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  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: I was the one who had it all. I was the master of my fate. I never needed anybody in my life. I learned the truth too late. I'll never shake away the pain.
  • I close my eyes but she's still there. I let her steal into my melancholy heart. It's more than I can bear. Now I know she'll never leave me. Even as she runs away. She will still torment me, calm me, hurt me. Move me, come what may.
  • Wasting in my lonely tower. Waiting by an open door. I'll fool myself she'll walk right in. And be with me for evermore.

❄️ The Hero and the Fairy ❄️ this piece has been a long time coming~ i originally posted the initial sketch back in December, in fact! so, if anybody still remembers that, and helped choose this piece’s direction - thank you! and i hope it turned out to your liking! and i also hope that everyone who is seeing it for the first time enjoys it as well! (-^   v ^-) i feel like this is they Otayuri piece i’ve been waiting to draw since the first time i saw episode 10. i’ll be posting the WIP shots for this in the next few days, so for anybody who enjoys those types of things, keep an eye out! (^   w ^) <3

I finally got it. For the first time all the stupid quotes and sayings made sense. I was able to walk around without makeup on because I wasn’t worried about looking good. I was able to eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted because who actually cares. I was able to hang out with friends again and be genuinely happy. I was able to leave my house and smile again. I was able to be me. I was happy again. I moved on.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1233 // and its about damn time
BTS as shit my Child Development teacher has said/done
  • Jin: *brings bbq nachos for entire class* *proceeds to plan a day for everyone to bring food*
  • Yoongi: *person asks what we're doing in class* We're just gonna sit here and stare at each other.
  • Hoseok: Everyone, I mean it every time I say that it will be okay. Just put on a smile and you can make it through.
  • Namjoon: In case someone ever comes and shoots up the school, I'll reach down here *opens cabinet under computer* and whip out my trusty wasp spray.
  • Jimin: *talking to student who is 5'7* How are you the short one in your family?
  • Taehyung: *spends 10 minutes showing adorable videos of babies trying to talk*
  • Jungkook: I was never good at math, but it's great that you're doing well in the class.

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to kind of say thank you - even though that last answered ask wasn't for me, I'm an artist who just.. doesn't feel like their art is very good. And I also feel like it'll never amount to anything like yours has. Sometimes it really sucks, trying to draw for fandoms and stuff, because my art is so sub-par and it's just... not good. I love your art so much - I want to be as good as you one day. I've been practicing a lot, but... I worry I'll never be as good as I want to be.

Never say never is what you should stick with! 

I don’t say that much, but back when I was starting, I was learning from Burdge’s tutorials a lot. I think her tutorials were the very first I found even before I knew something like tutorials existed:”D I didn’t feel my best back then either…. I just. I wanted to be where the people weree~, where Burdge was. and I thought how can I ever catch up to these amazing artists. But seriously, practice takes you WAYS. Not immediately, of course, but it does.

Personally, I’m that type of person who always competes with people even when (mostly) those people don’t even know I, in fact, want to overcome them. I even have that while riding bicycle and passing by random cyclists, and it was the same when I was swimming. So.

Take that ~I want to be like them~ and make it your healthy goal. There is probably nothing that can get you to your limits like healthy rivalry does. It drives your passion and hidden resources.

The more you draw the more changes you notice. You grow to like your art a bit more, you grow to see the mistakes in art of people you idolized when you just started. It’s a process and it’s a journey;) 

Stay strong! 

