i'll never ever get over this

The thing is I don’t think I will ever get over you, and I’m not sure if I want to. I don’t want to find someone knew, I don’t want to meet someone else. I don’t want to kiss lips that aren’t yours, sleep beside a body that isn’t yours. I want to hold your hand, I want to hear your laughter, I want the sound of your voice, and be sitting beside you in the car. I want my future to be with you, only you. I want it to be you. Always.
No matter how much I love you, if you asked me to get back together right here, right now I would’ve said no. You’re not worth me breaking my heart over and over again over someone that clearly doesn’t love anyone but themselves.
—  I love myself too much to ever let you have so much power over me // a.s 
  • me watching the prequels: anakin's storyline is sad
  • me after watching the clone wars: wow anakin skywalker's fall to the dark side is heartbreakingly depressing and wow did you see ahsoka close his hand when he tried to hand her back her padawan beads more Sad than anything else I've ever watched I'll never get over it
don’t call me

if you meet another girl with the ocean in her eyes, but they just don’t compare don’t call me
next time she leaves you and you need my shoulder to cry on don’t call me
when you’re drunk and you think to dial my number because I was the only person who could ever sober you up don’t you dare call me
if you stay up all night until the sun rises and remember that we had planned to watch it together, don’t call me
when you roll over and sleeply mistake her golden locks for mine please don’t call me
when you get an invitation to my wedding some day don’t call me, it was only to spite you
and when she asks why you’re losing your mind I hope you have to tell her every detail of us and I hope it tears you apart inside to admit you lost the only person who ever gave a damn.. and then when it does don’t fucking call me

—  I’m better off without you anyways (@needumost)
I’m done” she said as she stared blankly at the dark sky.
“I am tired of trying to get your attention, I can’t continue forcing this relationship anymore. Because that’s what it is, isn’t it? Forced. Forced on my part because you don’t love me anymore and you feel too bad to tell me so instead you write it all over your face and wait until I finally, finally get the message. But the sad thing is I tried so hard to get you to love me because you are everything I ever wanted.
But I am done. You win, I officially have nothing else to offer you.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write
nothing hurt more than when I saw a picture of you and her. You barely ever took photos with me, let alone post them. And here you were posting pictures with this girl you barely knew, and I tried not to hate her, I tried not to hate you. But my insides felt like they were ripping apart at the sight of  you. And I knew this was going to happen eventually, I guess I was just hoping it wouldn’t.  
and its just so fucking pathetic, while I’ve spent all this time missing you.. you spent it with her. You never even thought of me once.
And all I can fucking do is imagine the way that you talk to her, its probably the same way I talked to you., like you were made out of the sun or something.
And I just don’t fucking understand how one person can leave such a huge mark on you when you can’t even leave a fucking scratch on them. Because you left me and I still see you every fucking where, and I never made you feel a damn thing. you never even cared for me.
I just want it to stop, I want it all to stop. I want to stop feeling every burning fire for you. I want to stop thinking of every word you said to me, I want to stop analyzing every little part of our relationship in trying to figure out where the fuck we went wrong because I get it now. I understand..
a relationship is always doomed to end in heartbreak when there is one person who loves more and in our case, I was always the one who loved more, and now it just hurts so bad because you love her. You love her even though I wanted you to love me.. even though I gave you every fucking piece of me. You chose her.
It will never be me and you. I was never enough, and the thought of that alone breaks me into a million pieces, so how the fuck am I supposed to feel when I realize why I wasn’t enough. When I see the face of the girl who was enough..
—  I don’t think I’ll ever get over you
To all the girls who have lost someone they thought they would never get over,
You will move on.
Trust me.
After being with someone on and off for a year, I thought they were the love of my life. My soul mate.
I thought I would never find love again.
I thought I would never be happy again.
I thought I would never find someone as good as he was.
But I proved myself wrong.
I found someone even better.
I found someone who treated me better than he ever did.
I found someone who appreciated me more than he ever could have.
I found someone who is two times the man he could ever be.
I found happiness and love.
And I would never change that.
So trust me, whatever you’re going through now, better things will come.
I thought the same thing you are now and I never believed people when they told me I would get over him.
But I did.
And you will too.
—  You will be okay.
I hope one day, maybe when you’re driving along in your car, or when you’re watching TV, or just relaxing after a long day, that you’ll think of me. I hope you’ll think of me and realize that not choosing me was a horrible mistake. I hope that you’ll regret what you did. And I hope that when you realize I’m finally happy, you’ll wish you were a part of it.
—  n.k.//10:29

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god, i'll never ever stop thinking about all the late nights Hannibal and Will had during S2, they literally HAUNT me, like can you imagine? after all of their fancy dinners for 2 they sat down in Hannibal's study and sipped wine and talked for hours, and all that time Will had an actual hurricane happening inside of him because he LONGED so bloody hard for something MORE but he couldn't get it because 1) this wasn't supposed to be real, he was a lure, 2) he thought Hannibal didn't feel the same

oh god nonny

Late season 2 angst has always been my lifeblood, but adding in PINING WILL has literally slain me. Will WANTING and HOPING and ACHING. And clearly Will knew Hannibal felt SOMETHING, but how could that SOMETHING be other than twisted, co-dependent obsession? How could someone capable of doing the things that Hannibal does also be capable of falling IN LOVE?

