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since I already drew Laurent as a child I felt obligated to draw a “grown up” version of him as well although I am not overly happy with how he turned out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Chanyeol’s Birthday Countdown: The ABCs of Chanyeol
➥ Day 24 - A for Actor

sorry i won’t shut up about s4 lotor but i’m saying it one more time for the people in the back (who are still insisting lotor never gaf about his generals)

this is handcuffed lotor right before he escapes. we know lotor can act brilliantly but he has literally no reason to act right now. the only one who can see him is zethrid and he’s about to eject her into space and probably will never see her again. he knows that without him as a bargaining piece, the girls have an even slimmer chance at survival.

but if he doesn’t escape, he’ll be dead. it’s kill or be killed, so he does what he has to do (and luckily he doesn’t have to kill zethrid, acxa, or ezor to not be killed this time).

my point is that lotor has an incredibly sad look here of everything that people are claiming he wasn’t feeling—remorse and possibly regret, for both what he did to narti and what he’s about to do to the generals. and i think it’s pretty genuine this time.

🌼🌷🌼🏵️ 🌸 FAT CORGI AESTHETIC  🌸🏵️🌼🌷🌼

Commission for Naughtybutt of his very thicc corgi fursona chillin’ in a vaporwave dreamland~

On Victor’s love

Okay so I was thinking about Victor’s reasons to coach Yuuri recently and I realised there is one thing I was missing while thinking about it before. You know how we are shown Victor’s eyes start to sparkle the moment Yuuri asks him to be his coach?

For me this scene was always about feeling needed - Victor was so lonely he wouldn’t even realise it until that one dead drunk skater looked at him with awe and asked for his time and attention. Of course, it was a life-changing moment. In a way, I could agree this is the moment Victor falls in love because the idea of someone wanting him, needing him, struck him so much he can’t help himself. And so I agree that Victor’s crush on Yuuri played a big part in his decision making when it came to going to Japan. However, I also believe there was a different kind of love that really determined that decision.

Because we can be sure that before he overworked himself to the point of severe depression, before being on top lost its meaning, Victor absolutely loved skating. He’s not just an athlete, he was always an artist who was able to share his passion and stories and he wanted to surprise an audience, not because of his own vanity, but because of how much he wanted to share something he loves with the world. His skating was never about winning but about sharing his love for ice skating and this is why his situation is so tragic at the beginning of the series - he probably realised at some point that it’s not only that the audience is not surprised but also that he can’t find that love in himself anymore. For me, this is why he skates a program about missing love in his life - the only story he still knows how to tell.

And then Yuuri shows up asking for a coach, for someone to help him find his love for skating again, someone who in every move shows how much more does skating means then being technically strong. Victor had always so much to give and there is finally someone who wants to and deserves to take it. 

I don’t think that Victor came to Japan only because he needed love or inspiration although he definitely found them there. But he went to Japan because all he ever wanted was to inspire and express and share and Katsuki Yuuri was the first person who could appreciate it in a way that Victor would never imagine possible. He went to coach Yuuri if only to remind himself why does he loves skating and ended up finding so much more and it makes me so happy to think that next season he’ll be able to show his love for the whole world again.

michael mell

-gay and trans

-chubby!! and proud

-touch averse around strangers but around jer (& later the squad) he’s super affectionate as long as he initiates contact

-always warm wtf,,a heater

-chewy boy he chews on his hoodie strings and water bottle caps and probably has TERRIBLE teeth

-super fucking clumsy!! he trips into things and drops stuff on a daily basis and runs into walls and poles while he’s talking if jeremy doesnt warn him/steer him away

-adhd!! & depression nd anxiety

-skips around w hobbies a lot, his closet is overflowing w shit he refuses to throw away

-vry musically inclined! he loves to sing just not around lots of people and he can play the ukulele & drums

-likes nature he’s just not,,good with it (accidentally killed a damn succulent)

-he loves to dance! even if it’s just wiggling his hips while he does the dishes w his earbuds in

-stinky hoodie man. doesn’t wash it enough

-on the other hand, a fucking prick about his hair and skincare. smells amazing under his hoodie

-has a BILLION little collections scattered around his room

-absolutely did not have parental permission for his pacman tattoo

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More of war vet Steve please. Steve struggled with a bad day as his mind and body don't work as well as they used to. But Buck does his best to help Steve ease his frustration.

Part 1, part 2, part 3


It had been a rough day.  Steve hadn’t slept well - a night terror and subsequent panic attack had he and Bucky awake at three in the morning.

