i'll miss your face

I miss your face
I miss your smile
I miss your voice
I miss your hugs
I miss your hand holding mine
I miss your laugh
I miss your dimples
I miss your eye crinkles
I miss your forehead wrinkles
I miss your everything
—  I just miss you

-bias selfie part 1 million-

@monbeboo i’m speechless!!! -insert heart eyes emoji also what size are your gauges mine are 5/8)

(i’ve used the first photo of minhyuk like 3 times already but whatever i spend like 300% of my time in bed)

I also just chopped off all my hair recently so there’s that

@dinojaeee @fivenightsatminhyuks @minhyukssmol @honeyheonie @monstax-trash-valora / whoever else is feeling sassy just say i called you out <3 ^_^

psa to anyone who cares

i’m gonna be on a (hopefully) short hiatus since i’m currently moving :D  just now got done packing and about to hop on a train to my new home in a few hours though i dunno when i’ll be back but wanted to let everyone know in case anyone was curious why i fell off the face of the earth

wish me luck because i’m definitely gonna need it  ^_^

It was raining today.

Thin but deeply soaking sheets of rain, the kind you can see dancing on the breeze. The kind of rain that gets right into your bones.

It felt almost appropriate. Every time we’ve gone to the graveyard - every year on this exact day - it rains without fail. In a way that alone is astonishing.

I can’t believe it’s been five years. Five years to the day. Time has…well, it’s done that thing that time does where it refuses to behave.

It feels simultaneously like all the time in the world has passed, and no time at all. Five years. So much has changed, for all of us.

We’ve had some impressive ups and downs over the last half a decade (Jesus half a decade?) and you haven’t been here to share it with us.

That still hurts.

I’m not sure that pain will ever truly pass, it’ll just become familiar. I guess in a way that’s better than forgetting.

Five years. I can’t quite believe that it’s been so long.

Tonight will be a Zayn Malik marathon. So if you aren’t cool with Zayn spam all over your dash I suggest you unfollow me now

***I do not own any of these photos or gifs, credit goes to those who these belong to. If they are your photos and you want credit please let me know. I have found these on numerous different social media sites***

Hey peeps!

I won’t be much present during approximately 5 days and the following weekend, so I just want to wish you all a really great week if I don’t stop by.

List of things to do while I’m gone: 

Drink a lot of water, put on socks when you walk on cold tiled floors, brush your teeth everyday and destroy the patriarchy. ♥

(be kind to my ask box, I still suck at answering in time ~)

Bye guys, may the gay be always in your favor.


  • I'll miss your twinkling eyes
  • I'll miss your gummy smile
  • I'll miss your poker/bitchface
  • I'll miss your coarse yet velvety voice
  • I'll miss your husky rapping voice...the one that makes our hearts swoon
  • I'll miss your weird and 4D moments
  • I'll miss your strong and reliable leadership
  • I'll miss your sarcastic and witty responses
  • I'll miss your dorky NGs
  • I'll miss your fabulous airport fashion
  • I'll miss your flower boy hairstyles
  • I'll miss your 6ft 4 height
  • I'll miss seeing you interact with children
  • I'll miss your handsome face
  • I'll miss your caring heart
  • I will miss YOU Duizhang...but you will always be in my heart.

soooooo i know everyone did these at the end of last year but like i’m gonna start my 2016 being super sappy instead so, brace yourselves.

i’ve only had this blog for 4 months lmao, but honestly it was the best 4 months of my 2015, even with all the drama that was going on. because like i had such a shit year, and idk why i decided to join the tumblr section of the fandom after like 2 years of loving 1d, but i did and i’ve never been more grateful for a decision i’ve made. you angels have brought me so much joy and love in such a short time, like i’m so thankful i can’t explain.

i love you i love you i love i love i love all of u 💕(or olivia idk)

✨ some special mentions ✨

@whattarush you were like the first person to follow me back, for real and you’re just so so lovely, and we’ve had some super deep talks and i’m super thankful to have you in my life, i feel like i’ve known you forever, crazy. you’re a peach, thank u for being u. 💖

@mojolras damn that fandom chat exchange thingo paired us up so well, we’re like two emotional, crazy peas in a pod. you always make me smile and you always encourage my mildly crazy ideas and you always wanna talk about larry, thank goodness for your existence. also your mum loves me #confirmed 💖

@antigeorge you got me into this mess, i hate u. but i love you so much. you’re probably the coolest person i know, with the nicest face and i can’t believe i’ve followed you since the glee days wt heck??? 💖

@mybeansarecool thanks for thinking i was so young lolz, love ya mate, come back to australia and we can get drunk and talk about The Gays™ 💖

@justintaylor no matter what blog i’m using, i’m always gonna follow you. so deep. 💖

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