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Beth is Getting Closer: Opening Credits

After bethgreenewarriorprincess’s post last night (X) on the opening credits from Them, I decided to research the credits since I heard that Beth was running from the beginning. I came across a clip with a fan edit - just the theme song, it was a heavy metal version - that had the whole credits. It was posted in late October, a little more than a month before Coda. Beth was in the credits before shit went down in Coda, running with Edwards. This is TPTB’s game plan. It totally connects with bethgreenewarriorprincess and truesdale22′s post about the song, You Are the Wilderness, which plays at the end of Prey, an Andrea-heavy episode. It mentions a “wolf in my heart” and that, “I run forever,” repeatedly (X). And if Beth really is tracking the Wolves, she’s going after her prey.

If you pause the video and scroll back to the very beginning, keeping it paused, you’ll see them.

I kept track of the time, and this clip was less than a whole second, essentially a blink, and I didn’t see the third figure. When I watched the Them credits, it was about a second long and the third figure in black, most likely a cop, was visible.

They’re making everything longer for a reason. It’s because Beth is getting closer to the group and back to our screens.