It was almost noon now, and Steve was snapping and frustrated with his physical therapy progress. He’d gone off to the kitchen to make lunch and Bucky occupied himself with a book, giving Steve some time to himself.

It was the heavy smash of glasses and a choked sound that had Bucky off the couch and in the kitchen in record time.

There was a broken jar of jam on the floor and Steve was holding himself up against the counter, eyes wide and chest heaving.



He couldn’t do it.  Couldn'tcouldn'tcouldn’t.

No. He could. He just needed to try again.  Patience.  He didn’t need a towel or the rubber lid grip Bucky had bought and wordlessly put in the kitchen (and used sometimes, even though he didn’t need to).

Steve twisted the cap to the jam and it slipped from his fingers and broke, glass and sticky blackberry jam oozing on the tile.

It sounded like. Like-

Being home wasn’t real. He was still There. No. He was home. It just sounded like. Like-

Bucky’s voice was there. Saying his name. Steve wasn’t sure how long his legs would hold him.

“That’s ok, Steve. I’m going to help you to a chair, ok?”

Steve had said the thing about his legs out loud. He let Bucky slip up next to him and take his weight, let Bucky guide him to a chair.

Steve folded in on himself and sobbed: he was scared and relieved and frustrated and-

“You don’t need this, Buck. You can’t want this.”  

“Hey.” Bucky’s voice came from below Steve. He was kneeling on the floor, Steve discovered when he moved his hands from his face. “Neither do you. We’ll get through this together.”

“It’s not going to go away, Buck! When are you going to get that?!” Steve hadn’t meant to yell but he was angry and tired and.  And so many more things he couldn’t and didn’t want to name.

“I know that, too.” Bucky took Steve’s hands carefully in his own. “We’ll get through this together. Today, tomorrow, whenever. Always.”

“But I’m not-”

“You’re my Person, Steve. I’m not perfect either. I don’t know how to do this, I’m scared half the time I’ll do it wrong.  You love me anyway.  Even when I do do it wrong.  I love you anyway.”

Steve tipped forward and buried his face in Bucky’s neck and cried.  It was several long minutes before he spoke, voice muffled against Bucky’s skin.

“I broke the jam.”

“We can get more.” Bucky smoothed a hand down Steve’s back.  

“Hey Buck?”

“Yeah sweetheart?”

“You don’t do this wrong.”

Bucky gave him a gentle, firm squeeze. “Neither do you, Steve.”

Today my whole company crew and I spent the entire morning doing charity works at the orphanage(playing with the kids, cleaning the house, etc). During the activities with the kids, my boss suddenly talked to me and asked about what I have done for animation.

It’s because my boss is a ‘business’ sort of guy, I never thought he actually interested and asked me about animation (it’s rare to find people in my place to be interested in animation too honestly. Hence whenever someone asks me that, I get super EXCITED and can talk about it for hours)

So I told and showed him TOO LOUD!, @ygoreanimate​ and all the other fun collaborative stuff I’ve done. Before we knew, the whole kids gathered around us and watched TOO LOUD! on his phone. It was SUPER CUTE AND FUN.

And during the meeting at his house after the charity work, he just made a HUGE PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT at everyone’s face, saying that I’m a incredibly talented animator and he’s gonna work harder with me on animation-related stuff starting tomorrow.


Yall always thinking about 90s Graham but…

Can we please talk about Ooh, Yeh Yeh (2012) Graham? I mean… LOOK AT THIS

Wolfsbane: A Vampire Viktor x Werewolf Yuuri Halloween art/fic project!
I’ll be posting one per day for 7 days~

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

A dark and stormy night. Viktor isn’t particularly fond of these. Not when he wants to see the moon.

The feel of rain drilling hard into his skin nearly makes him feel alive again, and the hush that falls under the rumbling bouts of thunder is almost soothing.

But not when the moon is full and bright.

Viktor wants to see this moon, but it’s hidden behind thick and blackened clouds, a faint halo of light as the only indicator that it’s even there at all. During any other phase, Viktor might not have minded.

But not tonight.

He circles his estate like a ghost, gaunt and pale, glowing like the moon itself where it looms above. Its now unobscured light falls upon the slick trail leading through massive iron gates. Through to the woods. Viktor doesn’t hesitate to follow.

He has a handful of hours to the rest of his night, and he intends to spend them lost within trees, wandering the paths and letting nature guide him for as long as he can still stand. It’s become a game of sorts, in his old age – testing his limits and staying out and awake for as long as he can bear the sun’s poison rays. He has until an hour past dawn, he knows.

Another clap of thunder nearly gives him pause, and he listens intently as its echoing growl fades to nothing. No, not nothing. Something picks up beneath it, masked by the sound until it grows to overpower it.

