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Broadway Café (Rainy Day Reprise): it’s been a while since I made the original playlist with this concept, but I often find myself writing down new songs to include. Because, really: Doesn’t it seem ideal? A rainy afternoon in a charming café, surroanded by books and the smell of coffee and baked goods, a playlist like this in the background, with the soft showtunes and ballads, powerful overtures, a little bit of jazz, and some songs that seem specificaly chosen to make you raise your head from the book you’re reading, look out the window and daydream. It’s like pieces falling into place, who knows, maybe I’ll end up owning a place like this someday, wouldn’t it be loverly? (Bad pun, good playlist.) Enjoy! (x)

dickbabs quotes that make me cry

“there’s a warmth in dick’s voice that was never there in bruce’s. he’s done a great job of hiding it lately. and then it goes cold. i miss it more than he’ll know.” 

“just shut up for a second. let me just enjoy seeing you alive, okay?”

“anyone can change and settle down. even you.”
“don’t get your hopes up.”

“you still have it babs!”
“i do, don’t i?”

“whatever my future holds, i hope it includes you.”

“barbara and dick. until the end of the world.”

“i don’t want to spend my life wondering what might’ve been. like you and nightwing.”

“you’re so beautiful. you have no idea… just looking at you makes me happy, but i… i don’t know if i can do this thing anymore, dick.”

“love will conquer fear.”

“you’re right, as almost always. know this: no matter how long i’m gone… i love you, barbara. and i will come back to you someday, i promise.”

“i need him to keep smiling his beautiful smile. to be the sun the earth keeps spinning around.”

“i love you, barb. remind me again why we’re not together?”

“get dressed, true love. we’re going out.”

“babs, you’re stunning and you’re brilliant and you’re probably the strongest person i know… on the inside, where it really counts.”

“i really had a thing for you back then–and bang.”
“it didn’t have to end there, babs. it didn’t end there for me.”
“or me, dick.”

“who loves ya, baby?”

“barbara… we’ve been connected since the day we met. i loved you when i didn’t know what love was. you have been the friend i can never doubt. and the partner i never thought was possible. whatever happens in this world, i know we can bear it if we have each other.”

“i’m just happy and i wanted to share it.”

“babs, you’re a genius.”
“but you already knew that.”
“babs, you’re beautiful.”
“but you already knew that.”

“it’s never going to be perfect. it’s always going to be just us making the best of what we’re given.”

“i know i failed you. i just hope that someday you’ll let me explain. i hope that someday… i miss you, babs. more than you can know. and you were right when you said i was living in the past. so… here’s to the future, okay? as soon as i get there, you’ll be the first person i’ll be looking for. i love you.”

“you never failed me. i don’t know if you’re capable of such a thing. things won’t always be like this, dick. that’s something i know in my heart. i haven’t given up hope that someday– someday i can be for you what you’ve always been for me. i love you.”

  • Pollen: Chloé, deep down, I think you'll realize that you're making a lot of people suffer for banal nonsense.
  • Chloé: And that's... bad?
  • Pollen: Well, of course! Uh, nobody's that heartless.
  • Chloé: Mmmm. Now eat that honey, so I can transform again and be in time for my manicure!
  • Pollen: What? Wait, wait! How can you be this way? All you care about is just YOU!
  • Chloé: Exactly! Everyone else in Paris gets it. You're the only one that doesn't seem to be with the program. Eh, Pollen?
  • Pollen: You know, someday you're gonna wind up all alone. And you'll have no one to blame but yourself.
  • Chloé: [sarcastically] Thanks for that, I'll make Sabrina log that away...

Okay but hear me out on this one: i have the headcanon that after both Jaime and Bart realized they had fallen for each other they thought it was one-sided and decided to keep it secret, so just kept hanging out despite all weird moments. After long months in this situation, Jaime gets terribly hurt during a mission so they get him back to the HQ while still unconscious. Bart says he’ll stay with him until he wakes up and nobody complains bc they can clearly see he’s dead worried for Jaime. After like two hours of Bart checking Jaime’s vital signs every five minutes, he wakes up and after watching Bart dramatical reaction of relief he says he’s surprised to see Bart so worried bc Jaime thought it was nothing. Bart practically gets offended and start naming one trillion situation of how this could’ve been a serious injury, but when Bart’s saying “you could be dead”, Jaime stops him, takes Bart’s hand and places it over his heart and says “but i’m not, can’t you feel my heartbeat?”. They end up terribly close and Bart couldn’t control himself and kissed Jaime. He quickly realized what he was doing, so he stepped back and was ready so run away when Jaime pulled him closer and kissed him again. And there you have the story of how they began their relationship.

