i'll make this better when i get the chance

here’s my fursuit I forgot to post yesterday!! she’s a furby partial named Nova!! she’s currently just a head and paws but if I have enough material I plan on making her a 2012 furby-style tail
she’s my first completed suit I’ve made since, I think 7th grade?, so I’m happy to finally have made another suit! c:
(I’m the person on the left btw if u didn’t kno, ignore the person on the right and the furby stickers, I covered my friend’s face and name for safety stuffs :p )

Sherlock Short Edits: Johnlock- You Make Me Wanna

Song: You Make Me Better Than Words- One DirectionXSomo Rendition

Fandom: BBC Sherlock

Pairing: Johnlock

I’ll be doing some short edits from now on, probably about once a week. This is what you do when you were one of the poor losers who didn’t get a chance at vining, so yeah, I’ll post one of these about once a week. If you have a request for a pairing or song, be sure to send them my way! I don’t bite. Often. XD

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