i'll not repost it again

Someone asked me who my fave haikyuu is but since I don’t have an answer to that I just drew the bokuro again

Reposts without credit

Artist Note: PLEASE DO NOT REPOST ON OTHER WEBSITES OR REMOVE MY WATERMARK. I’ve seen a lot of reposts including other artists on pinterest, instagram and even youtube without credit and it’s really sad. Listen… sharing artwork with credit is ok because it shows appreciation of the ship and the fandom but it also helps the artist out by getting them out there and making them more known. Asking permission lets the original creator keep track of where their stuff is being posted so they can see comments, etc. 

But if you don’t link or credit them, then we can’t make more things. Content creators aren’t sitting here catering you. While some people do this for fun, some people are doing this for their work. 

For other friends and artists: Sign your artwork and place your name somewhere clearly and hard to remove. :-) It’s the least you can do so if it does get reposted, your name is still on there for people to see and find you! :) 


First time we met was the day I became a SeeD. We met again, in Timber. We had a lot of arguments at first. But in time, things began to change. You were looking at me. You smiled when our eyes met. It made me feel calm, tranquil. Rinoa, give me another chance.

G-Dragon - The Evolution



“I love that you’re my partner in crime.”

“As long as you’re my partner in time.”


“Did you know they [the flowers] all have symbolic meanings?”

How to spot a repost:

Here are some things that I’ve noticed over my 3+ years here on Tumblr, being both a fan of original edits and a creator myself.

This is meant to be a guide of sorts for those of you who like to support the creatives in our little community and ensure that you aren’t accidentally liking/reblogging a stolen post.

None of this is 100% and sometimes a post can either contain or lack one of these factors and is still indeed an original. However more often than not they’re all red flags, and I personally choose to not share a post if I spot them.

  1. If the watermark doesn’t match the source’s URL this typically means it is a repost (biggest exception here includes blog name changes– but you can easily check this by typing in the URL on the watermark and seeing if the blog is still active/if there’s a directory to the new blog/etc).
  2. If the first post itself (i.e. the post that isn’t a reblog) contains a bunch of random/unrelated hashtags the poster most likely isn’t the creator, they’re simply searching for notes.
  3. If a photoset contains multiple images/gifs that don’t seem to fit together or don’t have some sense of unity. Collections of multiple different gifs ranging in size and coloring are one of the most obvious signs that it’s a compilation of copied images. 
  4. If the first post doesn’t contain some hashtag categorizing their post. Some creators don’t do this but a majority do, tagging all their pictures with “*” or “edit” or “mine.”
  5. If you’ve already seen the exact same post somewhere else from a different person, it means one of the two is an original and one is a fake.

I hope this helped those of you who struggle seeing the difference! Thank you for reading and please reblog to share with others. Maybe if we make this all common knowledge we can finally stop artist’s losing credit for their amazing works.

pressure for peace

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