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Seriously, the binder thing is so friggen cool of you! You're such a sweet dude!

thanks!!!!! i’ve also been donating money to people who used to be on T but stopped being able to afford it to help them get on it again!!!! it’s just step one in this Thing im trying very hard to make a reality :^)

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Very important question: What's the squip in ur mer au (sorry if you've already posted on it, my phone won't let me see any of ur under the cut things, or maybe I just didn't see it)

the squip is still a pill u take to b cool (specifically to help mermaids fit in in the human world (mermaids can make themselves look human and get legs n stuff when they exit the water but most don’t do it bc 1. they prefer the water and 2. they don’t rlly know. like human customs) but it appears as different squids (jeremy’s is keanu reeves. but a squid)

i just wanted to make a post apologizing for still not getting the new section of my klance masterpost out for you guys. i’ve been having an extremely hard time focusing lately and just dealing with personal issues, in general. it’s also been hard for me to even get all my thoughts down in the way i want to, i never feel like i explain things properly. if any of that isn’t the problem, then i’m either with someone and can’t work on it or i have something else i need to do.

i’ve made some decent amount of progress but it’s still very far from being done and snbfysehfiseuf it sucks because i hate making u guys wait and i hate not being able to focus on it because i love talking about them… so, it’s discouraging when i can’t focus on something that makes me happy. anyways. yeah. i’m going to try to not be so hard on myself and not rush myself, but i wanted to let you all know that it is coming… i just need to get my shit together.

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Hello~ not exactly asking... but just want to let u know that I used one of your MAMAMOO fanarts to record a video to a secret event to mamamoo that was held yesterday in Moosical in Busan... and my video was there.. and so your fanart showed in the screen ~ [ i imgur com/ygc824f png ] i edited it like this~ so, if there's some fancam with it later, just want to let u know that i'm not talking around saying it was my fanart... i'll credit the fanart to u when i get a fancam showing it

You must ask me to use my fanart first and you should never modify others works.
I’m deeply disappointing now.


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do u know any ways to make money from home other than a job...? I'm 17, my mom informed me she's kicking me out when I'm 18, but she won't let me get a part time job. I have $60 to my name, and this summer I'm gonna work a small summer job and I'll make about $200 from it. I'm clueless, stressed, scared, and heart broken.

Hang in there babe! 

Unfortunately you will need to get some sort of job to be able to support yourself and live on your own. Since you are 17, you can legally get a job without your parent’s permission. You will just need to have the resources to make that happen, for example transportation to and from work and your social security information.

Here’s my “My Parents Are Forcing Me To Move Out” post. I think this information will be helpful to you. You’ve got this.

My Parents Are Forcing Me To Move Out- What Can I Do?

I get a lot of questions about this. Here are some steps that you can take while still living in your parents house, steps that will help you work towards getting a place of your own. Stay strong! You’ll get through this.

1. Important Documents. Get as many of your important documents (social security card, birth certificate, tax forms, etc) as possible while you’re still living with your parents. You will need this information when you move out, and it may be harder for you to get these documents after you’ve moved out.

2. Get a job. If you’re still in school, limit yourself to a part-time job that can become a full-time job when you finish your education. You can’t save up money if you don’t have a job, and this will just force you to be dependent on your parents financially.

3. Get transportation. Get yourself a mode of transportation that does not rely on your parents. Biking, walking, and using public transportation are all ways that you can get where you need to be without their help. You cannot rely on any car that’s in their name (even if they call it “your” car). I’ve had multiple friends dealing with difficult parents have their cars taken away from them in an attempt to further control their lives.

4. Start saving money. Even if this just means saving $100 every two weeks, this is still a great start!

5. Separate bank account. Speaking of saving money, get yourself a bank account that your parents don’t have access to. A friend of mine tried to move out of her home and her parents literally moved all her money into their account because they had joint access. If you cannot get a separate bank account, start saving money in cash in a good hiding spot.

