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Early Morning Tease (Seth Rollins) - the reader is home with her boyfriend Seth for the holidays. Seth goes out with his friends for a few drinks, but not before being teased as he leaves. fluff/smut

y'all, this is my first time posting my writing on this blog so let me know what you think.

WARNINGS: language/smut(ish)


“That’s such BULLSHIT,” Seth yelled from the living room. I rolled my eyes, assuming he was just pissed that he was losing his video game. Every morning Seth ate his breakfast while he played Madden. It was like a tradition in our house. And almost every morning, Seth lost.

I grabbed my mug and made way into the living, finding that my assumptions were true when I saw an angry Seth standing right in front of the TV, thumbs furiously pushing at the buttons on his controller. I plopped myself down onto the couch and brought my knees to my chest, watching him with intrigue. Whenever he got worked up, his back muscles involuntarily tensed and flexed. I like to think it’s the universe’s little gift to me.

About ten minutes passed and Seth had officially lost to the Minnesota Vikings, 24-0, with a defeated and angry, “Fuck!” He turned around and looked me in eyes, smiling softly before climbing over the coffee table so he was standing in front of me. He leaned down and gave me a lingering kiss on the lips, before pulling back and gently kissing my forehead.

“Bet you had no idea was even sitting here, huh?” I asked, playfully poking his face as he sat down next to me, curling up into my side like a child.

“No, I knew,” he said, matter-of-fact.

“Seth there’s no way you knew. You were so engrossed in your video game.”

“You’re wrong. I always know when you’re around me. I have like, spidey senses that only work for you,” he looked up at me for his place on my hip and smirked.

I rolled my eyes at him again, for the second time this morning. “You’re an idiot.”

“But I’m your idiot. That’s the beauty of it,” he sighed into my skin.

I was really thankful for the time we had together at home in Davenport this Christmas. It originally wasn’t looking like we were going to be able to make it home until the 23rd and then in turn have to be back in Tampa by the 27th, but Carrano pulled some strings for us at the very last minute. Now we had about 2 and a half weeks off together. No obligations, no responsibilities (other than Kevin), and no work. Us both being professional wrestlers on the main roster for WWE, it was hard to get time like this. Time where we could lounge on the couch at our home and enjoy each other’s company.

“I’d be so lost without you, babe,” I muttered into my cup.

“Likewise, princess.” He placed a kiss on the outer part of my thigh before sitting up. “Speaking of that actually….” he trailed off, looking sheepish.

I gave him my best stern look, anticipating my annoyance at whatever was going to come out of his mouth in the next 30 seconds. “What did you do?”

He stood up and started backing away from me and into the kitchen, out of my smacking range, but I just picked myself up and followed him. “Okay, baby. You can’t be mad because it’s… i-it’s something you told me to do.” He raised his hands in defense.

I crossed my arms over my chest and leaned against the kitchen counter. “Take out the trash? Do the dishes? Put your disgusting socks into the washer and not leave them on the bathroom floor?” I questioned, gaining an eye roll from him.

“Okay, not exactly. But I promise that I’ll start getting better about that stuff.” He trailed off, not sure how to read my body language. “Remember how you told me to take time to relax and indulge in the small moments in life?”

I vaguely recalled being wine-drunk a couple nights before and telling him those things. I groaned inwardly. I should’ve known those words would come back and potentially bite me in the ass. I nodded tightly, too annoyed with myself to actually speak.

“Wellllllll,” he began, putting his hands on his hips and looking at me with that stupid, cute ass face that made me agree to anything he wanted. “The guys invited me to go over the lodge today and shoot some pool and drink some beer and I said I’d come.” He backtracked and raised his hands defensively when he saw my eyebrow raise. “I said I could ONLY go if it was alright with you.”

His big, brown bambi eyes pleaded with me and of course, my weak heart couldn’t stand here and say no when he looked so goddamn cute. But that didn’t mean I would let it look like I surrendered too easily.

“Oh? What time were you thinking?”

“Like 10? Only if that’s okay with you, princess,” he smiled nervously at me.

“And you’re going to the Moose Lodge here in town?”

“Yes. Just 10 minutes down the road. Close enough to be home incase of an emergency.”

I pursed my lips and pretended to contemplate before pointing a finger at him, commanding his attention. “I promise not to be a needy, mopey baby when you go hang out with your friends as long as you bring me some fried pickles when you come home.”

A big wide, award-winning smile spread across his face and he came around the kitchen island to envelope me in a warm hug. I squeezed him tightly, breathing in his scent. He felt like home and I loved it.

Seth pulled back just slightly to kiss me on the lips and then again and again. “Thanks, babe. I just didn’t want to leave you hanging while we had the chance to be home together.”

Eye roll count for today: 3.

“Seth, your friends deserve to see you too. They get to see you even less I do,” I smacked his chest playfully and went across the kitchen to get another cup of tea.

“I know, but you’re my number one priority in life,” he replied. I looked over my shoulder to see him staring at me from across the kitchen, adoration in all his features.

“Don’t you forget it, big guy,” I joked.

“With a woman like you, I couldn’t.”

“Good.” I turned in place and stared at his stupid, perfect face. He was too irresistible to not look at whenever I had the chance. We’d been together for 3 years and I still took every opportunity I admire him. I took and sip and suddenly remembered something. “Oh and can you pick up some milk?”

He furrowed his eyebrows at me and turned to open the fridge next to him. He grabbed the milk off the top shelf and held it up. “Yeah?”

I shook my head at the joker standing in front of me. “I meant at the store, Seth.”

He rolled his eyes at me this time and put the milk back where it belonged before closing the fridge and mocking my faux-annoyed pose. “Babe, I assume it weighs the same whether it’s in our fridge or at the store.”

“Seth Rollins, I hate you” I laughed.

He bounded over to me, pulling me into another tight hug. “You’re in love with me,” he muttered into my neck as he kissed his way down.

“Yeah, very true. I’m in love with you,” I whispered. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the closeness. He has just made his way to my t-shirt neckline when his hands snaked up and grabbed my breasts. His head popped up and by the darkening look in his eyes, I knew he was quickly getting turned on.

I smirked and shifted my position against the counter so my bare thigh rubbed against the bulge in his jeans. He groaned and brought his forehead down to touch mine.

“Are you not wearing a bra?” He mustered out between his clenched teeth.

“Nope,” I smiled back, popping the p.

“Why do you do this to me?”

“I thought we could have some fun this morning.” I made sure to bat my eyelashes at him and reach up to kiss his neck and tug at his hair, a few things that I knew would help with his growing arousal.

“Well then,” he said, lifting me up by my ass so I was now sitting on the counter, both legs on either sides of his hips, “we’ll just have to take care of that.”

Seth started kissing at my neck and playing with the waist of my silk pajama shorts. I pushed him away and hopped down form the counter, walking towards the living room. It pained me, but I knew it would pay off to both of our advantage later.

“Babe!” He shouted after me. “What the hell are you doing?”

I grabbed his keys from the bowl on the end table and tossed them to him. He caught them in one swift motion and stared at me incredulously, arms out.

“You gotta go. It’s 9:45 already. You told the boys you’d meet them at 10. You made a promise to be there and you’re not the kind of man to go back on his word,” I smirked.

He looked at the clock and then back at me a few times before sighing deeply. “You don’t play fair,” he moaned before heading towards the door.

“Not in the ring and not in the bed, baby,” I said before picking Kevin up and holding him in my arms. I grabbed one of his little paws and waved it at Seth. “Tell daddy bye-bye, Kev! Say, ‘Mommy’s going to go watch her TV shows without any clothes on while you’re gone.’” I kissed Kevin on the head before turning my attention back to Seth.

He was halfway out the door, turned towards me with lust and desperation displayed in his features. “You’re getting fucked into next week when I get home from the lodge later. I promise, princess.”

“Don’t forget the milk!” I shouted just before he shut the door behind him.

I laughed to myself and walked off to the bedroom. I was desperately looking forward to his return this afternoon.


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Stiles doesn’t understand.

He hears the words, and they travel to his brain, and then they hit a roadblock.

“What?” Stiles hears himself ask.

“I needed my anchor to bring me back,” Derek explains. Simple. Straightforward. Still just words to Stiles.

Stiles shakes his head in big, slow moves from side to side. He goes to lean away from Derek. He’d moved himself closer but now he thinks he wants space. He thinks. He doesn’t know. He can’t—

Derek’s hand squeezes his, firm and unyielding, and there—something to focus on.

Stiles looks down at their hands, only now realising something strange about it.

“We’ve never done that before,” he states dumbly, opening out his fingers. Derek’s remain locked around his palm.

“I didn’t let us.”

Stiles looks up to Derek. It’s a weird and unpleasant déjà vu when he sees that open expression of last night. He can almost read exactly what Derek is feeling between that and his quivering hand.

“I’ve wanted to for months.” The confession drops like a penny—light and quick, but with a resounding thunk that echoes through Stiles’ head.

“How have I… could I not have…” Stiles speaks in broken phrases, half-finished thoughts.

“I hid it well.”

Stiles can only nod, because it’s true.

Stiles thought it was one sided. Stiles thought Derek only saw him as a friend. Stiles thought he had to feel guilty, and sad.