  • The wife: What are you up to?
  • Me: Writing
  • The wife: ...you're looking up how to make gazpacho
  • Me: Did you know tomatoes weren't added until the 19th century? Wild

Words: 1383

Pairing: some very slight Thomas Jefferson x Reader

World: Modern/College AU

Warning: cursing, mentions of furry porn, seductive turtle, Theatre Kid! Alexander, vague to no plotline: just actual stupidity w some romance if you squint

Prompt: Inspired by real chats and true events. One of my greatest friends seriously makes me think of a modern day Alexander Hamilton… Also, he’s a gold mine of hilarious fuck ups and I’m glad I’m there to witness it.



MacNCheezy: Hey, doll

You: Yes, T?

MacNCheezy: You wanna make $10?

You: I’m not selling drugs for you, Thomas.

MacNCheezy is typing…

Pulling your [h/l] [h/c] hair into a low ponytail, you laughed as the chat window informed you that Thomas was writing and rewriting his response. It was amusing to see him flustered, even if you couldn’t actually see him. The thought of his indignant huffing and puffing was enough to brighten the already shitty day you’ve just had.

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where are you getting your inktober prompts? they seem really interesting!

Haha, thanks! For those I’m actually just redoing/revisiting some of my favorites from the waking-up drawings series I did a long while back. Those originals were drawings done as the very first thing when I wake up in the morning, so they could be what I remember from dreams/nightmares, just random ideas that popped into my head, or “I don’t know what to do so I’m just going to start moving the pen across the page.” 

If you ever find yourself artblocked, I’d highly recommend trying waking-up drawings…just grabbing a pen and paper and doodling the moment you’re awake. For those first 5-10 minutes or so your critical brain hasn’t kicked in yet so it’s possible to get down some really weird, different, uninhibited drawings. I did about 1000 of them before stopping, and now it’s just this giant surplus of ideas I can pick out of if I’m ever low on ideas for art to do. Very handy and fun!


ao3 link here


“And what are you proposing, Mr. McCree?”

“I propose I could get you to holler with my mouth alone.”

“Oh? And how do you think you are going to accomplish that?”

“Here. Lemme show you.”

i totally didn’t forget to post this here, of COURSE not. 

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I've been watching D&P for 5 years, and they've slipped into my self care routine without me really realizing. When I've had a really hard day with my anxiety or OCD, or when my depression is worse than usual, the first thing I do is make myself a nice hot cup of tea, curl up under a blanket, and watch a couple of their videos. They make me smile and give me hope that someday things will get better and I'll hopefully be as happy as they are, and that I'll have someone to love like they do :)

this is so lovely!!!!! and i can’t believe you’ve been watching them for five years!!! that’s such a long time and it makes total sense that at this point they have become a reliable way for you to ease your mind. i love that it’s not just the escape of it that helps you, but that their story itself has been able to brighten your outlook a bit. ahhh thank you for sharing your experience :) wishing you all the best!

(it’s mental health awareness month! this week we’re talking about self care/treatment <3 send me thoughts if you have them!!) 

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Hey there, I am 20 years old and I don't want to be pregnant, ever. I just don't want the pain, I don't like the idea of having a baby inside me and I don't want to do that to my body. I'd like to someday adopt children though, and I've been told on more than one occasion that I'll never find a man who'll "put up" with this. Like I'm damaged goods because I won't carry his children. It just makes me so angry and also kinda afraid that they're right and I'll scare everyone away with this.

Okay, first of all that’s bullshit. I personally know many guys who would indeed be okay with this - and if they’re not, they’re most likely ascribing to patriarchal bullshit, which means you should drop them anyways. 

There are many people who can’t have children - and that doesn’t make us less lovable. It doesn’t make you any less lovable if you don’t want to have one but to instead adopt. In fact, I love that idea. Please please adopt. Everyone should adopt (if they want kids)

Mod Bethany

Why on earth do you draw shooting stars all the time?“ He asked, his fingers running over the dark shape against the page.

I smiled, “Somedays are harder than others, the clouds in my mind like to wander and rain. So when I wake up, I make a wish. Some days it’s love, some days it’s happiness, some days it’s simply a sunny day. And than I draw the shooting star.Why sit and ponder life when you can take it in your hands, grasp it tight, and never let go?”

I looked down, embarrassed.

“Why sit and wait, when you can make your own wishes come true.

