i'll make it public this time

  • In the Heights: started when he was 19 (1999) and it was in 2005 that it opened first in Waterford. 6 YEARS, Keep in mind that during these 6 years he was in college and teaching, little stuff on Television and doing stuff other than writing a musical it was more like a passionate hobby than a profession for a long time and it probably was not 100% dedication. 3 Tonys and a Grammy came from this 2 hour and 25 minute show.
  • 21 Chump Street: 8 days. 8 days. (14 minute run time give or take.)
  • Hamilton: was inspired and began July 2008, January 2015 it hit Public Theatre as Off-Broadway and finalized and on Broadway August 2015. 7 years in the making and I'll get back to you when this 2 hours 45 minute show is done being nominated and awarded for stuff.
send me a ship with a heart and i'll tell you...
  • ❤: who is more affectionate in public? in private?
  • ♡: who is the bigger romantic openly? secretly?
  • ❥: who is more likely to plan something big for valentine's day?
  • ღ: who is more likely to initiate hand-holding in public?
  • 💕: who is more likely to make huge declarations of love in front of other people?
  • 💘: who developed a crush on the other first?
  • 💝: who spends more time (possibly overthinking) what presents to get the other?
  • 💓: who initiates most physical contact?
  • 💌: who is more likely to send cutesy texts to the other?
  • 💟: who spends time reading their zodiac compatibilities?
  • 💙: who is more protective?
  • 💚: who tends to get sick more often? who is better at taking care of the other?
  • 💜: who said "i love you" first? or, if neither has said it yet, who is more likely to say it first?
  • 💛: who believes in soulmates?
Draco's first sorry (Hermione's phone record #1)
  • Hermione: Hell-
  • Draco: AT LAST!! Finally decided to end this little war aren't you?
  • Hermione: No. Because You are annoying! You call me fifteen times every ten minutes in the last six hours like some kind of a lunatic! What do you want?
  • Draco: where the hell are you? Why aren't you going home?
  • Hermione: Don't feel like it
  • Draco: Come home. I'm Starving. Make me some food.
  • Hermione: You have house elves! Ask Rufus to cook for you. He knows the recipe I taught him.
  • Draco: Yes he knows but it's not even human enough to eat. the meat is still raw, the vegetables are burned, yours tasted better than him. I want muggle food.
  • Hermione: Just buy it somewhere
  • Draco: It's Freezing outside! I can't find my favorite black coat.
  • Hermione: Your Coats are all black Draco. You have 3 more coats exactly the same models, I tailored them for you last week. Wear another one. It's on the left row.
  • Draco: Well, I can't drive. How am I suppose to eat?
  • Hermione: Have it delivered to the manor. I stick your favorite place's number on the refrigerator. Call them. Said it's on behalf of Hermione Malfoy. They know the usual order already.
  • Draco: Are you always this prepared?
  • Hermione: I got to go. I'm hang-
  • Draco: NO! NO NO NO!! WAIT! Don't hang up! I'm Sorry. Please come home, Mione.
  • Hermione: ....
  • Draco: Listen, I'm sorry I underestimate your job. I'll take out the trash, I'll clean the bathroom muggle way, I'll buy the groceries I'd do anything you want me to. Just come home, please.
  • Hermione: Said it again
  • Draco: .....
  • Hermione: Fine, Good B-
  • Draco: Geez OKAY OKAY I'M SORRY! I'm sorry.
  • Hermione: Apology accepted! And promise me you'll talk to Scorpius not to use "Father will hear about this" every time I send him out for an errand when he came home.
  • Draco: I promise. Pinky Swear.
  • Hermione: Alright then. I'll be home in five.
  • Draco: Thank god! okay, see you at home love
  • Hermione: Oh and Draco? You know I wouldn't leave you or Scorp or Jax alone without making sure your well beings first right? I might not be a ministry of magic anymore, but being your wife and mum are jobs that I will never quit. It's not fancy; little publicity and appreciation, lots of hard work and patience but it's worth every second. Thank you for giving me this honor.
  • Draco: anytime, love. Hurry, I'm starving. love you.
  • Public: I can't wait for Rihanna's new album full of hits and electronic music
  • Rihanna: you know what? fuck you this is my most personal record and I'll party and get personal.
  • Public: I can't wait for Beyoncé's album full of twerking and hip-hop and party.
  • Beyoncé: you know what? fuck you, here, have my soul and the life of a real african-American woman and a real family suffering.
  • Public: I can't wait for Britney's new album she's gonna give us old school Brit and hits, she's gonna be back to the clubs.
  • Britney: you know what? Fuck you im gonna take my time to make a quality full body album with good vocals and fun music for me and my fans.
  • Public: I can't wait for Gaga's album and forget Artpop, I bet she's gonna slay every pop artist and be back at the top charts.
  • Gaga: you know what? Fuck you this is my most personal album and I'm doing something different again, this is my real life and my real voice.
  • Let's appreciate for a moment these talented women who once ruled the charts and now are doing art for the sake of art; and they're better than ever, off or on the charts.