Now, he knows he doesn’t, and it’s aggravating. So much time—‘I’ve wanted to for months’, Derek said—not being together when they could have been. Frustration and guilt and yes, moments of happiness too. Stiles has been a big mess of feelings, trying to hide them away at any given time and Derek… did he really not know that Stiles had a tremendous depth of feeling for him? More than just a friend should.

Did he not know? Or did he ignore? Was it self-sabotage, like…

He’s doing it now. Stiles is sabotaging himself right now. Derek confessed to him and he’s trying to pull away.

Just like that, the mental block disintegrates, and Stiles’ lungs expand with a shocked gasp of air. He looks to Derek, wide-eyed, gripping Derek’s hand tightly.

Stiles’ revelations rush out, looking for confirmation before he throws himself into what this could be. “The hand holding, the anchor, last night with your memories. Why? What does it mean for you?”

“It means.” Derek stops—looks down at their hands and rubs his thumb over the back of Stiles’ hand.

Stiles’ attention is so focussed in on Derek. Derek’s on him. Neither of them hear the slamming door from the tenant below.

“It means I like you.” Derek’s head lifts back up, his eyes as clear as topaz, and expression softening his face. “As a friend, but also as more.”

Stiles nods slowly, hand squeezing Derek’s even more and involuntarily.

“I feel the same.”

With his confession, Stiles’ body easy, dropping tension he hadn’t been aware of while focussed on Derek. He smiles. He beams, even, and Derek huffs out a laugh, probably thinking Stiles is too overeager. He doesn’t care.

“I want to date you, Stiles,” Derek says leaning in to him.

Stiles’ body heats and he leans in toward Derek too, bringing their faces so close that he can see each gradient in Derek’s iris’s, and his gaze slips into and out of focus, clarity difficult at close range.

“Derek,” Stiles whispers.

He realises his palm is sweaty and that Derek’s is shaking, vibrating with tension. They’re both holding so still, though it would be simplest thing to tilt, go with the gravity Derek’s body seems to be exerting on him. Let his lips press soft and gentle into Derek’s skin. His cheek, his jaw, his eyelid, his lips. Wherever they land when Stiles lets himself go.

“I want to date you too.”

Derek nods, then leans his forehead in to rest against Stiles’. He shuts his eyes, and Stiles shuts his too for a moment. With his eyes shut, he lifts his free hand up to Derek’s face, gently pressing just the pads of his fingers into his cheek, feeling the warmth there, the life, the bristle of stubble. Derek’s own hand lands on his thigh and settles, big and heavy and comforting.

Stiles sighs out, feeling bigger than his body. So slowly, like caught in a trance and lulled into drowsiness by the sun streaming into the loft, Stiles tilts his head. With his eyes still closed, his nose bumps into Derek’s. He tilts his head and slips to the side. His thumb drops down to find Derek’s lips, smooth and full. He presses his mouth down where his thumb is, then moves it gently from beneath them so his lips are pressing against Derek’s.

Stillness for a moment, as neither moves.

Derek’s hand on Stiles thigh creeps upwards, and Stiles parts his lips slightly until Derek’s bottom lip pops in between his own. That’s all he needs for now, to know that they can slot together like this.

He pulls back and at last opens his eyes. Derek’s looking at him with a fondness Stiles has never been able to pick in his gaze before. He likes seeing it now. He wouldn’t mind seeing it for a long time to come.

~ the end


MariChat May Day 11: Age-up Marinette

I decided to do MariChat May as one big fic with 31 little chapters. Except the prompts will be done out of order for it to work. I’ve decided to still post which prompts I get done at the right time for now but when the whole thing is done, I’ll post a masterpost with the correct order and post to AO3 and FF.net as well.

<<Chapter 1     Chapter 12     Chapter 13     Chapter 14

Take a Picture (Now with fan art!!)

He’d been right there at the carnival, for a photo shoot, when the kid’s tantrum had started. It had been surprisingly easy to break away from the photographer and his dressers when the mayhem had begun and he had done his best to transform quickly before rushing back to help the children and teenagers who had been panicking around him a moment ago.

Except now he couldn’t see anyone under eighteen. There were plenty of people around, sure, but they all seemed to be adults. Very confused looking adults at that.

“No one will ever be too young for a ride again!” a child’s voice rang out in the distance. Only when he turned to look, he realised the voice had come from the mouth of a 20-something year old man.

“Okay, this is weird,” a familiar voice said.

Chat turned his head towards the welcome sound of his new girlfriend, internally giddy at being able to use the word. “Princess!-” he started before cutting off abruptly and gawking at her instead.

The person standing before him was definitely his princess. Only this princess was a taller and a more- ahem -shapely one than he was used to. While his eyes were boring into her, she stared down at herself in utter amazement at the sudden change to her body. He vaguely registered that she was wearing the same clothes he had spotted her in earlier but they seemed to have changed size with her to accommodate her new…physique. Oh crap, he thought, she’s so hot. Too hot.

And she was currently glaring at him. Like, really glaring. Shit. What had he done to deserve such a hard look from such a soft and sweet girl…woman? Oh God, she’d put her hands on her hips. Had she always had such nice hips? Oh God he was staring! Actually ogling at her! In public! No wonder she was pissed off.

He closed his gaping jaw with a snap and turned to clear his throat into his hand in an awkward attempt to pretend he hadn’t been openly checking her out. He hoped his face wasn’t as flushed as it felt and glanced back at her.

“Shouldn’t you be going after that akuma, Chaton?” she asked him, hands folding across her chest and mouth reshaping into a smirk at the way his eyes flicked down her body as she spoke to him.

“Yeah-” his voice cracked and he cleared his throat again “Um…he makes people older then?” It hadn’t worked. His voice still sounded strange. From her raised eyebrow, he could tell she’d noticed.

“About 10 years from what I can see. I’m pretty certain the kid was 10 before he changed. And I think I look about 24 or so.” She gestured to herself, hands moving down her body deliberately slowly.

“R-right.” He swallowed heavily. And her hands were back on her hips again. And with her shoulders pushed back like that and her pigtails swept back…

“Take a picture it’ll last longer,” she giggled at him, jutting her hip out seductively.

Before he even knew what he was doing, he’d opened his baton and snapped a photo before turning tail and running after the akuma as quickly as he could manage. Behind him he could hear her shouting his name angrily. Nope. Not going back there. He was not giving her a chance to chide him for that until he’d gotten her back to normal and he could think a little more clearly.

Except teenage Marinette was usually pretty gorgeous when she was fuming over something so maybe he wouldn’t be thinking as clearly as he’d like. He’d have to cross that bridge when he came to it.

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  • "You can't have sex with your neighbor's backyard above-ground pool."
  • "let me help you out of that swimsuit-- POOL."
  • "I sure hope we become best friends! but I don't hope we have a falling out, leading us to have a tense, emotion-heavy, dramatic, competitive, love/hate relationship later on."
  • "so anyways I regain consciousness, there's cops everywhere, (name) is covered in blood, got an icepick-- haha it was kind of a weird tuesday."
  • "we're gonna be late for anime school!"
  • "I'm just saying, is it illegal if I'm in my OWN pool?"
  • "(name) WAS A BITCH-ASS POSER."
  • "oh no, he's hot when he's sad!"
  • "this reminds me of prison. this reminds me of prison. this DEFINITELY reminds me of prison."
  • "look at that little pimp. he's gonna grow up to be a prison ass mothafucka."
  • "let's skip all the fluff and get to the part where we're shirtless."
  • "homeboy looks like shark week, I ain't messin' with that."
  • "It wasn't a dream! We got arrested for trespassing! We went to JAIL!"
  • "Nah, man, we went to holding. there's a big difference."
  • "Yeah now we owe Easter Dave a favor-- that is NOT a position you wanna be in."
  • "Wouldn't we have seen him around by now? I mean he is a bipedal shark-person."
  • "I'VE GOT MACE!"
  • "Was macing us really necessary AFTER you remembered who we were?!?"
  • "you took the fall for me and I said thank you."
  • "I went to jail!"
  • "I spent 6 months at a correctional facility!"
  • "I stabbed a girl in the yard!"
  • "I think that guard you killed had a family!"
  • "look at that majestic ass mothafucka. like a dolphin or some shit. a dolphin with legs... and arms... and a jetpack."
  • "that's how they do it in Austrailia."
  • "20 bucks on jabber jaws."
  • "hey, man did you Tivo Glee last night?"
  • "I'm not allowed to watch Glee, my dad says it might turn me into something bad. A musical theater major."
  • "Neither one of them even died!"
  • "they won't let me back into sewing club because apparently when I threaten someone with sewing needles it's deemed 'inappropriate' and I 'have to leave'."
  • "I have to tumblr this!"
  • "a guy with emotional issues who swims away his problems? Lady, that's the whole team, you're gonna have to be more specific."
  • "I ship them! and them!"
  • "they hate each other, but they also fuck each other!"
  • "hey we try not to get this part of the gym wet so whatever you're doing is gonna have to stop."
  • "so do you wanna come back to my place, listen to some Dave Matthews and talk about my work out routine?"
  • "I wonder if that stuff I hid is still here? ...nah, cops probably took it."
  • "do you know? do you know for sure? Because I don't need another incident."
  • "If I get out of this chair I guarantee you'll end up in one with wheels."
  • "Ok. I'll admit, I'm a little threatened."
  • "'sup bitches!~"
  • "aren't you that guy who drowned a kid? and burned down that building?"
  • "get back to it before you learn a lesson in post-war, urban torture practices."
  • "Remember, snitches get stitches!"
  • "shut up you're high as balls!"
  • "you're just mad because mom and dad thought you were a girl for the first year of your life."
  • "right, son. and speaking of crushing disappointments-"
  • "coach tried to get me to vandalize a police station again."
  • "good thing I wore my Heelys."
  • "he's so hot but so crazy! which makes him even MORE hot!"
  • "Come on let me get those digits baby!"
  • "It should be illegal to be that fine!"
  • "oh just basic addition and subtraction. he was subtracting from my profits so I'm going to add a few extra holes in him."
  • "this doesn't seem like the time for polka-renditions of Ke$ha songs."
  • "I hate it when you leave but I love watching you go."
  • "Yeah I've seen him. He's in my scrapbook class. He cuts the eyes out of magazine photos."
  • "your arrest record is extensive... and amateur."
  • "I want that boy to be my bride!"
  • "Pilates will do that man, works your core."
  • "what are we waiting for? let's go bro! let's gbro!"
  • "wow you sure said that."
  • "WOOP! WOOP! hold it, I'm gonna have to pull you over for exceeding recommended hotness."
  • "One time we went camping in the woods, I just left 'em there. Nobody found them for like 5 days. I don't even think their families cared, kinda sad, really."
  • "So, what you're saying is, if they disappeared, no one would notice?"
  • "well I've gotta go not talk to you anymore."
  • "I learned how to swim the old fashioned way. When I was five my dad took me out to a lake and tossed me right in the water."
  • "I'm so happy right now! --and it's not just cause I get to see you in a bunch of different swimsuits. Ok I lied, I'm sorry, that's mostly the reason."
  • "hey I know you! You helped me smuggle some stuff out of the country! How've you been kid?"
s(QUAD) intro post part 1: #shomajesty

