i'll look back on this and laugh someday

Someday we will forget all about this. I will forget how you looked at me and I will stop dreaming about you every single night, wishing for you to come back. You will forget the way I laughed at every little thing you said and how I was different; happier, with you. We will be too far away from each other and we will have forgotten everything. Someday, what we had wouldn’t matter anymore, and I will never cry for you again.
—  Someday
10 years, 10 goals

tagged by @piiess​. thank you!!

rules: list 10 goals you have for the next 10 years, write it down or save it somewhere you can find it again, then tag 10 people.

(i’m gonna be 29 in ten years…yikes ._.)

  1. graduate successfully from college (and grad school, if i decide to get a master’s degree later).
  2. read more often and just learn more things about the world.
  3. become fluent in japanese and improve my cantonese and mandarin.
  4. visit china and japan.
  5. learn to truly love myself and be more positive.
  6. improve my guitar and cello skills.
  7. learn how to play another instrument, maybe? (idk which one yet, but the bassoon seems pretty cool, hehe)
  8. live in an apartment with a doggo to keep me company :’)
  9. become a successful audio engineer and create original music for everyone to enjoy!
  10. i hope i’ll be alive 10 years from now!

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