—  When you wish upon a star

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hello! how do you get attention on ask blogs? i just started one and i'm not sure how to go about getting attention for it

‘ello, nony! Here’s some tips from personal experience:

  • Try to make your promo post interesting! Maybe a little introductory comic setting up how they got here, or have your character say/do something more than simply stating “askbox open!” to give viewers a taste of how you’ll interpret them, etc. There’s no problem with making more than one promo post!
  • Interact with other ask blogs! Follow other ask blogs within the same fandom; it’ll be easier to be updated with what your fandom’s ask blog community is up to, and to get promoted. Check their FAQ to see if they are okay with doing blog interactions, and/or hit them up with an ask/DM to be sure. I personally like to agree on convos via DMs beforehand so both parties have an idea of what we’ll do.
  • Be active in the beginning. Try to update every three days or at least once a week for the first few weeks - this way you’ll be a more constant presence on your followers’ dash and more easily remembered.
  • Do balance quality and quantity! With ask blogs, you don’t really have to put a lot of effort on the art - I actually advise against that. A more sketchy, quick style than your regular polished style suffices - make it quick and refreshing enough that it doesn’t take much of your time and doesn’t put much pressure on you.
  • Tag your posts efficiently to make sure they’re seen. The first five tags are the ones that will show in people’s track; the first twenty ones are the ones that will show in tumblr’s and your blog’s search. So always tag first the most popular relevant tags - like the ship name (if applicable), the character name and show name. Leave your personal organization tags for second and ooc comment tags for last.
  • Try to keep your blog as IC as possible - as in, avoid reblogging too many OOC posts. Promos are fine; fandom related stuff like fanart should be filtered down; fandom unrelated things like memes should be avoided. It’s not a rule, but people are more likely follow you and keep following you if your blog stays constant to its main theme.
  • Make your answers interesting. Show, don’t tell. Try to avoid simply having the character stand there and answer the question punctually; throw in additional thoughts and quirks, memories, a whole situation that answer the questions by itself, or a situation that ends up opening even more questions. Let’s say you get an ask like “what is Y’s greatest fear?”. You could have Y answer “my greatest fear is Y” - OR you could draw the fateful in moment in Y’s past which made their greatest fear come to be, or have their greatest fear literally barge in through the window and their reaction to it, or have them get fidgety and side eyeing a dreadful mug sitting on top of a table nearby and leave the viewer wondering “wait, what’s that all about? Is it a fear of mugs? Something that happened related to mugs?” and inevitably getting an inquiring ask. Make it engaging!
  • ALWAYS! GO FOR! MAKING IT! ENGAGING! What makes YOUR interpretation of Y different than others, aside from your art style? Make it so if non followers see your post reblogged by someone, they don’t just go “oh this is nice art of Y”, they go “what’s going on here?? What’s the story?”. Make people want to check out your blog to see more posts. You don’t need to have an underlying plot going on (though that really works and is pretty fun to work with), but DO try to string some of your posts with one another in some way. Make a consistent characterization for them. Create running gags, small little inner jokes between you and the audience. Create something that’s unique to your take on Y.
  • If your askbox is empty or none of the few current asks really inspires you, it’s fine to send yourself a couple anons! No one will know! ;P

I think I sidetracked a little bit but that’s what I got on getting ask blog visibility! If you’re curious to know how it went for me when I first started, I was lucky to have about 3k+ (4k+? Don’t remember) followers this blog when I started promoting the ask blog. I was also lucky to pick two super niche characters who had very little content for them on tumblr, so the character sheet I did to promote them got a lot more attention than the actual ask blog promo. And finally, I was on a break from university to recover from two surgery procedures on my lung (the second one was urgent and actually happened after I created the blog!) so I had a lot of time to spend at home working on long and frequent posts, which helped me gathering interest. With that I got a good starting kick, and started to update my blog every saturday, with each post being previously planned and scripted based of the accumulating asks I got! Sadly it’s been a while I can’t afford to update weekly anymore, but I’m still as pumped to keep telling the story I have been working up for over a year now.

Also! If you’re a BNHA blog and I didn’t promo you yet on @ask-protoheroes, don’t be afraid to hit me up with an ask or DM and I’ll gladly promo you! I recommend you do it on my main since I’m logged in on here more often!

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Hi!!! I love love your writing! I even have notifications for you hehe, please can you write something about Scully or Mulder trying to date another people after the break up pre revival and failing miserably? PLEASE! Por favor!

My greatest apologies for completely derailing the prompt.

With a backdrop of red brick and early-evening dusk, she’s exquisite.

