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Working Title: Kuroo “Common Sense” Tetsurou leaves for one second and Stuff Happens

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day one: you leave him, saying that things just aren’t working out.

day one: you cry into his old sweatshirt for three hours.

day two: he sends you fourteen drunk texts and you send him three lonely ones like they aren’t the same thing.

day five: more drunk and lonely texts are being sent, but you can’t bring yourself to leave this part of him behind.

day seven: you drink three cups of hot cocoa while watching Rocky because everything feels a little too cold when his hands aren’t there to hold you.

day fifteen: you’re the one calling him just after midnight because you’re a little tipsy and really lonely and why does it matter who left who?

day fifteen: you leave him too many voicemails, some telling him about how your cat died and some about how you think your bed is going to swallow you if he’s not there.

day seventeen: you delete his number.

day nineteen: this isn’t how things were supposed to go. you hold onto old texts and letters like they are life-rafts.

day twenty: you left but somehow it feels like there are bricks tied to your ankles

day twenty: you call him to say that leaving hasn’t worked out like all the books say it will.

day twenty: he disagrees.

—  (catherine w // sempiternalwriting)
I hope you get the chance to meet someone at a bar that makes you want to stay out until 3am on a Wednesday.

I hope that same girl laughs at your stupid jokes and will go to sci-fi movies with you.

I hope you one day have coworkers that value your opinions and make you excited to go to work in the morning and leave drawings on your desk.

I hope that one Christmas morning you get to see the look on your daughters face when you surprise her with a puppy.

I hope you have sons that look just like you and appreciate spending time with you because I know you’ll be at every soccer game.

I hope you can go to sleep easily knowing that people love you and your efforts are worth it.

I really just hope that one day you’re genuinely, seriously happy and you forget about everything that ever hurt you, including me.

I…..I was supposed to make sample sprites for the game but i got…. distracted with stabdads…… i’m sorry @ m @;;

HB can’t leave Tavros all the time but he’s also the Crew cook so he gotta multi-task and be careful while cooking. Tav likes to taste his soups and stuff too.

DD likes Aradia playing with his hair but the earful from SS is a pain in the ass. Also the book he’s reading is called “the Spider and the Fly” for those who can’t see it properly.

mizjoely said: would love something slightly dark but still romantic sherlolly

Sherlock stared down at the tiny pathologist standing before him, the shiny, black gun in her hand pointed firmly at his chest.

Betrayal lanced through him, leaving only a gaping hole where his heart should have been.

Funny. He’d honestly believed he didn’t have one.

“It wasn’t supposed to end this way, Sherlock,” she muttered quietly, her gaze never leaving his.

“And it doesn’t have to!” he pleaded, his voice uncharacteristically gentle. “I will ask Mycroft for assistance. He can hide you, Molly-”

“It’s not that simple! You can’t just walk away from James Moriarty, Sherlock. You of all people should know that.”

Sherlock stepped forward slowly and extended his arm, palm up, silently begging her to accept his help.

The weapon in her hand wavered slightly, betraying her reluctance to pull the trigger.

“Please, Molly. I can keep you safe. I promise.”

Her eyes shifted between his face and his hand, and he could discern the exact moment that she made her decision.

Lowering the gun to her side, she hesitantly placed her fingers in his.


Don’t ever think I fell for you, or fell over you. I didn’t fall in love, I rose in it.

Toni Morrison, Jazz 

This quote embodies what I think Whitley and Dwayne’s love is. When they both started out on the show, they were vastly different. And if you go by season one, and maybe the first half of season two, I didn’t know how these two characters would ever work because they were on opposite ends of the spectrum, she was the spoilt rich girl and he was the goofy and immature kid who chased anything with two legs and pinned for a girl wasn’t into him all season 1 (as cliché as that sounds). Even after Whitley and Dwayne started dating and eventually married, they remained different, but they never changed who they were at their core for the other (even calling the other out on their bullshit). This is why ADW is such a perfect show, as individual characters they developed themselves without losing sight of who they were and what they were and after they got together they only enhanced each other’s growth to become better versions of themselves. I loved the progression of their relations, even with all the outliers because it felt real.


A Kim Taehyung oneshot

Genre: Fluffy coffee shop au

Summary: Every morning is dreary and dull, but Monday turns into something you look forward to, thanks to an eccentric customer by the name of Taehyung.