If Yuuri was a stripper back in Detroit Pt 6
  • Viktor: Yuuri *looms over*
  • Yuuri: ...Yes?
  • Viktor: Who. Was. That?
  • Yuuri: No one...
  • Viktor: He just whispered in your ear seductively and slipped you a piece of paper. How is he no one you know?!
  • Yuuri: He... He must have been confused.
  • Viktor: Bull.
  • Yuuri: Really it's nothing.
  • Viktor: ...Yuuri be serious. Are you... *tears up* Are you... *whispers* seeing someone else?
  • Yuuri: WHAT?!
  • Viktor: I can take it *starts crying*
  • Yuuri: Oh god! Babe! No never! I love you!
  • Viktor: Then who was that?!
  • Yuuri: ... Promise it won't change anything?
  • Viktor: Depends...
  • Yuuri: Viktor promise me.
  • VIktor: ...Okay. I promise.
  • Yuuri: Good. So uhhh... How do I say this? Okay, I'll just blabber it out. You can do this Yuuri! Back in Detroit I... I.. I WAS A STRIPPER PART TIME!!!
  • Viktor: ...
  • Yuuri: *blushing* PLEASE say something.
  • Viktor: ... This explains so much.
  • jimin: why am i even in questioning? i didn't do anything :(
  • jungkook: [whips out suspiciously thin manila folder] it says here.. [squinting w/ fake glasses] that you were caught snatching something from a man called "jeon jungkook"
  • jimin: i was honestly just grabbing coffee, officer. idk who that is, nor did I take anything of his :((
  • jungkook: [passionately taking off glasses] don't lie, you stole his heart!
  • jimin: ...
  • jungkook: [completely serious] it's me. i'm jeon jungkook.
  • jimin: ....
quotes for the signs
  • aries: "life is not perfect and it never will be. you just have to make the very best of it and you have to open your heart to what the world can show you. sometimes it's terrifying and sometimes it's incredibly beautiful, and i'll take both, thanks."
  • taurus: "never apologize for how you feel. no one can control how they feel. the sun doesn’t apologize for being the sun. the rain doesn’t say sorry for falling. feelings just are."
  • gemini: "it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. i hope you live a life you’re proud of, and if you find that you’re not, i hope you have the strength to start all over again."
  • cancer: "stop planting flowers in the yards of people who won't water them."
  • leo: "i began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. if you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it full speed ahead. embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all become passionate about it. lukewarm is no good."
  • virgo: "do not run from emptiness. it is your life ridding itself from the mess it’s collected. once you are empty, begin filling it with good things."
  • libra: "overthinking is the biggest cause of our unhappiness. keep yourself occupied. keep your mind off things that don’t help you. be optimistic."
  • scorpio: "you've got too much soul to be handled by someone who has never been passionate."
  • sagittarius: "spend your life doing strange things with weird people."
  • capricorn: "we tend to forget that baby steps still move us forward."
  • aquarius: "do not try to be pretty. you weren’t meant to be pretty; you were meant to burn down the earth and graffiti the sky. don’t let anyone ever simplify you to just 'pretty.'"
  • pisces: "something will grow from all you are going through. and it will be you."
Mme Bustier's Class as Things My Classmates have Said p2
  • Marinette: "Hey why aren't any hot chicks picking me up yet? Like i can cook, I'm wifeable!"
  • Alya: "If I wear plaid to the athletics carnival will people know I'm gay?"
  • Adrien: "I'm the mum friend, obviously, that's why I'm sitting on a chair and you nerds are on the floor."
  • Nino: "Who trusted me with a soundboard?"
  • Nathanael: "Can I art? I do not know. It is possible."
  • Alix: "Just a sweet motherfucker on wheels."
  • Kim: "I bet I can kiss you better than you can kiss me."
  • Max: "Don't take my fucking glasses, I'll punch you."
  • Rose: "I honestly wish I could just be a flower."
  • Juleka: "I know black isn't a colour, doesn't mean I can't say it's my favourite colour."
  • Mylene: "Yes, I'm short, okay, I get it."
  • Ivan: "Just a smol who's actually tall and loves scream bands."
  • Chloe: "I don't deserve you. Like for real bitch, I deserve so much better."
  • Sabrina: "Oranges are so obnoxious like they named a colour after themselves."
  • Mme Bustier: "Why would you be sad to die, that's unrealistic."
Deadlift competition: Who can lift more out of the younger/older gen of Beacon students? (Asked by anon)
  • Yang, complacent: Me~!
  • Nora, with a strike of confusion: Um...no it's me?
  • Blake, sighs: Would you both shut up? God, you're tied. Accept it.
  • Yang, slamming her hands together with Nora's interlocking their fingers in a push-battle contest: NEVER!
  • Nora, pushing back against Yang with a grin: I'll walk out of this undamaged, can you say the same?
  • Blake, rolls her eyes and returns to her book: Ugh, whatever I tried.
  • ~~~
  • Yatsuhashi, bowing respectfully: While I understand why you would come to me first.
  • Yatsuhashi, scratching his head in awkward embarrassment: It is actually Coco who would hold that title.
  • Coco, glancing up from a grumpy stare at her coffee: Huh? Oh yeah my rotary cannon is heavier than Yatsu's sword by a long shot. It also retains all its mass when in the bag form. Because physics obviously. It's just less bulky so easier to move around quickly.
  • Coco, returning to her grumpy stare: They didn't put enough sugar in this...
  • Velvet, rolls her eyes, mouthing the words 'Oh here it comes', then turns to her team leader: What's the problem Coco?
  • Coco, with a dumb smirk, putting an overly confident arm around Velvet: This coffee needs more sugar, how about you give me some babes?
  • Fox, slowly turns his head to Yatsu, then signs: I'm blind. But this image still makes me sick.
  • Yatsu, trying not to laugh: F...Fox that is...rude.
Shit APH Australia Does #45