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Do you have any general tips about becoming an inmate's pen pal? Any basic rules or regulations I should know about/stick to? I'll be starting for the first time in the next year or so and I wanna make sure I go about the entire process in the correct way. 😊

As a general rule, don’t think because their info is public that their story is too. Don’t ask questions about their case/crime (not in the first letters at least), let them talk about it when/if they feel like it.
Don’t write to several inmates in the same facility - unless you verify with them that it’s fine.
Don’t write co-defendants.
Be at least 18. Be honest, be yourself, be straightforward about what you have to offer.
Don’t send money right away, but helping out with the stamps is a nice gesture (send stamps for the replies on Jpay, and ask if you can send some by regular mail first because it’s not allowed everywhere).
Always write your return address on the envelope (left corner). Check out the mail rules for that prison and respect them (send a letter in blue or black ink on regular white paper first, and ask your pen pal what you can send or not).

That’s what comes to mind, I might add to this post later…
Write to someone you feel you could have great conversations with and simply introduce yourself. 😊

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Could you maybe do some 2p Japan dating headcanons please? I'll love you forever

hey friendo, I’ve already done Japan’s dating headcanons a few times! you can check them out under the japan boyfriend headcanons tag

i’ll spare you a few more, though ;)

  • kuro likes working with mechanics, especially smaller things. so if you need something fixed, he’s y’guy
  • he doesn’t like celebrating his birthday, but he likes to get gifts, so you always buy him something to piss him off
  • there is no way in hell the two of you would ever be seen together in public if he wasn’t protectively scowling
    - if you’re not into PDA you’re going to have to make it very clear
  • for some reason he thinks rain gear if very cute, so if you were wearing the traditional yellow poncho and boots (even if you’re 7′ and built like a tank) he’d think it’s the cutest thing ever
    - not that he would ever say it out loud
  • the man likes popsicles, what can he say. he would be honoured to share the kind that break into to halves with you <3 (he might end up with yours as well, just sayin’)

rohver  asked:

your happy stimming comic made me so happy!!! i'm autistic and when i was younger i would flap my hands in excitement or when i was really happy!!! especially when i did something i was proud of!!! nowadays i don't do it anymore, moreso in public, but from time to time when i'm by myself and drawing i'll do it!!! it just makes me happy to see such a light-hearted and happy comic about something i can relate to!!! your art is so lovely!!! <3

!! this is so cute!! ahh Im glad thank you so much <3 <3

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I haven't seen the photo yet (though I'm positive it'll be "leaked" to the general public shortly as it always is) but I'll say this: For all of you who have a husband or SO with very short hair, how likely is it that your SO's hair would grow out in a week's time? Two weeks' time? Is he a Chia Pet?! My husband's hair grows out so quickly he makes appointments to get it cut every 4-5 wks & it wouldn't come close to being "tucked behind his ears" in even THAT amount of time. OLD PHOTO, new games.

It’s already been leaked, posted to a Facebook group this morning, but it doesn’t seem to be making the rounds widely yet.
I agree about the hair, and Sam’s seems to grow fairly slowly too-it took him most of the first half of season one to get it going for a good Jamie look.
Old pic, and not even really a new game, either.

