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sweet creature


after being overseas for six years, bucky is struggling to adjust. being home after an honorable discharge isn’t as easy as the movies make it seem, but could you and your child be the key to bucky’s happiness?

pairing: bucky x reader

word count: ~10K 

warnings: angst, children, mentions of abandonment, nightmares, mentions of PTSD, mentions of guilt, mostly fluff, happy ending

a/n: this is for @bionic-buckyb‘s 5K AU writing challenge. my prompt was number 18 (“I’m such an idiot. I made the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.”), and i may have gone a bit overboard (like way overboard) but. oh well. i hope you guys like it! 

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paxthefox  asked:

How do I write a badass fight scene? I’m having so so much trouble please help. Thank you, I love you. 🖤

I was BORN to write this post.

Listen.  I know how you feel.  Fight scenes are so, so hard to get right, but they happen to be one of those things I really love and am really good at writing, so…you came to the right person?  Maybe?  That’s a hard maybe because I’ll have to see if I can put my process into words.

That said, let’s try to break this down.

Now the two things I think that make fight scenes hard to write is because A) you are describing almost every movement your two (or more) characters are executing and B) it’s hard to do that in a succinct and exciting manner without boring your reader.  I think if you can do them right, though, then you have your reader on the edge of their seat, able to visualize each manoeuvre with the same clarity that you did.

  • Before you even start writing, have one or two manoeuvres that you want to include.  Use those to try and build the scene in your head beforehand.  A good 30% of the scene I come up with as I write, but it comes easily as I write from one point to another.
  • When you get to the writing itself, try to vary the sentence length, leaning towards shorter sentences*.  It gives the illusion of a fast moving scene and it forces you to get across what’s happening without being too wordy.
    • *This can also be achieved with liberal use of commas and semi-colons!  (ex. “She blocked with her blade, angled the weapon, and shot” or “ She cocked her gun, shot again” or “Pop, hiss, a beam of light cut through the cloud beside her.  Screams followed, then cut short; her team had not escaped.”)
  • Try to use short words as well.  At the same time, though, don’t get repetitive.  Each sentence should be unique.
    • Important: don’t let grammar rules hold you back.  If that sentence fragment helps your flow, then who’s gonna stop you from using it?
  • To help keep fight scenes interesting, show your character’s personality.  You don’t have to have banter (although if your character is the type for it, I highly encourage you add some in because it makes for a lot of fun!) but have your character show who they are in how they fight.
    • Spiderman’s fights are a GREAT example of this.
  • Another thing to keep in mind: you should put a lot of thought into HOW your character fights and with what.  Does your character use guns?  Fists?  Knives?  Are they afraid to get hit and avoid it at all costs, or do they take blows with ease and fight on regardless?  Are they cocky and thoughtless?  Careful and intelligent?  How do they feel about the fight?  Are they confident about winning, or unsure?  Is this a serious fight for them, just another day at work, or something they find fun?  These questions can help make your scene unique and interesting instead of something your reader skips over with a yawn.
    • Additionally, keep your characters’ strengths and weaknesses in mind while they’re facing down.  Depending on their fight style, your character might be poorly matched up, lending to a losing battle.
    • Example: While I was going over why I couldn’t come up with material for a certain fight scene, I discovered that the problem was that my one character is a solo fighter by virtue of her abilities, and in this particular fight scene she was supposed to fight something with an ally.  There was no way they could fight side by side without it being a disaster, so I had to re-work the entire scene.
  • Use your environment!  Get your fighter to throw sand in their opponent’s eyes, smash plates over their head, stab them with a pencil (I’ll never forget that scene in John Wick (both movies have GOOD GOOD fight scenes, check it out!)).
  • Try not to make the fight too long.  If your characters are humans without any special enhancements, then they aren’t going to be able to fight for too long before they are in serious need of a break, ESPECIALLY if they’re accumulating injuries.  Keep within the realms of reality; your readers will only suspend their disbelief for so long.
    • I highly recommend you check out the fight scenes from Atomic Blonde.  The fighters become EXHAUSTED and it gives the scene a delicious atmosphere of desperation as they try to take the other down while being on the verge of collapse.
  • Look at reference.  Whether you’re looking up sparring matches on Youtube or even watching fight scenes from movies (yes, I know, not usually realistic but still fun to watch!) anything goes, really.  Make sure you have the specs of any weaponry in use.  If your character is using bullets, MAKE THEM RELOAD.  That pause can be used as a life or death moment AND it keeps things realistic!  Really spices things up.
    • John Wick reloaded.  Not all the time, but like…enough to make it interesting.  I really like the John Wick movies.
  • Now that you have your fight scene and you’re happy with it, make sure you edit.  If you’re anything like me, your fight scene will go through a bunch of minor changes, adding in dialogue or removing and fixing confusing and vague sentences.
  • Which brings me to my final point: you need to wait.  Once you’re content with your scene, let it sit for a few weeks to a few months.  Yeah, that long.  Let it fade from your mind.  Don’t even think about it!
  • And then, when you finally re-read it, you’ll have forgotten your intention with the scene and actions.  Go through and fix the parts that are vague or confuse you; if YOU can’t figure out what you were trying to do there, chances are your readers won’t either.  Even if you figure it out after puzzling for a few seconds, that’s enough to pull your reader from the action and that won’t do.  FIX IT.

Aaaand that’s all that I can come up with at the top of my head, but if you want specifics about something or another, shoot me another ask and I’ll talk about it more.

EDIT: Also wanna add: music!  I usually listen to badass instrumental songs while I’m working.  Really gets you in the mood.


        100 lyric starters taken from ‘wild world’ by bastille. change pronouns/sentence structure if necessary!


❝ so, what would you little maniacs like to do first? ❞
❝ what’s gunna be left of the world when you’re not in it? ❞
❝ every minute and every hour i miss you more ❞
❝ if you want to be a party animal you have to learn to live in the jungle ❞
❝ stop worrying and go and get dressed ❞
❝ you might have to excuse me, i’ve lost control of all of my senses ❞


❝ think about the power of your words ❞
❝ oh my god, i can’t quite believe my ears ❞
❝ you’re making me feel nervous ❞
❝ i need to clear my head ❞
❝ how can you think you’re serious? ❞
❝ do you even know what year it is? ❞


❝ kind of hoping this will turn me round ❞
❝ and now it follows me every day ❞
❝ it caught me by surprise ❞
❝ my back’s up against the wall ❞
❝ i feel guilty ❞


❝ never good, just the bad and the ugly ❞
❝ nothing quite like seeing the world through the tv’s window ❞
❝ i can’t stop thinking about it ❞
❝ tell me, did you see the news tonight? ❞
❝ hold me in this wild, wild world ❞


❝ did you ever feel like they were ringing true? ❞
❝ not everything had gone to plan ❞
❝ we made the best of what we had, you know ❞
❝ all their words were glory ❞
❝ stop looking up for heaven ❞

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screamingwind281  asked:

Can you do a headcannon of the daily struggles BH would have if he were suddenly turned human?