onwards to: s(quad) intro part 2: dj boyang, s(quad) intro part 3: #slaythan

i…really don’t have time to be doing this lmao but i couldn’t resist. since i’ve gained some new followers lately and the grand prix is about to start, here’s another intro post about one of the bright young stars of figure skating and my favorite current men’s skater, shoma uno!

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replied to your post

“Also, coming from the fandom, apparently WIT Studio gave Mikasa the…”

Personally, why I don’t appreciate bigger boobs on Mikasa, Annie, etc, while I enjoy Levi’s look, is that he’s an adult and 104 are underage kids.

I don’t think their boobs are really bigger, this the guide design for Mikasa’s character for example : 

they might look bigger because of the whole style of the anime with waists being too thin, but they are not really big in themselves, we have to remember each episode has different animators, and each one has their own style too

but as far as the “guide” design, there’s nothing sexualized or exaggerated
and they are also not animated in a sexualized way
they are not unnecessarily bouncy, or move in a weird way, they haven’t shown any cleavage out of their character, beside that, boob size has very little to do with age, there are teenagers who have bigger boobs than adults, the size when not extremely overdone should not be a reason of sexualization

and in snk, their boobs are literally just … existing, well covered as they are in the manga and all, I’m very opposed to people being triggered by simply that, what are we telling young girls? that simply having boobs of a certain size is a reason of sexualization?

mind you peach, this is not about you, since I’m talking about this I got carried away and started addressing the things I read in the fandom ^^;
but I see where you’re coming from ^_^

Perfect (Oneshot)

Okay, so I made this before the second season was released, so it’s obviously not accurate at all. But it was something I imagined at the time and I really wanted to write it. I just wasn’t sure if I should post it at all. It’s the story that goes with these two pictures: http://blackrosemii.tumblr.com/post/150873997452/look-at-what-monster-i-have-become-part-2

Perfect. This was the impression Lance always had when he saw Keith. He didn’t want to admit it, he wasn’t even sure of it himself. But whenever he saw him at the Garrison, when he saw how he kept his good grades so effortlessly, he couldn’t help but admiring him. Whenever he heard his fellow classmates talking about him, saying how amazing he was, he couldn’t help but being jealous of him. Whenever he was compared to him, he couldn’t help but hate him. He was better in everything. No matter what he did, he always made it look so easy. While Lance spend a lot of his nights studying, worried if he might pass the next exam, Keith kept his cool demeanor. He never looked like he had any problems. In Lances eyes, he looked arrogant and distant. It made him want to just push him off his high horse. He didn’t want to admit that whenever he saw him, he saw a person he wanted to be. To him, Keith was perfection. But that wasn’t true.

It was shortly after the paladins had been separated after escaping from Zarkons main fleet. Everybody was scattered across the universe with no idea how to get back. Those who could drifted around space, trying to find the others. Those who couldn’t were left no choice but to wait where they had crashed. Keith was one of them. His lion was severely damaged after the fight with Zarkon and it would probably take a long time until he would be able to take flight again. Lance found it weird that he was thinking of him now. He wasn’t the only one he hadn’t found yet after all. Actually, he didn’t find anyone. He was just flying from galaxy to galaxy, only landing somewhere when he needed to rest, always hoping the sensor build in his lion picked up a signal of his friends.
Where was he? Was he save? Was he hurt? Did he eat enough?
The blue paladins thoughts spiraled between questions like these. Knowing Keith, he was probably alright. After all, he lived a year in a desert. He’d be able to survive on his own. On an unknown planet. In the middle of a war. Somewhere in the endless space of the universe. Where it might take them weeks, months, years to find him. If he was even alive.
The boy shook his head trying to get rid of that thought. He would definitely be alive. He had to. He had to. He had to.

Repeating those words like a mantra, Lance kept flying aimlessly until he heard an alarm ringing through the cockpit. The sudden noise startled him and he quickly turned his lion around to search for its source, until he finally realized the alarm came from his lion itself. Realizing that, he opened the screen of his radar and kept staring at it.
Red. His lion picked up Reds signal.
Unconsciously the corners of his mouth moved up and he let himself sink into his seat with the most relieved sigh he had in ages. Only then did he realize his heart was beating fast at finally finding one of his team alive. Or at least the whereabouts of one of the lions.
The paladin quickly cut off his thoughts before they trailed off somewhere he definitely didn’t want them to be and headed into the direction the radar was showing him.
The planet wasn’t that far away, it was still in the same solar system as Lance. He entered the planets atmosphere and lowered the speed of his lion so that he could scan the surface for any traces of the red lion. The planet was completely covered in sand and rocks. There didn’t seem to be any water around. Or any sign of life. The boy swallowed at the thought of how someone could survive in a place like this. Just as he wanted to speed up his eyes caught a glimpse of shining metal. He quickly turned around to take a closer look and let out a breathy laugh when he saw a red metallic paw stick out behind one of the many mountains. Without hesitation, he flew into its direction and landed right in front of the red lion. It was stretched out like a sleeping cat instead of sitting upright with a barrier around it like the lions are supposed to be, but it didn’t seem too damaged. It’s mouth was open, which must have meant that Keith was at least able to get out.
Once his lions paws touched the ground, Lance practically jumped out and started to call Keith’s name. But nothing came back. The paladin went closer to the lion, checking it’s mouth and calling his name again. No answer. He started to worry that he might have left his lion alone.
Lance waited a few more seconds before he decided to go around the lion to see if the red paladin was hiding somewhere in the shadow of the mountain. Several meters and a few more calls later, he saw a figure leaning against a rock with his legs hold closely to his chest, face buried between them, right next to the robots hind leg. He recognized him right away thanks to the white uniform sticking out from the shadows. It was Keith.
With a big smile on his face he ran towards him, throwing his helmet away and calling out to him again. Upon hearing his name, Keith pulled his legs closer to him. This wasn’t the reaction Lance hoped to see. He realized that something was off and his smile and the enthusiasm in his voice turned into genuine worry.

“Keith? Hey, what’s wrong? Not happy to see me?”
He tried to crack a small joke, but it didn’t work. His steps became slower until he was standing right in front of his fellow paladin.
“Go away.”
His voice was muffled, but Lance could hear the tremble in his voice. He ignored his words and crouched in front of him.
“What? Keith, are you okay?”
“I said go away!”
Just as he wanted to reach out to him, Keith slapped his hand away with enough force to make Lance tumble backwards. The blue paladin was ready to yell at him, but his words were stuck in his throat when he saw his friends exposed face.

The first thing he noticed were his eyes. Gleaming yellow and wide with fear. They were swollen and he could see small tears running down purple cheeks. Then the ears. Trembling wolf-like ears where small human ears were supposed to be.
And there were fangs. Almost adorably tiny, but still sharp.
The creature in front of him was not a human anymore, it was a galra.
Several seconds went by in which the paladin had to take another look, just to be sure the heat wasn’t playing tricks on him.

