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like dappled sunshine [viktuuri, rated t]

i’m like, obsessed with “nakedyouth” by kojiro shishido and i wanted to see if i could write something like the style of his animation so here you go. let me know what you think.

It’s a hot, sweltering day in Hasetsu; moving anywhere feels more like swimming through soup. The sun filters in through the leaves of the trees in the park, and the sound of cicadas chirping echoes from all around.

The steam coming from the onsen showers only makes it harder to breathe. Yuuri gasps a little as he stumbles out of his stall. His towel falls, and he briefly bends to pick it up.

He straightens up to find his coach stepping out of his as well. Water droplets run down Viktor’s pale skin in little rivulets, fall into his eyes like rain. His body is sculpted like a statue, and when he turns to look at Yuuri, all Yuuri can do is blink, and blush, and turn away.

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