i'll let u know when i get there

it’s a bts rain god AU
(also an AU which I modified from my horishima fic a long time ago before writing left me, I feel bad but I really couldn’t write anymore)

And I’m lazy to draw full body so it’s a chibi


  • Also known Min Yoongi, which is a name given by the ruler of the rainforest he is born in; he assumed the alias of Suga after he became a rain god
  • was a rock spirit (the entire forest reeks of spirits) for a thousand years before he graduated into a rain god
  • is considered as a lone wolf, but tends to attract ‘unnecessary companions’ such as Jimin
  • Jimin is his best friend, or an ‘annoying piece of shit who likes to bother him every five minutes’, but thanks to him Suga managed to develop a higher amount of tolerance than average people though Jimin still managed to rile him up every now and then
  • he swears like breathing
  • his hair colour changes depending on the surroundings, and Jimin likes to tease him about it
  • he smokes a certain kind of twig (a mushi cigarette, referenced from mushishi but with different properties) to communicate with the lesser forest spirits and check the forest’s condition before he rain (somewhat like a gardener lol)
  • has two rabbits which is like his errand boys or something I forgot the term and they’re probably the only ones he adored the most
  • he likes to go to the human village because humans fascinates him
  • will draw up an invisibility barrier when he visits but the side effect is that if there are any living creatures within his path of vision they will freeze temporarily until he passed by them
  • he’s sleepy half of the time, but is diligent and does his work well
  • nags a lot somedays
  • still goes back to his rock form whenever he feels lazy or just wants to shut people out
  • the talisman issue will be updated soon