i'll never be okay with it

Paladins! We now have a release date and synopsis for issue 4 of Lion Forges Voltron comic!

“Team Voltron’s quest to save Coran’s life gets extra-complicated when they have to face off against brain-sucking mushrooms, an ancient chess master, and a sphinx’s riddles. Can Pidge lead Voltron through these tests of brains and brawn in one piece? A never-before-seen chapter of the epic animated series reboot!        In Shops: Oct 12, 2016        SRP: $2.99 “


and I still haven’t gotten the first issue yet ;_; Apparently my order got lost? likely story… TT^TT

I’m always like this. I’ll tell you how much you mean to me, how I love you unconditionally and as long as I can say this words to you, “I love you.” I will never get tired. I want you to remember me, that in your life I existed because one day my eyes will close, my nose will stop from sneezing, my lips will not moving and I’ll stop from breathing. Don’t forget me, okay?
—  Remember me #24

IT’S LIKELY THAT I WILL NEVER GET OVER THIS. Paget, thank you so much for your talent, creativity, and personality. You show a genuine care for your fans that is so admirable. Thank you for tonight, and for taking a photo with me while I tried very hard not to sob.

And it just hit me that I can’t even remember your voice, and now there are tears streaming down my face and my chest is filled with lead and I don’t even want to be able to breathe because you’re gone and I’m here and it’s not fair and it will never, never be okay.
—  the little things are fading

The place you always come back to no matter how far away you go, no matter how long you’ve been gone. Home is where your heart is, and Liam will never leave his heart behind.

listen, i know it’s hard. i know some days you really would rather the sky swallow you whole, rip you apart and scatter you across the sunset. but you’re here. you are here in this big big world and i know you feel alone but that’s okay. we are alone on this world but it’s in being alone that we find the brightest, most lovely people who are there for us. i know things suck, but you have sad inside of you that’s waiting to be pulled out, and a light that is just waiting to be turned on. and within time, you’ll find that you’re shining again. because it hurts. it hurts until one day it doesn’t anymore because you ache and ache and ache until your bones are strong enough to carry you without falling over and sure maybe you still trip sometimes. but you’re here. you’re alive and that’s enough. it’s enough to just simply be alive. so breathe. you are doing so great.

It’s so difficult to get over something you know was real, I know. But the experience taught you that sometimes incredible things do happen. It made you believe there’s still some good left in the world. C'mon baby, don’t be sad that it ended. Be hopeful, that if it can happen once, it can happen again, and maybe it will be even better.

I’m hurting you"

“It’s okay that won’t stop me from loving you”

“But you don’t deserve this, my heart is breaking at the thought of you being in pain, you don’t deserve this”

“But I want this, I want you.

why hiro hamada and pidge gunderson/katie holt are BFF material: a summary 

  • smol nerds
  • think robots are the Coolest™
  • teenage heroes
  • missing their older brothers
  • had, then lost, a robotic companion
  • technology is their significant other
  • #sassmasters
  • would DESTROY in a prank war

here’s the thing, you are gonna meet people and think they’re utterly fantastic. and honestly? they’re gonna turn out exactly opposite. people are gonna let you down, hurt you, make you feel like nothing good ever lasts and they’re going to try and ruin your big heart and sometimes, you’re gonna let them. so you’re gonna be scarred. but the thing is, if someone hurts you and makes you sad more than they make you happy? they are not worth your tears baby. they don’t deserve the right to make you sad, they don’t even deserve to be in your life. so pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and go do something that makes you happy because people are always going to kill to see you fall. that’s life. some people are simply cruel. but you are simply magnificent and wonderful and capable of so many things. so go out, put on red lipstick, paint your nails, and be the lil bad ass you are. show off yourself, rock out in your undies, jam to your favorite music and simply celebrate being YOU. because if you don’t have any sense of self love or self worth, you’re gonna fall and you’re gonna crash. so pick yourself up and look in the mirror and say “damn.” and start making positive changes. life is way too short to spend it hating yourself and even shorter to spend it hating everything around you. the world is lovely, and it’s even more lovely with you in it. love yourself and you’ll be amazed at the changes you see. // love yourself simply so no one else has to, because at the end of the day, you are the only constant thing you have.

Here’s some sketchy ficart for @perfectlyrose‘s amazing doomsday fix-it. Go read it if you haven’t already!

“How did you get over him?” she asks me, tears running down her face. “I need to know how you did it. Because I can’t keep feeling like this. I wanna be okay again, like you.”

My heart twists inside of my chest. I’m not okay, I want to tell her. I haven’t been okay in a very long time. But how can you look your heartbroken best friend in the eye and tell her it doesn’t get better?

So instead, I give her a soft smile. “Time. It just takes time.”

And she looks at me like she doesn’t believe me, but she nods. We both know I’m lying, but sometimes telling the truth is far more painful.

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #77
Sometimes we fall a little too hard, and that’s okay. A little scrap on the knee never spilled too much blood. A little crack on your heart will grow roses, don’t you worry. A little garden for your stomach butterflies. A little drop of rain for the pillows. Sometimes we fall and we break, but that doesn’t mean we should completely stop. It doesn’t mean that we have to be cold. It doesn’t have to mean anything. It just means we just have to keep trying.

i know things may be tough right now and you’re probably wondering why you’ve even hung on for this long, but here’s the truth. you’ve hung on because you’ve seen a little bit of goodness in every single day and that makes you brave. you are brave. you have a place in this world and its a spot no one else could fill so don’t even think for a second that you are worthless. so right now? breathe. just breathe and remind yourself that you are here. you are alive. your heart is beating solely for you. to keep YOU alive. you have things inside of you that fight every single day to keep you alive, so what’s the point of killing them and shutting them down when all they want to do is see you fight for them too?? it’s the same w the people who love you. you are loved and people would do anything for you. i promise. i know maybe your parents suck, but they love you and if you think they don’t? that’s okay. friends can be family too. whoever it is, wherever they are, people love you. so hang on for them okay? you’ve got a lot of light left in you, don’t shut it all out just because of one power outage. the light will always come back on, just give it some time. give yourself some time. you’re doing great.