i'll listen to you babe

You refused to believe when they warned you
You were convinced they were wrong.

Now you will sit and watch the sun come up
And accept what you knew all along.

You gave up on a happy ending a while ago
Now you just wait for it to be over.

But you will never forget the feeling that night when you realized that he chose her.

—  Wake Up And Smell The Goodbye

Naughty Bambam, whatever it was that he did to the Omma, Mark obviously didn’t approve of it..♥

one direction // preference // when you're feeling down
  • harry: he can pick it up straight away, the different tone of your voice or the way that you don't seem as excited about the usual things when you two talk. he'll sit beside you and brush his fingers through your hair, furrowing his brow as he asks if you're okay. of course you say you are, just so he doesn't worry, but you feel like crying and curling up in bed. and harry knows you well enough to know that you feel exactly that way. so he'll scoop you up and put you in his lap, playing with your fingers as he lists all the reasons why he loves you, and all the reasons why you're beautiful to him.
  • zayn: when he notices that you're not really being yourself, he'll sit you down and take your hands, getting you to look at him and truthfully admit how you're feeling. even though you're hesitant at first, he gets it out of you after a few tries, and suddenly you're completely venting to the boy. after you've finished rambling, and you've cleaned up a few tears, you apologise for making him listen to you whinge. but he shakes his head and cups your cheek, looking into your eyes with a loving smile. 'don't be silly babe. i'll sit here and listen to you go on and on all night if it makes you feel better. and as long as you don't cry for too long afterwards, i'll be okay.'
  • louis: usually you wont tell him what's going on, so he'll only really pick up on it once you're a sobbing mess in the shower. he'll pull open the bathroom door slowly and sigh, seeing you sitting on the floor as the water soaks your skin. he'll turn the shower off and help you out, grabbing a towel and drying you off before helping you get dressed. then he'll lead you to the bedroom and sit you on the bed, brushing your wet hair behind your ear as he gently asks what's wrong. after you tell him in one big breath, he'll hold you to his chest, rubbing your back as he softly reassures you that you'll be okay.
  • niall: he'll easily pick up on how quiet you get when you're upset, so he won't hesitate to bring you up to bed and lay with you beneath the covers. he'll let you cry into his chest, knowing that it's been building up throughout the day, and he'll just whisper that he loves you and that you'll be okay, as he brushes his slender fingers through your hair. once you're reduced to just sniffles, he begins to talk you through what he thought when he first saw you, and how beautiful he saw you as. then he promises that with each day he's gotten to know you; you've proven to be more beautiful, even though he thought that was impossible.
  • liam: as he notices the tears in your eyes, he pulls you into a hug, shaking his head. he rubs your back in soft circles before pulling back and pressing a loving and lingering kiss to your forehead before letting out a soft sigh. 'what's wrong gorgeous?' he'll whisper, brushing your hair behind your ear before wiping your tears away with the pad of his thumb, 'talk to me.' and so you do, spilling every worry and negative that's bothering you, and he'll just listen. and it's not the pretend listening, you know that he's actually listening to every word that you say - and hoping that he can find a way to make you feel better. as he cuddles you again he sighs, squeezing you gently, 'i wish you never felt upset. i'd take it for you in a heartbeat, you know that right?'
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