Word Count: 1.4k

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My mornings are always dull and boring. I work at a coffee shop, so no one is really awake when they walk in, and they leave clutching their sacred coffee in their hands as they walk out like robots. The few that do stay don’t say a word when they leave, throwing the disposable coffee cups away and packing up whatever they’ve been working on. To say the least, there is little interaction with humans I have that involves any kind of liveliness.

There is, however, one morning where the blurriness disappears and the fog is suddenly lifted. It happens when he comes in. It’s cliché as hell, but as soon as I see him, my mind loses track of what I’m doing, and I nearly drop the cup I’m holding. His hair is the color of milk chocolate, his skin is practically glowing, and his smile is bedazzling. He has something in him I’m not used to seeing this early in the morning: life.

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Hold Me

Summary: Arthur has a horrible day… 
AU: Human AU
Rating: SFW

(A/N: So yeah, first fic. It’s probably not that good but I tried. Hopefully someone likes it.)

This had to be the worst day ever for Arthur. He should have known it would be one of those days after sleeping through his alarm, the hot water not working and then tripping over the cat. After rushing around to get ready and leave, he was lucky enough to at least shout out an ‘I love you’ to Alfred before running out the door to head to work. That wasn’t the end of his bad morning. While rushing to get to work, he accidentally ran a red light and got caught ending with him getting a ticket. Grumbling and near tears he finally arrived at the bookstore he worked at. Apologizing for running late, he quickly clocked in and got to work.

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I gave up. I stopped talking to my friends. I stopped letting anybody in. It was because I realized that no one really cares. No one really understands how serious a problem is until it is too late, and it always leaves them astonished. You see, once you become a broken record, everybody expects you to behave in the same manner the next day or the next evening. But what they forget is that broken records stop working too. They eventually ware out completely, and are soon replaced. Nobody cares for your pain as much as you feel they should or think they do, because everybody is self-absorbed and lost in their own little world, which is why you should rely on yourself the most, because people only care for some time and none of them stay forever.

The place you always come back to no matter how far away you go, no matter how long you’ve been gone. Home is where your heart is, and Liam will never leave his heart behind.

Do you ever just read something like, “Christians Upset Over New Starbucks Cup” and think, no, this really can’t be real, but then you’re on Facebook and an acquaintance who works at Caribou Coffee shares an update about a person who came into her shop simply to examine the cups and say, “Now THAT’S a holiday cup!” and leave without buying anything? 

 I was raised Methodist. It’s a form of Christianity. I am not a moron. I am not privileged because of my religion. My religious upbringing made me humble, faithful, hopeful, a positive person who tried to do good. I didn’t tell people about my religion. I just wanted to be a better person whose religion helped remind me of that every week when I attended youth group events. Yeah maybe sometimes there were messages about going out into the world and spreading the good word of Jesus, but I wasn’t like that. If people wanted to come to Jesus, they would. If they wanted to ask questions, they could. I kept to myself. My religion was for me. I used it to better myself. I used it to anchor myself.  I didn’t mind that everyone around me was different, and I never will. I don’t mind that Starbucks cups are red this season, and I won’t care what they do for years to come. It feels weird to have to state that fact. It’s just a cup. It’s red. It’s cute. Yay holidays.
  Christmas has a much broader reach that Christianity, which I think is great because I’ve always valued holidays as a family time full of love and thankfulness, regardless of origin. My religious agenda includes no one but myself. I’m not ever going to put someone in a religiously compromising position or anything close to a vague resemblance because it’s none of my business. Religion is not out there for personal gain. Religion is not for attention. Religion is not for political agendas. Religion is not for terrorism. Religion is not something to hid behind. Religion is similar to a crutch. You use it when you’re hurt, when you’re down and out. You might not always need it, but when you do, it’s there. The crutch is self operational. You prop yourself up with it until you can walk on your own. Then you put the crutch away. It’s there though, whenever you need it. (And that’s not to say that religion is also there in good times as well.) But the point of religion as a crutch is that it is for one person. Maybe someone else is walking with the same crutch and you can talk about it together. Maybe multiple people. But if someone doesn’t have that crutch, who are you to tell them they need it? Who are you to tell them they’re hurt when they’re not, that the crutch of YOUR religion is what they need? You use your crutch to better yourself and support yourself. To give you something to lean on and something to remind yourself to do better, be a great person. You don’t use a crutch to trip up other people. So don’t use religion like that.