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Chanyeol’s Birthday Countdown: The ABCs of Chanyeol
➥ Day 23 - B for Boyfriend material

You wish that things will eventually get better. You hope that one day you’re not that sad anymore. But sweetheart, listen, you can’t just lay in bed or stay in your room all day while hoping things will get better just like that.

Honey, you need to put some effort to make it happen.

Dress up, go to the park, breathe some fresh air, look at the pretty flowers, catch the butterflies. Let your inner you feel free from after all this time locking yourself away.

Dress up, go to the library, pick a novel, spend hours there, bring your brain to places, let the words inspire you. Let your minds be free after being stressed all these time.

Dress up, go out there, this big bad world isn’t that big bad after all if you find something good for you in it. Let yourself free in this big bad world. Distract yourself from the sadness you’ve tangled to, let go of the things that’ll let you down, spread that beautiful smile of yours, give your eyes a break from flowing tears by seeing new beautiful things.


Give yourself a break honey, you’ve been through a lot. You deserve so much in this world (sitiiiinrhlz)

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Sometimes, people will come to our lives and completely change everything. They will come and they will stay. For a day, a week, a month, even for years. They will make us feel so important, so happy, so inspired, so full of life as if we’re sleeping on the clouds everyday. As if they are our favorite cup of tea. And yet, we’ll wake up one day and we’ll feel different. Like something is wrong. And then that moment will happen, that moment wherein some circumstances will cause them to leave us and we’ll have absolutely no control over it. That even if we have done all efforts for them to stay, nothing could ever stop them from leaving us. And we’ll go back to where we started, like a child who’s still learning how to walk. Because the only thing we could do is to watch them from afar, as they try to live a life without us, and we’ll just have to try our hardest to try and live a new life without them in it. 

some day the drugs will just make you low, the party won’t be so much fun, the girls in the tight skirts will remind you of what you never wanted and every drink will taste like my neck

you’ll start leaving early or maybe not going out at all, you’ll lie on your bed and wonder what happened to you. you’ll see the guitar pick with my initials on it staring at you from your bedside locker and you’ll do it, finally you’ll do it, you’ll call me

your name will light up my phone, like a shooting star in the dusty darkness. and I won’t answer, I’ll turn back over and return to sleep because I can finally sleep alone.

and then it’ll hit you, I know it will hit you. you’ll finally understand that you dropped what you needed for the things that you so temporarily wanted.

but I lay here for months on end letting loneliness strip me bare and swallow me whole, I drove myself insane as every day got harder and harder.

and now I’ve picked myself up and tied myself back together, and now you need me, and I don’t need you. and now it’s your turn.

—  don’t lose a diamond so you can chase glitter ~ blue-delusion
We’ll Make It Happen

Just a little Malec/Madzie thing that ended up running away from me! I kinda wish this was a Malec/Lightwood Siblings + Clary plot later this season! Let me know if you want more! 

They found Iris Rouse a few days later, out in some dilapidated house in the middle of nowhere. It was a tall black shape, blocking out the already hidden winter sun against the colorless sky, the shadows cast by its hulking form looming over them as they stood and gazed up at it, a chilling air settling itself around them. The house was made of dark wood, rotted to holes in places from disuse, with its open windows creaking in the wind and what sounded like ravens cawing deep within. Alec shuddered as he remembered all the women Iris must have trapped here, the children…

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I’ll finish up inktober and hopefully get to drawing some other things~~

(almost) every 1d concert

so i started doing this way back in 2012 for up all night, and seeing as no one knows when they’re going back on tour i thought i’d just drop this here for people to have, so yeah. here’s ~mostly all of 1d’s concerts. 

up all night 
take me home 
where we are 
on the road again

My fic recs :3c

I’ve been reading like a ton of fics lately, and figured I’d share some of my favorites! Honestly, I will probably end up making several of these lists because I had a real hard time narrowing it down to just a few haha.

****Disclaimer: mostly Klance uwu;

Keith who has never really had a favorite color. Then one day at the Garrison he catches a glimpse of Lance’s eyes and it stops him in his tracks for that moment.
“That’s it?” He realizes, “That’s my favorite color,”
It starts off as an infatuation, nothing more than admiration for the entrancing blue eyed boy. It turns into a crush - something he’s never had - and suddenly every shade of blue reminds him of Lance. It ends with love, something deep and turbulent, really he never stood a chance.

I’m a hecking sucker for pining Keith, first of all. Second of all, it was just generally a nice change to not have his favorite color be red for once lol. This fic is so cute and sweet and I’m love it

This is the story of two absolute idiots who keep searching for what they’ve already found.

