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Seriously, the binder thing is so friggen cool of you! You're such a sweet dude!

thanks!!!!! i’ve also been donating money to people who used to be on T but stopped being able to afford it to help them get on it again!!!! it’s just step one in this Thing im trying very hard to make a reality :^)

it’s a bts rain god AU
(also an AU which I modified from my horishima fic a long time ago before writing left me, I feel bad but I really couldn’t write anymore)

And I’m lazy to draw full body so it’s a chibi


  • Also known Min Yoongi, which is a name given by the ruler of the rainforest he is born in; he assumed the alias of Suga after he became a rain god
  • was a rock spirit (the entire forest reeks of spirits) for a thousand years before he graduated into a rain god
  • is considered as a lone wolf, but tends to attract ‘unnecessary companions’ such as Jimin
  • Jimin is his best friend, or an ‘annoying piece of shit who likes to bother him every five minutes’, but thanks to him Suga managed to develop a higher amount of tolerance than average people though Jimin still managed to rile him up every now and then
  • he swears like breathing
  • his hair colour changes depending on the surroundings, and Jimin likes to tease him about it
  • he smokes a certain kind of twig (a mushi cigarette, referenced from mushishi but with different properties) to communicate with the lesser forest spirits and check the forest’s condition before he rain (somewhat like a gardener lol)
  • has two rabbits which is like his errand boys or something I forgot the term and they’re probably the only ones he adored the most
  • he likes to go to the human village because humans fascinates him
  • will draw up an invisibility barrier when he visits but the side effect is that if there are any living creatures within his path of vision they will freeze temporarily until he passed by them
  • he’s sleepy half of the time, but is diligent and does his work well
  • nags a lot somedays
  • still goes back to his rock form whenever he feels lazy or just wants to shut people out
  • the talisman issue will be updated soon

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Look Marcus would sacrifice himself for the Aesthetic too u know he's a dramatic hoe

ur not meant to,,,, encourage that lifestyle,,, i’m leaving this family 👋 

but let’s be real his favourite aesthetic is oliver’s dimpled smile pressed against his neck when they’re curled up by the fire or perhaps oliver’s sleepy indignant whines when he doesn’t get his Morning Kiss - tbh just oliver in everything he does - he’s a sun and marcus burns just looking @ him and well we know marcus would sacrifice himself for oliver without a thought so there’s that (which isn’t dramatic hoe vibe just sappy mess vibe)

asjdkljsjkl wait i went off on an totally unrelated tangent that wasn’t at all related strictly to the Aesthetic™, my apologies so here is what i was actually gonna put ✌️ (this,, isn’t my fault and we know it 👀  ) 

i present exhibit: marcus “me ?? a dramatic hoe?? ‾͟͟͞(((ꎤ๑‾᷅༬‾᷄๑)̂—̳͟͞͞o “

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Are you interested in doing art trades or collaborations?

Hmm, collaborations, maybe!

I am somewhat hesitant of art trades, though!
The people I’ve had art trades the last couple of times were super great and their part was as sweet as them ;u;

But I’ve had experiences in the past where the other person “forgot” their part, or just did not put effort on their piece at all :(
So I’d rather get to know the person a little bit, and look at their work before agreeing to anything :’)

At this exact moment, I am not accepting Art Trades, but I’ll be up for them after I’ve finished some commissions I have piled up !



fact: when working on a film or a drama, the person hired does not work under the group’s name but as an actor, as an individual person. this is not only the case with yixing, but also with chanyeol and kyungsoo. where was the outrage then? or is it only bad when it’s a Chinese member?

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When/how did you realize you've fallen in love with Harry? Like was it when you first saw him or did it take time to get to know him?

What a fun ask! Thanks for sending me this.

So my first encounter with Harry was in the 8th grade where they forced us to sing WMYB as a class graduation gift, but we had to rehearse like 500 times and let’s just say I wasn’t a fan. 

And then the next time, it was an article I read about that concert where Gemma was on a date and I remember thinking, “Aw how cute.”

And I guess I became a full fledged Harrie when I stumbled upon a blurb about him. “Boots” by @stylesunchained. I ran a different blog at the time and I followed like “harry blurbs” or something and Harry Styles showed up… and it all went downhill from there. 

