i'll never ever get over this

The thing is I don’t think I will ever get over you, and I’m not sure if I want to. I don’t want to find someone knew, I don’t want to meet someone else. I don’t want to kiss lips that aren’t yours, sleep beside a body that isn’t yours. I want to hold your hand, I want to hear your laughter, I want the sound of your voice, and be sitting beside you in the car. I want my future to be with you, only you. I want it to be you. Always.
No matter how much I love you, if you asked me to get back together right here, right now I would’ve said no. You’re not worth me breaking my heart over and over again over someone that clearly doesn’t love anyone but themselves.
—  I love myself too much to ever let you have so much power over me // a.s 
don’t call me if you meet another girl with the ocean in her eyes, but they just don’t compare don’t call me
next time she leaves you and you need my shoulder to cry on don’t call me
when you’re drunk and you think to dial my number because I was the only person who could ever sober you up don’t you dare call me
if you stay up all night until the sun rises and remember that we had planned to watch it together, don’t call me
when you roll over and sleeply mistake her golden locks for mine please don’t call me
when you get an invitation to my wedding some day don’t call me, it was only to spite you
and when she asks why you’re losing your mind I hope you have to tell her every detail of us and I hope it tears you apart inside to admit you lost the only person who ever gave a damn.. and then when it does don’t fucking call me
—  I’m better off without you anyways (@needumost)
To all the girls who have lost someone they thought they would never get over,
You will move on.
Trust me.
After being with someone on and off for a year, I thought they were the love of my life. My soul mate.
I thought I would never find love again.
I thought I would never be happy again.
I thought I would never find someone as good as he was.
But I proved myself wrong.
I found someone even better.
I found someone who treated me better than he ever did.
I found someone who appreciated me more than he ever could have.
I found someone who is two times the man he could ever be.
I found happiness and love.
And I would never change that.
So trust me, whatever you’re going through now, better things will come.
I thought the same thing you are now and I never believed people when they told me I would get over him.
But I did.
And you will too.
—  You will be okay.
  • me watching the prequels: anakin's storyline is sad
  • me after watching the clone wars: wow anakin skywalker's fall to the dark side is heartbreakingly depressing and wow did you see ahsoka close his hand when he tried to hand her back her padawan beads more Sad than anything else I've ever watched I'll never get over it
I’m done” she said as she stared blankly at the dark sky.
“I am tired of trying to get your attention, I can’t continue forcing this relationship anymore. Because that’s what it is, isn’t it? Forced. Forced on my part because you don’t love me anymore and you feel too bad to tell me so instead you write it all over your face and wait until I finally, finally get the message. But the sad thing is I tried so hard to get you to love me because you are everything I ever wanted.
But I am done. You win, I officially have nothing else to offer you.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write
nothing hurt more than when I saw a picture of you and her. You barely ever took photos with me, let alone post them. And here you were posting pictures with this girl you barely knew, and I tried not to hate her, I tried not to hate you. But my insides felt like they were ripping apart at the sight of  you. And I knew this was going to happen eventually, I guess I was just hoping it wouldn’t.  
and its just so fucking pathetic, while I’ve spent all this time missing you.. you spent it with her. You never even thought of me once.
And all I can fucking do is imagine the way that you talk to her, its probably the same way I talked to you., like you were made out of the sun or something.
And I just don’t fucking understand how one person can leave such a huge mark on you when you can’t even leave a fucking scratch on them. Because you left me and I still see you every fucking where, and I never made you feel a damn thing. you never even cared for me.
I just want it to stop, I want it all to stop. I want to stop feeling every burning fire for you. I want to stop thinking of every word you said to me, I want to stop analyzing every little part of our relationship in trying to figure out where the fuck we went wrong because I get it now. I understand..
a relationship is always doomed to end in heartbreak when there is one person who loves more and in our case, I was always the one who loved more, and now it just hurts so bad because you love her. You love her even though I wanted you to love me.. even though I gave you every fucking piece of me. You chose her.
It will never be me and you. I was never enough, and the thought of that alone breaks me into a million pieces, so how the fuck am I supposed to feel when I realize why I wasn’t enough. When I see the face of the girl who was enough..
—  I don’t think I’ll ever get over you
I’m constantly running back to what I know poisons me,
Almost as if I’m begging it to destroy me,
Begging you to destroy me,
You’re the only person to ever come close enough to burn me, and that’s exactly what you did,
You lit the match over and over again,
And the light always looks pretty from far away that you almost forget all the times it’s burnt you before
but the closer you get the more it hurts but you still go back for more,
You go back every single time

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Types of kisses:7 please

Thank you! Looks like a few people want an unbreakable kiss because @polawerth and an anon also asked for this one (and now I can’t get the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt song out of my head)… so here it goes! 💕


Unbreakable Kiss - The type of kiss that really shouldn’t be happening, it’s a mistake, but you just can’t find yourself able to pull away.

