i'll never stop making these


yeah. same. it’s hard to trust a ship fandom anymore after they kind of still rip you off even though you tried making a comeback in anonymity hoping that you don’t get ~reblogged~ enough so these people don’t stumble on you and treat you like an art mule that isn’t a person. 

And it’s not like you get much validation in notes/reblogs in such a place either. No one really comments aside from “cool!” or “great!” and they believe there’s so much value in clicking a like/reblog button. Maybe there’s the one or two people who express their thoughts, but most things you draw are met with radio silence. You lose hope in a situation like that, bitter, tired. Mostly frustrated because of reposts. Because they’re ungrateful, you’re just an art mule who can and would draw a million fucking pictures a day without much prompting. Free art. Yay. Who doesn’t love free art. 

“But don’t you want fame and recognition?” they ask, while continually spreading around your shit. “Isn’t that what all artists want?”


what if the artist is just a human who wanted to connect with other humans who like the same thing. 

“It’s unfair! You’re generalizing!!!”

yeah; I’ve met great people, I love them all to bits, I’d keep drawing for them if it wasn’t for the few. As you know, the bigger the barrel, the more rotten apples there are, and the entire barrel goes rotten. 


Finished! I focused a lot on Guren and the squad. I hope you like it.(*´▽`*)


Don’t reupload it on other websites without credits.
Don’t reupload it on YouTube.
Don’t edit it.


Breathe deep, bottle it up
So deep until it’s all we got
Don’t speak, just use your touch
Don’t speak, before we say too much

You hate me now and I feel the same way
You love me now and I feel the same way

We scream and we shout
Make up the same day, same day

Voltron Crew by McElroy Product

Shiro - The Adventure Zone. Shiro is a total TAZ fanatic. He’s listened to it from the start (because he misses the campaign he used to run with friends from the Garrison.) Has cried over Taako many times, feels a deep spiritual connection with Merle (Shiro wishes he could cast Zone of Truth sometimes), but when it comes right down to it, Magnus is his favorite. #ShiroRushesIn

Keith - Bunker Buddies. Keith is a total survivalist, and he listens to Bunker Buddies both for ideas and to critique Travis and Andie’s recommendations. Tries to get the rest of the team to listen to select episodes to help them in the fight against Zarkon.

Pidge - Car Boys. Pure mayhem and destruction (plus Pidge has spent way too many hours figuring out how to… “improve” the code of BeamNG.) Busto 2.0 is their favorite thing in the universe, and they’re lowkey trying to use alien tech to bring him into the real world. (Pidge, no.)

Lance - My Brother, My Brother, and Me. MBMBAM is the only truth in the world, as far as Lance is concerned. Has listened to every episode twice. Quotes it randomly and at every possible occasion. Life goal is to become Griffin McElroy one day.

Hunk - Sawbones. Finds both medicine and history legitimately fascinating, and is always hungry for more information on the weird-ass ways we’ve tried to treat diseases in the past. Loves Pliny the Elder and actually owns a copy of Natural History that he uses to keep the rest of the team supplied with weird and entertaining factoids. (Coran got a hold of it once and thought it was a legitimate guide to how to heal humans… Things did not end well.)

Allura - Monster Factory. She uses it to get ideas for her shapeshifting abilities (because who ever said she could only shift into real species?) Pidge and Lance both died a little when Allura made herself look like the Final Pam. (Honestly, though, Allura thinks it’s sweet that Griffin and Justin get so into the scenarios they create, and that they legitimately love their monster children.) ((The Final Pam is her favorite, though.))

Coran - Still Buffering. He finds the insight into human culture fascinating, though everyone agrees that the universe it just going to Control-Alt-Delete itself if he says, “You’re really on fleek today, paladins!” one more time. (They all unironically love that Still Buffering taught Coran to dab.)


Matt - Griffin’s Amiibo Corner. This child is a living shitpost. True, he listens to TAZ with Shiro, and Hunk got him hooked on Sawbones, but Griffin’s Amiibo Corner is legit one of the most hilarious things Matt has ever encountered. Has been known to show it to random aliens with zero context just to see their reaction. (This has led to everything from shock and deep offense to the locals cooking the paladins a celebratory dinner filled with large, hard, pointy seedpods–because humans like putting that sort of thing in their mouth, right?)

iKON's group chat
  • Bobby: so guys how did you save my number in your contacts?
  • Hanbin: dumb #2
  • Jinwhan: Jiwoniee <333
  • Yunhyeong: 95line bro
  • Donghyuk: Bobby hyung that i love so much
  • Chanwoo: the enemy
  • Junhoe: who this??????????