i'll never be over this two and i hate it

A Eulogy for all the Homestuck ships that didn't make it.
  • JohnKat: Sunk by a meme. Tragic.
  • DadMom: Sunk by a violent stabbing, also Tragic.
  • JadeJohn and DaveRose: Goddamn, Hussie pulled a George Lucas on us there. "You like that ship? Well they're related now, whoopsie!"
  • JohnDave: Well, you'll always have A03 at least.
  • JadeRose: The forgotten Beta ship. You were cute.
  • DaveTavros: You were a thing apparently? Well the fanart was cute.
  • Gamrezi: You'll always have the Shelby Cragg AU's at least.
  • TaVris: Hmmm....
  • GamTav: I have so many sad and complicated feelings towards you. It's hard and nobody understands.
  • GamKar: There was so much unexplored potential and too much offscreen development.
  • JohnRose: Never liked you, but you deserved better than a bunch of people throwing a fit over a t-shirt.
  • Erisol: I'll miss the <3<, and your Sprite.
  • Equara: God remember that anon that really really really hated this ship? Remember the harassment and gore submissions? That shit was wild... and creepy. Don't do this over fictional relationships kids.
  • JasproseJane: Never saw that one coming did we?
  • JohnVris: I will Remem8er You!
  • AraSol: Confirmed? Sunk? Aw well, you had a good run.
  • SolFef: Goddamnit Eridan.
  • EriSolFef: "We coulda had it aaaaaaall"
  • Rufioh/Damara: A foot note in the backstory that could have been explored more.
  • Daverezi: Sunk offscreen no less! A true shame.
  • Karezi: Retconned out of existence and the two don't even talk anymore. Ouch.
  • EquiKar: Fuck all of you this was cute.
  • VrisKan: Sigh. Rest in Peace Vriskan, may the shippers sing you to your grave.
  • Les8fins: Damnit Aranea!
  • Les8fins 2.0: Dammnit Meenah!
  • Meulin/Kurloz: Wow, that was an odd couple wasn't it?
  • Grimluck: I want to believe.
I understand if you hate me,” he says quietly. I look up at him and see it in his eyes, see that he really does feel some regret. I fight back the urge to hug him and tell him that it’s okay.

“I don’t hate you,” I reply. I could never hate you. I love you, still. I don’t want to, but I do.

He blows out a breath. “Well, that’s a relief. I was hoping we could still be friends.”

I know that that won’t work, know that he’ll still be hurting me, even if he’s not aware of it. Those words set my temper on fire, but I somehow turn it to ice. It numbs my heart momentarily, and I know I am about to break it myself. I meet his eyes, my glare cold enough to freeze him.

“I said I didn’t hate you,” I say slowly, carefully.

“I never said that I’m not mad at you. Because I might not hate you, but every time I look at you my heart breaks all over again, and that infuriates me.”

“So we are not friends. We are nothing but two embers of an old flame.”

—  two embers of an old flame.

I hate the rain sometimes. The rain makes me think of you. Not just of the long times I spent crying over you, but of the many times we sat in the rain together. How when so much built on my face you’d try and wipe it away with the wet sleeves of your jacket. Jackets remind me of you, the first and not the last, you’d unzip and make room for two when I was cold and you wanted me to be warm. Being warm reminds me of you because I stay so cold in a warm room after you took the jacket and memories away along with my strength to eat that day. Not eat ironically fills a whole you once never did because behind all the teasing, kisses late at the park and dancing in puddles full of rain that reminds me of you was pain and confusion. When I go walking late at night it’s possible because I got into a routine of going to see you when you wouldn’t even show. I counted the times not only how many drops hit my face but of the times you let me fall like one. Skipping a meal reminds me of you because you would touch my curves like I wanted you to and then tell me it’s not what you wanted to touch. Bones remind me of you and that’s why I want to see them again. I want to feel like something again. The rain reminds me of you because it was you that made the rain, falling me to grow cold and sick. Cold and sick just like always after.

Except from a book I’ll never write // 12


“Well I don’t see why we have to watch The Hunchback of Notre Dame again. We literally watched it last week, Laf. Frollo gives me the fucking creeps. Can we just watch Brave or something?” The whine in Hercules’ tone made Alex’s lips twitch. They were in his house and he was trying to convince Lafayette to let him choose the movie. It was ridiculous.

