i'll never draw like this again..i hope

god and i have like a mayushige drawing on my drafts too waiting whenever the hell i can post it GJGJGGKF

and i thought i was done w copa for good (jk… I’LL NEVER BE DONE. apparently) and then morishige bday just. had to unlock my psyche locks


A redraw was requested, so a redraw was done. 😄
2006-2016. I realized these are 10 years apart, almost to the date!
One decade, thousands of miles and mountains of work since I decided to pursue art… this is a neverending quest, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

i’ve been forcing myself to draw lately and it’s never a good thing so I’m sorry for the lack of illustrations at the moment. It’ll come back.

FT Thank you collection! - Part 4 (last)

Again, thank you all for the support so far!

For sharing, reblogging, liking, buying, commenting (on) my art 

With Gajevy I hope you’ll be able to spend a lot of time with your loved ones ♪~♪ d(⌒o⌒)b♪~♪ 

Best Friends Fury Road AU

Liam: We’d never survive in that world.

Matt: Wha? We totally would!

Pat: No, we wouldn’t. And for one simple reason.

Matt: What’s that?

Pat: We can’t drive.