So this accidentally turned into a somewhat fic. I don’t know what to call this haha. Some pieces of dialogue came to me so I wrote them. I hope that’s okay!  I’m so sorry if you’re on the app this is going to be a long scroll.

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Even if it’s just pretend

(Yes that is a Taylor Swift lyric, from Wildest Dreams)

For @carryon-countdown prompt: Angst

This is something that I wrote months and months ago, but I wasn’t happy with it so I didn’t post it. Lately I’ve started this fantastic new habit where if I don’t like something, I actually go back and make it better rather than pretending it doesn’t exist (very shocking much wow I know).

It’s based on this quote from page 382-383 of Carry On – ‘I came back because I was afraid of what might happen if I didn’t. Baz might just pretend that nothing had ever happened between us. He’d make me feel like I dreamt this whole thing – like I was a maniac and a moron for believing he’d ever felt something for me.’

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resbang 2016: Wanna Be Yours

Finally! My second resbang is done! 

I wanna thank my incredible artist partner @fuzzyfur455 who has been so patient with me these last few months as well as so supportive. I had so much fun working with her on this fic and sharing ideas and such, and I’m so appreciative for everything she did. Seriously, all my thanks goes to her. If it weren’t for her having my back, I probably wouldn’t have gotten through this fic.


Can you show me how to kiss someone?

It starts out as a simple request, but the one after it leaves Maka in a sexual mess she wasn’t expecting. The sex was meant to help her get over Soul. Not dig herself deeper into a hole and only make her love him even more. Friends With Benefits AU.

Warnings: explicit sexual content, mutual pining, denial of feelings, smut with a plot, fluff too

Rating: M

Maka makes a mental note to never trust Liz again.

Especially when it comes to blind dates.

Stabbing at her salad, she nods as her date goes on and on about his travels to third world countries, an attribute that’s wholly attractive. She always did find humbleness and charity an appeasing quality in a man, but this man lacks the former of the two. All he’s talked about for the last thirty minutes is himself and all the noble deeds he’s done for the less fortunate; he hasn’t asked a single question about her. It’s been all about him, him, him.

She prides herself in the ability to know when someone isn’t genuine, and her date falls under the category. Every red flag in her mind has been flashing since he started talking. Since she first sat down and heard him speak. The egotism had been oozing off him when they first met, and she has no idea how Liz thinks this guy is right for her. His only reason for doing so much is so he has the chance to gloat to unsuspecting girls on the off chance he’ll get lucky.

Unlucky for him, though, Maka isn’t dense.

“And then I went to–”

The Cantina Band song from Star Wars cuts him off and Maka jumps to dig for her phone, giving him an apologetic smile in the process while internally thanking every god in existence for the distraction.

“Sorry. I guess I forgot to put it on silent.” She pauses to look at the name on the screen even though she knows perfectly well who it is. “I’m sorry, but I really need to answer this.”

“Yeah, sure,” her date duly says, the charm and charisma disappearing in an instant as he leans back in his chair and pouts like a child. “I’ll stay here.”

“It won’t take more than a minute,” she promises.

Standing from her chair, she heads to the bathrooms.

“Thank you so much for calling,” she says once she’s out of earshot of her date. “Now I can finally leave this horrid date.”

“You owe me for this,” Soul growls on the other end.

Read the rest on FFN or AO3.
Check out Fuzzy’s art here and here (nsfw).

anonymous asked:

So I'm guessing it's a necessary thing to use like calcium? I feel bad cause I didn't know and they haven't been taking it (and mine are also adopted and I don't think the previous owners had it either). I'll start it ASAP but do you think they'll be alright?

Yes.  Calcium is absolutely vital and you should start supplementing with calcium/calcium+D3 ASAP.  I can’t say if your reptile will be ok or not; I’m not a vet and, even if I was, I’d need to personally examine the animal before making any diagnosis.  A vet visit is your best bet, so you can know the severity of your pet’s metabolic bone disease and the proper steps in treating it.

Thanks for sending this in; this is actually a topic I feel we don’t talk about in enough detail.  People quote “you need twice as much calcium as phosphorus!” without understanding what this actually entails and WHY it’s important.  


[edit so i can’t do cuts in ask, woops, but anyway beyond here we GET INTO A SCIENCE)

Relationship to Phosphorus aka “Why are we talking about a non-calcium thing when we’re trying to talk about calcium?”

Ok, so the first step to understanding the importance of calcium is to talk about bones.  First step in THAT is to stop thinking about bones as fixed.  They’re not an unchanging system; they’re constantly in flux, always either releasing or absorbing calcium as necessary, normally in relation to how much calcium is in the serum around bones.  When there’s not enough calcium in the serum, bone releases some.  When there’s a lot of calcium just floating around, bones are able to use it.

Bones themselves are made of calcium phosphate.  In order to form calcium phosphate, a phosphorus molecule needs to attach itself to one calcium molecule.  Thus bone is born! But wait.  We need calcium for ALL KINDS OF STUFF in the body!  It’s used to moderate the heart rate, the nervous system, the absorption of OTHER minerals… so the bones start worrying and will RELEASE calcium from themselves, which eventually makes them all spongy and fragile.  This eventually leads to a form of MBD (metabolic bone disease).  Yes, there are different types of MBD (more on that in a bit).  This particular one is called Osteomalacia and is the most common in reptiles.

I’d  like to make it clear that phosphorus is not bad; we shouldn’t try to eliminate that from a reptile’s diet, since it plays important parts in almost all of a body’s processes. The best thing we can do is make sure a reptile has plenty of calcium to spare.

With this in mind, the best ratio of calcium to phosphorus is 2:1.  We need twice as much calcium as phosphorus in our reptiles’ diets (with the notable exception of snakes; their meals are naturally very high in calcium, so they don’t need help.  Go, snakes!).

How do reptiles in the wild handle this?

In many different ways!  Non-basking reptiles handle it by consuming a wide variety of prey, including many that are high in calcium.  We’re talking 40 or more species PER DAY.  We simply can’t match that in captivity.  Vegetarian or omnivorous species consume many different plants.

Basking—-and non-basking, to an extent—-deal with this by sitting around in the sun and absorbing UVB rays, which helps metabolize vitamin-D3.

Vitamin D-what?

D3, D2, all sorts of D’s just flying around!  Vitamin-D3 is more properly known as cholecalciferol. It’s bound within serum protein and transported to the liver, where it’s metabolized into another form (1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol), which is actually usable by the reptile.  Reptiles who have access to UVB can make their own vitamin-D3, which has been superior to calcium D-3 that’s included within a diet (Bernard, et al).  Now that the reptile has a nice dose of vitamin-D3, it can use calcium more effectively. Basically, it helps make calcium more usable.

Honestly, the best thing is natural sunlight.  So far, we haven’t created a perfect UVB bulb.  This is actually why I suggest that animals who require a lot of UVB (tortoises come to my mind first because of their unique needs; they can’t absorb UVB through their shells and are prone to being burnt by bulbs that are placed too close to them) are kept in outdoor pens at least partially.  

