i'll miss them forever

best la la land lines

‘oh you’re a barista! i see how you could look down on me from all the way up there.’

‘he doesn’t tell me what to do.’ ‘he just did.’

‘because i think it hurts a little too much.’ *pause* ‘you’re a baby.’

‘i’m always going to love you.’

‘i’m a phoenix rising from the ashes!!’

‘you have to hold it to your chin. it gives you cancer but you get where you’re going quicker so it all evens out.’

‘is this gluten free’ *deep breath* ‘no.’

‘what are you doing here?’ ‘oh you know meetings. studio heads.’ ‘how’d you get in?’ ‘i just hauled ass past the security guards, i figure i have about 20 minutes.’ ‘can i hide in your bathroom?’ ‘yes!’

‘maybe i’m not good enough.’ ‘yes you are.’ ‘maybe i’m not.’ ‘you are’. ‘maybe i’m not.’

‘and you love jazz.’ ‘yes’.

‘you’ve never seen it! oh my. i could take you! for…research. For research.’

‘did you just call yourself a serious musician?’ ‘i don’t think so.’

‘i’m going home.’ ‘this is home’. ‘not anymore it’s not.’

so, recently i reached 200 followers, and considering i’ve only had this blog for around 2 months that is amazing. it’s the highest amount of followers one of my rp blogs has ever gotten, and i’m honestly so flattered that you guys find me worthy of following. you’ve all made my time writing magnus so much fun, and i don’t think i’ve ever felt as comfortable in a rp community as i have in the shadowhunters/tmi one, so i wanted to just say thank you to all of you with a follow forever. i love seeing all of you on my dash, and i look forward to roleplaying with more of you in the future. keep doing what you’re doing <3

bold = people i have threads with and basically adore. seeing all of you guys and your writing and having your replies pop into my activity makes my day. (and thanks for being patient with me because i’m a slowcoach who takes forever to reply.)
normal = people i’ve yet to roleplay with but stalk admire from afar. i love seeing all of your portrayals so much and i really look forward to hopefully getting to roleplay with all of you one day

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