i'll make a better one later okay

Okay, okay, okay, I have this headcanon that if aerith and Zack lived, that they had a nice little home and live a quiet life, but as time goes on aerith’s ribbon starts to deteriorate and when it finally rips she cries and Zack feels really bad. So, to make her feel better he buys her like ten different ribbons and she uses only certain ones for different dates.

Eventually, Zack builds her a ribbon organizer. Aerith loves it so much she cries.

Okay just stay with me…

Then, when they eventually get married, he buys her a special ribbon for her on their wedding day. Years later they have a daughter and when she gets married, aerith ties it in their daughters hair for something old and Zack buys her a special ribbon to tie into it.

sydney, february 7th

videos from the show!! enjoy!! all credit to the owners! (incomplete/complete!)

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