He can’t tell if it’s the separation that’s getting to him or if the blue wrap dress she’s wearing does, in fact, hug her curves in luxurious ways; however, he knows for certain that the phone in her hands is new, one of those Apple ones he’ll never be able to figure out. Though her wrists are empty save for a watch, she’s still wearing that cross around her neck, a pair of gold studs he gave her on her ears. Maybe she’s trying to send a message, he thinks but then dismisses; at this point, he doubts that any of the jewelry she owns isn’t in some way associated with him.

After fifty days without contact - not that he counted - she called him in the evening, asked if he’d like to go to dinner in Alexandria sometime. Of course, he said yes immediately, no need to furrow out a place in his nonexistent schedule, so she asked how that Wednesday would work. In the middle of the week after she got out of work, the date and time were clearly a ploy, an implied this is not intended to be romantic; though he figures she wants to discuss something financial or equally objective over mediocre-to-good Italian food, he momentarily forgets that, instead traces the line of her hipbone with his gaze. She looks thinner, but he’s not sure as to what that could mean, as to whether or not that’s a good thing.

When she looks up, he downplays his reaction, pretends that he hadn’t spent two hours deciding on which blazer-jacket to wear. For a second, she eyes his tie, the grey one she bought him long ago; though he doesn’t express it externally, he’s smug that he picked a reactionary one.

“Hey,” she says, and her voice alone makes him feel as though he’s about to stumble. “I was just about to text you.”

He’s late; that’s why. Unfortunately, she’s shivering as he reaches her, the winter air calling for a coat she doesn’t have on right now.

“I already have a table,” she says, pointing inside. “I thought you might’ve gotten lost.”

No, he hadn’t, but he was never good at showing up on time, takes a deep breath as he understands that she’s forgotten that.

“Shall we?” he asks, motioning toward the restaurant’s door.

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“You saw my thoughts as an inconvenience. My habit of ranking every aspect of my life according to priority unmanned you so terribly because you feared someday you’d find yourself at the bottom of the list. Yes, I have a tendency to over-calculate every situation. Yes, there are hundreds of notes on my phone all comprised of excess thoughts. I make a list of my postponed ambitions, keep a record of the pieces and crumbs I’ve picked up throughout my days. Yes, I think a lot, profoundly and without fail. But my thoughts are the bullets in my infallible weapon. I take a shot and I never miss. I’m not sorry if my thoughts were too loud for your fragile ears. I’m not sorry for my actions, for letting you go, for giving you one taste of rejection in a world that is far crueler than me.
I think a lot and I take pride in my ability to precisely come to a conclusion. That is how I make my way in the world. That is how I stay winning.”

  • gemini: do you ever wonder whether you'll find someone you can completely open up to that'll stay?
  • virgo: yeah, but I feel like I could never truly open up to anybody or make them stay, I feel like I'm too much to handle
  • gemini: true, but maybe someday you'll find someone who can handle you
  • virgo: that's the day you'll find someone who'll stay and you can open up to
  • gemini: I'll handle you if you stay
  • virgo: I'll always stay if you can handle me

I’m just going to imagine there was a scene when the family was gently taking Stan through his memories and helping him remember, and they get to the part where he stopped Bill.

And they explain how brave and daring he was, but none of them know exactly what happened in Stan’s mind, so they don’t know the conversation he had with Bill.

But Stan does, and he smiles when he starts to remember, that same resigned but happy smile right before the flames consumed him, and he repeats, without really considering it all,

“Heh. Guess I was good for something after all.”

Everyone pauses and looks at him, so very concerned, and Stan blinks, confused because he know that’s how it happened - at least, he thinks he knows.

He feels a hand on his shoulder, a six-fingered grip that’s slowly starting to become familiar once more, and it turns him towards a face that he recognizes as his own but the only name he can put to it is Ford.

Ford says, very carefully, like he’s holding something back a whole whirlwind of emotion, “Don’t. Say that, Stanley. Don’t ever THINK that. You didn’t need to sacrifice yourself to become good. You were already good, just the way you are.”

Mabel and Dipper nod emphatically, curling closer to him. Soos lays his head on Stan’s.

Stan frowns, puzzled. “But that’s how I remember it,” he insists, quietly.

Ford smiles at him, and it’s a sad smile, but with an edge of hope.

“Well, your memory’s a little wrong in some ways,” he tells Stan firmly, winding an arm around his shoulders, tugging him near because he’s not ready to relinquish what he so nearly lost, not even to his brother’s own inner demons. “But don’t worry. We’ll help you fix that. We are your family, after all.”

And Stan, while he’s not quite sure of anything at the moment, feels positive that that’s true.