But since a lot of reptiles aren’t appropriate for outdoor pens, it’s up to the owner to research their needs.  A diurnal reptile who lives in the desert is best kept with 10-12% UVB, while a reptile who’s nocturnal or lives in a thick jungle environment does better with 2-5% UVB.

UVB may not be appropriate for all reptiles.  Albino geckos, for example, may suffer eye damage. Use your knowledge.  

There’s a particular rumor going around that vitamin-D3 is ‘easily overdosed’.  I have yet to see a single substantiated case of vitamin-D3 overdose.  While it’s theoretically possible, it’s highly unlikely.  I personally have seen way more MBD cases than even POSSIBLE vitamin-D3 overdoses.  

Ok, so how much calcium, calcium-D3, and multivitamins do I use?

It strongly depends on your reptile!  Baby and juvenile reptiles require calcium with every meal, multivitamins once a week, and D3 at LEAST every other meal.  I usually give my adults calcium every other meal, multi once a week, and D3 once a week (depending on species and UVB availability).

So… what about those OTHER MBDs you mentioned?

I’m only going to touch on these because most aren’t commonly seen in reptiles.  

Osteoporosis – if you’ve lived through the 90’s, you probably remember those Got Milk commercials where they claimed milk would prevent this.  This… isn’t entirely true since true osteoporosis isn’t caused by a calcium deficiency, exactly; it’s caused by a protein deficiency and can be more accurately attributed to lack of movement.  Reptiles who are kept in extremely confining shelters are prone to this.  

This is a risk of those ‘minimum-space’ racks.  You can prevent this by providing plenty of space for reptiles to roam and lots of things for it to interact with (climbing branches, digging places, swimming areas for appropriate species, etc).  

Secondary Nutritional HyperparathyroidismThis starts when the calcium levels in the serum are too low.  The thyroid is stimulated to produce parathyroid hormone (PTH).  This in turn causes the bones to release calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin-D3. Calcium becomes more easily absorbed in the gut.  Once again, bones are robbed of calcium and there’s simply not enough calcium to replace it.

Many of these conditions are entirely preventable simply by providing the right sort of diet and UVB exposure.

Shit, I think my reptile has MBD.  What do I do?

Go to a vet.  As I said before, I’m not a vet.  I can’t diagnose or treat your pet.  If caught early, MBD IS treatable.  Some bone damage may even be reversible.  It’s treated by calcium in various forms (some forms are more easily usable than others), injections, and UVB exposure.  It’s a plan you’re best off discussing with your vet.  


Bernard, J.S., O.T. Oftendal, P.S. Barboza, M.E. Allen, S.B. Citino, D.E. Ullry and R.J. Montali. (1991) The response of vitamin D deficient green iguanas (Iguana iguana) to artificial ultraviolet light. Proc Am Vet 1991:147-150.

Frye, Fredric F. “The Importance of Calcium in Relation to Phosphorus, Especially in Folivorous Reptiles.” Nutritonal Society. Cambridge University Press, 1 Feb. 2001. Web. 21 Jan. 2017. <https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/proceedings-of-the-nutrition-society/article/div-classtitlethe-importance-of-calcium-in-relation-to-phosphorus-especially-in-folivorous-reptilesdiv/1CA93A72A18AA800D3FF9ACD2A234411>.

Center for Avian And Exotic Medicine - https://avianandexoticvets.com/metabolic-bone-disease-in-reptiles/

You were the giggles which would erupt from the corner of your lips when you heard something funny, you were those deep thoughts which would suddenly cloud up your racing mind, you were that
sweat which would run down your skin every other night, you were those tears which would unwillingly leave your eyes, you were those struggles which you made to come here. You are everything that makes you who you are today, right now.
When it comes to my view, to me you’re perfect. You’re not flawless, but flawed with perfection. You’re everything I could ever imagine. You’re an inspiration and a dream ever ready to come true. It doesn’t matter how you feel about me, all I know is I was in love when I saw you that night being happy, being thankful to everyone for everything and just being a genuine and humble human being. I felt happiness that day. I felt something very beautiful that night. And it was you. I realised I was falling in love with you.
Right now when I’m looking at you, I sum up that it will never be enough on how much I’m in love with you and how much I love you. But still I don’t mind saying this each and every time we look at each other, “Hey I don’t know why you make me so happy.. Well you’re absolutely beautiful and I’m in love with you. Okay I love you.” especially when I know you’ll just flare your nose in attempt to not laugh. But still you’ll fit into laughters and pull me closer, wrapping your arms around my frame. Lowering to my ears like every other time your voice in the form of whisper, “For the thousandth time I love you most.”

(I don’t know what got me, I got emo over Taeyong all of a sudden :’| and Idk why but the ost hit my head when i saw the live and I couldn’t stop myself from editing it and this caption I’m so dun with myself for putting this up)

After thoughts on call me by your name

I won’t be using emojis mid sentance like i know many who have enjoyed this book do because i feel that a work of such great literature deserves every word in every language and even then they cannot do it justice.

Edit: i planned on not using emojis but i see now that tumblr uses them automatically on my phone which is quite annoying and I’m going to find a way to turn that off.

Edit 2: it was emojify in tumblr labs which i forgot i turned on, please excuse my ignorance and stupidity but i hope my views still hold value, if they indeed ever did.

Excuse my poetic tone but as a budding writer with an active imagination i cannot help but adapt the tone of the book, perhaps to use my words in a way to honour it even more. However i know that i can never come to reflect the beauty in speaking phrases from different languages that mean so much more in their native tongue than they do when translated.

Also, if you wish to avoid spoilers i don’t recommend reading this.

I am so at peace with the ending of this story. I know many deny that the two used-to-be lovers have long gone their separate ways because of the way they still cling to the past and their memories. However i think this may just be to reflect how they were truly each other’s first love even though in the days that love was being played out it seemed more similar to infatuation. Either way, they were so special to each other and they will never not love the other but i think that feeling of being in love faded when they had to let each other go to continue with their respective lives. And while those lives seemed but a coma to them both i think their re-wording of that fits so perfectly for it was not as if they were not there or they rather those years did not happen, it was just as if Oliver and Elio’s moments were so long ago and in a different world completely that the years that followed were like living a whole new life.

I am in love with the reflections the book makes to its beginning while it draws to a close and the perfectly placed last line is perhaps my favourite. I have cried many times during the ending but, i find, not necessarily out of sadness but out of peace and joy and love for this beautiful piece of writing that made it’s story and characters so alive and real that it’s hard for me to believe that i haven’t just been listening to the life story of an old relative which, i think, is just credit to André Aciman and his writing.

The way that the story flowed is so clever, i felt wrong to put it down (or in my case pause it, as i was listening to the audio book) except for in it’s natural stops where i heard Armie Hammer’s calming voice say “Part 2” which leads me to my next point. I am, in a way, glad that it was Armie that voiced the audio book rather than Timotheé despite being Elio’s mind because it suggests that even after all those years, Elio’s inner monologue, his deepest thoughts and darkest truths have Oliver’s voice. They speak in his tongue for like is mentioned many times throughout the book, they became like one, hence the namesake of the book. It just seems fitting that Elio’s inner voice is infact Oliver’s voice.