Wow can I just like.. this fic was so good. It resonated really strongly with me, as I am basically Keith from this story lmao. Easily in my top five Klance fics ever of all time. Bls read it

Lance has been dreaming of travelling since the first time he heard stories from his family as a child. Now, having finally the time and money to do it, he goes on a trip to Europe to see some of the most culturally rich cities on the continent. Except he keeps bumping into the same guy over and over again, in random cities, doing stupid shit, and ultimately dragging Lance into his trouble, too.
Basically an AU in which Lance and Keith become impromptu travel buddies and get into trouble.

Ongoing, amazing fic where Lance and Keith are both traveling and get into all sorts of shenanigans. Features Japanese Broganes, Pidge speaking Italian, and Lance poledancing on the Eiffel Tower. Seriously like a really great story, I love it so much, and I always get so excited when I see the notifications of chapters in my email. :3

“Wait,” Lance says, scrambling on the couch until he’s sitting up. “I do have questions about the derivatives, but I’m dying to hear more about this barista that swept you off your feet!”
“You already know everything,” Shiro sighs, moving to pack up his laptop and textbook. “He works at Castle of Lions and we’ve talked a grand total of three times.”

A real cute Shatt fic. Pining Shiro is the cutest thing ever, I swear.

It’s just a sore throat. It’s really not that big a deal. But the rest of team Voltron doesn’t really see it that way - and Shiro’s taking a day off whether he likes it or not.

So cute. I love everybody taking care of their Space Dad. Great family moments all around, honestly, it’s freaking adorable.

“How far are you willing to go?”
“I don’t know,” he said, shrugging helplessly and feeling sick – at himself, at his mother, at the world in general.
How far was he willing to go for somebody he’d never met? Yet, or ever?
AKA Lance is ace and full of love, Keith dives headfirst into office shenanigans, things are suspended in Jell-O, coffee is a gift, and the office mascot is a domesticated goat named Annihilator.

I am 100% in love with everything about this fic. As someone who is ace, I literally cannot even express how much this amazing story means to me. Everything about it is great. There’s also some drabbles, and a followup from Keith’s POV. (..also I just like recommend bwyn in general??? read all of their fics pls, their writing is so good)

zelink friday, march 18: a song or instrument that are important to link and zelda, or remind them of each other

hc that though tp link and zelda lack instrumental abilities, they make up for it through vocals and dance! zel and ilia probably bonded lots and eventually ilia taught zel some of ordon’s folk songs, which she surprises link with one festive night around the bonfire - he responds by surprising her in return when he busts his country boy moves (and beckons her to dance with him soon after). then he surprises her agAIn when she teaches him ballroom and he starts singing ballad of the goddess to her (“it makes me think of you”) which he’s somehow learned during his adolescence yet doesn’t quite know where it originated, but still it’s beautiful (“like you…”)…

Why on earth do you draw shooting stars all the time?“ He asked, his fingers running over the dark shape against the page.

I smiled, “Somedays are harder than others, the clouds in my mind like to wander and rain. So when I wake up, I make a wish. Some days it’s love, some days it’s happiness, some days it’s simply a sunny day. And than I draw the shooting star.Why sit and ponder life when you can take it in your hands, grasp it tight, and never let go?”

I looked down, embarrassed.

“Why sit and wait, when you can make your own wishes come true.

—  When you wish upon a star
Some days I wish I could live forever. I want to witness the beauty that people make a thousand years from now. But the longer I do live, the more I realize that beauty comes with ugliness. And I don’t want to see that.
—  Journal Entry; Summer 2013

request by @zquadlivin! might’ve done a bit much with colors and the bg but w/e. click for more detail as usual

i hope you’re happy.

actually i don’t,
but it seemed like a nice
thing to say.

but i do hope you’re okay,

i hope you’re ready for
and that you’re able to take
on all the ways that it’s going
to change.

i hope you think of me
some days,
and i hope it makes you smile.

i hope you see me in
and dandelions blooming up
through sidewalk cracks.

i hope it doesn’t hurt
either of us anymore.

and i hope things get better,
i hope it gets easier to breathe,
and i hope you see life
a little more clearly.

i hope you know that
it was real.

and i hope you can move on,
but still remember what it was
about me that you loved.

i hope you’re okay.

i hope things work out the way
you want them to,
and i hope that one day we
can look at each other and
i think we had a lot to smile about.

i hope you know i never wanted
things to end this way,
and i hope you know i loved
you with everything.

i just hope you grow,
i hope you learn to love yourself,
i hope you can fix your broken
while still remembering the meaning
behind the scars.
and i hope they show you that
there is still beauty left to be
found in you.

and i hope you know that
you cannot love something
that is completely dark,
because i loved you with
everything i had.

i saw a light in you,
i hope i didn’t imagine it all.

i hope you know that
words spoken in the heat of anger
are never spoken from the heart,
and i know i said i hated
but i hope you know i
never could.

and i guess i do hope
that one day you can be happy,

i hope you’re okay.

i hope it gets easier someday.


