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There once was a man who had lived through the ages. He had been a builder, an artisan, a healer, a priest, a prophet, a warrior, and a sorcerer. At times he had been a slave. At others he was a tyrant. Magic fell and technology reigned, and then magic rose again, and still he persevered, ancient like the sand itself, driven through the years by his obsession for a perfect world.


flarrow + hamilton: 14/? - it’s quiet uptown

He slaughtered my family… The last thing my child saw in this world is that monster’s face. You can be damn well sure that when Savage dies, the last face he sees will be mine.


– i hate this stupid fashion show. i feel like the incredible hulk up there next to a bunch of pretty little barbie dolls. boys don’t look at me the same way they look at kaylie or lauren. and i would just rather not sell tickets to it, okay?
– payson, you are a strong, graceful young woman. and boys do notice you.
– you’re my mom. you’re supposed to say that.
– i see it here at the gym. i just think you don’t notice them.
– sasha said i need to marry my beauty with my braun. i don’t even know what that means.
– well, have you ever seen those women in other countries who carry their children on their backs, who are farming and building a home and they’re still just incredibly beautiful? some of those cultures celebrate those women like goddesses. what could be more sexy than the combination of strong and feminine?


Favorite Rick looks per season  [requested by dreadthedeadd]