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If you ever plan to make Happy Inc an official project and need money for the production (like an official comic book/animation/VIDEOGAME??? but you also have to pay for food in the meantime), I'll support you! I'll spread the word and try to donate as much as I can afford too. Also, you should make a Patreon. c: Your art is rad. Okay, bye!

Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh THANK YOU SO MUCH, jwiesner ~!!!

Yeh, I’m thinking making it into an official project.  And if that’s possible, I hope comic book, animation and game can all be made out in the future. ˊuˋ  But it should take a lots of time. 

I have an Patreon account but I haven’t opened it public because I don’t have an official project doing right now. I need to search more info about how to use it since I don’t really know what to give my supporters. lol  

And I think I should focus on a graduation project now. Me and my teammates are going to make a mini rpg game about urban legend monster in Taiwan. :D

I’ll still draw some ideas of Happy Inc. but it won’t be that frequent when I start doing the graduation thing. lol  

here’s a testing sprite of the yellow rain coat guy. :“D  I think I’ll make it more refine in the final game. 

this is prolly like a rich ppl stereotype but also?? idc I headcanon that nathan knows how to play the piano. like when he was little the prescotts were like “ye it’s a ‘sophisticated’ instrument” so they got him private lessons since like forever

and he hates it and it’s mostly a secret that he even knows how to play because it isn’t cool. he only kept it up for so long bcuz his dad liked it

BUT ALSO HIS DAD LIKED IT so when his family hosted those rich ppl parties (like buttering some other rich guy up in order to close a business deal or just to boost their public image) sean makes nathan play in front of everyone as entertainment/background noise, but anyone with a brain an tell it’s just him saying “idk what y’all’ve heard but check this shit out my son is not crazy he’s a responsible young adult who plays the piano!” without actually saying it

meanwhile nathan is literally just

Dirty Realities of Cohabitation Domesticity Meme

Send me a ship and I’ll answer these questions:

1. What habits does each have that the other hates?

2. What arbitrary rules do they enforce on each other? (direction the toilet paper, color of hand soap, how to set the table, etc.)

3. What slight from years ago do they bring up against each other in fights when it starts getting ugly?

4. In what ways do they let themselves go?

5. How do their parenting styles conflict? If they don’t have children, do they argue about that? If neither wants children, how do their pet training styles conflict?

6. What do they do that embarrasses each other (preferably in public)?

7. What do they do that makes the other jealous?

8. When was the last time they almost broke up? What was it over?

i’ve decided to modify my exercise routine- running for 33 minutes sucks, and it makes me feel terrible and wastes my time- so i’m just going to add a few muscle-building exercises and cut out the aerobic stuff, and also not diet anymore, thank christ. i’m happy with where my weight’s at right now- i just got under 170, so what i’m going to do is switch to the shorter, heavier workout until i get back up to 180, then go back to aerobic stuff until i’m back down to 170. make a cycle of it.

tfw you really wanna distance yourself from people that interact with certain individual(s)

but you’d rather not namedrop or make a public announcement cuz you don’t wanna start any Drama™, but at the same time you don’t want to be the kind of jerk that just randomly ghosts people without an explanation either.

After the first time you kissed me, I stood there in shock, watching your triumphant gait as you marched off in the other direction.
Do you remember the first time we kissed? Because this story’s not the same. This time we were not in public, yet still managed to draw a larger crowd. This time, you didn’t take me by surprise, but I rather guided every motion in affectionate assurance. This time, you did not stop to make a quick getaway, but only briefly to help me regain my balance.
Who knew that feeling so weak in someone else’s arms could feel empowering?
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #196 // Grazia Curcuru
Day 7 - Sledding (30 Day Winter Challenge)

I’ll be the first to say that I bullshit my way through this, but I hope someone will get some enjoyment out of this.

(Nico di Angelo/Will Solace)

Getting out of bed had been a mistake.

And he knew this because he woke up from his three hours of sleep because of a call from Jason. Now, they usually weren’t bad, but Jason sounded slightly panicked and pleading.