It definitely was Keith. Besides the inhuman features, he still had the same face. The same small nose, the same almond-shaped eyes, the same stupid mullet that looked good only on him. Seeing him curled up like this, trying to hide himself from the world made Lances gut twist and there was only one question on his mind now. What in the world has happened to him?
The paladin slowly went back on his knees and moved his hand forward to touch him, to make sure that what he saw was real. But before he could even reach his cheek, Keith slapped his hand away and tried to yell at him.
“Don’t! Just…go away, leave me!”
It was a pathetic excuse of a shout. His voice was cracking and barely recognizable from his usually confident voice. Never has he seen his sworn rival in a state like this. So vulnerable, so fragile, so weak. His heart pounded in his chest painfully and he felt tears welling up in his eyes. He moved his hand forward again and expected another defensive move, but he was too weak to resist Lance anymore. His hand cupped the red paladins gently and he felt soft fur on the edges of his jawline, just below his ears. Without giving it a second thought, he pulled his friend closer to him, earning him a surprised gasp from his friend, and wrapped his arms around him tightly. It took a few seconds until Keith finally returned the hug and cried into the crook of Lance’s neck.
“Look at what I have become.” he said between his sobs. “I’m a monster!”
The blue paladin shook his head in response.
“That’s not true, Keith. That’s not true. Look at me.”
He pulled away from their embrace and held his face with both of his hands close to him, forcing the paladin to look at him. He tried to keep his voice gentle and steady.
“You’re still Keith. No matter what you are. You’re still a valuable part of this team. You’re still the pilot of the red lion. You’re still my rival. I don’t care if you’re human, galra or whatever.”
He pressed his forehead against Keith’s and lowered his voice, speaking in a tone he never thought he would use for his rival.

“You’re still a precious friend to me.”

A few more seconds passed in which Keith realized that, despite of what he was now, Lance would always be there for him and his sobs became louder, his tears streaming down his cheeks again. The blue paladin wrapped his arms around the others neck and pulled him back into a tight hug. They stayed like this until Keith’s voice became hoarse.

That’s right. He was still the same. Whenever he saw how gracefully he was able to pilot his lion, he couldn’t help but admire him. Whenever he saw him fighting off enemies, protecting his allies without regards to his own health, he couldn’t help but wanting to be like him. Whenever he saw his bright smile, his fluid movements, him, he couldn’t help but seeing someone perfect. He knew he wasn’t. Nobody was perfect, Keith was no exception. The person he has always looked up to was now in his arms, crying his heart out, broken and weak.
And yet, despite – or maybe because of – these flaws, Lance couldn’t help but see Keith as someone perfect.

huck finns, rated

E.W. Kemble illustration: the original huck. detailed artwork and really the classic image of huck finn. however if you look too closely at his face he sort of looks like he came straight from the mouth of hell… literally even mark twain complained to his publisher that it was “an ugly, ill-drawn face” and said that “Huck Finn is an exceedingly good-hearted boy [who] should carry a good and good-looking face.” yeah. he said that. 6/10

Elijah Wood: mmmMHHMMMM DID SOMEONE SAY GOOD AND GOOD-LOOKING FACE???? oh my GOSH what a PRECIOUS ANGEL, my heart is melting, look at the way his perfect baby skin glows in the light, his big blue eyes, his soft feathery chestnut hair, I LOVE?? HIM??? i’m so down for tiny frodo huck finn; he is vaguely reminiscent of a baby deer and so so pure and blessed (but maybe a little too pure and blessed, he looks…rly clean for a homeless kid) 8/10

Brad Renfro: 90′s huck. so unforgiveably 90′s. look at his face. you can almost hear him saying “chaa dude.” he looks like he belongs in bill and ted’s excellent adventure, not in nineteenth-century missouri… but one time someone called him “blueberry” by accident and i guess that was funny. he is one of the dreaded “hot, rebellious, brooding teenage hucks.” however, he is not the worst. that is still yet to come. 4/10

Tom Sawyer no Bouken Huck: awww! what a cute!!! he’s kinda slow and awkward but in a good way and it’s real precious. because he’s an anime he does weird stuff when he’s excited. like. bite things that aren’t food. i won’t try to explain just watch the show sometime. ALSO, one time he almost took a pee in front of the girl he liked, but depending on which dub you watch you might be saved the embarrassment 7/10

Huckleberry no Bouken Huck: the distant cousin of tsnb huck. and leT ME TELL YOU, he is GOOD, he is SWEET, he is PURE, nggggggnhhh and i think i know why. tom sawyer literally does not exist in this specific adaptation and therefore has not been able to wield his corrupting influence. just kidding. no. but. this huck has an animal sidekick so he’s basically a disney princess. his character is fleshed out SO WELL, his relationship with jim, and also his backstory with his father?? only problem is a low animation budget, so sometimes he looks derpy, but overall he is a Good Huck™ 9/10

Jake T. Austin (in case you couldn’t read the giant frickin credit oh my gosh tone down the ego): yeah remember when i said the worst was to come?? this. is it. hOOOOOO BOY when you look at this angsty teen the emo levels are OFF THE CHARTS. look at his bad boy rebel pose. look at his busted up hat that vaguely makes him look like a pirate. for heaven’s sakes even his pipe is extremely frickin extra, what even is that thing? says poetic crap like “the river is my mother” and is probably perpetually stoned. is this the kid who traded an insect for tom sawyer’s baby tooth?? that’s not huck, that’s just the overdramatic moody loner kid at your high school 2/10

Jeff East: look how cute and precious this boy is!! unlike several of the other hucks, he looks adequately dirty. he also has this really awesome cabin all to himself by the side of the river where he lets muff potter and tom sawyer come over to sing songs. he looks the right age, unlike the teenage emo hucks. yet, he isn’t TOO pure like elijah wood is, and he strikes a good balance between being too much of a good boy or too much of a bad boy. however, he crosses the line of puberty in the sequel and becomes a little awkward and can’t sing very well…but…never mind that, he is a very good huck 8.5/10

Leon Seidel: cute!! precious!! a little ball of sunshine!! he’s just…aaaaa i wanna hug him!! he looks the right age and is also dirty-looking enough to be believable. watches cows roam over the fields and just wants to live a simple life. he will make you sad sometimes, but not in an emo way, so it’s okay. i’m loving the blue color scheme, it really ties him in to his connections with the river also 8.5/10

furry huck: BLOCKED, DELETED, AND REPORTED. holy CRAP what a cursed sight to my poor virgin eyes. NOT?? HUCK??? AT ALL???? this is a TALKING FOX, a talking FOX, voiced by a 30-year-old country singer. it’s just…all so wrong. he ends up with amy lawrence at the end of the movie what the frick??? worst thing i’ve ever seen. let’s just forget all about this monstrosity and pretend it never existed. -99999999/10


holy heck! one hundo followers! what a beautiful day for this dumb little blog.

i’m sure you don’t want to see the proprietor of weirdzootopiaframes dot tumblr dot com get too mushy or anything, so i’ll be brief. this truly excellent film has, over the course of a little over a year, cultivated a truly excellent fandom. and i don’t say that lightly. fandoms are often garbage fires! fandoms are usually garbage fires! but this one is amazing, brimming with enthusiasm and creativity and just lovely people. maybe it’s because the message of the film is so great, stressing inclusion and communication. or maybe it’s because we all rally around one really solid ship instead of getting into slapfights over who judy should marry. (”what ship?” “wildehopps!”) whatevs.

point being; running this blog has been a lot of fun, and most of that is reading people’s comments and riffs on the posts i make. keep being great, zootopia fandom. you’re the best.

anonymous asked:

I politely request any Seliph and/or Leif headcanons you might have. If not, well I'll settle for any headcanons you haven't done yet. Thank you!


  • He wears his hair long because he’s always wanted to be as much like Shanan as possible! 
  • He also tried to grow a moustache, because same goes for Oifey, but, uh. That didn’t work out as well. Edain guided him toward a razor with patience and nonchalance – immediately. 
  • (This goes contrary to most of fandom I think but) He’s a little on the short side (maybe 5′7″, 5′8″), but he’s not thin or moe. He’s actually pretty solidly built and has a broad chest+shoulders. 
  • He looks more like Deirdre. He has all her facial features and especially her big, expressive eyes. He has ridiculously long eyelashes.
  • He got Sigurd’s hair and hand shape. 
  • He and Oifey wouldn’t look related at a glance but they have the same ears.
  • He can read silently (a big feat for the well-educated in medieval culture) but still has to move his lips. His education was good but not as good as it would’ve been if he’d grown up in peacetime. 
  • He can’t handle spicy food. He just can’t do it. 
  • He’s demisexual af. 
  • The white boots and gloves are purely ceremonial. They make him look sharp and clean and leaderly, but he can’t afford to get them cleaned all the time!! He only wears them while addressing crowds or around camp; never while marching or into battle.
  • He’s mildly attracted to Julia, but making a romantic move felt weird and invasive to him while she had amnesia, so he figured he’d just step in as a friend/brotherly figure and let her figure out her own life. (Not pictured: Seliph wheezing “thank naga” on the ground after her heritage is revealed.) After the war it’s pretty easy for him to reconcile his feelings into something entirely familial. There are many fish in the sea for him, but there’s only one sister.    
  • When playing in Tirnanog, he always volunteered to be “it” first in tag or hide-and-seek. 
  • Oifey and Shanan taught him all about Bein’ Manly but Seliph actually really enjoyed hanging out with Edain and watching her do nun/housekeeping stuff. He’s accepted his role as king with open arms, but waaay deep down, if he weren’t royalty, he thinks he’d be decently happy being a house-husband and raising kids. 