I’m also glad that they didn’t meet after a long time apart and rush together despite Oliver’s family because then would produce a typical rom com which the story has so far done brilliantly to avoid become. This, for me, promotes the sense of realness again. It shows the humanity and life-like feel of the novel because in real life, depsite your childish urges that, on most occasions, doesn’t happen. In real life, you move on. You live your life, never truly forgetting them but living on despite them because they are now, for better or worse, the past. And while you may cross paths again you are ultimately different now from “when we were together” (to quote the book directly) and it would be a whole new relationship and a whole new story that i don’t think would fit in Elio and Oliver’s lives.

What they had was brilliant and painfully short lived but it was what it was and it ended. And in the end the memories don’t bring back pain for either of them but instead fond memories of a summer long ago where two strangers found each other. Their story is not one of sadness or missed opportunities but instead it is one of “I’m so glad it happened but now it is over and i am at peace with that fact. I will still miss those days but not in sorrow or pain but remember the good times we had and be thankful for that little bubble of happiness that we found together.”

In short, i have a lot of feelings about this book and im not sure if anyone will want to read these ramblings but if you have im sure you share a similar opinion or at least love for this beautiful novel. And i hope to god that the film does it justice because that would be a perfect ending to a few weeks that I’ve spent watching trailers and grasping at clips, and eventually finding the book to listen to.

This book has taken it’s place as my favourite and i hope it never leaves this spot.

Ronin Character Sheets and

thx @malaroots​ for creating a ref sheet!!


Name: Aya ( 理 )
Age: 23
Gender: F
Spirit: Firefly


Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Haircut: Ponytail (with bangs and loose strands on the sides)
Height: 170 cm or 5′7 ft

RELATIONSHIPS - How much does the Ronin like their companions? Would they trust them to have their back? Do they trust them at all? Would they consider a romantic relationship with them or would they keep things strictly platonic?


 She keeps a closer eye on Masashi because, part of her tells her “it’s your job,” while the other says “he’s only a kid.” Aya isn’t afraid to let him do what he wants and tell him what he needs to know. Seeing him improve his, shugenja powers, she’s more than just proud and impressed…but she’s a bit wary of it. 

  As their journey ventures, she grows more attached to the kid and believes that one day, she could turn around without worry, knowing that he’s going to be more than capable in having her back. well if tht time ever comes. she doesnt really depend on him rn.

  Protecting Masashi holds…meaning–a childish innocence. She projects herself in him and knows that the world is cruel. So, she spares her candid tongue for the sake of purity. 

  Romance–Uhhhh, she likes to tease the kid and finds him cute, sometimes? She thought about the possibility and wouldn’t mind waiting for the kid, if her feelings ever blooms into something more. But right now, she sees him more as a her grandson


  Their relationship was rocky at the start. Being tested to battle some ruffians without so much as to leave a couple of coins–nah, wasn’t going to fly with her. Though, after going through the whole ‘emperor’s dream’ and ‘spirits are real’ mumbo jumbo…she let that whole thing slide. 

  She does oogle longer than she should when they’re alone and doesn’t deny that he is attractive. This emotionless statue isn’t just for staring, though. She’ll say a few things just to get a reaction out of him and the group. More or less, successful than naught, which amuses her.

  Aya doesn’t completely trust him either, but trusts to know how to get them out of a tough situation. She feels that he doesn’t even fully trust her, so she’s always on her toes when he wants to ask about things he doesn’t need to know. 

  However, she’s aware that his intentions are for the best and they were able to understand one another as time goes on. Toshio was someone she was able to have those heart-to-heart conversations with. Learning a little more about the missions and life from each other.  

  Hand touching, shoulder-to-shoulder, in your face–this guy… She won’t lie, she enjoyed those little moments. A romantic relationship, huh? It doesn’t sound so bad.


  Her proclaimed “best friend” and drinking buddy. She actually really like the guy. Aya was relieved she wasn’t the only one who knew street smarts–well, less smarts and more street…fighting. Least, she wasn’t also, the only one who knew how to shed a few blood. She takes comfort in knowing that they had some similarities.

   Hatch is a doofus who wears his heart on his sleeveless top. However, Aya finds his gullibility to very troublesome. But when they’re not in danger, she’ll take those harmless chances to play little tricks on him, once in awhile. Sees him as this..better version of herself, so is envious of his kind-hearted and trusting character. she’s the foil

  She doesn’t mind giving him a couple words of wisdom and helping him out when he needs something, if it raises a nose. There seems to be a soft spot around here somewhere. Can trust him to knock a few heads together, wander on his own and call out to rescue Momoko.

  If Hatch hadn’t showed that he cared for her well-being, she wouldn’t be feeling the little frustration in her heart. She didn’t need a strong, smelly knight in obsidian armor, but boy…did it skipped a few beats. She can probably see a possible relationship, but knowing that he’d propose after meeting someone for a couple of weeks….maybe, a one night instead…


  Their first meeting was just as problematic for Aya as meeting Hatch at that back alley, but even more so when you’re dotted with poison. Pretty uncharacteristic of her to jump in the way of that dart, but it was more like mindless reflex.  

  Despite everything, Aya was captivated by her intelligence and…busts. She was a huge help to the group and wouldn’t mind laying on her lap another time. A woman doctor? Don’t see that much around, but neither do demons, spirit realms, or an ex-assassin-turned-bodyguard, so, it’s whatever..  

  They also share similarities in regards to tragic backstories. After everything that happened with Shiroyama, she can trust her to an extent when it comes down to formulating a plan and it’s execution. Aya will unconsciously check up on Momoko every once in awhile.

   Aya wasn’t dense. So, finding out Momoko had broke out of their contraband of friendship, for…her? The signs were there, but… how could someone bring themselves to love her? When she confessed, Aya couldn’t return it after recent events and a scar she couldn’t stomach to bear. It was…a nice feeling, though. To be loved by someone. It pains her swollen heart.


  A bug that keeps buzzing–they have history, no doubt about it. He was a childhood friend, another student of Gensai and her first love. Neither titles were a good thing in her book. 

  [tbh, i dont have a relationship description rdy for them yet bc i’d rather wait for connell’s story to continue to adapt into.]]


Any special backstory to their name? What does it mean?

  Aya, intended to mean “colorful,” by her parents, but written as “truth” by Gensai. She never delved too much into the meaning, but takes solace in knowing that it’s a normal and common name. unlike her backstory amirite. what a mess

What do they wear? Do any of their clothing hold any special significance?

  She wears an old, torn black kimono with a red undergarment + hakama and a beige wrap. Also a couple of limb armor, for protection. 

  The only thing that’s worn for sentimental value is the black kimono from when she had trained under Gensai.

Does the Ronin have any noteworthy physical traits or scars?

  Pretty fit and slim, with a lot of scars on her body. Has a couple of roughed up lines on her face from fights she’s been in, but can be washed and treated. Other than that, not many that are noteworthy. except for that stomach scar

How does the Ronin behave and/or speak around strangers? How do they behave and/or speak around their companions or people they trust?

