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Some people asked me if I can help them draw Steven Universe characters and how I went about it. Here’s a bunch of tips on how to draw them!

Sorry I didn’t have enough room to include other characters but I hope this is useful!

Alright time to rock & roll with a starter call !

It can take place in the standard main verse or the
second main verse. The second one is basically
Mika hiring help over the summer season and your
muse got the job.

If you want the standard just reply/send 1 and if you
want the ‘summer help’ verse  just reply/send 2


GUYS my friend on IG, and some other topp dogg IG accounts are actually making multiple accounts to boycott koreaboo about taeyang and i’M ACTUALLY SCREAMING mY FRIEND ACTUALLY MADE 6 ACCOUNTS AND GOT BLOCKED ON ALL OF THEM, AND EVEN MADE ONE W JEN’S NAME IN IT AND EVEN IF SHE DIDN’T COMMENT ANYTHING ABOUT HIM, THEY STILL BLOCKED HER ANYWAY LMAOOOOOO anyways, my point is, even tho we are a small fandom, we’re not one to fuck around w/ when it comes to the group bc we love our boys more than anything and if we have enough ppl helping them spam koreaboo then maybe that website will get the point


…uh well I was thinking about the post-genocide pacifist ending, and also the floweypot au, and this was made :^)

Well uh after the post-genocide pacifist ending, it shows that Chara is still in control of your soul after you sold it to them, so like… what if they had a change of heart and decided to live on the surface peacefully with the rest of the others? idk :^)

So this is what it comes to.
When gods give their all,
And the past gives its blessing,
And you are still standing there,
Stuck and deprived and entitled,
I only wish I had the words.
“You’re beautiful.”
“It’s okay.”
“I love you anyway.”
How I wish it were that simple.

In truth,
Some words are better off swallowed.
And some words aren’t worth the lying tongues that make them.
Sometimes I can’t give you anything more than my presence.
And Heaven knows,
At some point,
that was more than you deserved.

—  (A slightly buzzed) Poet’s Novel
  • Annabeth: All you need is for my family to like you. If they like you, they’ll trust you!
  • Thalia: Fine, how do I get these morons to like me?
  • Annabeth: ...
  • Thalia: Don’t call them morons?
  • Annabeth: Good instinct!

Have a Safe April Fools! No wonder they can never unmask the menace, he wears multiple masks!

I also recommend following @askjjonahjameson
I laughed pretty hard when going through the blog!
As well as @ask-spiderpool , I absolutely love those children who can’t admit their feelings and their mod is wonderful!

Alright, have a great day!

Cute Voltron Date Ideas


  • Racing their lions through the stars
  • Lance teaching Keith to surf
  • Just holding hands the entire time they’re visiting an alien planet but refusing to call it a date
  • “Fancy dinner” where Hulk is the chef and Pidge is the waiter, and both of them are a blushing mess but they secretly love it


  • Going stargazing and making up new names for alien constellations
  • A quiet picnic alone away from the others where they can just relax and be themselves
  • Sparring match that quickly turns more heated
  • Serving each other breakfast in bed


  • Picking flowers and making flower crowns for each other
  • Candlelit dinner on an alien planet - Allura does the ordering
  • A casual stroll through the castle where they talk about their respective planets and their histories and make each other laugh with funny stories
  • Shiro tries to be a traditional gentleman but it turns out Altean and Human traditional dates are kind of similar but swapped and the two spend an entire date trying to open doors and pull out chairs for each other and it becomes a competition until they manage to run into a door together trying to get to it first so they can open it for the other person and then they’re just laughing and having a good time

It’s officially  Miraculous Macroon Day to celebrate the one year anniversary of Miraculous Ladybug! Ladybug first aired on September 1st, 2015 in South Korea. We all have to agree that Thomas Astruc did not macaron choice when he created this miraculous show! (Sorry! I couldn’t resist making a pun)

So grab some macarons and share them with your friends and family! I’m sure lots of fans will love to see your macaron creations so be sure to tag your posts with #miraculousmacaronday 

If you’re wondering what in the world I’m talking about, check out this Miraculous Macaron Day masterpost by ursopanda to get the sweet details. 

KyoKao Fanfic Rec List

Since I haven’t seen one of these floating around, I thought I’d make a list of my personal favorite KyoKao fanfics.  As always, this is a biased list and I’m sure I’m forgetting some wonderful stories, so feel free to message me with your choices and I will add them accordingly.

Stories under the cut!

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commentary so as to not clutter your dash

ep 3

  • light literally just kill him 
  • best way to shut your class up, threaten them to catch these hands
  • ah fanservice with arai sensei
  • when you’re student committing suicide isn’t the problem, but rather where she’s doing it
  • yo this kid has the right idea where can i sell my student number
  • i always liked that sister relationship between maria and chiri
  • ok now i want to protect maria god damn it protect her

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Some redrawed doodles from my sketchbook and conspects.