And just to make things worse, what if Will didn’t actually think Hannibal incapable of falling in the big L-O-V-E, but desperately fought against the idea just as he fought against his own burgeoning darkness? Like he just couldn’t ALLOW himself to even go there. Because to go there would be tantamount to giving in, and telling himself it was just IMPOSSIBLE was somehow easier at the same time it was AGONIZING IN EVERY WAY.

I am suffering nonny. I am suffering.

“you got this, you can do this,” she says to herself. “just walk up to him and say it, you got this.” she takes a deep breath in and out and walks towards him.
when he sees her, he gets up from his seat. “you can sit, this is going to be short. you hurt me, you tore me down, but what you didn’t see at the time and what i didn’t know, was that i was strong, i am strong; stronger than i thought i’d ever be. i’m going to get over you,” she says and turns to walk away.
It seems like no matter what I write, it always comes back to you. I’ve written the same poem over and over again and it feels like the only thing I have to say anymore is “I still love you.”
—  Am I ever going to be over you?
//Part II//
Horizon Light - Part 4

~2500 Words

Chapter Tags: Strong Language, References to Substance Abuse/Alcoholism

I modeled Obi-Wan’s quarters kind of after what we see Raleigh & Yanesy sharing in their introductory sequence at the Anchorage Shatterdone. Raleigh & Mako have quarters with a different layout in Hong Kong, but I like the apartment-style layout better.

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"There's No Marvel Bias"
  • MCU film: *editing issues. Weak story*
  • Critics: The cinematography was beautiful and the soundtrack was killer. Despite its flaws, it was still so much fun.
  • DCEU film: *editing issues. Deep story with substance*
  • Critics: Worst movie ever. Ghastly. Two hours I'll never get back. *forgets to mention the beautiful aesthetic, the amazing score/soundtrack* *continues to rant about it over a year later* *compares it negatively to every new film, they possibly can, even if it's not comic book related*

1. You make me laugh. You always know exactly what to say when I’m tired or angry or sad. you’ll sit there and hold my hands and tell me stupid jokes and stories until I laugh so hard my sides hurt. You’ll tickle me until I’m shrieking and pick me up and spin me until I’m too dizzy to stand. You can make me laugh, and that’s almost as good as being able to make me do anything.

2. You respect me. You let me have my space when I’m angry and come back to it when we’re both ready. You’re patient when I have my period mood swings and bring me the things I want, knowing it’ll pass. You know that no means no, and pushing my temper means inevitable screaming. You put up with me through everything, and for that I owe you a lifetime.

3. You get me. You know what I like, what I hate, what makes me tick, what makes me glow, what makes me laugh, what makes me cry. You know what I need in certain situations, and get me the best presents. You know my preferences; dogs over cats, chocolate over vanilla, pizza over burgers. I could rant to you about something stupid for hours, and you still wouldn’t mind. You understand me like a best friend, and that is all I could ever ask for.

4. Every time I thought you would leave, you stayed.

—  reasons why I love you
Nothing feels quite right anymore with you gone. I keep seeing you, everywhere, but the moment I get closer I realize that his hair is the wrong shade of blonde, or his eyes don’t flicker like yours did. Maybe he walks without the awkwardness you had, like you always forgot how long your legs were and were surprised by it with every step you took. Maybe plaid shirts sit on his shoulders perfectly, where they always looked a bit awkward on you. Maybe his jeans are long enough; yours were always too short. Maybe he prefers red Converse over black. There’s always something when I get too close; there’s always something that proves he isn’t you, that proves that no one could ever replace you.
—  Journal Entry; Summer 2015
I really tried baby, don’t ever think I didn’t. While you were out I was thinking about your stunning smile and your perfectly curved lips. When we got in arguments I would always make sure we were both over it before we went to bed, when you didn’t give me attention all I did was think about how I could get you happy again. When you were sad I held you until you felt better and then talked about it. What did you do for me?

How did you know?“ A friend asks, her back pressed against the headboard of my bed.

I look over at her through the mirror I’m sitting in front of. "How did I know what?”

“How did you know you loved him?”

I look down and sigh.

“There wasn’t ever a specific moment, but I think,” I pause, “I think it was when I woke up one morning, and I didn’t mind the fact that I had to get out of bed.

—  E. Grin

i have always always loved superman, like he was my fave and i lived and breathed smallville for an entire decade. but man. i am so fucking grateful for supergirl??? like the fact that she shoulders krypton’s memory all on her own. the language, the history, she and clark’s entire family. obviously clark didn’t have it easy being an alien on earth or whatever, but goddamn, kara danvers is one of the strongest characters i have ever heard of. girl has lost everything and she’s still so compassionate, so hopeful and loving. i just can’t get over it. i have too many feelings for her. i’ll post about sanvers and lena all damn day but never question the fact that i would fucking die for kara.