i'll never be over this two and i hate it

You honestly have played me more times than I could count. You strung me along and every time I think that I’m getting over you, you hop back in my life. It’s like you fucking know when I’m getting better and then you come back and tell me you still have feels and that you miss me and then two days after its back to you don’t care about me anymore and how I meant nothing to you and it’s a god damn wreck because no one knows why I kept going back to you and continue to believe you lie after lie and to be honest I don’t either. You would take me, love me, fix what you broke, and then fucking shatter it again and honestly I’m so God damn tired of crying because I don’t know what to do with you because you never seem to be consistent. You blame me for every single thing that goes wrong in your life and half the time I’m not even around to be a problem. No matter what I do its always my fault and I really hope you stay gone this time. It breaks my heart every single day to see you and know that I was nothing to you while you were everything to me. Our story has been nothing more than a god damn train wreck and I only have myself to blame because I should have learned the first time it happened but I didn’t and look where I am know.
Thank you. That you so God damn much for leaving me like this. Thank you for making me loose hope in love and humanity. Thank you for ripping apart my soul. Thank you so fucking much.
—  I don’t know what to do anymore
Sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard you try. You can attempt it but there’ll still be a disconnect between the two of you. You’ll share a formal goodbye and break it off; you’ll talk about getting back together one day, when both of you are whole and know how to be alone and how to be okay. For some people, it’s only a few months, and for others, it’s years. But if you are meant to come back together, you will.
—  it really sucks liking your ex (especially when you’re the one that left) (via fraagmented)