i'll miss the fishers

It is the SUPREME tragedy of my life that I had to witness with mine own eyes and ears Jack and Phryne sing a Cole Porter duet and I had NO ONE to scream to it about NO ONE NOTHING JUST MY EMPTY HOUSE AND MY MOTHER THE ONLY OTHER PHYSICAL HUMAN I KNOW WHO WOULD SCREAM ABOUT THIS IN A LITERAL DIFFERENT COUNTRY ACROSS A WHOLE OCEAN

I can’t Believe the amount of times there’s been a moment that should be a first kiss and then there’s just that goddamn looney tunes black circle goodbye as they smile happily at each other, you smug bastards I hope you never ever kiss or you spend the last episode of the series making out, one or the other


Sin from thy lips? O trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again


I went to Daisy’s funeral service. Her mother came and thanked me for being such a good doctor. I was so much more to her than that.

I’ll Take the High Road || Chapter Six || Unexpected Dangers

“He had been able to feel the silk of her hair on the backs of his fingers right until the very second sleep had dragged him into darkness.”

Fandom: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries/ High Road to China (Crossover)
Characters: Phryne Fisher & Jack Robinson
Rating: M
Genre: Comedy/Romance/AU

Here come the mountains! And a surprise guest who is entirely unwelcome. Have a read over at AO3, if you can spare a moment!

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Phryne & Jack singing Let’s Misbehave.

Just to make the Miss Fisher fandom smile, like I smile when I see comments on my gifs.
I make a lot of gifsets but it’s not often that people actually comment on them & I absolutely love it when it happens !

You guys are amazing !

(oh btw, does the fandom have a name ?)

Fun Little MFMM Facts from the books

You might not need these, but in case something is lacking in your fanfics, you like random trivia, or you’re looking for an answer to one little thing…

- Jack is actually very serious about gardening. If something in his life is stressful (like Miss Fisher), Raisins and Almonds suggests that he greatly prefers the company of his flowers then over anything else.

- An ongoing list of what is (believed) to grow in his gardens: Cattleya flowers, slipper orchids, maidenhair fern, and irises. He also might have a small pond with running water.

- Jack will make Miss Fisher cut out any flower-growing tips she finds in her magazines.

- Hugh speaks pretty decent French, enough to be able to teach Dot some, and she is completely willing to learn and actively tries to keep using it. However, it’s mentioned later that Dot doesn’t speak any, or Hugh? (can’t quite remember now), so this is a fact-checking one.

- Jack and Phryne, in the novels, are extremely close friends, to the point where Jack can just show up in the morning to eat breakfast, or any other meal for that matter, with Miss Fisher…

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