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the gang’s here! seeing as I’m doing a clean install of the game, I decided to get my characters’ presets in order. so why not take some cute pics, right? (shh I know the Bran one isn’t new). in order:

Evangeline, Brandon; Kieran, Sal; Rafael, Tabitha

Every now and then some new hotshot will join the LSPD and come after the FAHC. These rookies and transfers who think they have some shiny new angle to crack the whole case wide open, think they alone can bring down the whole syndicate and earn the respect and awe of their peers. There is a prevailing theory that one crew member could be singled out and turned on the others, and with greed and ambition driving each inspired newbie to work in secret the seasoned veterans of the force have no chance to rebuff their erroneous assumptions.

For their part, the members of the FAHC regard these endeavours with a mix of condescending amusement and dismissive scorn. They have varying levels of tolerance, and while the whole crew has had some exposure they are by no means equally subjected to the various attempts to divide and conquer.

Not even the newest of rookies is stupid enough to go after Geoff, interesting enough for Jack to allow near her, or halfway brave enough to approach Ryan. Ryan of all people tends to take great offence at this, complaining loudly and at length about the implication that he isn’t worth saving and the injustice in failing to even consider that he could be a worthwhile informant, that he might be a victim. The fact that these passionate rants often occur over the cooling bodies of problems he has personally dealt with never really slows him down.  

A few wishful thinkers have gone after Michael, a short lived venture if ever there was one. For the most part Mogar lives up to his reputation, short fuse sparking as soon as he works out what’s going on, raging against the utter stupidity of the attempt even as he scares them away. Once, when he was in a particularly peculiar mood, Michael hung around long enough to hear the spiel, deranged smile progressively growing wider across his face until he’d frightened the eager officer into a hasty retreat.  

Something about Ray seems just harmless enough to approach, at least for those unfamiliar with his reputation, his headcount. If he can’t duck away without being caught Ray tends to make direct eye contact then simply zone out, rocking the thousand-yard stare until it grows too uncomfortable and they walk away. For the particularly persistent he will slowly get out his phone, dial a number, state his location then begin to describe the officer before him in great detail, down to the clothes they are wearing and their approximate measurements, which never fails to send them running in fear of an incoming attack.

When Jeremy got his first, and so far only, offer of salvation the crew threw him a party - look at their little boy all grown up - and sent an invitation to the station for the poor baby cop to be the guest of honour. She didn’t even rsvp. Rude.

When it comes to naive officers trying to isolate and flip members of the FAHC Gavin unquestionably receives the majority of attention. It all comes back to variations of the same old assumption - that he is something of a naive rich boy who is in well over his head, running with the wrong crowd in a new country, perhaps to defy his daddy back home, presumably the source of his obvious wealth. Such a boy is arrogant and prideful, sure, but not loyal, at least not once he’s been shown how this crew is just using him, how they will turn on him and let him take the fall. A simple offer of protection and immunity should be enough to have him fold, and from there the trick will be keeping him together long enough to bring the others down.

Gavin likes to cooperate, play it up, stringing along his newest toy by showing the perfect amount of hesitant interest, cocky pride underlined by poorly hidden fear. Patient where the others aren’t Gavin can keep it up for weeks, build a relationship through multiple meetings, gathering borderline bribes and pricey free meals. Watches the excitement build as his would-be saviour grows confident in their success, waiting for the moment they decide its finally time to bring in their superiors. The moment when failure would bring the most humiliation. Gavin always did like to play with his food.

The rest of the crew watches on with amusement but its almost painful, almost too cruel, the way Gavin relishes in the fall. The slow dawn of confused horror when he drops the act, spineless brat fading into smirking predator, the prey of the day left helpless as their dreams of glory crumble in an instant.