Which meant Percy had had another brilliant idea and was dragging all of his friends into it.

“C’mon, Neeks. It’s sledding. It’s fun!” Nico could hear Percy yelling in the background of the call.

“Tell him I told him to fuck off,” Nico told Jason. “For waking me up this early to do a sport.”

Percy said something in the background.

“Percy says he’ll buy you McDonald’s.” Jason informed him.

Ha! So that’s how it was, uh? Bribery. Pfft. As if that was going to work.

“You little shits.” He told them to make sure they knew he wasn’t that easy. “Where do I meet you and when?”

The Fort Greene Park was full of people and loud, and Nico regretted joining them immediately.

“Where’s my stuff?” He mumbled to Percy, hands in the pockets of his parka and sunglasses to protect him from all that brightness.

“Jesus, Dracula the Third. Have some fun! Lose the scowl, will you?” Percy cheered.

Nico scowled at him.

“Okay.” Percy said with a roll of his eyes, his breath foggy. “At least join us in the sledding!”

Percy didn’t wait for an answer, grabbing him by the wrist and dragging him to the bottom of a small hill which was all covered in snow and with people already sledding. Children shouted, as usual, and parents all laughed or yelled even louder than them.

Nico missed his bed. The silence and dimness of his own room…

“Watch out!” Someone shouted, and before Nico could even process that he was hit by something at high speed.

The world tilted for a moment and he seemed to be weightless, like he was floating, the white of the snow making his eyes hurt due to the sudden loss of his sunglasses. But it all only lasted for a second before two arms enveloped his waist and he found himself on the floor, sitting on something.

Or rather… someone?

“Jesus Christ.” Someone — a man — whispered beside him, way too close. “A-are you okay? I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you—”

“No shit.” Nico mumbled, still slightly dizzy. Someone was screaming.

“Which is weird, considering you’re all in black…” He babbled on, and Nico had just about enough of him.

Until he looked up and took a good look at the stranger’s face.

What he saw was freckles. Freckles everywhere and blue eyes full of concern staring back at him. His blond, curly hair was shiny, catching his attention amidst this opaque winter.

And Nico was sitting on his lap.

Behind the man, Percy and Jason were running toward him, visibly desperate, but Nico made a motion for them to go away and not bother with him (he was more than fine), and soon returned his attention to the stranger, raising an eyebrow at him.


“I—I’m s-sorry. I— Is there any way I can make it up to you somehow?” The man stuttered. “I-I’m a doctor. I can check you up, if you want. See if you hit your head or something…”

“I’m fine.”

“I insist.” He said in a firmer tone, staring straight into Nico’s eyes. Then he smiled a little, narrowing his eyes in a teasing way. “Doctor’s orders.”

Good God.

“Are you… flirting with me or something?” Nico said without thinking, hoping he didn’t sound as pathetically hopeful as he felt.

The man tilted his head, his features saturated with surprise — followed by confusion. He gulped, and Nico wished he could say he didn’t accompany the movement with interest.

Look, he was in a hot guy’s lap, okay? When was the last time this had happened?

Far too long ago, that’s when.

“Uh…” He licked his lips. “No? I’m really a doctor.”

For some reason, that made Nico even more annoyed. This really wasn’t the day for his flirting to go this wrong.

But then again, the day was already so bad this didn’t even come as a surprise. Ugh.

“And— wouldn’t you like to?” He asked, his tiredness seeping through his voice.

The man frowned, alarmed, and looked around himself as if looking for an explanation.

“To… flirt with you?”

“You know what, never mind. I’m just being plain stupid today.”

“No, wait, uh—” The man grabbed his wrist as Nico prepared to stand up. “L-let’s restart. I’m Will Solace.”

Nico hesitated before finally accepting today was bound to be weird and shook the hand Will Solace was offering.

Will Solace. Even his name was nice.

Fuck him.

“Nico di Angelo.”

“Di Angelo? Where is that from?”


Will’s eyes lighted up, his posture suddenly going straight with interest.

“Seriously? I’ve always wanted to go there. Well, I’ve always wanted to visit everywhere, but Italy sounds calm and charming and rich with history.”