6. Start paying for your own devices. You do not want your parents to be able to threaten to take your phone away if they don’t like the choices you’re making. You should also change any passwords on devices that your parents may know.

7. Utilize resources that get you out of the house. There are lots of spaces that you can hang out after school for free, including public parks and libraries. Join clubs and volunteer your time if you can’t stand being home.

8. File as independent on your taxes. We’re a while away from tax season, but remember to file as independent on your taxes. This means that your parents can no longer claim you as a dependent and will no longer receive a tax break from the government for housing you. What it means for you, is that you will no longer be considered part of their tax bracket. This means you’ll have a better chance at applying for financial aid, health insurance, car insurance, etc.

9. Involve your college. If you’re looking to go to university sometime in the future but are afraid you can’t afford it, find out if your college has any programs for independent students. Many SUNY schools have what is called the EOP Program and the Independent Student Program, which will pay for your college tuition based off your independent tax status. You cannot rely entirely on FAFSA to pay for your tuition! Talk to a school counselor and find out what is offered. PS: Many of these programs are first-semester admit only, so take that into consideration.

10. Keep your housing search a secret. I hate to generalize with parenting, but if your parents are threatening to throw you out or are forcing you to move out, it’s probably not a good idea to let them know that you’re going to move out. Oddly enough, two of my friends who have been in this very same situation got ready to move out of their respective homes, only to have their parents freak out. Even if your parents are saying that they’re going to force you to move out, they may not believe that you actually can and will do it. They may try to stop you or use emotional tactics to control you and keep you home. When you do move out- do not under any circumstance tell them your address.

11. Build your support system. Tell as many trustworthy people as you can what is happening, so that they can be there to support you during this time. You’ll have places to crash in if you need to, so your parent’s house isn’t your only option. I would try to tell at least one “Adult” in your life- a teacher, a counselor, your employer, etc. Obviously you don’t want them talking to your parents, but they may be able to offer support and confidence.

12. Decide on an apartment budget. Decide what you can afford, based off of how much money you’re making. Find out if any of your friends are going to get their own place, and see if you can find a roommate. This will save you so much money and headache in the long run. If you can’t find a roommate and can’t afford an apartment, look into renting a room in a house or shared space.

13. Learn some life skills. Cooking, cleaning, sewing, basic repair, car maintenance, laundry, etc are all useful skills that you will need when you move out. Start mastering them now, and you’ll feel more confident when on your own.

14. Discount stores. Get familiar with shopping for yourself at discount stores. While shopping at the Dollar Store may not be ideal for you, I recommend that you buy all your starter groceries and household supplies there. Off-brand items will save you $$!

15. Make plans for pets. Do not leave your pets at your parent’s house. If you can’t move them into your new place, find a friend who can pet sit until you find a more comfortable situation. Do not let your parents hold your pets over your head as emotional leverage!

16. Be prepared to buy new furniture. Your parents may not allow you to take any furniture with you when you move. Be prepared to spend some money on things like mattresses, tables, cooking supplies, etc. Peruse local yard sales and bargain bins to see if you can scavenge any supplies. Hit up your friends and coworkers to see if they have any furniture/supplies they’re not using. Honestly this is how I got half of the furniture in my apartment.

17. Try to keep it positive. Throughout all of this, please remember that your parents do love you, even if they’re not expressing it in a positive way. Be above toxic behavior and any emotional bullying they may throw your way, and when you do move out try to let them know that you love them and hope they will support you. They may ignore you or refuse to talk to you for some time after you move out, and this is okay. They will eventually get to the point where they miss your contact, and you should be prepared for that opportunity to start fresh. I’ve known people whose relationship with their parents has improved 100% after they move out. Some personalities are just not meant to live together. Give them the time they need to adjust, and be proud of yourself for everything you’ve done!

I hope this helps!