A howl.

Viktor enters the woods.


The dawn is always the worst. The moment of clarity, the split second realization, the dizzying feeling of being strung between two minds, two beings. It’s the moment of ‘who am I?’ and ‘oh, God, what have I done?’ and ‘please, let that be nobody’s blood but mine’ and –

Too many moments, not enough time to think. Not when the moon is fading, not when the sun is teasing the horizon, not when the Change happens.

All of Yuuri’s worries are cut short in the sound of bones breaking and realigning, in the feeling of wounds sizzling as they mend themselves, of skin burning as hair retreats, leaving raw and itching flesh in its wake.

Dawn is when the wolf dies, but it’s never gone for good.

Yuuri stumbles, trembling hard, towards the familiar hollowed tree. He’s always certain to end the night of the full moon here, in sprinting distance of the withered trunk. He’s cold. And naked. His skin prickles, the residual feeling of wet fur making him shiver. The rain had stopped some time ago, and he prays that the spare clothing and thick wool cloak he’s stored safety within the tree’s bark has kept dry.

Luck is on his side, for once, and he dresses quickly, wrapping himself in his cloak very carefully. He doesn’t want to leave any stains. The blood drying on his hands has already started to crust, flaking away from his healing cuts. He tastes blood in his mouth, blood on his lips, blood still trickling down his face in some places. The shoulder he’d managed to bite stings, swollen and tender, but it doesn’t seem to have been too deep of a wound. He’d gone easy on himself this night, but he still isn’t looking forward to seeing his reflection in the mirror when he makes it back home.

If he makes it back home.

It’s a startling thought, almost completely unbidden, but when he stills, scenting the air, he realizes that the remains of his wolf senses are alerting him to an unknown and most likely unwanted presence. A threat?

Unfortunately, his stiff limbs and clumsy gait are all too human, even in the between-hour, and he almost slips on dewy grass as he wheels around to face the unknown.

A man stands in the middle of the distant clearing. Watching him.

Yuuri freezes, clutching his cloak tighter around himself and preparing to bolt. Part of him is indignant, outraged that a human could get this close without his notice.

Not human, his sluggish brain struggles to relay.

No, definitely not human. Not human in the way he approaches, seeming to almost glide. Not human, the deathly pallor of his face. The blue eyes that meet his own burn too brightly to belong to any mere mortal.

Suddenly, Yuuri knows.

“Who are you?” he demands without thinking, panic taking the reins of logic. No, he shouldn’t engage. He should run. He always runs whenever he encounters another being, mortal or not.

Something about this stranger is at once terrifying and oddly disarming, and Yuuri realizes that it’s his smile. Such a kind smile, with twinkling eyes to match it, but Yuuri can see the sharp glint of twin points against pale pink lips from where he’s standing, still hovering by his tree, and he feels his stomach twist.

“Out for a stroll,” the man says, not answering Yuuri’s question. He eyes him for a bit before continuing, his voice low and amused. “And you, sir? It isn’t safe out here at this hour. You ought to leave for your home at once.”

Yuuri turns without further thought, pulling his cloak tighter around him and rushing back in the direction of his cottage. As he does so, he thinks he sees the slightest bit of surprise in the man’s face, as though he hadn’t actually expected him to leave immediately.

Yuuri’s several strides among the towering trees before he hears the man call out to him one last time.

“Take care. There are wolves in the woods.”

Yuuri shudders and walks faster.

A continuation of this that I didn’t think I’d actually do but…here it is anyway.  Again, Blackmadhi, with implied past Blackbright/Phantomquill and a lot of focus on Simon’s mental state.  Deals once again with Simon’s PTSD and includes descriptions of a panic attack.  Approx. 2600 words.

After that first night, Simon would be lying if he said that things hadn’t gotten better with Nahyuta within the next couple of days.  

The investigation seemed to run smoother, and even though they still bickered some, it was mostly teasing, and the two prosecutors would smile at each other after delivering some half-hearted insults. Yes, once in a while they would actually get frustrated, but that was mostly due to the contrasts in their personalities.  Luckily, it would not really last.

Nahyuta was even able to find a local restaurant that specialized in Japanese food, and surprised Simon with that one evening, which had made him smile rather happily instead of just giving one of his trademark sly smirks.  He could have sworn he saw Nahyuta’s cheeks tinge pink after that, but perhaps he had just imagined it, because the foreign prosecutor had turned his face away.

