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You like to come and go in my life.
You disappear when you get scared.
You return when you need comfort.
And each time you come back to me,
I greet you with open arms.
I pretend everything is okay,
Because I don’t know when you’ll run away again.
I choose to forgive,
Because I don’t want to fight.
Then you leave again, without notice.
Leaving me in the dark.
Leaving me in the shadows.
Leaving me in the quiet.
Each time you disappear,
It gets harder and harder,
Instead of easier and easier.
—  Why Is It So Hard To Love You?

My message to any Arc V fan that sees this. I actually did this about a month ago for a fanfiction but it felt better to upload this when the series has ended.  This is the first time I finished a Yugioh series on time, and Arc V was the series that reminded me to go finish watching all those other series (that I hadn’t remembered to go back to when I was much younger). 

It was really enjoyable meeting all you guys here on Tumblr. I felt quite welcomed even though I was a very late comer. Hopefully I’ll see you guys in the Vrains fandom as well. Thanks for the lovely fanfiction and art. Thanks also to everyone who has supported my art. I’m still an amateur but I’ll continue to do my best to improve and draw better. 


anonymous asked:

its funny because in one of your videos you say "develop your own style" yet you take other people's photos/images etc and put in your bullet journal and say it is yours. What you do is actual theft and it isn't nice and worse of all there is no credit on the photos you "take"

i have never ever said that the images i print and put into my bullet journal are my own — i will openly admit, i used to be really shoddy about not crediting artwork which was shitty and lazy of me, but now when i post i do my best to credit the artist/photographer when i can find them. unfortunately, sometimes things get reposted so often thru places like pinterest and tumblr that even reverse searching an image on google for a good while can bring up no solid results. it is never, ever my intention to steal from other artists, and i do everything i can to insure that. 

About the whole Anon and “Please follow” upset

Okay. I think with the help of some R&R, a good long talk with @midnightuglystepsister senpai, and support from many (friends and followers alike) and let’s face it a lot of tears and crying and shit I am ready to come back here.

I apologize if this gets long or boring or isn’t something you “want to see” on this blog. In fact, I apologize because as of right now let me make something very clear. 

My tags are mine. My blog(s) are mine. I am humbled every day by the amount of followers I have and I will always do my very best to cater to you for anything I can.

My tags will not be one of those.

I will tag as I see fit. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t heard you or want to ignore you, not entirely. So with that said, I humbly ask that you use the blacklist feature Tumblr has. It’s there for a reason. if I choose to “promote” Masa through Leo’s blog I will be using Please follow Masa’s blog and My Masa Blog. By all means please blacklist it or straight up ignore it. You aren’t gonna break my heart by doing so.

If the above isn’t something you want to take into consideration, of course, there is always the unfollow button. I will be sad to see you go but if a request or my excitement to show Masa’s blog truly rubs you wrong, do right by yourself and unfollow me. There are plenty of great blogs out there similar to mine that will cater to the same content and lack of “please follow” requests. Let this be my only response going forward for “change your tag” orders/requests whatever you want to call them. Anon hate will be deleted. orders like that will be deleted.

I appreciate you who’ve read this far and listened to what I had to say. I appreciate the friends/followers on here who, when I was in a really bad place, came to my defense when I pulled away and closed myself off. Thank you for sticking by someone who is not exactly strong. Someone when provoked or upset doesn’t have the backbone to fight back or lash out or whatever you want to call it. I’m 31. Changing who I am and how I react isn’t easy. I don’t wanna change myself for others either. If I do so it would be for me. But I know I am very set in my ways and thought processes. So if you who follow me, be it for Leo, Midc, 100DP, Mysme, IkeSen, Masa, my random family pics of my son, Whatever it may be, choose to stay…

 Thank you.

I’ll be answering the asks I got between the two blogs shortly. So apologies for the spam but I owe to them who took the time to write me, the courtesy of a response. m(._.)m

New start

So I’m thinking about starting over with a new blog after I figure out everything. I thought I could learn along the way but that’s just causing me pain. If you would like to still interact with me, like this post and I will write you down for when I make a new blog. Thank you to all those who supported me and made me feel wanted. You are precious to me.

