn’t say anything about that.)

Nursey just wants to go climb those icy peaks with the three oddly conspicuous conifers all in a row at the top, or go wander deep into that forest with the monstrously large skeleton in the center as dusk falls, but Dex is just screaming at him and playing backseat Zelda player the whole time. “You can’t go up there. You don’t even have a jacket for the cold! You’re gonna die!” or “Exactly what part of traipsing over the corpse of a dead monster, in a forest where there’s nothing else but undead monsters, is a good idea, Nurse?” Nursey starts to listen after the (reanimated!) skeleton sits on him to death a few times. Dex gives him the idea to maybe wait until the sun comes up before approaching the thing again, and if Nursey waits until Dex isn’t in the room before he tries it, well, that’s just a coincidence. (A coincidence with some kick ass swords as a prize, but hey.)

The third week they do this, Nursey grabs the Switch first and tries to suggest something new. “Yo, instead of us just messing with each other and pissing each other off, maybe we can just, you know…” He waves a hand in between them, half-sure Dex is going to do that squinty thing with his eyes to tell Nursey he’s making no sense and say no.

“Yeah, I actually did some research on that skeleton that dropped its ass on you last time. It turns out it-”

“Wait, bro, are you saying yes to this?” A pause. “And did you seriously just call googling Zelda tips and tricks ‘research’?”

Dex goes red in the face, and Nursey’s almost sure he’s about to take back his tentative agreement until Dex, the dick that he is, makes a solid case for why they should be working together. “Look, the game rewards exploration, and you’ve clearly got some affinity for the type of shiny things game designers set up as bait, but none of the survival skills. We’ve got what the other lacks.” Nursey’s mouth splits into a shit-eating grin. “Just work with me, Nurse.”

Nursey turns his head up in mock reconsideration for a second before remembering he’s one who asked in the first place; he knows it’s fruitless to keep it up any longer. So, he just does what comes naturally and opens his mouth again. “Aw, Dexy, that’s probably the sweetest thing you’ve said to me this year.”

And so begin their new Zelda escapades, whereby Dex picks an objective related to the main quest, and Nursey points out things that might be worth checking out on the way to their destination. They still trade off every hour, but there’s a lot less dying, and a lot more sweet, sweet treasure.

Chowder gets back from class early one day, and considers giving himself some Switch time before he notices it’s not in the dock. He decides he’ll live and is about to turn down the hall to his room when he hears some very distinctive piano notes echoing weakly from the attic.

‘Those fakers,’ he thinks to himself. He creeps up the stairs and swings open the door at the top, a chirp on his lips when he sees them. The chirp dies on the spot.

They’re both conked out, and Dex is lying next to Nursey on the bottom bunk, his head most definitely resting on his shoulder. Nursey’s is resting on top of his, the Switch still in his hand by the floor of his bed.

Chowder just giggles and snaps a picture of them before turning back around and leaving.

(Blackmail, he decides, is an even better way to get Switch time.)

since I already drew Laurent as a child I felt obligated to draw a “grown up” version of him as well although I am not overly happy with how he turned out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Me and @qookyquiche made some BNHA OC’s~!! Seikikeijo Haakuma belongs to Quiche and Yurenoki Yuki belongs to me. ( ^ u ^ ) See captions + read more if you’re interested in learning more about them~

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“and happy 21st birthday to me!” his voice was more excited than normal, and that was saying something, a stupid grin on his face. “goodbye are the days of getting arrested for underage drinking and hello to the days of public intoxication. speaking of, you’re coming out for my birthday tonight, right?? it’ll be one for the books. come on.”

Jeremy had woken up to being hungover in a stranger’s bed a few times before, but this was… different.

“What the fuck,” he groaned, pressing his face into the (very soft and probably expensive) pillow. His throat hurt, inside and out, as well as some aching in his hips and throbbing bruises and scratches along his back and arms. His brain felt like it was melting through his eyes.

The room was, blissfully, dark, the curtains drawn and the only light from the soft dull lamp in the corner, when Jeremy cracked open his eyes. The other half of the bed was empty.

After several seconds of Jeremy trying to recall all of the bits and pieces of the previous night, he heard soft footsteps and turned his head.


The other man looked quite surprised, standing in the doorway. Tall, lanky, wearing silk boxers and a fluffy bathrobe, hair mussed, light bruises dappling his skin. Jeremy now understood exactly why his drunk self had gone home with him.