  Usually, Aya doesn’t start talking, until you do. On occassion, she’ll step up, if she has business with you.

  The way she speaks to strangers and her companions aren’t much different: witty comments, smirky lines and hints of light sarcasm. Only more cautious and assertive with strangers. Aya is typically charming, so she can keep the flow of conversation along with her tantalizing. 

  She’ll divert attention or will be completely silent if she doesn’t feel comfortable talking about certain topics.

Are they extroverted or introverted?

  Mixed, but leaning towards introverted. Aya is more outgoing when there’s drinks on the table, but she mainly keeps to herself.

What would the Ronin’s alignment be (Neutral-Good? True Neutral? Etc.)? Why?

  True Neutral, because she does want she wants regardless of consequences. She doesn’t care about what people think at this point. Unless you’ve made an impact on her, she’ll keep her actions in mind.

What do they like? Dislikes? Is there any reason why they like/dislike it?

  Likes massages (she tries to convince Masashi to give her massages, and sometimes she’s successful), dumplings, stories/tales, and spending a couple of ryo on cho-han. The smell of miso and watching things that glow (stars, lanterns, bugs, fire, etc.) also brought her comfort.

  Dislikes heights, rust, and listening to wind chimes. She used to love the sound of those metal jiggles, but it brought back dark memories. Also, politics; never cared too much for those either.

Does the Ronin have any hobbies? Are they good at it?

  Fishing, singing, whittling… a simple country gal. She’s pretty good at singing, whistling and sometimes find herself humming to sleep–something she used to do to put Jun to sleep.

  However, not so good at whittling. It was a hobby she picked up when loitering outside the Hashimoto estate with Masashi. Would always end up making some sort of sharp stake rather than the fish from the pond as intended, but still practices in her spare time. 

Does the Ronin have any unique quirks?

   Aya pays attention to details, but very briefly, which makes it hard for her to stay focus on something unless she forces herself to concentrate. (Which could be why she’s not so great at whittling.) Will notice the little scars, the lines on wood, texture of hair, the smell of blood–she’d be really good at wine-tasting–but would move on from things very quickly.

  Shakes her leg, clicks her tongue, and secretly believes in fortune-telling.

What is the Ronin bad at? Are they embarrassed by it? How would they react if their companions pointed it out to them?

  Reading, because she can’t, but is only embarrassed when it’s pointed out in a room full of people. 

  Also, sleep-talking; tells herself that she shouldn’t be too surprised, because she knows that she does it a lot, but still reacts shockingly and sometimes, flustered if someone mentions it.

What frustrates the Ronin? What do they usually do to calm themselves down?

  Trash talking. She does it a lot from time to time herself, but no one, in general, likes it if it’s directed at herself or her friends, unless they’re looking for a beating. Also, having to constantly repeat herself and questions she doesn’t want to answer.

  Aya calms herself down by cleaning her sword, taking a walk, or drinking.

What makes the Ronin happy? Is it something small or something extravagant? Something tangible or abstract?

  When people praise her for doing something. She’ll sheepishly grin or smirk and feel good for awhile.

  Catching a big fish or having a huge feast at the table. Listening and strumming string instruments also, makes her a happy.

What does their voice sound like? Do you have a headcanon for them?

  I’ve always imagined a smooth, but deep voice. My headcanon would be Miyuki Sawashiro, aha. Roles like Bishamon from Norgami, Celty from DRRR, Seo Yuzuki from GSNK, etc–are more like how I imagined it. 

  She has a nice singing voice, too.

Any other headcanons about the Ronin?

  • Personality-wise, she’s more suited for the drifter trait, but has a protective streak in some instances. 
  • The sketchy ref sheet above shows three stages of Aya in her life. from how I’d like to imagine it at least (right-to-left).
    • Last img is Aya losing control of the Jigoku Itto-Ryo before running away from Jun and Gensai.
    • Middle img is her currently during her travels to eliminate the spirits.
    • First img is like a future version of Aya when she’s finally at peace with her life and powers.


Did Ume-Ume leave her home? Stayed.

Who was poisoned? The Ronin or Hatch? Aya.

Who grabbed Momoko before she fell? Hatch.

Who did the Ronin request for? The Shinto or Jijinto guard? The Shinto.

Did the Ronin spare or kill Daisuke? Spared.

Did the Ronin let Momoko save her work? Saved her work.


How did the Ronin deal with Jun/Junko’s return throughout the book? Haha.. Wild party, man…

How well did the Ronin fair during the first shogi tournament? Flying colors, actually.

What was the final fate of the Gold General, Anzai Sukenobu? Beheaded him.

Did the Ronin try to set up Momoko and Hatch together? Why or why not? Not at first, but eventually did, because it was hard to say no to the kid.

Did the Ronin let Masashi/Masami cast the spell to help with the date? Yup.

How did the Ronin react to Momoko’s confession? Did they try to stop her from leaving? Didn’t return the feelings, told her to stay, but let her go in the end.

Did they visit with the Baron? Ye, but left after painting.

okay so i couldn’t make a cool edit or a gif to save my life but i am really good at telling my friends i love them so here’s my contribution to the 31dol: pick your favorite louie/harrie larrie blog and because there’s no way to limit myself when i’m surrounded by angels….. 

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Pretty sure Yuya and Ruri had the most chill introduction out of all the counterparts.

It seriously went like this:

“HI, I’m Yuya”

“You’re Ruri”

“Now lets get out of here”

“Sure thing person I just met”

Ok not really but it was probably the quickest first meeting with little amount of drama, before the parasite factor, I’ve yet to see. 

I was impressed how quick they were to get with the program. I’m sure if that doctor wasn’t around Ruri would have aligned with the Lancers quicker than Serena did.

If you check under the cut, I have a bunch of examples of counterparts meeting for the first time.

