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✧ ——— under the read more are 78 rp icons of jordan fisher in liv & maddie requested by anon. none of the screencaps are mine but i edited & cropped all of these. if the person requested these wants more then feel free to send me another message ! likes/reblogs would be dope. 

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Ok about Sherlock:

I WON’T reblog spoilers on this blog until 08/01. If I reblog posts from the special, it’ll only be from scenes that I might see as spoiler-free. AND YET I’m gonna tag them Sherlock Spoilers.

After 08/01 I’ll reblog more things but I promise I’ll try to stay away from the bigger spoilers. 

All of my posts from the special are gonna be tagged Sherlock Spoilers until 1st February. Is it ok?

If you don’t think this is enough, you can unfollow me and follow later (really, no hard feelings. Do what makes you feel happy!). If you like my edits you can check them out here, I won’t make original posts about the show.

Happy Sherlock to you all!

Prompt #1

Danny x Carmilla - physical fight turns into hate sex

Carmilla can feel Danny’s pulse under her fingers, the vulnerability of the bones in her long, elegant neck. She could crush her larynx in an instant and feel little regret. It’s only remembering that Laura, for some reason, likes her that stops her.

But just because she can’t kill the useless slayer doesn’t mean she can’t push her around a bit.

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