  • The white armour was Finn’s idea. It’s kingly. Leif hates it and has to clean tf out of it every day.
  • He does kill Travant with his bare hands. He wins their duel and has him in the perfect position to kill him with the Light Brand…and tosses it aside.
  • A very hardy boy! He’s scrawny in-game, as is normal for his age, but when he’s fully grown he’ll be tall and ripped – possibly even bigger than Cuan. 
  • He’s really awkward with Altena at first, since he’s never actually known her, and she’s his elder and has the holy blood… He’s desperate to form a close relationship with her, but really it all depends on how approachable she is.  
  • As opposed to most of his friends, who enjoy tales spoken aloud with changing voices and exaggerated gestures, Leif likes to be alone and read the books himself. It’s a little bit of introversion, a little bit of control-freakiness, and a little bit of secret nerd. 
  • Unlike most boys his age, he is not prone to random mood swings. This is due to the intense emotional trauma of his…I was going to say “childhood” but lbr, it’s his entire life. He can get Fired Up, sure, but he has a lot of repressive tendencies and pushes a lot away. 
  • He has a lot of internal conflict over his relationship to Finn. In a lot of ways, Finn was the only father he had, but in a lot of other ways, there are some uncross-able lines between them as lord and servant. – and the nagging thought that maybe Finn only raised him out of obligation to Cuan, not because of any love for Leif himself The older he gets, the more he wonders if he’s disappointing Cuan’s spirit somehow by caring for Finn so much, or discrediting Finn’s effort in raising him by not fully accepting him as a father figure. 
Technically Speaking

Tech!Killian/Misfit!Emma Fic based off of this post. Tagging @jscoutfinch @xhookswenchx and @trueromantic1 for letting me invite myself into this conversation. 

Special thanks to @snow-into-ash who beta’d for me despite having an actual life this week, I really appreciate it!!!

rated T for language

She’s zeroed in on the stinging of her knuckles when the hall monitor grabs her by the collar of her flannel.

“Seriously, Swan?” It’s Leroy. It’s always Leroy, and the idea of calling hall monitors by their first name to establish equality is the weirdest thing she’s ever heard. She doesn’t need to feel equal to a middle-aged grumpy man.

“He grabbed my ass! I don’t hear you saying ‘Seriously, nameless-jerk-who-can’t-keep-his-hands-to-himself.”

“My name is August!” Mr. Nameless-jerk yells. Honestly, the anonymity was working for her. Now there’s an actual person, with a name, having a flathead screwdriver removed from his bicep. Now there’s a set of parents who are going to flip out and get her expelled from another school.

“No one asked you, August!” she shoots back and he actually flinches. He doesn’t seem so handsy now. If he starts to act like the victim here, she’ll be forced to stab him again.

“You know the deal.” Leroy shoves her like suddenly violence is okay. She brushes him off and marches out of shop class towards Principal Mills’ office.

When she gets there, there’s this boy dressed in all black, with his dark hair and a sad expression. She slumps on the bench beside him and he brings his knees together to allow for space. It’s more than the grown men on the city bus do on her way home, so she figures he’s worth a chat.

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Saw a prompt for a wayhaught fic somewhere that went Nicole and Wynonna were best friends and Waverly was always just Wynonnas younger sister. Nicole went away for a period of time and came back and Waverly suddenly wasn't just an annoying little girl anymore. Would be really cool to see this as a fic. If you're still looking for prompts that is?

Long overdue, I know, but better late than never, right? I hope this doesn’t suck!

“Come out with your hands up!” Nicole yells, gun in hand pointing toward the shed. When no one responds, she steps closer. “I’m not gonna ask you twice! Come out now and I’ll go easy on you!”

“Okay, okay!” A voice calls from inside the shed. “I’m coming already! Don’t shoot!”

The doors to the shed open and out comes Wynonna, raising her rifle in her hands toward the officer in front of her.

“Bang, bang, bang!!!” Wynonna yells, and Nicole jumps out of the way of the imaginary bullets. She barrel rolls across the dirt and behind a stack of boxes. “I’m not surrendering that easily, Sheriff! I got this money fair and square!”

Nicole leans past the boxes and aims her plastic pistol at Wynonna. “Pew, pew!” Wynonna is too slow to dodge and she knows it. She pretends to get shot in the shoulder and drops to her knees. Nicole runs over and kicks the rifle out of her hands before she can aim again. “Hands up!”

Wynonna obeys, bringing her hands up above her head. Nicole steps around her and pulls her hands behind her back, wrapping a thick rope around her wrists and securing it snuggly. “Where’d you put the money, Earp?”

“I’ll never tell!” Wynonna exclaims.

“Nonna!!!!” A tiny voice shouts from the door of the house. Nicole and Wynonna look up to find one Waverly Earp running down the front lawn toward the two playing girls. She throws herself into Wynonna’s lap in a big hug. “Don’t take her away! She’s sowy! Please!”

Nicole and Wynonna burst out laughing at the four year old, who has tears in her eyes. “Waverly, we’re just playing Cops and Robbers!” Wynonna explains. “Nicole isn’t really arresting me. Besides, she couldn’t even she really tried.”

“I’ll have you know my daddy has been teachin’ me a lot about law enforcements.” Nicole brags, unwrapping Wynonna’s wrists. “I could have you locked up for mocking a future sheriff.”

Wynonna scoffs and rolls her eyes and she rubs her wrists before pushing Waverly at arms length to climb to her feet. “Keep tellin’ yourself that, Nicky.”

“So you’re not getting ‘rested?” Waverly asks, wiping her cheeks.

“Not yet. Wait a few years.” Nicole teases, earning a playful push from Wynonna.

“Come on, lets get some food already. I’m hungry.” Wynonna says, leading Waverly back toward the house with Nicole on her other side.

Nicole sets the last of the boxes on the kitchen counter with a huff. She steps away and leans her arms against the counter, resting her hand in her palms. Her grey tabby cat jumps onto the counter and runs against her arms and she strokes her backside. She looks around the apartment. It’s empty, aside from the many boxes stacked on top of each other and the love seat in the living room.

This was her favorite part of moving into a new place: unpacking. It was usually everyone least favorite thing, but unpacking meant she got to organize and place things the way she wanted them and it was just so satisfying for her to do that. She lifts her cat from the counter and sets her down on the floor before moving back to the box on the counter. It’s labeled ‘Kitchen’ just like the other boxes set around the small room.

“Kitchen it is.” She says to herself, opening the box and taking out the first thing her hands touch. When she finishes unpacking the kitchen, she works on the living room and by the time she’s done with that, it’s already starting to get late. Tomorrow was her first day on the job and she was anxious to start. She would finish unpacking tomorrow, but now it was time to sleep.

She walks into her room and drops onto her bed. Daisy hops onto the bed as well and finds her place perched on top of Nicole’s chest. She was back. Back in Purgatory after all these years. Why she asked to be put here in such a small and weird town where everyone used to hate her, she wasn’t entirely sure. Her family wasn’t here anymore, so what was it that was pulling her back?

“Welcome back home, Nic.” Nicole mumbles as sleep envelops her.

“Nicky, over here!” Wynonna calls to her when she steps onto the school bus. Nicole smiles widely at her best friend and joins her in the seat. Willa and Waverly sit across from them and greet her happily. “You wanna come over and ‘do homework’?” Wynonna use air quotes for the last two words. Wynonna and homework? Pft.

Nicole never really understood why Wynonna picked her of all people to become best friends with years ago. They weren’t in the same grade, not even close. Nicole was three years younger than the girl, but Wynonna picked her out in the park one day when she was swinging alone on the swings. She caught on quite quickly that Wynonna wasn’t exactly the most liked kid in Purgatory. In everyone else’s eyes, she was just plain weird. The whole Earp family was, but specifically Wynonna. Trouble found her quite often, and since Nicole was always with her, trouble was something she was used to by now.

Daddy wasn’t a big fan of her being so close to Wynonna. He always said she’d grow up to be no good. “Prolly end up in prison or dead.” is what he would usually say. Though he didn’t like the girl, he never stopped Nicole from being around her; he was pretty good friends with their father, after all, what with the both of them being Purgatory police officers.

“Heard you’z makin’ devils for yer project, Wynonna.” Larry says as he walks down the middle of the buss to his own seat. “My momma says you Earps just bad news. Specially you. Says you needa get expelled already so us good normal kids’ll be safer. You’z nuthin’ but trouble.”

“Shut your mouth, Murphy.” Wynonna grumbles, narrowing her eyes at the boy now standing beside their seat. Wynonna sits by the window with Nicole sitting between her and the boy, who is in the same grade as Wynonna. This was the kind of stuff Wynonna dealt with all the time: bullies harassing her and being mean all because she was a little different. Wynonna could handle herself, for sure; the girl always got into fights and Nicole found herself in the middle of them a lot of the time.

“Momma says you should be locked up in a asylum cuz you aint nothin’ but a crazy little girl–”

“Leave her alone!” Nicole yells, standing from her seat and pushing the boy hard. He falls backward and is about to get up and fight back when Willa gets up from her seat as well, standing defensively in front of Nicole and Wynonna.

“ You leave them alone, Murphy, or I’ll tell your momma about what I caught you doing last week.”

Larry climbs to his feet and glares between Willa, Nicole, and Wynonna before turning away and storming toward a seat closer to the front.

“That boy doesn’t know when to quit runnin’ his mouth.” Nicole grumbles, patting Willa on the back and sitting back down. Wynonna wraps her arms around her friend tightly.

"You’ve gotta tell us what you caught that douche face doing last week!” Wynonna tells her sister, who smirks in return and looks out the window of the bus.