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And you’re going to say that you can’t do this anymore, like the waves just keep crashing and you’re just another pile of rocks that take the beating. Unable to get away, trapped by boundaries, and restricted to feel anything but the great blue sea of repeat after me you’re nothing but worthless, but the truth is– you’re not. And I’m going to tell you why. The why. Every letter of the why. W for Weight. You keep your weight down because they called you fat once. You don’t look pretty because you don’t feel pretty, that’s the thin line, right? A thigh gap to fill your insecurities, but repeat after me– they don’t know pretty until they’ve stayed up as late as you. They don’t know pretty until they’ve looked into the mirror with tears falling while you’re crying for help– crying isn’t pretty, no. But your trying. The very act of surviving your surge of fears. The he’s coming back to get me. I can’t do this alone. I can’t do this anymore. I just want it to go away. I’m tired of this life. The w is why I love you. The weight you’ve put into my smiling, the beginning of the why is that I love that you’re never going to fall back down just because the weight of this shit is too heavy. You are the why. H for Hope. Even though you stay up late to drink your perfections away because they once said that you’re nothing but a complete waste of time. Even though you take painkillers to kill pain that just won’t leave because we just can’t take it while it’s getting late… your eyes are heavy, but your soul just won’t let you sleep. You’re always in the worst mood, but even then… when you’re trying to calm me down, when you’re trying to make me smile even if you’re bleeding from your wrists, and when you’re trying to not be a writer but a few honest quotes about staying strong and keep going slips out… you’re the definition for hope that they don’t put into the dictionary. The fact that you’ve survived every noose must mean something. You’ve been close, you’ve edited those letters, you’ve rewritten, you’ve tried to press send– but they never make it to the inbox and you never really never, and you’re still fucking breathing. You’re still here. You’re still existing. You sill matter. That gives me that solid hope. That iron hope. That lava flow that’ll create fertile ground one day even if it’s impossible until a million years kind of hope. I know that deep inside of those scars, lodged into your brain… there sleeps a person that’ll break out. A person that’s going to smile one day. A genuine one. You are dying, we all are… but Shane also said, you are not dead. So keep on trying. It does matter. And that darling… that’s the h. You are my hopeful. You are my hopes and dreams, so before you rip into your skin again, know that you are loved. You do matter. You’re going to survive this too. All of it. You are living in the middle of this heart attack at a such a young age, your youth isn’t faded yet… you’re just an old bandaid that needs to be removed, beneath that though… the scab will heal. You will heal. And the last part of the why. The last thing is and will always be you. You’re not much of anything from what you’ve been telling me. You don’t feel like you’re going to make it by the end of this week. I’ve been listening to your struggles for half a year and you’re still here and I’m still listening. I’m a really shitty friend. I don’t give out much but more poetry. I write really fast, so if the weather is grey, at least my poetry is consistent. And yeah, our feelings are busted, but that heart of yours just won’t die out. You don’t know anything about a u-turn, you just know how to keep going. I know that time heals all wounds, and fuck, it’s taking so damn long… but if it’s any consolation… some constellations are never seen if the lights are on because of the monsters underneath our bed, some thoughts creep into our smile– you never learned how to laugh without a shy curve to it, you never learned how to love without breaking with your own heart, and you never learned how to be gentle without the rough… that just goes to say– life has fucked you over more than ten times, but you’re still resolved. Whether you like it or not, whether you admit it or not… you are the why. The weight of your hope keeps me sane and if it means anything at all… I’m glad that you didn’t send me those suicide letters. I’m happy that I don’t have to send it to that one friend. I’m thankful that you’re still here… and yes, you’re struggling, but if you had an easy life, if your parents loved you, if that guy never ruined you, and if those scars weren’t all over your body… you might not be as brave as you are, you’re a flower that still tries to bloom even after being removed from the soil and even after the drought, and even after the crying and even after the dying– you’re alive. My dear, that must mean something. I don’t know why you’ve been tested so often, but if you’re still trying, I have to believe that life is worth every damn battle. Your smile has been through wars, but indeed– you’re still smiling. Best days, bad days, shit. You’ve been through some things, and I’m so damn proud of you for putting up with it. And although they don’t call you pretty behind your back. And yeah, so what? You speak your fucking mind. And yeah, you’re not perfect… but at least you made it this far. At least you know the why. And at least one day, you’ve got a story to tell.
—  This is the why.
otp tags (fall out boy edition)
  • otp: all the ways you make my stomach turn
  • otp: am i more than you bargained for yet?
  • otp: anything you say can and will be held against you
  • otp: bruises on your thighs like my fingerprints
  • otp: burn a little brighter tonight
  • otp: condemned from the start
  • otp: dance alone to the beat of your heart
  • otp: do you got room for one more troubled soul?
  • otp: don't breathe life into a monster
  • otp: don't pretend you ever forgot about me
  • otp: don't stop until your heart goes numb
  • otp: don't take love off the table yet
  • otp: get me out of my mind and get you out of those clothes
  • otp: go on pick your poison
  • otp: happily ever after below the waist
  • otp: have you ever wanted to disappear?
  • otp: here to collect your heart
  • otp: hoped for your name on the ouija board
  • otp: hot to the touch cold on the inside
  • otp: how heartwarming it is inside your skin
  • otp: i bit off more than i could chew
  • otp: i don't care what you think as long as it's about me
  • otp: i don't feel a thing for you
  • otp: i don't just want to be a footnote in someone else's happiness
  • otp: i got your love letters corrected the grammar and sent them back
  • otp: i hope your lips will taste of me forever
  • otp: i just need enough of you to dull the pain
  • otp: i love everything about you that hurts
  • otp: i need your broken promises
  • otp: i only appeared so i can fade away
  • otp: i only want sympathy in the form of you crawling into bed with me
  • otp: i said i'd never miss you but i guess you never know
  • otp: i shot true romance in the head
  • otp: i try to picture me without you but i can't
  • otp: i want to hate you half as much as i hate myself
  • otp: i want to make you as lonely as me
  • otp: i wish i dreamt in the shape of your mouth
  • otp: i wish i'd known how much you loved me
  • otp: i'll save the middle finger for you
  • otp: i'll take your heart served up in two ways
  • otp: i'm about to make your heart beat in reverse
  • otp: i'm coming apart at the seams
  • otp: i'm half-doomed and you're semi-sweet
  • otp: i'm in the details with the devil
  • otp: i'm just a problem that doesn't want to be solved
  • otp: i'm just dreaming of tearing you apart
  • otp: i'm the best worst thing that's ever happened to you
  • otp: i'm two quarters and a heart down
  • otp: i've got a sunset in my veins
  • otp: i've never seen a heart i couldn't break
  • otp: if they knew how misery loved me
  • otp: if you are the shores i am the waves
  • otp: it doesn't matter how you feel