Set his world meetings in the weirdest named and most inconvenient places whenever it’s his turn to host them

Wicked Lyric Meme
  • "Isn't it nice to know that good will conquer evil?"
  • "No one mourns the wicked."
  • "The good man scorns the wicked."
  • "Goodness knows, the wickeds lives are only."
  • "Goodness knows, the wicked die alone."
  • "Are people born wicked? Or do they have wickedness thrust upon them?"
  • "Have another drink, my dark eyed beauty."
  • "Woe to those who spurn what goodness they are shown."
  • "Many years I have waited for a gift like yours to appear."
  • "My future is unlimited."
  • "What is this feeling so sudden and new?"
  • "Let's just say, I loathe it all."
  • "Every little trait, however small, makes my very flesh begin to crawl."
  • "There's a strange exhilaration in such total detestation."
  • "I will be loathing you my whole life long."
  • "These things are sent to try us."
  • "The trouble with school is they always try to teach the wrong lesson."
  • "Life's more painless for the brainless."
  • "It's just life, so keep dancing through."
  • "Life is fraughtless for the thoughtless."
  • "Those who don't try never look foolish."
  • "I hope you'll save at least one dance for me. I'll be right there. Waiting. All night."
  • "It's clear we deserve each other."
  • "Finally for this one night, I'm about to have a fun night."
  • "Black is this year's pink."
  • "I've got something to confess. A reason, well, why I asked you here tonight."
  • "We deserve each other. Don't we?"
  • "I've decided to make you my new project."
  • "When someone needs a makeover, I simply have to take over."
  • "You're gonna be popular!"
  • "I'll teach you the proper ploys when you talk to boys, little ways to flirt and flounce."
  • "I'll help you be popular!"
  • "Don't be offended by my frank analysis, think of it as personality dialysis."
  • "Did they have brains or knowledge? Don't make me laugh!"
  • "It's not about aptitude, its the way you're viewed."
  • "He could be that boy, but I'm not that girl."
  • "Don't dream too far."
  • "Don't lose sight of who you are."
  • "Wishing only wounds the heart."
  • "One short day full of so much to do."
  • "I think we've found the place where we belong."
  • "One short day to have a lifetime of fun."
  • "I am a sentimental man who's always longed to be a father."
  • "I think everyone deserves the chance to fly."
  • "Why couldn't you have stayed calm for once instead of flying off the handle!"
  • "I hope you're happy how you hurt your cause forever."
  • "I hope you're proud how you would grovel in submission to feed your own ambition."
  • "I don't want it- no- I can't want it anymore."
  • "Something has changed within me. Something is not the same."
  • "I'm through with playing by the rules of someone else's game."
  • "It's time to try defying gravity."
  • "Can't I make you understand youre having delusions of grandeur?"
  • "I'm through accepting limits cuz someone says they're so."
  • "Some things I cannot change but til I try, I'll never know."
  • "If that's love it comes at much too high a cost."
  • "I really hope you get it and you don't live to regret it."
  • "If in flying solo, at least I'm flying free."
  • "Happy is what happens when all your dreams come true."
  • "People are so empty headed, they'll believe anything."
  • "I can't harbor a fugitive. I'm an elected official."
  • "There isn't a spell for everything."
  • "Finally from these powers, something good."
  • "Surely now I'll matter less to you. You won't mind my leaving here tonight."
  • "I've got to go appeal to her. Express the way I feel for her."
  • "You're going to lose your heart to me, I tell you."
  • "I never asked for this or planned it in advance."
  • "If you insist I will be wonderful."
  • "Where I'm from we believe all sorts of things that aren't true. We call it history."
  • "A rich man's a thief or a philanthropist."
  • "Is one a crusader or a ruthless invader?"
  • "It's all in which label is able to persist."
  • "I need help believing you're with me tonight."
  • "My wildest dreamings could not foresee lying beside you with you wanting me."
  • "I'll make every last moment last as long as you're mine."
  • "Maybe I'm brainless, maybe I'm wise, but you've got me seeing through different eyes."
  • "Somehow I've fallen under your spell."
  • "Say there's no future for us as a pair."
  • "Know I'll be here holding you as long as you're mine."
  • "It's just...for the first time, I feel wicked."
  • "Let his flesh not be torn."
  • "Let his blood leave no stain."
  • "Let him never die."
  • "You're the latest victim of my greatest achievment in a long career of distress."
  • "No good deed goes unpunished. That's my new creed."
  • "Was I really seeking good or just seeking attention?"
  • "No good deed will I do again!"
  • "Wickedness must be punished. Evil effectively eliminated."
  • "I've heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason, bringing something we must learn."
  • "We are led to those who help us most to grow if we let them."
  • "I know I'm wrong am today because I knew you."
  • "Who can say if I've been changed for the better."
  • "Because I knew you, I have been changed for good."
  • "So much of me is made of what I learned from you."
  • "I ask forgiveness for the things I've done you blame me for."

