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I don’t know, just some days
I feel like you’ll leave
Without a word, without warning
And make me look naive.

Some days it feels like
You’re so far away from me-
And in fact you are, and I
Know there’s other guys you see.

So I wish you’d talk to me
Like we used to- all day
We’d never stop messaging
And always had things to say.

I know things are hard, but
Can you dismiss these thoughts I get?
That band boy- you disappearing
Are you getting drunk? Is he a threat?

I keep seeing him- all the time-
You liked this, you loved that
As I scroll up my Facebook feed
And I get jealous like a brat.

Maybe I’ve just had a bad day
And let this shit get to me
Today’s been rough, so I’ll
Just reset- I’ll
Try again


Devil’s Backbone - Jesse McCree/Reader - Chapter 4

McCree leaves. Temporarily.

It’s 6 AM, I couldn’t sleep, but hell I am tired now. So here, have another chapter. I had some inspiration for another chapter and I am going to write it if it comes to me. May as well! Thank you for the positive feedback on this fic, I’m glad you guys like it! 

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If the KBTBB MC were in Fandoms (Sherlock)
  • (In the penthouse Luke coaxed everyone into watching one of his favorite British TV shows, Sherlock. Everybody sits, eyes glued to the television.)
  • Eisuke: "I rather relate to Sherlock."
  • Ota: "The high-functioning sociopath? Pfft, that's not concerning."
  • Baba: "He does remind me of Boss."
  • (a few hours later after they watch further into the series)
  • Eisuke: "He should've chosen Molly."
  • MC: *expression softens* "Huh?"
  • Eisuke: "The ordinary looking girl who liked him. He should've chosen her sooner, before she found that surprisingly similar gentleman Tom. If he'd realized how important she was to him sooner, he could be her fiancee, not Tom."
  • MC: "Yeah, I think so too. Molly and Sherlock would've made a really good couple. It's too bad he waited until it was too late."
  • Eisuke: *turns to look her in the eye* "It really is."
  • Hishikura: "Come on, MC. Let's go home. It's getting late."
  • MC: "Oh, okay." *gets up and flashes Eisuke a smile* "You have a goodnight Mr. Ichinomiya."
  • Eisuke: "You too."
  • (Hishikura leaves with the MC, his arm wrapped around her waist.)
  • Eisuke: *whispers quietly to himself* "I wish I would've realized sooner."
  • Baba: "What did you say, Boss?"
  • Eisuke: "Oh, nothing. Is that Watson's fiancee? Hmph, he could've done better."
  • Baba: *smiles sweetly* "It's okay, Boss. I'll keep your secret."
  • Eisuke: "..."
  • Baba: *whispers* "You should tell her, you know, how you feel."
  • Eisuke: "It's too late."

~B.A.P Requests 9~
(lots of Jongup love in this one ^^)

1)  jamsuppie - Dada and Jongup werewolf puppies
2)  mybutterflyfact - Pool Daejae
3)  jamila-eun-sang - Instagram Pool Zelo 
4)  markmywords-thankyoumark - Bangup playing Marvel Future Fights
5)  moonjongunf - Yongguk and kitty Jongup
6)  mooneyjongup - Harry Potter Himup
7)  oh-ma-sugarrlorrd - Jongup in an Olaf onesie
8)  bbangstergran - Bangdae and Taiko Drum Master