i hope — mh

letters i’ll never send
(if you see this, please don’t tell me)

i don’t even know why i wrote this i just felt like i needed to
for god’s sake, delete his messages, or stop reading them at least. stop letting him control your thoughts. come up with something different to think about when he pops into your mind. trust yourself. spend your time doing something that makes you happy. stop blaming yourself. remember that things worked out this way for a reason. know that you deserve better. get up everyday with a goal, and achieve it. know that some days will be worse than others, that some days you will still miss him so much it hurts. accept those days, and keep going. clean your room, keep yourself organized, and don’t look at pictures of him. don’t stalk him on social media, it will only hurt you more. stop over analyzing. most of all, don’t let him determine your happiness, learn to love yourself, and know you are worthy. he is not your existence, you were here before him and you will be fine without him.

how to get over the boy who was everything to you

everything i never say // #67


So I took some V-Day shots in my MC cosplay earlier and felt like sharing.

I used glitter paint to make the card and the card fell over smudging it, but it still turned out pretty alright lol.

I’d also like to say Happy late Valentine’s Day to a few of my favorite MM blogs @godd707 @mysticmessengervibes @11daysofhell - Go check them out ^^

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Sad to hear you're not really enjoying the Hiccstrid moments as much as everyone else is. I hope you can still find some beauty in what the show depicts about their relationship, even if it's not perfect. Here's to whatever Hiccstrid goodness HTTYD3 brings us!

Well… I’ve read fanfics better than the show in its entirety soo yeah. Hiccstrid has been a mess since day 1. I mainly watch the show for curiosity sake. To see how the writers fuck up everything it’s quite hilarious and sad. Like REALLY sad and dissapointing and maddening… and I REALLY don’t want to sound cruel or mean. I’m SO SORRY for the ones reading this that like RTTE. PLEASE ignore me, this is just an opinion and I mean no offense to anybody. If you like the show go and enjoy it. I enjoy it myself but not for the same reasons. I’m mainly shitposting because it’s hilarious for me because to me this show is like a really bad written fanfic and I’ve read a lot of those and I just laugh. It’s funny idk how to explain.

Anyway, as for Hiccstrid… I can take those kisses and pretend the whole story doesn’t exist because I have TONS of Hiccstrid stories of them getting together and Blind!Astrid Au was definitely NOT what I was expecting the writers to pull of as the “MEGA HICCSTRID STARTING THEIR RELATIONSHIP” thing. Also Hiccup you creeper! Astrid is blind! Couldn’t you find another moment? And don’t give me that crap about “perfect”. Also that part he said about “there will always be a Hiccup and an Astrid” was more like the writers telling the fans that rather than Hiccup telling Astrid… like tf? Hiccup would never say that?? because it’s super weird and just SO CHEESY. I almost got diabetes of how sweet it sounded…

Now this is NOT a rant. The “beauty in what the show depicts about their relationship” can be is shown in LITTLE and I mean LITTLE amounts… I mean for example: After the “getting together” scene which I think was totally NOT the real hiccstrid tbh and everyone just seems to focus on that kiss I really liked the AFTER scene of Hiccstrid outside of the Main Hall in the stairs. I think that scene is the closest to the real Hiccstrid we’ll ever gonna get. Far from it, but the “closest”. And I don’t mean the “Astrid supporting Hiccup” deal but more like the nature of it. Idk it didn’t felt so forced (until Fishlegs interrupted) More natural, more relaxed. LESS CHEESY god. Like just ignore HOW they got together and skip to that scene. I liked it.

But I’m mostly here to enjoy the twins and SNOTLOUT MY PRECIOUS SUNSHINE CHILD. I think he’s like the only redeeming quality this show has. And Dagur. This season tho… I guess I enjoyed Mala and Throck omg I loved Throck that sweetheart. And STOICK! Omg the amount of Stoick this season was soothing.

But in the end. I will (as many people) and haven’t counted this as canon. It’s such a disrespectful and pardon the word lazy way of writing these characters that have SO MUCH potential God. Just please I… I don’t want any more seasons… There’s no need for anymore seasons. Just please don’t give us more. I’d rather wait with NOTHING for HTTYD3 than with this mess that’s totally pointless. YES, it’s a motherfucking gift, it’s like a fanfic made real with really good animation and the official voicecast and music and thank you DWA for it but yet still just a bad fanfic nevertheless… Leave it well enough alone. 

Just stick with the movies and read a good fanfic. *coughs* @avannak@oh–you–pretty–things@funkytoes@tysonrunningfox@hiilikedragons@nefertsukia​ *coughs* Really good fanfics… Oh and thanks buddy for asking nicely :3

MATTXMELLO DAY!! ٩( ≧▽≦ )۶

I would have never miss it! MY BABIES YOU’LL ALWAYS BE IN MY LITTLE HEART ♥

I hope to see maaaany things this year for them, because they deserve to be remember *w*