i'll marry you and have your babies

Husband Calum Would Include..... (REQUESTED)

* Having really weird schedule because of work and jet lag
* Meaning waking up at midnight and eating pancakes
* Eating pancakes an listening to Hamilton
* “Can we listen to real music?”
* “Hamilton is real music, accept it or leave.”
* Many ikea trips to create your perfect house
* Getting cute picture frames and hanging your wedding pictures everywhere
* Getting married suddenly making you baby crazy
* “Babies are so cute, we should have one.”
* “Dogs are cute, too. Let’s get a dog.”
* Having that debate during midnight pancakes
* Non-stop cuddling because you’re living together so why not
* Watching him write and him giving you little smiles every time he writes something he likes
* Being able to be super comfortable around each other because there’s no more pressure to impress each other
* Showing off your ring or wedding photos anytime you have anyone over.
* “Did you really need to tell the pizza guy I’m your wife? He could’ve made the assumption, I’m sure”
* “He needed to know you’re mine”

I have decided...

That whomever wishes to marry me must be able to play all of Schubert’s Impromptu No. 3 in Bb Major op. 142 beautifully. Preferably being able to play all of his Impromptu’s and be willing to cry with me over him would be ideal, but if you can melt my heart with the Bb Major op. 142 I am yours.