The cushion beside him dipped. John had taken a seat to his left. He gave Alex a small smile. “Hi.”

Alex could feel himself blush. “Hello.” The warmth from his cheeks carried to the pit of his chest, settling there and warming his whole body.

Exert from Rise Up

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The Five Stages of Greif: Magisterium Edition
  • Stage One (Denial): Oh, Aaron's not actually dead! No, why would you think that! That's stupid! I don't get how anyone would think that! He's clearly alive!
  • Stage Two (Anger): Why did the authors kill Aaron?! That's such an idiotic move! How could they do that? I hate them! I'm never reading Magisterium again!
  • Stage Three (Bargaining): Hey, Cassie! Holly! I'll give you anything to say that Aaron didn't die! Money? I have it. Talent? Definitely! *laughs nervously*
  • Stage Four (Depression): *cries and stuffs ice cream in mouth while feeling terrible (for lack of a better word)*
  • Stage Five (Acceptance): Okay, so Aaron's dead. But Call will bring him back! He can do that! He will do that! Right? Right?! RIGHT?!

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I'm afraid I'll never love anyone like I love him

what kind of love do you mean when you say you love your favorite food? and what kind of love do you mean when you say you love your mom? do you ever hate your dog for being so fucking annoying at the worst times… but then still continue to love em endlessly afterward? has your love for your childhood stuffed animal disappear over time? all these things should have different answers, and that’s because love is complex and capricious. it should change. you will never love two things completely the same. things in your life are placed in a hierarchy without you even realizing.

long story short: you won’t. and that’s a good thing.

some random jerejean headcanons because i cannot sleep and it’s 5am and i have uni on monday and should revise maths

  • animals love jean
    whenever there’s a cat or a dog in a park they’ll let jean pet them
  • jeremy though, animals hate him. nobody knows why. the only animal who didn’t hate him was his family’s dog (he grew up with her)
  • they get together after jean graduates from university and they’re in different teams
  • jean moves in with jeremy a year later
  • jeremy is hispanic!! jean loves the difference between their skin colors (his rather pale skin (that does tan after spending time in california (and he gets freckles on his face and shoulders!) and jeremy’s olive skin) and he even learns spanish to be able to communicate with jeremy’s family properly
  • jean is taller than jeremy and whenever his thoughts are occupied with something else he’ll just put everything on the highest shelf
  • alvarez gets jeremy a stool when she realizes that and decorates it with hearts and exy sticks and the usc colors
  • jean does cover his tattoo with a fleur-de-lis (like this)
  • jeremy is a big harry potter fan (jean takes a while to find out what his favorite genre is (reading any other books than textbooks was a distraction) but in the end he really enjoys reading coming of age stories or other harmless daily life stories)
  • jean always wakes up earlier and makes himself some coffee or tea (depending on his need to stay awake for the day) and he usually sits on the kitchen counter and reads the newspaper
  • jeremy usually comes in at some point and sees the cup next to jean’s and walks up to jean until he’s standing between his legs and can kiss him good morning
  • jean talks about some of his abuse at one point. it’s for only one night but he tells jeremy what has happened to him.
  • they both loves stars so they often have dates in planetariums or they just drive out until they can see the stars without any lights from the city
  • jeremy is bisexual whereas jean still isn’t sure about his sexuality (he never had to worry about such questions with the ravens and he only started to question it in his last year of university when he realized that he may like jeremy a lot more than the other trojans)
  • jeremy writes letters to his grandma!! every week!! she’s very important to him and he even told her about his sexuality first (she also is the first to hear about jean and meet him later on)
  • they both enjoy cooking
    at first it was to bring some kind of order back to jean’s life without it reminding him too much of the raven’s so they figured following a recipe would be enough, but now they both do it for fun
  • they marry when jean is 26 and jeremy 27
  • jean’s scars hurt when it’s raining so jeremy usually massages them on those days and presses a lingering kiss to each of them
  • they both don’t drink
  • and one point kevin and jean make up and the three of them travel to france, mexico and ireland together
  • after being comfortable enough to sleep in the same bed as jeremy they quickly find out that jean is a cuddler (that’s a fact i’m sorry i don’t make the rules)
    jean often buries his face in jeremy’s chest and wraps his arms around neck. jeremy presses a kisses jean’s hair before going to sleep himself 
  • jeremy retires when he turns 29 due to an injury and coaches a high school team from then on
  • jean does it eight years later because that’s when ichirou says that jean’s payment is done (of course that doesn’t mean that he’s free of the moriyamas but it’s alright)
  • when jean is 30 they decide to adopt because they do want children even if jean still has to travel a lot for games
  • in the end they adopt two kids: a little baby girl and a seventeen year old boy
  • jean is so scared of being a bad parent and often calls jeremy’s grandma for tips
  • their son makes it to college and cries so much that day because he never thought he’d get such a chance
  • that night jeremy tells jean that he’s the best dad in the entire world