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🎀 OOC.  okay okay i have to go home now??  and my computer is still in the shop so idk how soon i’ll have it back.  i’ll be posting from mobile in the meantime, so i’m not going anywhere??  but i’ll see yall tomorrow!  <3

  • Taylor: *watching Grey's Anatomy* Pick me. Choose me. Love me.
  • Scott: *breathlessly runs into room* Sorry Tay, I was polishing the ducks out in the garage, when I heard somebody say "pick". I ran as fast as I could, is everything okay??!
  • Taylor: ...
  • Scott: Okay sweetheart, I'll let you get back to your show..but before I leave here are some new picks that came in the other day. Let me know what you think.
  • Ashton: His arms wrap tightly around you the second you walk into the room with tears in your eyes. It doesn't matter to him that you came in during a writing session with some of his heroes. Your his and you're upset. You bury your head in his chest and his arms wrap around you in an attempt to block out the rest of the world. He rests his chin on your forehead as you cry into his chest. He doesn't ask questions. He knows you just need him right now. "I've got you," he mumbles, somehow squeezing you tighter into his chest. Your hands fist into his t-shirt as you cry. Ashton drops a kiss to your hair before resting his chin on your head again, attempting to completely surround you with him. One of his hands starts to rub smooth circles on your back. He doesn't shush you or tell you it's all going to be okay. Right now you're upset and he lets you be upset. When you finally calm down enough to stop sobbing into his chest, he lifts his head and says, "You boys can finish this one without me today, okay? I've got somewhere else I need to be." That somewhere else is with you. He takes you back to his hotel and you tell him everything through more tears. That night, you fall asleep in his clothes, wrapped up in his arms. He never once tells you to pull yourself together. He's there for you, which is exactly what you need.
  • Calum: Interrupting rehearsal wasn't something you had never done before. When Calum sees you in the doorway of their rehearsal room, he immediately cuts the song short and puts down his bass. He comes over and takes your face in his large hands. He sees the tears stains down your cheeks and frowns. "Hey, hey, what's wrong? Talk to me," he says. You shake your head in response. He sighs and says, "Babe, I can't fix it if you don't tell me what it is. Don't shut me out right now." You mumble, "I shouldn't have come here. I'm interrupting-" Calum cuts you off, "Don't you dare apologize for coming to me when you're upset. You're my girlfriend. I'm supposed to fix this kind of stuff. Now, tell me what happened." You're shaking and the tears start to fall again as you tell Calum why you're so upset. The second you stop talking, he presses a deep, long kiss to your lips, his hands still cupping your face to keep you close to him. "Boys, I'm skipping out," he tells the guys when he pulls away from you. He starts to get yelled at by his manager, but Calum cuts him off by saying, "My girlfriends needs me right now. You can manage for a day without me." He drops his hands from your face to slide his fingers between yours. He spends the day distracting you with stupid faces and cheesy love confessions, which is exactly what you need.
  • Luke: You nervously knock on Luke's front door, your body already shaking with sobs you're trying to hold back. You know he's having dinner with his family, his family who has never met you to boot, but you need Luke right now. His mom opens the door and you quickly say, "Can I speak to Luke, please?" She starts to ask you who you are, but Luke hears you from the dinning room and comes up behind her. Luke breathes out your name when he sees you obviously upset. You slide past him mom and wrap your arms around him, burying your face in his chest. He strokes your hair softly and says to his mom, "Yes, this is the girl I told you about. Can we have a little time alone right now?" His mother mumbles that she'll be in the dinning room before she leaves. "What happened?" Luke says, releasing you so you look up at him. You start rambling about all the little things that are adding up and how you can't cope with everything right now. "Hey, it's okay," Luke tells you. "No, it's not," you mutter through your sobs. "I'm being a stupid girl who can't handle her own stuff. I'm dumping it all on you and we've only been together for a month, so you have to think I'm clingy and stupid-" Luke's jaw clenches before he speaks, "Don't put yourself down like that, ever. It pisses me off. No one gets to speak to you like that, least of all you. Okay? What do you need from me, baby? I'm not really that good at this kind of thing, so tell me what to do and I'll do it."
  • Michael: Reading through your mentions on Twitter wasn't something you did very often because you knew what some of the fans thought of you. For some stupid reason, you decided to ignore your cardinal rule for the day and read some of them. You immediately regretted it, seeing hate comment after hate comment. Your hands are shaking as you dial Michael's number. "Hey, baby," he says. His familiar voice is warm and comforting. "Michael," you choke out, "I didn't listen to you. I read through my mentions and-" He cuts you off by saying, "What did they say to you? Everything that isn't positive is a lie, baby. Are you okay? Do you need me to come home for a few days? I have a show tomorrow, but then the boys and I have four days off. I can come home." You smile as your crying begins to lesson thanks to his sweet words. "No, I'll be okay. I just needed to talk to you," you tell him. "I wish I was home with you," he sighs. "I also wish I didn't have to go right now, but I have some interviews. I'll call you after, okay? I promise." You let him go back to work, instantly feeling worse when you stop hearing his voice. You pull yourself together enough to take a shower. When you get out, your check your phone. You find that Michael posted a picture of the two of you on the band's Instagram with a long tagline: This is my beautiful, funny, smart, amazing girlfriend. She called me crying an hour ago because of some of the terrible things all of you have said about her. Stop hurting her. She's everything to me whether you like it or not and I love her. So go apologize. She's wonderful. You'll love her as soon as you talk to her. I promise :)