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AAAA so i have my final exams coming up in a few weeks so i won’t be posting any art from now to then :’) however, i’ll still respond to an occasional ask every now and then, just to let you guys know i’m still alive and well! thank you for your time and patience <3 

( uh also if i reply to you on this post (or any post) it’ll be under @jijumei bc that’s my main acct and i’m a tumblr noob and i dont know how to reply to someone with this blog? )



fact: when working on a film or a drama, the person hired does not work under the group’s name but as an actor, as an individual person. this is not only the case with yixing, but also with chanyeol and kyungsoo. where was the outrage then? or is it only bad when it’s a Chinese member?

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HEY so I just read your ask about Linda sarsour and I just don't get it? Like gurl Linda is into SHARIA law which is against women and gays and basically all the western rights I assume u enjoy everyday and there you are defending her? Look I think you need to do more research about your opinions like omg I'm sure if I keep scrolling through your tumblr I'll see even more misinformed shit. Get your facts right. Also it's super cowardly how you don't let ppl post anonymously wow u sensitive :)

Sharia law is not a homogenous concept, how do you not KNOW that? It varies from culture and country and is PRIMARILY related to property, estate, divorce and civil issues.

Lots of religions have a “religious law” and you sound like a chain email from the late 90’s, do your own fucking research.

I often have anonymous on in order to be able to connect with victims, but turn it off when I get my inbox smashed with anonymous cowards who want to say shit without accountability. You’re just pissed you couldn’t be one of them.

You’re like months deep into my blog and crawling around to complain, like, get out of my ass and fuck off somewhere else where your lazy ass is wanted.

y'all i couldn’t sleep last night right

so i was like o shiii fenty beauty just dropped let’s go peep some snapchats of people who attended the launch party

and oh my GOD everything looked so amazing so i was crying and long story short i ended up giving all my coins to riri for som makeup products and now im limiting myself from online shopping ever again cause my bank account is DEPLETED

  • Dipper: You know Bill, I heard you were quite the tree-topper ;)
  • Bill: wait I'm sorry whut
  • Dipper: Don't worry, I'll let you top the tree this year~
  • Bill: Dipper wth are you-- *realization* omg
  • Dipper: Come on Bill. I'll let you <i>decipher</i> me all night long
  • Bill: nO omg pls
  • Dipper: What's wrong? Getting a little on the edge? :^)
  • Bill: fuck u
  • Dipper: I'll let you take a look at me from all <i>angles.</i> If you let me take a look at yours 👀
  • Bill: haha bYe
  • Dipper: Aw, you are so acute when your flustered
  • Bill: heck off
  • Dipper: Please Bill . . . I'll you drive my MIND insane ;^)
  • Bill: I'll give you twenty bucks if you leave me the fuck alone
  • Dipper: oh? Deer bucks? :^)))))
  • Bill: That's it you are sleeping downstairs tonight
somewhere in between aou and civil war:
  • steve: he's not...he's different now peg
  • peggy: when you found him after hydra had captured him the first time, was he not the same person you grew up with?
  • steve: he was, yes
  • peggy: then I fail to see how this version of him isn't james barnes
  • steve: if he never recovers-
  • peggy: you'll still care for him
  • steve: he tried to kill me, peg and I let him
  • peggy: there's your answer, steve. he may never be as you remember him but that hardly matters. when you care for someone (I speak from experience here), the whole world can change around you but the affection you feel for them will remain and sometimes, steve. sometimes it makes that connection stronger
  • steve: thanks peg
  • peggy: I know you care for him and hes been through a lot but I'm sure he feels the same
  • steve: what if he runs from me?
  • peggy: what did you do when hydra captured him in '43?
  • steve: I searched for him
  • peggy: and you'll do it again
  • steve: what if I can't find him?
  • peggy: don't give up on him, let him find you
  • steve: you've always known exactly what to say, peg. I'll let you get some rest now
  • peggy: bring him by for a visit when you can
  • steve: I'll do that