  • otp: it's our time now if you want it to be
  • otp: it's time for me to fall apart
  • otp: just a notch in your bedpost
  • otp: kick drum beating in my chest
  • otp: let me tear you to pieces
  • otp: let your body get a tolerance
  • otp: let's meet in the purgatory of my hips
  • otp: like a moth getting trapped in the light
  • otp: love never wanted me but i took it anyway
  • otp: make it easy say i never mattered
  • otp: make june feel like september
  • otp: maybe i'm a piece of art
  • otp: my conscience called in sick again
  • otp: my heart is a grenade and you pulled the pin
  • otp: nothing comes as easy as you
  • otp: now you're just a problem for someone else to fix
  • otp: one foot in your bedroom one foot out the door
  • otp: out of every miscalculation you have got to be my favorite
  • otp: pawnshop heart trading up
  • otp: put your venom in me
  • otp: remember me as i was not as i am
  • otp: say my name and his in the same breath
  • otp: seasons change but people don't
  • otp: setting fire to the sky
  • otp: shoot the sunshine into my veins
  • otp: should have left our love in the gutter where we found it
  • otp: something makes my chest stir
  • otp: strike a match and i'll burn you to the ground
  • otp: take our tears and put them on ice
  • otp: teach you a lesson in the worst kind of way
  • otp: the best of us can find happiness in misery
  • otp: the best part of believe is the lie
  • otp: the home wrecker with the heart of gold
  • otp: the lies just won't stop slipping
  • otp: the person that you'd take a bullet for is behind the trigger
  • otp: the rhythm of the rain keeps time
  • otp: the sweetness never lasts
  • otp: the truth catches up with us eventually
  • otp: there's chemicals keeping us together
  • otp: this is the road to ruin
  • otp: trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday
  • otp: trying to forget everything that isn't you
  • otp: turn off the lights and turn off the shyness
  • otp: we do it in the dark with smiles on our faces
  • otp: we don't fight fair
  • otp: we never stood a chance
  • otp: we only do it for the scars and stories
  • otp: we walk the plank on a sinking ship
  • otp: we're friends when you're on your knees
  • otp: we're the beginning of the end
  • otp: we're the things that love destroys
  • otp: we've been doomed from the start
  • otp: welcome to the demolition derby that is my heart
  • otp: when they made me they broke the mold
  • otp: wherever i go trouble seems to follow
  • otp: why can you read me like no one else can?
  • otp: would you mind if i sat next to you and watched you smile?
  • otp: you and i were fireworks that went off too soon
  • otp: you are my favorite what if
  • otp: you are the dreamer and we are the dream
  • otp: you can get what you want but it's never enough
  • otp: you can wear the crown but you're no princess
  • otp: you get scared when you look at me
  • otp: you got me all fucked up on love
  • otp: you were my versailles at night
  • otp: you were the last good thing
  • otp: you were the song stuck in my head
  • otp: you wouldn't know a good thing if it came up and slit your throat
  • otp: you're appealing to emotions that i simply do not have
  • otp: you're the only place that feels like home
  • otp: your best kept secret and biggest mistake
  • otp: you’re the antidote to everything except for me
Song lyric inspired Sentence Starters (Ke$ha edition)
  • "I always knew you were a bad boy."
  • "You used to be what I would live for."
  • "Watch your back."
  • "I wish I'd known from the start."
  • "I'll string you up to have some fun."
  • "There's not enough room for you and for me."
  • "You better run 'cause there's gonna be some hell to pay."
  • "I was dancing with the dark."
  • "You better get yourself a gun."
  • "Listen to yourself, you're a hot mess."
  • "What's it gonna take to confess?"
  • "We both know."
  • "Now your little party is gonna end."
  • "Here we go."
  • "And now some shit's about to go down."
  • "You really should've kept it in your pants."
  • "I never thought that you would be the one."
  • "Maybe you shouldn't kiss and tell."
  • "I'm hearing dirty stories from your friends."
  • "You're looking like a tool not a baller."
  • "I can find someone way hotter."
  • "You weren't smart enough to keep your stupid mouth shut."
  • "I'm so sick of it.."
  • "I've had enough!"
  • "I hope you know you gotta go."
  • "You said you want a ride, you're gonna get it."
  • "I need a quick fix."
  • "Only thing on is the radio."
  • "Give it up and let's go."
  • "We got chemistry, damn it, it hurts."
  • "Look what you do to me."
  • "We're steaming up the windows."
  • "No better place for you and me to be alone."
  • "I feel you on my skin."
  • "You got my heart racing."
  • "Pull over quick!"
  • "C'mon let's cause a scene."
  • "We gonna do it now."
  • "C'mon let's do it."
  • "There's a party at a rich dude's house if ya wanna go."
  • "No, we are not on the list."
  • "No, we don't give a shit."
  • "C'mon get naked."
  • "Party till the break of dawn."
  • "I threw up in the closet."
  • "But I don't care."
  • "We're young and we're broke."
  • "I think I'm still drunk."
  • "The sun is coming up."
  • "I got drunk and totally lost it."
  • "Here we go."
  • "Welcome to my funeral."
  • "Without you I don't even have a pulse."
  • "All alone."
  • "It's dark and cold."
  • "With every move I die."
  • "Nobody can save my soul."
  • "I am so delusional."
  • "I have destroyed our love, it's gone."
  • "Payback is sick."
  • "It's all my fault."
  • "Just fighting to get through the night."
  • "I'm fading."
  • "I'm broken inside."
  • "I've wasted the love of my life."
  • "I'm losing it."
  • "When did I become such a hypocrite?"
  • "Lies that you caught me in."
  • "Trust me, I'm paying for it."
  • "I'm just a zombie."
  • "Who I am, is not who I want to be."
  • "I'm such a tragedy."
  • "I'm dancing with tears in my eyes."
  • "This is it."
  • "You're really gone this time."
  • "Never thought I'd be in pieces left behind."
  • "You don't wanna mess with us."
  • "Tonight, we're going hard."
  • "We'll be forever young."
  • "I'm so sick of being serious."
  • "I'm making my brain delirious."
  • "I ain't coming back."
  • "Trying to get a little bit tipsy~"
  • "Ain't got a care in the world."
  • "And now the dudes are lining up."
  • "I'm already here."
  • "You build me up."
  • "You break me down."
  • "You got me with my hands up."
  • "You got me now."
  • "There's a place downtown where the freaks all come around."
  • "It's a dirty free-for-all."
  • "When the dark of night comes around."
  • "That's the time."
  • "I'll regret it in the morning."
  • "There's a place I know if you're looking for a show."
  • "Now we're getting so smashed."
  • "It's a filthy hot mess."
  • "Gonna get faded."
  • "I'm not the designated driver."
  • "We don't need a key."
  • "We get in for free."
  • "Now you're one of us."
  • "You're coming with me."
  • "It's time to kill the lights."
  • "Tonight we're taking over."
  • "No one's getting out."
  • "This place about to blow."
  • "Now what?"
  • "We get what we want."
  • "We do what you don't."
  • "We're pretty and sick."
  • "We're young and we're bored."
  • "It's time to lose your mind and let the crazy out."
  • "I couldn't find someone last night."
  • "I went alone."
  • "I was too young to get in."
  • "I stood by the back door."
  • "I saw him."
  • "Is that really you?"
  • "He's like a god."
  • "Wasted too much precious time."
  • "I wasn't good enough for them."
  • "I almost died."
  • "I still can't believe that."
  • "Did you make out with a rockstar?"
  • "Now look here what we all found out."
  • "You have got a set of loose lips."
  • "You're jealous."
  • "I know exactly what you're all about."
  • "You're such a backstabber."
  • "You're such a shit talker."
  • "I'm sick and tired."
  • "Maybe you should shut your fucking mouth."
  • "I think it's kinda funny."
  • "Got me feeling kinda special."
  • "You're looking like a lunatic."