Perks of Dating an ENFJ
  • Always ready to see you
  • Wants to do all of the nice things for you
  • Asks you questions to pick up on your quirks to be even sweeter to you
  • Will pick out your outfits and dress you themselves if you’re not very good at it (@intps)
  • Gets really Mama Bear protective of you, if someone starts fucking with you
  • Will handle all social interactions for you, and make you look great, even if you’re not very good at being social
  • Has already packed your lunch for you
  • Remembered to bring everything that you forgot because they knew you would need it
  • Will listen to you talk about your problems for however long you need to, in order for it to be helpful
  • Doesn’t care what the two of you are doing, as long as you’re happy
  • Knows what you’re going to say before you say it, and answers you before you get your words out
  • Subtly gathers information about what things you like (drinks, food, activities, clothing) and gets them for you, without saying anything about it
  • Probably plans on paying for you, if you go out together
  • Probably wants you to get sick, so they can take care of you
  • Is going to try to take care of you, regardless
  • Let them
  • It makes them happy, too
  • Gives calm, useful advice for any of your problems
  • Really likes to know that the things they do for you are appreciated, don’t forget to show them that they are!
  • Soft on the outside, but tough on the inside

I felt like doing something artsy with specific colors a while back, so I made little valentine things based on various pride flags. Hopefully I got the colors right!

They are, pictured in I suppose the order you’d read a comic:

Gay, lesbian, bi, pan, ace, demi, aro, poly.

I hope you like them and I did alright!

so i know i have a fuck ton of drafts to get to, but i’m not really feeling them right now ( sorry, ily ) . i wanna write tho, so LIKE this if you wanna go back and forth on a lil something ?? i don’t mind if we already have something going or not either !! 


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The Stardust Crusaders crew as women, just as promised. I really love redrawing characters as women, especially if the show is mostly men. I used to do it in order to draw women at all, and to see if I can draw them and still have them look like the original character. Since I haven’t been in the fandom for long I have no set headcanons for anyone’s sexuality or gender (I just go ‘ok cool’ at anything I see), but I figured I could draw them cis-swapped/gender-swapped this once. More rambles about it under the cut to not clutter anyone’s dash:

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Fans: Pre-order the most awaited NCT 127 Limitless album

SM: Actually there are 3 versions…


Seriously though when Zedd and Kesha’s song True Colors drops tomorrow please buy it when you can. The profits will benefit someone who’s struggled with assault and abuse and who’s voice was silenced when she tried to speak up. Who was dismissed her rights even when she said she spoke the truth. Who was told to lie about her assault case in order to gain her freedom. In this situation , Kesha needs all the support she can get and the easiest way to do that is by spending the 1.29 for the song. Illegally downloading doesn’t do shit.

Pre-slash Coldflash Merlin AU

Anyone else watched BBCs Merlin?  Yes?  Okay, hear me out then, a Merlin AU where Lewis is the hated king of Camelot and Len and Lisa are the prince and princess.   Not only is Lewis selfish and cruel but due to the risk they pose to his power, he’s sentenced all those with powers, ‘metas’, to death, calling them dangerous and wicked and feeding fear amongst his people.

Leonard knows what his father is doing isn’t quite right but in order to remain heir to the throne he has to go along with his father’s madness, creating a persona that to most of his subjects his temperament appears distant and frosty, earning him the nickname ‘The Cold Prince’.  The one thing he and his father agree on, however, is that metas are dangerous.  After all, one killed his mother.

 Then enter Barry Allen, a young man with powers of his own who was told by his future self that his destiny was far greater than farming on a little village, hiding away from those who sought to kill him.  He goes to Camelot, finding a man called Harrison Wells (his future self told him to go to him) to whom he accidently reveals his powers.  Fortunately, Harrison has very similar powers of his own and along with his other charges, Cisco and Caitlin, promises to teach Barry how to use and hone them properly.  

Of course, Harrison doesn’t expect Barry to immediately find the Prince on the first day, which he does completely by accident.  He’d just witnessed the execution of a meta like him, only a young boy who apparently could move objects with his mind, when he turns and bumps into a knight.  He’s smiling, looking pleased at the proceedings, and Barry can’t help but get angry and begins to yell at the man, explaining that all life is precious and surely powers aren’t as dangerous as everyone thinks (only just managing to avoid exposing himself).  