anonymous asked:

Sorry if it's a bother, but I'm kinda in the questioning phase (cis girl who used to think herself very straight, but is now having feelings for girls too) and I'm wondering if you have any advice or know of any resources? I'm still pretty freaked out and scared that I'll get it wrong and will never get this figured out...

I do have some advice! Sorry this response is delayed but I wanted to say it right.

There is no way to get it wrong. Having feelings for people and loving who you love isnt wrong. It is easy to internalize this idea of mistakes and abnormalities, because the whole world tells you that you can get it wrong and that anything outside of a very particular set of circumstances is abnormal or incorrect. However the closer you look at any lines the blurrier it gets, and the more you realize that such clear cut distinctions rarely work. And to call queer feelings and relationships the ‘exception’ also isnt fair, because if there are that many exceptions then there isnt really a rule is there? 

So here is some things

- It’s scary, it is. Depending on your environment and support system it can be hard to admit to yourself let alone anyone else that you might not fit into the pre-made box you were given. But heres the thing about it. It only feels wrong because it feels like you can be punished. People are rebuked or punished for incorrect things, thats how our society functions and interacts with itself. So if you fear punishment (meaning negative reactions, lack of acceptance, isolation) and punishment could indeed fall on you, then it must be wrong. It is difficult to challenge such a large idea, but thats what you have to do. Because you have to rewrite the script you’ve been given, and tell yourself that it isn’t wrong. It’s not. Having feelings for both genders or neither or the same gender or all genders or the opposite gender isnt wrong, its all the same. 

- You don’t have to define anything if you don’t want to. Sometimes labels and clear definitions bring comfort to people. It’s a very common mindset to be comforted by as much information and clarity as possible, which is why people fight so hard to define labels. And that’s great and fine, and if that’s something you want then keep looking to find what fits you, but know too that you don’t have to. People always focus on the most complicated aspects of love and affection, and it is indeed complicated sometimes, but sometimes its not. Not every matter of the heart is hard to understand. And if you find that you like someone of the same gender and grow fond of them romantically and find yourself attracted to them, this is not a complicated thing. This is affection in its most basic form, and it is only the uncertainties and anxieties that come after that make it so jarring. Inherently it’s not complex in the slightest.

You like her.

And that’s okay. 

Thinking then of how you felt in the past, how you feel now, what you might feel in the future, how your family would react, how the girl would react, how this plays into your understanding of yourself, whether or not that was wrong- these things come second. What comes first is natural, unedited affection, and if it happens with someone of the same gender, any gender, genderfluid, no gender- that’s what it is. Affection, attraction, feelings. And that is okay. You are okay. This is not complicated, this is not wrong. 

-You are coming to understand things that confuse you, because you had an understanding of yourself that has been called into question. Remember too that humans are one of the grandest and most fascinating things in the world because of their ability to change.

You change every day of your life as you learn new things, experience new events and define for yourself what is right and what is wrong. 