Nico smiled at him before his sense of reason could stop him.

“Well, I might take you there someday.”

Will smiled back, his cheeks seemingly deepening in color, the rose now vivid.

Well, maybe you should take me out for coffee first.”

Fucking finally.

Nico nodded, giving him a knowing look, and Will’s smile turned shy.

“Was that good?”

“Oh, it was perfect.” Nico praised, finally getting out of Will’s lap and helping him stand up as well.

“I have to say this was the most awkward conversation I’ve ever had.” Will mumbled, scratching the back of his head while Nico dusted the snow off his clothes.

“Same. But here’s my phone. Put your number on it and we’ll set something up.”

Will did, and somehow he was still blushing by the time he gave Nico’s phone back.

Oh, Nico would have a lot of fun with him.

“Thanks, Doc.” He winked, and for a moment delighted himself with the sight of Will’s jaw dropping although no words left his mouth.

Then he turned and walked away.

He guessed no ordinary day could be bad enough that it couldn’t be improved by a hot guy’s phone number.

He’d make good use of it.

*whispers* Joke’s on Nico… He’s gonna fall so hard for this shy sunshine boy. Plot twist, Will is the one to whisper dirty things in Nico’s ear and turn him on in the worst times and in the most public places and Nico loves him. Will is interesting and funny and lets Nico be with his dark emo done-with-the-world aesthetic because guess what?? Will loves him too!!! They adopt three dogs and their morning paper is the old senior dog sanctuary page on facebook

We didn’t call each other every day or text twenty-four seven. We didn’t buy each other things all the time or always hold hands in public. But that didn’t make it any less real. You see, we didn’t feel the need to show the world our feelings, because our love was ours only. It was between us, something special. He loved me and I loved him. We didn’t need to remind each other that all the time…we just knew.

he held my hand, running his thumb across my knuckles as we spoke.

‘i need to tell you something.’

my breathe caught in my throat as i looked at him, anticipating the words i thought he’d say.

'i’ve fallen out of love.’ he said, 'i’m sorry, it’s not you, it’s me.’

i stood up, gathering my courage, 'no.’

'no, what?’ his thick eyebrows furrowed.

'it is me. it’s the way my hair isn’t as curled as hers and how my lipgloss made my lips too slick. it’s how i tap my fingers repeatedly against the table when i think even though i know it drives you insane. it’s how i leave the tap dripping and the way i never clear my dishes from beside my bed. it’s the way i cling to you in public because you make me feel protected and the way i end up on your side of the bed because i seek your warmth.’

he looked at me confusedly.

i kissed his lips one last time and as i walked through the door said, 'i’m sorry. it’s not you, it’s me.’

—  A.N - an excerpt from a book i’ll never write
Drunk Hinata-nyan!
  • Hina: Naruto-kuuuuuun~!
  • Naru: Hai, Hinata?
  • Hina: You're Naaaruuuutooo-kuuuuun~!
  • Naru: Yes, Hinata, I am Naruto-kun.
  • Hina: You're mah husbando.
  • Naru: Yes, I am.
  • Hina: You have a cute butt, Naruto-kuuuun!
  • Naru: Yes, I do.
  • Hina: I've seen your booty SO MANY TIMES, Naruto-kun!
  • Naru: I-I.... Ahaha, I know.
  • Hina: -snuggles him- I really like your butt, Naruto-kun.
  • Naru: I like your butt, too, Hinata-nyan. How about we go home and you get into bed?
  • Hina: Awwww~ -pouts-
  • -Naru throws her over his shoulder-
  • Naru: I'll make you breakfast in the morning, so you don't have to hurt your head too--! HINATA-NYAN, PLEASE DON'T GROPE MY BUTT IN PUBLIC.
  • Hina: -snickers with both hands on Naru's butt-

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Im scared if one day I see you, I'll come up to you & ask for a hug and picture and you'll say no ):

That happened like 4 times yesterday and I said yes every time.

Please please say hi. The fact that people like me enough to come up to me in public makes all of this craziness worthwhile.