“When we get home.” She says.

“Nicky’s the best!” Waverly shouts, bouncing around in her seat across from them.

Nicole’s sat at her desk in the office doing paperwork when a voice calls through the hall in front of her. “Wynonna, you’re late. Again.”

Nicole looks up at the familiar name. “Some people need their beauty sleep, Dolls.” A female voice says loudly, laced with annoyance that Nicole knows all too well, even after all these years. “And a cup of morning whiskey, or two. Or three.” The lazy shuffle of a woman past the opening of the main office, has Nicole standing in her spot.

“Wynonna?” She calls after the woman in more of a questioning tone. It couldn’t be… She watches as the brunette steps backwards, back into view, and looks over at her.


“Well, I’ll be damned!” Nicole says, a wide smile on her face. “Wynonna Earp! Look at you!” She crosses the office and pulls Wynonna into a tight hug. “It’s been so long!”

“It has!” Wynonna says, holding Nicole at arms length to get a good look at her. “Damn girl, if it weren’t for you being the only ginger in Purgatory, I wouldn’t have recognized you from when we were kids! You used to be the shortest kid in your grade! You went from being Nicole Haught, to Nicole Haught-Stuff!”

“Time’ll do that to you.” Nicole teases. “Wow. Who would have thought I’d see Wynonna Earp’s mug again?”

“What about you? I thought you left this shithole a long time ago?”

Nicole chuckles. “I just got moved back. Got a job on the force.”

Wynonna scrunches her face up in disgust, and mumbles, “I’m sorry.”

“Wynonna!” The voice from earlier calls out again. Wynonna rolls her eyes.

“Sorry, Haught-Stuff, boss man’s always got this stick up his ass, and if I don’t go pull it out, he’ll come beat me with it. And as pleasurable as a good stick sounds like right now, I don’t think he and I on the same page on the kind of stick, exactly.”

Nicole laughs loudly. She was used to this kind of talk with the woman through text every once in a blue moon that they would message each other, but hearing it coming out of her mouth was ten times better. “I wouldn’t want you to get sticked down, Wy.”

Wynonna smirks at her childhood best friend as she steps away. “How about we go out for coffee, Haught-Stuff? I miss seeing your stupid smile!”


When Wade was killed and Willa went missing, and Wynonna was sent away, it was just Nicole left. Waverly had been pulled out of school for a few weeks by Gus and Curtis. Nicole never had many friends. Really, the only friends she had were the Earp sisters. With Wynonna being her best friend, Nicole was shunned by all the other kids in Purgatory; being placed as a weirdo “just like that Wynonna.” So when Wynonna and Willa and Waverly were gone, Nicole was left all alone, either ignored or made fun of by all the other kids.

When Waverly came back to school, she wasn’t the same. Nicole understood, she had just lost the three most important people in her life, and she was only six. Nicole tried to be there for her; Waverly was like a sister to her, after all. It took weeks and weeks, but she finally began to make progress with the littlest Earp. Occasionally, she would come over and play with the girl, but it wasn’t the same, and she started seeing her less and less.

It was a year later, that Nicole’s parents had decided it was time to move. They told her it was because daddy had found another job elsewhere, but Nicole knew very well it was more due to the fact that she had still yet to make friends with any of the kids in school. Nobody wanted anything to do with the weird ginger that was best friends with the crazy Earp girl that killed her daddy and went on and on about demons.

The day before the official move, Nicole told Waverly. She would never forget the look of abandonment in that poor little girl’s eyes. Everyone was leaving her: her daddy, Willa, Wynonna, and now Nicole.

“I’m gonna miss you, Nicky.” Waverly says with puffy red eyes.

“We’ll see each other again, Waverly.” Nicole says with a comforting hug. “You, me and Wynonna will be back together again some day, just you wait.”

With a final goodbye to the last Earp in town, Nicole hops into her daddy’s truck and watches as the tiny figure disappears from the rearview mirror.

About a week after moving back, Nicole has caught sight of Waverly a handful of times. It’d been a long time since she’s seen the girl, now a woman, and she couldn’t take her eyes off of her. She’d already spent some time with her old best friend and it had been as though no time had gone by between them, but when it came to Waverly, she couldn’t even walk over and say hi. Before her shift one morning, however, she found herself in front of Shorty’s in her police uniform trying to even out her breathing.

When she steps into the bar in time to see the woman fighting a losing battle with a beer tab. She stands at the door frame watching amusedly as Waverly finally manages to closes the dispenser and sigh exasperatedly at her now soaked front. “Perfect.”

“I didn’t know Shorty’s had wet t-shirt competitions.” Nicole says from the doorway, grabbing Waverly’s attention. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” Waverly starts, grabbing a clean rag and wiping herself off some more. “I, uh… Just a bit jumpy. Had a… A crazy night.”

“Sorry I wasn’t hear to see it.” Nicole says, setting her Stetson down on the counter. Nicole had already guessed that Waverly probably didn’t remember her, and the look on the woman’s face now confirmed it. It was like meeting each other for the first time again. “I, uh, I’ve been meaning to introduce myself. I’m Nicole. Nicole Haught.”

Nicole offers her hand out to Waverly, waiting for the recognition to hit the woman across the counter. When Waverly doesn’t seem to catch on and instead takes her hand and smiles, Nicole practically laughs in her mind. That smile was all too familiar, even after all this time. “Hi.”

“And you are Waverly Earp.” Nicole says. “Still as sweet as ever, I see.”

Waverly tilts her head in confusion. “Do I know you?”

“You did.” Nicole says, a flirty smile playing on her lips. “I used to be at your place all the time when we were little. I was Wynonna’s best friend. Wynonna’s only friend.”

Waverly’s mouth forms an ‘O’ shape when she finally catches on. “Nicky! I remember now! Of course, how could I forget! You two played Cops and Robbers all the time!”

Nicole’s smile grows wider. “The irony is astonishing, isn’t it?”

“Not too astonishing. You were always really interested in being a cop, I remember. Wow, look at you! You’re so… tall!”

“And my, Waverly, how much you’ve grown.”

Waverly catches her eye and they stand looking at each other for a beat longer than necessary before Nicole manages to remember how to speak. "You know, I’m actually a little surprised to see you’re still here. I always thought you would be the one to willingly leave the nest. I remember you used to talk about going to a big town when you got out of school.”

Waverly scoffed lightheartedly. “I was, what, like six? Seven?”

“Yeah, and you would talk about being a dancer when you were older. You used to come into Wynonna’s room and just start dancing out of nowhere. It was quite entertaining. Very adorable when I think back to it now.”

Nicole holds her gaze again until Waverly shyly looks down at the counter in between them. “Yeah, well someone had to hold down the fort when everyone else left, right?”

“I’m not complaining,” Nicole says, a flirty smile playing on her lips. “Purgatory wouldn’t be the same for me without a one Waverly Earp. Plus, I told you we’d see each other again, didn’t I? I’m not one to go back on my promises.”

A small smile graces Waverly’s lips as she looks back at Nicole with gentle brown eyes. “You know Wynonna is back too, right?”

Nicole leans back on the stool and taps her fingers happily on the counter. “I saw her at the station the other day, and we’ve gone out to catch up a couple of times already. She’s just as wild as when we were kids, that girl is.”

“Yep, sounds like her.” Waverly laughs and dabs at her wet shirt again. “God, I’m sopping wet. You know, I keep telling Shorty he needs to fix the darn tabs. Sorry, do you mind just, uh…” She brings her hands to her eyes to explain what she was talking about.

“Oh! Yeah, of course.” Nicole says, spinning around to give the woman some privacy.

“Uh, officer?” Waverly calls after a bit. “I’m stuck.” Nicole turns around to find the girl arms in her shirt above her head and she hurries to help.

“Good job you’re not some guy, right? Otherwise this would be really… Really awkward.”  With the shirt now off, Nicole comes face to face with Waverly, almost a head taller. “I – I owe you one.”

It’s the perfect time to ask her out, Nicole thinks. She locks her eyes on Waverly’s, and speaks with charm in her tone. “Alright, well, how about we catch up over some coffee? How about tonight?”

“Oh, I can’t, no. ” Waverly shoots out almost immediately, slightly throwing Nicole off guard and stomping on her confidence. Her smile drops without her permission from the force of the rejection, but when Waverly backtracks with a stammered and nervous, “I mean, I’d love to–li-like. Like to… uh… But I have plans.” Nicole’s smile returns with amusement as she listens to the brunette chatter on. “Yeah, I’m a planner. I like to know what I’m doing two or three days in advance.” Nicole just watches as the woman scrunches her face in self-frustration and gathers herself. “I’m in a relationship. With a boy–man.”

It takes all of Nicole not to laugh right in Waverly’s face. She’s so damn cute when she’s nervous, Nicole can’t help it. But she just smiles and repeats her, before walking back around the bar counter. “A boy-man. Yep, I’ve been there. It’s the worst.” She grabs her Stetson from the counter, “Okay, well, some other time.” She sets her information card down and starts for the door, but not before turning back around to get one last look at Waverly Earp as she puts her Stetson on. “I mean it.” And she walks out.

The air smells fresher than it did before she entered Shorty’s. The sun looks brighter, the sky looks bluer, and Nicole feels happier, despite the fact that she had just been shot down. Shot down in the cutest way possible, by the most beautiful woman in Purgatory. That woman, mind you, being her best friend’s baby sister…

Nicole’s still not sure what pushed her to return to Purgatory, but damn was she happy she did.