I don’t really recall a specific moment. I was kind of bombarded by him because two of my coworkers loved him and were always talking about it and I found myself reblogging more stuff about him than what my previous blog was actually about LOL.  He was just everywhere.

This sounds fake but I went through a weird patch for a bit and that’s when I happened to get into him and 1D, and it made things not so weird. I never went through the *boy band phase* so I was like… why is this curly headed boy taking control of my entire life? 

I think the more I learned about things he’s said, and done, the more I got interested. It’s hard to find a celebrity that you can actually look up too… I think. And also he’s insanely talented on top of all of it.

 But like it’s been such an experience so far, and I’m sad I wasn’t here earlier- but WOAH AM I STOKED I’M A HARRIE. 

  • Dipper: You know Bill, I heard you were quite the tree-topper ;)
  • Bill: wait I'm sorry whut
  • Dipper: Don't worry, I'll let you top the tree this year~
  • Bill: Dipper wth are you-- *realization* omg
  • Dipper: Come on Bill. I'll let you <i>decipher</i> me all night long
  • Bill: nO omg pls
  • Dipper: What's wrong? Getting a little on the edge? :^)
  • Bill: fuck u
  • Dipper: I'll let you take a look at me from all <i>angles.</i> If you let me take a look at yours 👀
  • Bill: haha bYe
  • Dipper: Aw, you are so acute when your flustered
  • Bill: heck off
  • Dipper: Please Bill . . . I'll you drive my MIND insane ;^)
  • Bill: I'll give you twenty bucks if you leave me the fuck alone
  • Dipper: oh? Deer bucks? :^)))))
  • Bill: That's it you are sleeping downstairs tonight
  • me as dragonborn: okay look i know there's a fuckin dragon and i'm the dovahkiin and the listener and the harbinger and whatever, but u guys need to fuckin chill. i'll get to it when i get to it. fuckin hell. *goes back to seeing how many cheese wheels i can stack on top of each other while the world burns around me*
somewhere in between aou and civil war:
  • steve: he's not...he's different now peg
  • peggy: when you found him after hydra had captured him the first time, was he not the same person you grew up with?
  • steve: he was, yes
  • peggy: then I fail to see how this version of him isn't james barnes
  • steve: if he never recovers-
  • peggy: you'll still care for him
  • steve: he tried to kill me, peg and I let him
  • peggy: there's your answer, steve. he may never be as you remember him but that hardly matters. when you care for someone (I speak from experience here), the whole world can change around you but the affection you feel for them will remain and sometimes, steve. sometimes it makes that connection stronger
  • steve: thanks peg
  • peggy: I know you care for him and hes been through a lot but I'm sure he feels the same
  • steve: what if he runs from me?
  • peggy: what did you do when hydra captured him in '43?
  • steve: I searched for him
  • peggy: and you'll do it again
  • steve: what if I can't find him?
  • peggy: don't give up on him, let him find you
  • steve: you've always known exactly what to say, peg. I'll let you get some rest now
  • peggy: bring him by for a visit when you can
  • steve: I'll do that
  • person: have u heard about the dmmd anime?
  • me: The pain it still remains, and I'll just get denied
  • The feel it still remains, someday I will fly away
  • So let it all go by looking at the deep blue sky
  • The vision like a shining star, I don't know where to go
  • I know I'm goin' blind
  • When will I ever find love?
  • If you read my mind
  • Please, please leave me alone
  • I'm in blue
  • Sometime I will fade away
  • So I'm in blue
  • Sometime I will slip away
  • So I'm in blue
  • Sometime I will fade away
  • So I'm in blue
  • Sometime I will slip away
  • And fade away
  • The hills that test my will, how can I ever climb the slope?
  • And here comes the sadness
  • I don't know, I don't know where to fall
  • I know I'm goin' blind
  • When will I ever find truth?
  • If you read my mind
  • Please, please leave me alone
  • I'm in blue
  • Sometime I will fade away
  • So I'm in blue
  • Sometime I will slip away
  • So I'm in blue
  • Sometime I will fade away
  • So I'm in blue
  • Sometime I will slip away
  • And fade away
  • I'm just little child
  • I'm just little child
  • I'm just little child