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all of my stumbling phrases
never amounted to anything worth
this feeling.

愛 (side a): a fanmix dedicated to katsuki yuuri
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Alien Boy

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I had to doodle something from the latest chapter of Serendipitous Fate by @skaylanphear cos it gave me so many goddamn feels and if you aren’t reading that fic then you are missing the hell out like you don’t even know ok


SAM WITWER IN 2016 → appearances

Cute boyfriends going on a date after practice <3

A birthday gift to my dear sis @beneath-the-corsican-stars, I know you love Victuri so here you go~ <3

Diabolik Lovers: Sakamaki Shuu (Dark Epilogue)


Yui: …At this point in time, Shuu-san 

Yui: For us not to be together….after all this time please don’t say such a thing

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Iwaoi fluff headcanons

Previously: Iwaoi “I love you”s

  • Iwaizumi does the thing where he hugs Oikawa from behind and kisses his cheek a lot
  • Even though Iwaizumi is the shorter of the two, he’s the big spoon and loves it
  • And Oikawa loves being the little spoon though sometimes he insists on changing roles but when they do he immediately wants to change back
  • Oikawa uses Iwaizumi’s chest as a pillow a lot because he loves hearing his heartbeat
  • He also randomly places his hand on Iwaizumi’s heart just to feel the heartbeat. It just calms him somehow
  • When they are spending the night together and trying to fall asleep, Oikawa often tries to sync their breathing but it’s challenging because his inhales and exhales are long and silent while Iwaizumi’s are short and hoarse
  • Iwaizumi always notices that Oikawa is trying it and depending on his mood he’ll either do it too or be like “..are you trying to sync our breaths again..?”
  • They go on dates regularly
  • Oikawa is really clingy especially in public. He wants everyone to know that Iwaizumi is taken
  • And Iwaizumi doesn’t mind at all
  • In fact, he loves it
  • Iwaizumi loves being affectionate but he finds it kind of hard to initiate cuddles and hugs. Around people he always waits for Oikawa to make the first move
  • They hold hands basically whenever they’re next to each other, not during games or practise though
  • Oikawa initiates majority of the passionate and messy kisses and Iwaizumi does the soft and romantic ones
  • When they watch TV and cuddle on the couch Oikawa likes to play with Iwaizumi’s hands and give them lots of soft kisses
  • And sometimes he licks them just to annoy Iwaizumi
  • Iwaizumi usually revenges with pokes or tickles
  • And most of the time they end up making out

Went to the mall today to treat myself to some gifts since I love to buy things I don’t really need. But I need to be nicer to myself so I thought I could treat myself to buying cute stuff. I bought a new stuffed animal to add my family of plushies >o

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I’ve got the Timbs, the ripped jeans, the White T-Shirt ™ 

What do you guys think?

I will be working on Sims!Jimin soon because what kind of Jimin stan would I be if I don’t?