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I used to be a terrible person; when I was younger I traced/copied art all the time. It became a bad habit. I finally stopped and haven't done it in years, but I still feel so guilty and ashamed. I also worry people will find out about my past, and I'll never be trusted to work anywhere. I've been really depressed for the past two years over this, and I'm not even trying to get a job or sell my own original art any more. I feel like giving up and I hate myself so much

oh geeze , forgive yourself a little !

Even when I started to draw I copied a lot of anime pictures from books I liked , we all started somewhere. Nowadays with being online its easier to see if things are traced/copied and as an artist that has had their stuff traced and copied I can say..YEAH its a little frustrating but the first thing i think about is what i did when i was younger , and i did the same thing until I learned about referencing etiquette. I was lucky to avoid a lot of the online stuff so my mistakes wernt as documented but they were still there. 

theres nothing wrong with referencing stuff to learn , and yes those refs should be properly sourced but honestly no one is necessarily BORN with this knowledge - it takes some trail and error and yes …maybe some finger waggles in private message form if someone sees it. Now if you did know you should have done this and didnt well guess what..

you still dont deserve the mental stress you’re putting on yourself 

its not going to ruin your life , no ones going to look back on your old traced art and never trust you again. Thats like them looking back on my old anime lens flare art and thinking thats all im defined by that too. Give yourself a little leeway to learn and grow. Its ok ! your’re not a terrible person , you’re just a person. The only way to leave that phase in the past is to continue creating :)  so dont let it stop you .

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so, the most hillarious thing happened to me. i was talking to my friend about naruto and at some point i said "remind me again why i decided to get into naruto, when i know how much i hate abandoned work. i'll never get the closure of knowing how it ended" and she looked at me funny and said in flat voice "the manga ended two. years ago." and hOLYSHIT I MADE MYSELF GENUINELY FORGET THE ENDING EVER HAPPENED

That’s amazing and hilarious. *sidles over* Tell me your secret?  💕

I just have a lot of feels.

I have no doubt Corazon was always a good guy, but I also imagine (just an assumption) that he tried not to get too emotionally attached to any of Doffy’s crew. He was keeping tabs on them and hopefully putting a stop to them, I can’t imagine he let himself form strong bonds with them. Even when Law came along it’s obvious Corazon doesn’t have any strong feelings for him. Even when he’s yelling at him, speaking for the first time, he’s taking a risk and trying to save Law’s life, but there isn’t any particular affection shown.

Law and Corazon traveled together for six months, and in six months they grew impossibly close. For six months, Corazon neglects his duty, his life goal, of putting a stop to Doffy so that he can find a way to save Law. It was only six months, but the difference in their relationship from the first time they spoke is incredible. Corazon will do anything to save Law’s life, to make him laugh and smile. He’ll even die for Law, without a moments hesitation, he’ll give his life to keep Law safe.

And Law. He named his pirate crew the Heart Pirates, without a doubt because of Corazon. He still carries Corazon’s goal or putting a stop to Doffy. When he’s injured and on the brink of consciousness, the first person in his mind is Corazon. It was only six months but those six months were the most impactful six months of Law’s life.

My heart broke when Corazon said he loved Law, but it broke my heart even more when he wanted to apologize for lying to Law in the end. “I didn’t want you to hate me.” As far as I can remember, there were only two lies Corazon told Law. He told him he had nothing to do with the marines, and he told him he’d be okay, that Doffy wouldn’t shoot him. The first lie he made so that LAW WOULDN’T HATE HIM. But even with his life in danger, with the tail end of his life, Corazon wants to tell Law the truth.

The second lie cost him his life.