I feel that there were times in my life where i ‘knew’ who i was, but as time goes on I change and I have to rewrite the lines. If I led my life to the same script I wrote when I was a teenager I wouldn’t be who I am now, and should I always adamantly adhere to the script I have today then I would never be anyone else. 

- The only way you are going to know anything is if you are honest with yourself and keep an open conversation with how you feel. If you edit things or refuse to let some thoughts or emotions play out then you can’t hear what they are trying to say. Let yourself feel things, if you don’t you won’t learn anything new. 

- No matter what you learn about yourself or what fears you conquer I am proud of you for having the conversation with yourself, and no matter what that’s a hell of a thing. 

You don’t have to define anything you aren’t ready to. Be honest with yourself and understand that getting to know yourself again and again is essential to being alive. Whether you are straight or gay or bi or anything else, you are okay. It isn’t wrong to love someone. 

I love you, I hope I managed to say something that could provide some comfort. 

  • Luke and Thalia: *Walk in on a sunset after killing a monster, overlooking a city.*
  • Luke: *singing* The sun is nearly gone.
  • The lights are turning on.
  • A silver shine that stretches to the sea.
  • We've stumbled on a view that's tailored made for two.
  • Thalia: *also singing* What a shame those two are you and me!
  • Luke: Some other girl and guy would love this swirling sky
  • But theres only you and I.
  • And we've got no shot.
  • This never could be.
  • Thalia: You're not the type for me.
  • Luke: Really?
  • Thalia: And not a spark in sight.
  • Luke: Oh what waste of a lovely night.
  • Thalia: You say there's nothing here, well let's make something clear. I think, I'll be the one to make that call.
  • Luke: But you'll call?
  • Thalia: And though you look so cute, in your polyester suit.
  • Luke: It's wool.
  • Thalia: You're right, I'd never fall for you at all!
  • And maybe this appeals. To someone- not in heels. *looks at him accusingly*
  • Luke: Or any girl who feels, there's some chance, of romance.
  • Thalia: But I'm frankly feeling nothing.
  • Luke: Is that so?
  • Thalia: Or it could be less than nothing.
  • Luke: Good to know!
  • Thalia: So you agree?
  • Luke: That's right!
  • Both: *taking hands together* What a waste of lovely night...
where should I start?
where should I go?
am I still existing?
am I still here?
Do anyone see me?
Why am I asking this?
They don’t. Yes they don’t.
When everything is new at sight
when you expect that everything will be bright and lite
but the shades become darker than black
and no one seems to notice that you’re losing the pack
cause nobody seems to care
that you are there
existing just like them
holding no sword nor a pen
I was not a mere shadow of any
I was not really sure why you don’t see me
I’m still haunted by the world of uselessness
I’m still a captive of the un belongingness
I can’t move off my feet, I can’t be free to take a sit
How do you consider this a home
If I can’t be who I want on my own
Everything was so structured
they say just follow the rules
to cause no trouble and live happily
but never will it happen
I am so close on giving up the end
but why am I still holding on?
maybe I’m still hoping that it will soon get better
I will find my place inside those four corners
exercising happiness at its extent
dreaming about their promises of a happy end


Prostitute/Hooker AU starters
  • "How much?"
  • "I got $100, what can I get?"
  • "Wanna date?"
  • "Wanna party?"
  • "I have a hotel room... But it's lonely"
  • "I can make your dreams come true"
  • " hey big boy/girl, wanna have some fun?"
  • "Name's ______ , and I'm free tonight."
  • " I can make it all better"
  • "I can't be alone tonight."
  • " it's always nice to have a regular."
  • " need to meet me somewhere?"
  • "Have you got any friends, or are you the only option?
  • "It's gotta be nice to have someone who can't say no."
  • " I'll do anything for $__"
  • "I'm not from around here, what's a guy/girl gotta do around here for a good time?"
  • " you look like you need me."
  • " I'll take care of everything"
  • " you're beautiful, but I've never done this before."
  • "What made you do this?"
  • " an hour, or the night?"
They were just standing next to each other in the hallway.
But everytime his arm brushed against her own, she felt sparks running through her whole body right into her heart.
And if you’d asked him, he’d say he felt nothing.
It’s incredible how two people who experience the same thing can feel so different.
—  how love confuses humanity (via ifallthethingswerereal)