Nicole was in for a world of trouble, because she had the biggest crush on Waverly Earp.


Beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows could be seen as the sun lowered into the horizon. A gentle, cool, breeze made its way through the area, rustling the leaves on the trees and gliding through the quills of a pink hedgehog. She enjoyed the fresh air for a moment, before stepping up a wooden staircase and knocking on a door.

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anonymous asked:

Really sorry to bother you! But could you please rec me some good books with lgbtqia characters? Thank you sweetie :)

yessssss of course!!

  1. the half life trilogy by sally green!! half bad and half wild are out already! angry poc bisexual witchy boy that you can’t help but want to protect tbh. the initial writing style made me go ????? but don’t let that put you off PLEASE bc it’s rly wonderful and deals with so many things (trigger warnings for death, suicide, gore, and a lot more but those are the main things i think?)

  2. the torch keeper trilogy by steven dos santos. again, the first two books (the culling, the sowing) are out already and i’m praying we get the raising soon tbh. amazing books that feel really hunger games (i hate comparing ya dystopian to thg but there are certain similarities. anyway). poc gay main character. this books comes w a lot of trigger warnings as well tbh, going from death to gore and everything in between. 

  3. madeline miller’s the song of achilles. it’s queer iliad fan fiction tbh. prepare to have your heart ripped out. if you know the original story of achilles and patroclus,  but it’s like that only 18 times worse. 

  4. alison bechdel – fun home. this is a graphic novel and idk if you are into that, but it’s honestly so great??? there are a lot of lit references and sometimes it’s hard to catch them all, but tbh it doesn’t really matter because the story is still so good (it’s autobiagraphical but don’t let that stop you tbh) and it’s told in such a beautiful way? (ps also check out the musical once you read it) 

  5. boy meets boy by david levithan. tbh this is the lowkey easy queer ya romance novel we all deserve? it’s rly basic tbh, just boys falling in love, but it’s just nice to read something cute once in a while (though the story deals w more than that as well, but u know) 

  6. kissing the witch, honestly this book honestly. it’s written by emma donoghue and it’s not??? a novel in the tradition sense of the word i guess?? it’s more like a bunch of short stories w a smilar theme? anyway, it’s all retellings of famous fairytales, some of them w a queer twist on it (most of them, i guess). they’re all about women and the language is so so so beautiful, i love it so much. it’s sad but also happy and like………. it touches my soul tbh 

  7. alex london w proxy duology!!!!!! it took me so long to get to proxy lmao but really u should read it!!! it’s again dystopian, with as main character a poc gay cinnamon roll. the sequel to proxy is guardian and honestly i don’t have much to say abt these books except go read them please

  8. the line of beauty by alan hollinghurst. i had to read this book for my queer lit class and at first it was a pain in the ass to get through it lmao. i’ve cursed this book so many times and at one point i wasn’t sure if i’d ever finish it, but in the end i did and it was so worth it……. it’s probably one of my fave books i had to read for that class. the way it’s written is just??? plain poetry??? honestly??? and it deals w homosexuality in the 1980s, but also w racism and classism and the aids crisis and all that. if you have a lot of time and feel like frustrating yourself but also enjoying it, go read it!!! 

  9. the raven cycle by maggie stiefvater. okay tbh i’m not sure how i feel about putting this book on a queer books list but…… well, okay. this book has queer character(s) but the way they’re handled makes me feel kind of…… idk. their queerness is never mentioned and everything is Between The Lines and it’s all so under the radar that i’m just like??? fuck it tbh. but i enjoy these books a lot and all the characters make my heart bleed and i love the relationships so i can’t leave it out either? the books are wonderful in the way they deal w modern magic and friendships and relationships (platonic and romantic) and like, wanting thing and needing things and longing for things etc etc. so i would rec them for those things more than for the queer aspects lmao but anyway a rec is a rec

  10. aristotle and dnate discover the secrets of the universe by benjamin aire saenz. lmao okay confession time, the first time i saw this book  was when it was recced to me by goodreads, and i just looked at it like ??? what kind of fucking title is that??? and scrolled pst it lmao. but then it showed up again and i checked it out and it sounded nice to i bought it and FELL IN LOVE oh my god. don’t let the title foor you. this book is amazing, it’s so tragically beautiful??? but it’s also happy, and it feels so real to me? like nothing about it is fake or made to look differently or influenced in one way or another? it just feels real and raw and i love that about it. the main storyline is two mexican boys living in the 1980s meeting each other, but believe me when i say it’s so much more than that 

  11. lost and found by carolyn parkhurst. the queer aspects of this novel are….. hard to describe lmao. they’re only a small part of the storyline but then again they’re also a p big part? actually let me just copy the blurb of this novel tbh: “What do a suburban mom, her troubled daughter, divorced brothers, former child stars, born-again Christians, and young millionaires have in common? They have all been selected to compete on LOST AND FOUND, a daring new reality show.“ this book will definitely not be everyone’s cup of tea but yknow. 

  12. adaptation duology – malinda lo. ya scifi w a bisexual girl protag. i haven’t read the 2nd book (inheritance) so i can’t say much about that. tbh the pacing of this book felt rly kind of weird sometimes, but yknow. bisexual girl protags are rare so i won’t be picky. i’ll take it. 

  13. rebecca brown – the gifts of the body. again this is more a bunch of shirt stories and they are also hard to explain lmao. the main theme of this book is aids, the protag is a nameless person, a home care worker who helps people w aids. we read their storries and learn about their lives and what happened to them. it was??? surprisingly emotional to me tbh. 

  14. blue is the warmest color by julier maroh. if you’ve seen the movie: don’t let it fool you. the graphic novel is a lot less male gaze-y lmao 

Sups can be hard to draw, so sometimes I like to draw crappy blue circles inside them to get a better idea of how their weird marshmallow forms work - just in case it helps anybody else. :>

Serious artist strikes again. (Wip)

anonymous asked:

A giant realizes that his tiny friend is afraid to refuse him and only hangs out with him because the "See you tomorrow" after their first convo was thought an order. Now whenever the giant makes a request, he makes it clear that the tiny may say no.

(When I was a kid there was a friend I had, I found out one day they’d only become friends with me because their mom had told them too- it really hurt because they hadn’t actually liked me at first, but we’d become friends eventually so it worked out alright! anyway this kind of made me think of a similar vein of that, but i probably didn’t write it properly :/ )

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(Well it’s December guys and you know that what means. Selfie dump from selfies over the year and talking about it. It’s gonna get kinda text heavy because I’ve had kind of a shit year, and each of these photos represents either an important event or period of time. Time to get sad but also gay! 

These photos are in chronological order, and under the cut I’ll be explaining them. They all have the dates they were posted as descriptions. My face tag is #ax to the face if you want to go seek out the original posts! (Warning for emotional abuse ment. and suicidal ideation ment. under cut)

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maiden heaven - (707 x mc/reader)

summary: when boredom finds skeletons(?) in the closet.

rating: 13+ (the usual 707 route spoilers, one bad word and, uh…)

notes: i was in the middle of writing another fic when this idea came to me and i was like, this won’t take long to write so i’ll do this real quick. which is kinda true, i guess? 