It’s once Barry’s calmed down that the knight explains that he is in fact, the crown prince of Camelot and Barry earns himself a night of imprisonment and a day in the stocks.  Considering that Leonard is the man he is supposed to protect and see become a great king, Barry can’t say it’s been a fantastic start.

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If you could go back in time and change some things would do it? Would you give up the lessons you learned in order to make the right thing? But wouldn’t you just postpone the inevitable and make the same mistakes over and over? There’s a reason why the biggest mistakes in the human history goes in the scholastic books, because we can’t change the past but you can learn from it and build a better future.
—  giulswrites

favorite tv show:

five characters; claire littleton
“It’s alright, you’re doing good. Well, at least you don’t have to stitch yourself up. I had to do that once. They shot me right here [in the leg]. I had to move around quite a lot. To hide from them. Lucky I’m still alive.”

I am having Sad Thoughts about the howling commandos having to cope with the loss of not one but two of their own in such rapid succession, losing their sergeant and their captain, their leader and his right-hand man at the same time. Mourning their loss so deeply, having to adjust their group dynamics to make up for the two that’s now missing, waiting for Steve’s orders or Bucky’s infallible sniper shots only to remember it’s not coming.

When you’ve an exam but you’re still watching B.A.P videos at 3 in the morning

When there’s another comeback right around the corner and you’re still not over DaeJae calling Himchan sexy in Carnival Countdown

When all you can think about is the colour of Yongguk’s hair because he isn’t posting anything and PLEASE SOMEONE CHECK IF HE’S STILL ALIVE

When you’ve little money of your own but you’re still ordering B.A.P merch/albums because B.A.P needs fried chicken

When you can’t even decide if college was the right thing for you but you’ve 444 theories to explain the meaning behind B.A.P teasers

Alex leaves the band in order to follow his dreams.

It won’t happen, but I’d love it if they’d have an episode of Boruto where Naruto calls for Kakashi to come into his office and “order” Kakashi to take off his mask, but of course something stops him from seeing it, and then he says “of course you realize this means war, ttebayo!! D:

They try their usual ramen antics but fail, so then they turn to their kids. Himawari tries to use her cuteness but it fails, Boruto tries to prank Kakashi into it but it fails, Sarada says that they’re all acting immature, but then Sasuke tells her “you are going to help us get that  mask off and you are gonna like it!! *Susanoo activates* and all Sakura has to say is “Shanaroo!” and Sarada is scared sh*tless, tries, but still fails. Hinata uses her Byakugan, sees his face, but faints. Naruto uses the re-animation jutsu to bring Neji back, he uses his Byakugan, but is knocked backed into death due to the epicness of Kakashi’s face. All of the rookie 9 try but fail. Naruto calls an executive order for the whole village to try, they fail. A kage summit meeting takes place, the new world order is to try and take the mask off. Everybody in the series tries but fails, but then Kakashi is like “K, I’ll show it.”

The screen closes in on his face, the entire world waits in eagerness, and then the episode cuts off just like when we were about to hear what the secret Krabby Patty Formula was on Spongebob. :D


Sooo since Austin’s graduating in a few weeks we ( idekswift , scarletlettersswift and I) thought you might possibly be here, and since all three of us live right by Notre Dame, we thought maybe.. maybe you’d want to grab some coffee and talk law and order and cats with us. What do you think? We know you’re hella busy since you just started the tour (SLAY SLAY SLAY DUAKALBFJWKXNFJWINDJFJR) and the BBMAs are coming up, but if you’ve got a spare minute we’d love to hang out with you.. let us know if you don’t have anything going on.. we hope to see you soon (and if not, we’ll all be at your chicago show on July 18th. See you there? We’ll be the ones screaming and sobbing uncontrollably.. oh wait.) Love you!! taylorswift