If nothing else, Ron was at least proud of himself for always having been able to coax a little rule-breaking out of Hermione every once in a while. Bill’s decree had been very clear: do not leave the cottage unless absolutely necessary and do not, under any circumstances, leave the bounds of the Fidelius Charm. And yet here they sat at the border where the grass met the sand, hidden beneath Harry’s Invisibility Cloak, as the waves crashed lightly against the shore. Hermione had actually seemed rather keen for an excuse to get away for a while, and Ron couldn’t say he blamed her.

Tomorrow’s mission would be their most dangerous one yet, and Hermione was at the most risk (aside from Harry, but that went without saying). It was no small matter to impersonate a known Death Eater, let alone attempt to break into her bank vault… the thought of what they would have to do made his stomach churn.

A salty gust of wind swept across them, rippling the silky fabric of the cloak; Hermione scooted a bit closer to Ron.

“You warm enough?” he asked, an arm wrapping around her shoulders. “We can go back in, I just thought-”

“No, I like it here,” she said. “It’s nice to be… alone.”

Alone. With him. She, Hermione Granger, was appreciating being alone with him, Ron Weasley. Well… he had sort of suspected, hoped really, that she might be interested in that sort of thing, back before he’d gone and acted like a git and abandoned them and essentially ruined any and all chances he had with her. Except that now she was here, hidden from the world with him, glad that they were alone together.

“So…” Ron adjusted the cloak to cover their feet. “What’re the odds that tomorrow actually works?”

“We have a plan,” Hermione stated calmly. “We just have to stick to the plan.”

“Okay, well…” Ron watched as she tucked an unruly lock of hair behind her ear. “In the event that it does go sideways - and let’s face it, it’s the three of us, it probably will-”


“I - I just feel like I should tell you…”

Tell her what, exactly? That he’d been in love with her since he was fourteen? That he had nearly lost her so many times and he couldn’t stand the thought of risking it again, even though he knew they had no other choice? How could he possibly go down that road knowing what lay in store for them?


Was it just him, or did she look almost… hopeful? Could she sense what he was about to say? What was the worst that could happen?

Ron opened his mouth, ready to go for it, when suddenly he found himself drawn to her as though a magnet was pulling him in, and then his lips pressed against hers, hungry and desperate, and oh, Merlin, what was he doing? He couldn’t kiss her right now (though, to be fair, she was kissing him back), not when they were at the center of a war that only got worse by the day, not when Harry needed their full support, not when they had tomorrow’s plan to focus on… and yet, he couldn’t find the will to pull away. Her lips were addictive; now that he knew what it was like to kiss her - and it was more than he’d ever imagined it would be - he never wanted to stop.

We can’t do this, we can’t do this. The mantra pounded through Ron’s brain as Hermione lips pushed eagerly against his, and still he pulled her close, her wild hair falling over his hand. Screw Voldemort, screw the war. He’d rather run away with her as far as they could go, where nobody could find them, where they could live out their days just like this… but then what? What about Harry? What about his family, forced into hiding? Ron had run out on people he loved once before, and he wouldn’t do it again.

He tore his lips from hers, his heart thundering in his ears. “I didn’t - I didn’t mean to - I mean - I’m sorry,” he choked out, watching her chest rise and fall as she caught her breath.

“I’m not,” she gasped, her tongue sneaking out to lick his lips.

Well… he supposed it was one more rule he’d gotten her to break.


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I hope one day, maybe when you’re driving along in your car, or when you’re watching TV, or just relaxing after a long day, that you’ll think of me. I hope you’ll think of me and realize that not choosing me was a horrible mistake. I hope that you’ll regret what you did. And I hope that when you realize I’m finally happy, you’ll wish you were a part of it.
—  n.k.//10:29