i hope you guys enjoy! :3 now to bed with me. zzzz

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the future significant others of seventeen members (110% my personal predictions)
  • **so i just wanted to get this down somewhere as sort of like an i suppose, prediction and hopes(??) for the future girlfriends (or hey! maybe boyfriends) of seventeen members and this is 110% my opinion!!! ((i'll be referring to the significant others as females since at this point, nothings been said to prove that they're not straight))
  • Seungcheol: leADER OF THE TROOP who's also a kid on the inside - his s/o would be someone who probably doesn't identify as introverted or extroverted but someone dead set in the middle, she'll be caring with random goofy sides to her and when she laughs she laughs with her whole body, she probably would throw her head back too, i have a feeling she'd love shopping and eating street food with s. coups and she'd give off this warm aura that doesn't necessarily draw your full attention to her but it's enough to acknowledge her happy presence and smile // the relationship would probably be full of activities, they'd have fun everywhere they go and lazy days wouldn't be very often, they'd be the couple known for having dozens of crazy & silly candid couple pictures ((and yes i think they'd totally wear couple t-shirts)) and their relationship would probably include a lot of planning but then giving up and just winging things
  • Jeonghan: jeonghan tho, jeonghan, this literal angel - his s/o would be a flower enthusiast, i see her wearing pastel but on bad days opting for darker shades and sweatpants, she'll be reserved and fairly quiet but blossoms like a rose once you get to know her, she probably listens to classical music and also really loves kpop girl groups, i also think that she'd have a sweet tooth and may have a huge thing for really really REALLY nice shoes or purses and she would constantly post photos of her doing jeonghan's hair or him making faces and they'd probably share the same conditioner let's be real here // i think that the relationship would be quite slow & very easy going at first but when they get to a significant point of commitment, they'd be everywhere, E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E, you can't escape this
  • Joshua: does anyone even deserve joshua, he's too good for this world - his s/o would be super sweet like a slice of strawberry cake, i see her as rosy cheeked with a slight geeky side who probably plays piano or violin, perhaps even cello and would love to learn how to play the guitar from joshua, she'd be a bundle of joy (this sounds like i'm talking about a baby omg) and her perspective on life is so gentle and welcoming you could sit in awe just listening to her talk about things she's curious about, she reminds me of a quiet coffee store with books and tiny plants everywhere soaking in the warm sunshine // i think the relationship would be very honest and gentle and they'd be the cute couple you see at carnivals that kind of stare up at the rides at sundown while sitting on a bench with smiles on their faces and your parents would love him and his would love her
  • Jun: mr. wushu-boy probably has ladies lining up just to look at his face, aNYWAYS - his s/o would come off as a slightly tedious person in the very beginning but would probably be a super funny person, i see her as someone who likes sports but isn't very good at them, her go to shoes would probably be sneakers, she's someone who you wouldn't immediately love until you had a good conversation and sense of who she is and wants to be, she probably would be the type who would prefer jun to lay his head on her rather than the other way // the relationship would include trying a lot of new things and i think they'd probably both would get hardcore obsessed with something together, they'd be the couple you see at random trinket stores laughing and taking pictures with/of funny and cute lil items but then not buying anything ((or on the rare occasion, one thing each))
  • Hoshi: i pray that hoshi will find the most adorable, boisterous and happy lil ball of sunshinE - i see her as someone who wears colourful clothing (not necessarily neon), she probably has resting nice face and is fairly lazy but will do things with the right amount
  • of motivation, she probably has a big thing for cute animals ((if you ever watched marriage not dating, i imagine she'd be a shorter & louder version of jangmi!!)) and you'd probably associate her to the colours green and pink // they'd probably have some sort of synced up scale for their levels of hype, like they'd both be lazy and tired but then would be excited and jumpy about something they both equally love, they'd be the couple that does everything together and act like best friends in love
  • Wonwoo: wHOEVERGETSTODATETHISBOY is2g you've been blessed by the gods above - i see his girl as someone who prefers long sleeves to short sleeves but the occasional tank top, she'd probably love the colour blue or purple, she'd be a hard worker but knows when to take a break, she'd have two sides; her bored-staring-off-into-space side and then her adorable giddy restless face-pulling side, i'm so sure she'd always have candy or food in her bag and she'd probably would love to travel everywhere and holding hands with wonwoo would be her favourite thing to do // they'd probably be a low-key couple in public but do crazy weird-butt things when alone or with the other members, they'd be a loving pairing with so much respect for the other and probably likes night walks and yEs she'd steal his sweaters all the time, they're couple name would be 'mr and mrs sweater paws'
  • Woozi: wooziwooziwoozi, his girl would get woozi with love ((that didn't make sense ok moviNG ON)) - his significant other would probably loves sleep and cereal at night, i see her as someone who always is wrapped up in her blanket at home, she'd be someone who'd get chilly easily (woozi would probably hold her hands in his hands like a lil ball of warmth i wANT THIS TO HAPPEN PLEASE) and she'd always have a cardigan everywhere (she'd probably have a few sweaters in the cabinet in the pledis practice room and at the dorms) & she'd be a blazing hot fireball, like woozi she'd probably give off the impression of being younger than she actually is but is a tough lil bee who probably really likes fruit and gets her way // these two would probably judge everyone together like they'd be that couple who someone who ask a really stupid question to and they'd just stare at the guy with no expression until he leaves and then casually go back into their conversation, they'd be a very honest couple and would fix problems head on before spiralling out of their control
  • Seokmin: nobody ever rain on this boy's parade okAy okay. - his s/o would most likely be equally sunny as dk is and is someone who used to be insecure but has for the most part fought and won against her insecurities, you'd probably associate her with a sunny and bright day, she may be a either a dangerously good baker or a really crappy one who's meanest dish is a fruit salad but i know that she'd love dk unconditionally, she'd be 110% committed to the relationship, she'd probably drink tea all the time especially with added slices of lemon, she'd have a rose-glass tinted outlook on everything, she'd be a very positive thinker who tries very hard to never be negative, she's a self improver and probably loves buying cute korean makeup items & has shelves full of them in her bathroom // they'd probably have random dance parties to upbeat songs while cooking dinner and dk would spin her around before reaching behind her to try the pasta, THIS RELATIONSHIP I SWEAR TO GOD WILL BE THE EQUIVALENT OF A PICTURE PERFECT RELATIONSHIP WITH PHOTO EVIDENCE ON REGULAR OCCASIONS when will this happen, they'd also probably get matching bracelets that aren't the cheesiest thing ever but almost, just almost
  • Mingyu: if he doesn't adopt a puppy with his s/o i will cry - mingyu's s/o would be a go-getter but with some shy moments, i see her as someone who's still figuring her ambitions in life, she probably has a decent amount of friends and doesn't have only one best friend in particular, she'd never be able to pass by a pet shop without looking at the animals inside, she'd have a calming purplish aura that radiates off of her, she'd be someone you want to tell all your secrets to because she gives off the impression that she's trustworthy and don't worry, she is!! but maybe a little forgetful but either way, she's still oh-so lovable, she'd strike me as someone who would get mingyu random gifts, whatever reminds her of him she'd buy for him and she would always share her food with him but would be stingy arounds others if very hungry, i think she'd probably be into photography too or some sort of technical art skill // they'd be known as the couple who always goes into photo booths, they probably have like 50 strips of that stuff but it's okay because they pull the funniest faces and sometimes seventeen members photobomb and they turn out great, they'd have a go with the flow but steady going relationship and would probably start out as good friends
  • Minghao: mY lil bundle of cuteness and bboying skills - i think that the girl he'll end up with would be someone quite reserved, she'd be very into taking selfies tho and probably would be really into k-dramas or anime, she'd be the opposite of stuck up and would be the most helpful human bean in the world, she'd probably be shorter than minghao and if she doesn't know chinese, she'd learn it so that she could communicate with him and his family members better, she'd be someone who zones out constantly and is giggly and ticklish, she would also have a weird appetite ranging from eating a few bites to eating a few plates, she probably really likes her coffee sweet, she'd be patient and would make minghao laugh all the time, she may not be the most confident but would stand up for what she believes in and if someone's being hurtful or hateful she wouldn't be one to stand on the side but yet she wouldn't be one to fight, she'd be a peaceful person who people always underestimate // this relationship would probably need to last a while before marriage is even in the question, they're both ones to enjoy life one step at a time, they'd be the couple who you sometimes forget about but when you do see pictures, you wouldn't be able to stop scrolling for at least an hour
  • Seungkwan: boonon boonon boonon - his girl would be hilarious, she probably would come from a family with siblings and share the same family morals as seungkwan does, she was probably a really good student, she knows how to entertain an audience but may not necessarily be the first one to volunteer for that job, she probably prefers to listen to music out loud rather than through earphones unless in quiet public places, she'd be a reader but with little time to sit down with a book, she'd probably be the funnest person to bring to the supermarket because you know you'd be going home with multiple fun items and she'd be the most inviting person, she'll never make anyone feel left out from a conversation or party and loves making others laugh // they'd be a couple to watch out for in the streets, they'd probably be the type to swing their arms together rEAlly high up before realising so after a few minutes or an accidental hit, they'd be the cute couple you see at a cafe sitting across from one another laughing at a funny story while sharing a piece of dessert and love in their eyes (this made me gag slightly, love is such an emotional subject ew okay)
  • Vernon: pULL up on yOu waCKs witH A MAC FULLY LOADED i had to i'm so sorry - first things first, i'm so sure his s/o would be clumsy, she'd be someone who wouldn't take everything seriously, probably relatively chill at first glance until a few days later and you see the real side of her and you want to sit her down and stay still, she may not listen to a lot of hip hop but would gladly learn the lyrics alongside him for fun, she'd probably be fairly lazy but then again i think hansol is too, i think she'd be someone who's very deep but doesn't show it at first, she would constantly share daily happenings with seventeen fans that want to know, she'd be a friend to all of the seventeen fans and would probably be forced onto multiple andromedas by seungkwan who states that 'the number of viewers go up when you're on the show' but it's mainly you groaning because they're making you do the weirdest things and they won't let you sit next to hansol (bc they're mean) but eventually they would after fans pester the chat box // they probably stay in 60% of the time that's spent together, when they do go out from the comfort of their home(s) it's usually to get food for the next few days so that they don't need to leave that often, they'd be a relationship full of embraces and late night conversations, also expect embarrassing photos from his s/o, she'll post 'em all
  • Lee Chan: our lil maknae (he's barely older than me but he's my lil cutie pie) his s/o would either be someone who's life is dance or who doesn't dance at all and he'd be okay with both, she'd be a casual dresser for the most part, music would probably be a big part of her life, she'd be thoughtful and a cheery well rounded person who knows her priorities in life, she would someone who is slightly scared to make significant changes in her life and may need some persuasion and pushes from chan, she's the type of person you'd come home after a long day to and she'd have all your favourite food in the kitchen for you to choose and she'd be very understanding and would give chan space if he needed it without getting hurt about it, she'd also be super playful, her energy is never ending and she probably absolutely loves going to parks such as disneyland or any places with rides and a nice scenery for her instagram feed // i think they'd be the couple you always see side by side, shoulder by shoulder, they'd probably wouldn't even realise how close they are till someone points it out and they'd get flustered and try to laugh it off, they'd be a young couple who wants their relationship to really work and would only get comfortable showing it after a few months or so