“Uh…” Jeremy started uncertainly.

“Well, shit,” the man said. “You’re not supposed to actually be alive right now.”

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm a new Supernatural blog and I love making gifs of the show but since I started the blog soon and I don't have a lot of followers people from the fandom can't really see my stuff. I want to ask you if you have any suggestions for tags and how more people can see my gifs. It's not only about the notes, I want my work to be seen.

Hey there! Well, if you’re a new blog it’s gonna take a little time to get an audience. Also, consider that when you’re blog is new sometimes posts won’t immediately show up in the tags you use. 
My advice is, only use the proper tags. You don’t need to tag everything, you just need to use the right tags. I mean, tagging a post “castiel” when there’s no castiel is useless and also a tiny bit rude, imo. 

Suggestions for tags under the cut!

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SO.  Human Forge and human Eightfold.  
I’m just practicing side views of the head right now.  I still have to post Scrapdragon.  I love drawing those 3.
Forge is a blacksmith in my Apprentice AU who takes Johnny under his wing about metal work and stuff.  I’ve got more ideas but I’ll post them later.

It’s me.  The answer is me.  Im probably gunna drown in sweat cause it’ll be so hot there….  halp.

hc: sometimes amy will bring baked goods for shadow. at first she was nervous, thinking he’d turn her away and so just left them at his door saying she knocked but he wasn’t in. the next few times she, knocked and he thanked her before going their seperate ways, but after that he sort of awkwardly asked her if she would like to come in to which she agreed and they had tea and pastries together. since then they sit and chat whenever they can.

Ch 1/? - Unwound (Augus/Gwyn - Fae Tales)

Title: Unwound (1/?)
Rating: Mature (could change)
Pairing: Augus Each Uisge/Gwyn ap Nudd
Characters: Augus Each Uisge, Gwyn ap Nudd, Ash Glashtyn, Julvia Dubna Vajat, Gulvi Dubna Vajat, Fenwrel the Mouse-Maiden
Warnings/Tags: Hurt/comfort, intimacy, angst, avoidance solves everything (nope), non-sexual bondage (there could be sexual stuff eventually), leashes, collars, blindfolds, Gwyn doing his best to screw things up, and Augus not really having a bar of it.       

Summary: It doesn’t matter how many years Gwyn puts between himself and the past, he can never quite let it go. During those times when it gets worse, he drifts too far from Augus and loses sight of all the progress and love that he’s gained. Little does he know, those around him are aware, and work together to help Gwyn come back to himself.

Unwound - Chapter 1

This is a tentatively canonical hurt/comfort piece that is quite small, and set between The Court of Five Thrones (approximately 4-5 years after Gwyn’s coronation as Unseelie King) and The Ice Plague. Multiple chapters, but short ones. Conservative rating for now, for mature themes and non-sexual bondage (which is coming in later chapter/s), but the rating could change. Hope you enjoy! I’ve really missed these guys. God have I ever.

While The Grass Grows 1



It’s also on ffnet

When a new school year started, Marinette noticed almost immediately that Adrien had gotten taller. Although she was trying hard not to notice too much, it was obvious that he had filled out a little too–his shoulders seemed broader especially, and from what she could see of his forearms, he was probably working out. Alya asked her several times during the first week of school if she was okay, and Marinette had to come up with new excuses each time ‘it’s just a little hot in here’ 'I’m just disappointed to be back in this classroom’–but Alya, perceptive as ever, clearly wasn’t fooled.

It was well into October before Marinette realized that actually, Chat Noir was taller, too.

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AU time, I’ve been thinking about uploading more of my own fanfic/AU’s onto this account so might as well do it

Young Tsukki and Yamaguchi AU

Yamaguchi when he was younger loved hand reading, he couldn’t actually do it but he pretended he could and Tsukki always let him ‘read’ his hand and one day as Yamaguchi traces a line over his hand he says “and this line means you and I will be best friends for ever!” And Tsukki says “for ever? Like for ever and ever?” And Yamaguchi nods determined and says “for ever and ever! I love you Tsukki!” And Tsukki smiles

And years later as a sleepy Yamaguchi traces the lines of his sleeping boyfriends hand he whispers. “And this line means you will be my boyfriend for ever and ever…”