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i read ur new fic and it was. SO GOOD. but it also. hurt a lot. like the ending was AMAZING and so happy so thank you for that. but i will not lie to u. i read it on the train & was crying through the first half and it. still hurts a bit. which is. your writing is amazing, it takes a lot for a fic to make me cry. however, to help me recover, will u share ur fluffiest nohrian royal/retainer headcanons w me? i have no particular preferences. just need help pulling my shattered heart back together

Aww, I’m really glad my fic affected you so much! Though I’m also sorry it made you so sad. I’m glad you enjoyed it overall though. A bit of fluff right after makes sense, however ;D

You’ve probably noticed by now, but I have something of a bias for Odin/Niles/Leo because Odin is my fav (even though he’s also very cringe-y), so we can start there. 

I’ve mentioned this before, but Niles and Odin absolutely cling to Leo while he sleeps bc they adore him and Leo gets very overheated and Suffers (and I also mentioned that Leo gets lonely at night if they don’t). However, I’m sure at one point Niles teases Leo and says something like, “Are you hot, my lord? Your face is as red as those tomatoes you love” just from the heat and Leo is Very Pleased. (I’m not joking. I believe in FE Heroes Leo has an exchange where the MC? Whoever you play in FE Heroes? Idk, I don’t play it. But somebody tells him to be careful or else he’ll get a sunburn and resemble a tomato and Leo… actually considers it…. This Boy.)

Odin doesn’t talk about the bad things from his original FE13 world and he can’t tell them everything because Secrecy, but once they’ve known each other for a while, he does tell them some things about his childhood and past (which is unusual for any of the Trio to mention in Nohr.) Stuff like how his mother was a cleric, how Elise reminders him of her, how they used to pick strawberries together and she’d read so many stories to him, which probably spurned his love of stories now. Niles’s father and then eventually mother abandoned him, and Leo admits in his supports that he felt no love towards his birth mother. Even so, they both think it’s nice that Odin was so close to his parents and got a little more time with them than they did. (I imagine him telling stories about his dad as well, whoever you hc him as. I usually flip-flop between Henry and Lon’qu, but if you picture Henry, I saw this exchange earlier and thought of them: 

Owain: “Can we visit a haunted house?”  Henry: “What’s wrong with the one we live in?”

*Henry leaves bedroom to let Owain, age 6, sleep alone for the night.* 

Henry was a good father and I refuse to believe otherwise. He just said shit like that sometimes. Which probably would have horrified softer children like Inigo but both scared and delighted adventurous kids like Owain, once he was old enough.)

When Leo falls asleep at his desk, Niles is often the first one to get a blanket and make sure Leo is comfortable. When he doesn’t, Leo often wakes up with ink on his face. 

Once or twice Odin and Niles have gotten into a contest of flashiness and Niles has done things like shoot arrows off Odin’s head. He succeeds, obviously. Niles is impressed by Odin’s ability to stay perfectly still and not flinch when he fires.

In a modern world, Owain loves video games and novels and TV shows and he’ll talk for a g e s about his interests and even when Leo and Niles get tired of it, they let him talk because he’s passionate and happy.

Leo is of average height (maybe tall-ish?) and Niles is probably the tallest of the three (Leo is close, probably). Odin is smol though. (Certainly below average height, though not necessarily tiny. Just small compared to those two). This definitely affects cuddle times and Niles probably once or twice does literally hold something over Odin’s head. Odin is Not Amused.


The first time Selena jumps at Beruka to surprise hug her, Beruka absolutely punches her full force in the stomach, not realizing she’s not an enemy. Selena goes down and Beruka realizes what she’s done with a “Hm. Oops.” She apologizes and Selena complains a lot, but she’s just fine, and she promises not to suddenly try to hug Beruka again. Beruka tells her it’s okay though, and the next time it happens, Beruka puts extra effort into keeping still.

Selena gets a chicken in her Supports with Keaton. She keeps that chicken. She raises it and takes it on walks and loves it a lot. It’s Her Chicken. It’s not a particularly loud chicken, though it will begin squawking VERY loudly whenever Selena gets loud herself. It’s like they’re in sync. 

Beruka doesn’t care much for animals but the chicken grows on her. Camilla at first finds a chicken Not Cleanly, but it does start out as a baby chick, so she does coo over it then. It probably does poop on her lap once. The affection went way down then, but Selena adores it, so Camilla puts up with it. (She doesn’t dislike the Chicken as much as she pretends. She sometimes feeds it when Selena isn’t around, after all. The chicken reminds her of Selena.)

Camilla loves pampering her girls. She loves taking them out and giving them nice food and clothes and trinkets. Selena Loves this. Beruka cares not for material things, but she gets the love Camilla is trying to convey. 


I like to imagine Xander is pretty upfront about what he wants to say most of the time, but it is true that he used to be much more nervous and shy in his childhood (like Laslow used to be/is now.) So there are probably times when Xander gets flustered, which makes Laslow flustered, and then they’re just two blushing messes trying to talk to one another over something dumb 

Xander strikes me as a traditionalist, so he finds it especially important to celebrate holidays with family and loved ones and puts a lot of effort into Laslow knowing he’s the love of Xander’s life. Laslow’s heart explodes with love and affection. The day Xander proposes is known as the day Laslow Cried For Four Hours

Laslow isn’t very smooth when he’s trying to use dumb pickup lines (more for humorous effect than anything) but he does eventually give Xander a private show for his dancing. He’s really nervous about it, and when he’s finished, Xander is very sincerely like, “Thank you for showing me.” Laslow is a stuttering mess but then gets heartfelt and admits how dancing brings him closer to his mother. Xander reminisces on his own mother. They bond. 

Peri is a really good cook, so upon request, she may make food for the three of them. It’s always delicious, and Laslow and Xander bury Peri in compliments. They’re all very happy. 

I hope this helped! :)


I thought I’d post some of my favorite pictures of myself.  Plus one from High school, just for comparison.

Becoming more comfortable with my gender has been an adventure that I’m still working on.  I like to present feminine and feel pretty and girly.  A lot of people try to tell me that this invalidates my gender identity.  This is not true.

Stop erasing feminine presenting non-binary people.

Non-binary/Gender Fluid [they/them]