Even the nights had gotten a little bit better, if only because Nahyuta had been able to drag him out of his nightmares almost as quickly as they began.  Each time he slept, as soon as Fulbright’s face materialized in his mind, Nahyuta was gently shaking Simon awake.  It was poetic, Simon couldn’t help but think…when Fulbright’s face – only existing in his unconscious thoughts – disappeared and Nahyuta’s took its place. At times, Simon had felt an overwhelming urge to reach out and touch the other prosecutor’s features…his cheeks, his hair, his lips…if only because Simon wanted to make sure that he was real.

And that his face was actually his own.

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Percico AU where Percy and Nico exchange their papers in the whole history.

Percy is raised by Hades and becomes a powerful warrior of the Hades Kingdom who has learned to use his powers in the maximum and controls the rivers of the underworld, and Nico is the great hero of the prophecy that has a lot of friends in the camp, because Bianca survives, so he never runs away to the underworld and keep his old personality and his love for Mythomagic.


  • Art by Viria (X)
  • The main idea of this AU isn’t mine and was inspired in this fanfiction (X). I just really liked that idea and couldn’t stop thinking in my own plot about it, but I will not write a fanfiction, I’ll just post my edits and maybe some texts because I’m in love with this universe.


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Doodle dump for an au that I’ve been fantasizing about for a while. This is the most self-indulgent thing. I know. I don’t even care anymore

I have this thing for horrible monsters getting saddled by kids, and then having to raise the kid, and then eventually bonding with the kid…? Soooo yeah- this is an au where bill raises dipper. I’m not sure what to call it yet, but I have a lot more stuff sitting in my folder for this.


Here’s the story for now: Bill goes back in time (either by using Blendin’s body or by using his own power) and nabs one of the pines twins when they were in gravity falls at a younger age. In this case, it’s dipper. Then, he wipes his memory because bill wants to use him as a weapon against the pines, but his plan backfires because he ends up actually caring for dipper. 

Meanwhile, Mabel finds the journal when she came back at the age of 12, and she goes on mystery (and romance) hunts with Grenda and Candy. Additionally, she does remember Dipper, but she’s always assumed that he was kidnapped by bad guys or something. She didn’t realize that his disappearance had something to do with the supernatural until after she found the journal.   

So that’s the set-up for now? I can post more if this interests you guys. 

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Thank you very much, Phoenix, for sharing Louis is alright and happy. I don't think too much about it (because it hurts me), but in the beginning he was very chatty and like the leader (not the front man, for me this is different), but he was loosing a lot of he had in the beginning. Apart of that, he was in his weight in the beginning and, idk if it's only me, but I see him very skinny since 2013 (maybe now a bit less). Sometimes I watch Ben W. interview (2014) and he was so so skinny... :(

I really don’t feel comfortable discussing or speculating about his weight or appearance publicly.  

 I think it’s really really important for people to remember the following things about Louis in particular: 

1. the fandom has a tendency to infantalize him and treat him like a literal child and its easy to get caught in pity spirals and forget he’s actually a grown ass man 

2. a big part of his team’s marketing strategy is to paint him as the underdog/a victim and capitalize on the fandom’s willingness to do their jobs for them so they don’t have to waste money on promo they can get away with not doing

2.. He grew up and got older and that changes how we act at our jobs and we only see Louis at his job 

3. Towards the end of 1D’s career they all lost energy and vivacity and were affected by their surroundings and were incredibly media trained, so everything to a certain degree is a cultivated image rather than anything real

4. We only see a small, small, small fraction of their lives now. 

5. Louis is surrounded by people who love him and has an amazing family network and support system. 

I love Louis infinitely and it’s easy to get caught up in this perception of him as a victim/child, but I think that’s doing a disservice to him and to the people who love him. Support him, stream his music, but remember what’s at play here, how PR and branding works, and that it’s not our job as fans to take care of him the way a family or a partner would. He has those things <3 

Shawn Jackson and Hasse Bernfield, better known as Whit and Slug.  These two are Nana’s adopted grandsons, and certified little shits– ESPECIALLY Whit.  Both of them have spent most of their lives on the planet too.

Whit came to the planet with their (rich) family to live in one of the colony.  They got their nickname because of the old Whitworth rifle they carried around: it’s a family heirloom and they would always brag that they would inherit it and use it one day.  They’re kind of annoying, 110% sass, and a joker.  It was them who told Nana all that dumb shit that she totally believes.

Slug’s parents died in a mining accident and he became a bit of an outcast in the community.  He wouldn’t let anyone near him and ended up bullying kids out of food and money.  When he tried to steal from Whit, an outcast in their own right, they became fast friends.  He got his name from his weapon of choice: the shotgun.

Also Whit is totally pining for Slug.