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This is it

It’s time to say farewell. Currently I am getting on my plane to possibly the biggest adventure that can happen. This is my chance to make a difference in the world. As for the blog my ask box will remain open but no asks will be answered until I return. I hope that I can make everyone proud and complete this challenge. It’s gonna suck but it’s going to be so very rewarding. I don’t know when I’ll be back but it’s estimated that I’ll be back in early September. Please have a safe and fun summer.

This has been a final message from PVT Mun.

anonymous asked:

I used to copy art and trace stuff all the time when I was younger. I eventually stopped doing that, and only do original art now... but I am honestly so afraid that if anybody knows about the kind of person I used to be, I'll just be hated and I'll never have a chance to prove I'm a better person now. I've lied, cheated, and stolen, but I stopped, I changed, and am truly sorry. Is there any hope for me?

Honestly, we all did dumb stuff when we were younger and I think tracing is a way of learning especially when you first start out. The not cool part of tracing is posting traces of art without credit and/or trying to make money or get credit for someone else’s work and experience. So, don’t do that. Honestly just don’t post traces at all. 

A better way to study is to just observe the world around you and draw what you see. Contour line drawing is a good way to help you focus on drawing what you see and improving your observational and drawing skills. Just do observational drawing instead of tracing and I think you’ll see your skills improve much quicker and it will help with your personal art too. 

Just don’t bring it up and don’t look back. It sounds like you want to move on and focus on getting better so do it! Get strong.