I’m a few days late, but this whole tumult over @knightinironarmor‘s post finally drove home why so much Tony critique falls flat to me: it’s almost all seated in ableism/mentalism and is therefore invalid right out the gate.

Some notes before I get started:

1. I’m going to stick to responding to the posts that Nat herself responded to; if I branched out from there, I’d be here all night, I don’t doubt.

2. I’m also going to stick to the MCU, because that’s the context of the original post. All the gate-keepy “been reading comics for x years and I therefore know more than you” nonsense has not only already been addressed but is irrelevant in a discussion about MCU Tony.

3. I’m not a psychologist or LSW or otherwise formally educated in psychological analysis. I do, however, have both generalized depression and anxiety and therefore have firsthand experience with unhealthy thought patterns and how those can manifest, as well as how neurotypical/mentally healthy people can interpret and react to those manifestations in ways that aren’t necessarily constructive or well-informed.

4. I admittedly have not read the post in full, but Nat herself addressed quite a bit of this in her own response to some of this commentary, especially the nature of altruism. I swear I’m gonna read the whole thing soon, and I highly recommend that y’all do, too~

So – the TL;DR version is that Fandom needs to work on not conflating mental illness with character flaws. For more of my thoughts and observations on the subject, read on.

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sociopath-with-a-heart  asked:

hi, i really love your poems and writing! i wondered what preparations you do before starting to write your novel, do you just start writing with little preparation or do you make a list of every scene you want to enclude or something else? i have this idea for a story myself, but i'm scared to start writing because i'm afraid i'll lose my motivation when i'm stuck somewhere or have some difficulties... anyway, thanks and i hope you have a lovely day!

There are a lot of ways to start a novel, or any project, and I think everyone has an own way of going into it actually. So I don’t say my way is the right one, you should experiment until you find out what you find most comfortable. I for example, found out that I work better if I start with a general plan before I just go all in. So I usually go for a six steps plan for all my works (edits, art, fanfics, poetry and novel writing).

Step one: The idea.
I always start with the idea, be it small or bigger. I plan the concept, the genre, the atmosphere before I start with anything else. I make notes about general things I want to include or general things I need to do researches about and I go picture hunting. These pictures are usually just to get the mood of the project - sometimes I find book recs and I even read these to get a better feeling: like for my fanfic Murderer’s Maze I knew I wanted a horror/crime fanfic with Tom Riddle as the psychopath so I searched for some pictures to get the mood right and found book recs for psychopathy so I put them on my to read list asap.

Step two: The characters.
This is actually the most fun part in my projects. I chose the characters carefully and decide which will be main protagonists, which will be second and which will just be passing by. I flesh them out, I give them life. I make moodboards or doodle them and search pictures to make them come alive. I make pinterest boards for them (not on my ibuzoo account but on my personal account) and I sometimes save pictures in folders to have them handy. I make meme games in their names, playlists on itunes, etc. Then I start to write scenes with them. Just short ones, not bigger than 200 or 500 word drabbles to get a general feeling for them, to know their language, the way they walk or the way they feel. I always try to give the characters an own voice when writing them, even in fanfiction.

Step three: The first draft.
With my general idea and my characters on board, I try to flesh out the story as much as I can. I start to make plot points and turning points and scenes that need to happen. I try to connect all points and flesh out what misses. That’s hard sometimes, especially if you have a hole between some scenes that you can’t connect immediatly. If that happens I just leave that scene be and work on something else. I do timelines to keep track of all characters and days that are passing. I make notes and more notes and lists with things I want to add, things I might add or even tiny details like what job some random character has that only shows up once in the whole story. I make notes for more researches and details to add. Sometimes I find some inspiration in random posts and pictures. Then I try to write the first draft in a linear one-document tale so I have a good synopsis of what happens in the story.

Step four: The researches. 
With a good draft I start to do my researches. I have to say I do researches excessively. I read books and visit free lectures - I once visited an autopsy room and talked with a pathologist just to know what his job is like. I search hours on the web and sometimes phone around just to get the correct informations. Researches are the longest, hardest and most intensive things I do for writing and I never stop at the first answer I get but I always look if there is more to find. There’s a lot of details I’m adding during this process too.

Step five: Scheduling.
After I’ve done all the other steps I know exactly where I want my story to head and what I want to include. So I start to plan it. I admit I never start writing without having everything planned out. At first I start with planning the whole story - how many chapters? How many words roughly? What narration form? 
Next I start to plan chapter by chapter: what characters will be leading the chapter? What will happen in it? What do I need to include? What hints to I need to give?Sometimes you feel if something is still missing - or if something is simply too much. Try to listen to your gut and drop it if it simply doesn’t fit. Don’t try to hang onto something because you loved the idea so much - it’s all about telling the story in the end. 

Last step: Writing.
When everything is done my project usually just needs to be written. This is actually the most tricky point. People easily run into a writer’s block because they used already so much energy that they don’t have any left for writing anymore. Good thing with these steps is, that you can actually write whatever scene you want because you already know how everything’s gonna plan out. I never do that however, I always write chronologically because I just have a better feeling for the story if I grow with it together. Fear of losing your motivation should never stop you from writing. There are lots of tips to come back into the mood again - and sometimes you just need a break and start with a fresh mind. 

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James and Lily go to a concert

I know these are taking a really long time. I know. 

“This is never going to work. This is never going to work!” 

James rolls his eyes and thwacks Peter’s arm, shushing him hurriedly. “Of course it’s going to work,” he hisses. “If you shut up.” 

Sirius nods in agreement. “Maybe it would work better if we leave you outside, Pete. Put a sock in it.” 

Remus, at the back, raises an eyebrow. “I think he has a point. This probably isn’t going to work.” 

James and Sirius shush the other two boys with movements so identical, it’s a little scary. 

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time for the annual call out of the hetalia fandom for all the shit only it and no other fandom does

because these all make such a huge difference in the way the fandom operates and incites such meaningful and life changing conversation, i thought i’d make my own contribution

edit: this is in no way shape or form sarcasm

-holy shit everybody has just so much control over the twelve year olds who just learned what penises are they are definitely representative of the entire fandom without a doubt. it is such a small fandom after all that it has to be the case.

-well fuck my titties i just learned that there are people who don’t agree with the ships i ship. quick better come up with a 100% valid reason why they are terrible people for liking it. incest and abuse are triggering enough for people to buy, right? i’ve certainly never seen a character’s age or circumstances changed for a ship to work, that would be simply ridiculous

-wow some pussyfarts just don’t respect history. it’s a good thing the show never ever makes light of any serious events in the past or i might get upset. i legit cried the last time told me “bush did 9/11” so there better not be anything remotely to do with any tragedies in the fandom

-wait, wait, you’re telling me assholes exist? all over the world? surely not. i’ve only ever seen that happen in this fandom. nobody else ever has tried to bully something over something trivial

-hm, it also seems that several items of fan made content are quite popular. that’s not good. nothing should be popular ever when there are a lot of content creators. because then nobody cares about those losers on tumblr getting thousands and thousands of notes and honestly that’s upsetting

-it’s either no gays or no straights. i can’t really make up my mind. also nothing to do with personal shipping opinions obviously the whole fandom is in agreement about every sexuality ever. what the fuck’s a bisexual?

-characters being changed to fit a person’s perception? never heard of it ever. no other fandom has committed such an unforgivable sin. we must pay with our very lifeblood

to make a long story short, hetalia is bad and if you like it you are a bad human being that should feel bad. ignore my halfhearted concession that any tiny percentage could even remotely decent, i just did that to save face. good thing that i am nothing remotely close to a hypocrite and have never done anything on this list ever.

this is going to blow people’s mind’s when they realize once again that something they’re interested in may not be perfect. i can’t wait for this post to make the fandom great again cuz people just love it when you post stuff like this in their shipping tags