i'll leave u all with this

the beginning of taking flight is such a rollercoaster for keith like:

here is he, extremely worried about lance, watching him closely

he is so eager??? to let him out of the pod??? (you can already see allura going “wtf chill boi”)

tfw u get scolded for wanting your boyfriend out as soon as possible (pidge is judging him too)


“I just want to see my bf allura is that too much”

always by his side

he’s the last of the group to leave the pod, which means he stayed in front of it all alone for a bit


and last but not least…..the look of betrayal™ after he sees lance flirting with allura

this guy is in love wake up america


hello, it’s gabrielle! (or brie, as some of you know me as) i don’t really do the whole concept of follow forevers but!!! here’s my own mutual appreciation post because you are all so dear to me, even though i don’t express it as much as i feel. thank you all for being in my life and i hope you know that even though i’m the Worst at being affectionate, you matter a lot to me and i remember all of you fondly!

☼ ; we don’t interact much but i appreciate your presence on my dashboard! you’re a wonderful burst of sunshine that brightens up my day when i see you
❀ ; we interact every now n then and although we’re not that close, thank you for the short exchanges we have, you’re a precious petal and i wish you all the best always!
; we’re somewhat close, but i’d definitely like to get to know you better! you’re amazing and i hope you know i’m always here for you
♡ ; thank you for tolerating me on this hellsite (and in some cases outside of it), you have a special place in the crevices of my heart and a space at the back of my mind devoted to you. not enough words can describe how much i love you!!
; you are a kind soul that i always happen to see and i admire you for making others feel loved and appreciated. you’re a kind of starlight that radiates with affection and care!

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you hang the moon, i’ll hang the stars [draco malfoy]

request: “163? Draco x Gryffindor!reader please?” -anon

word count: ~1200

a/n: i’m like 87% sure this is NOT what you had in mind when you requested this, anon, but all i’m ever given is a line of dialogue so i just take the story where it wants to go, u feel? i feel. regardless, i hope u all enjoy this and i hope i don’t go too overboard with this reader characterization! i do like to make my characters’ personalities show and sometimes it goes a bit overboard but o well! also i feel like draco is a bit ooc here so whoopsies *shrug emoji* he’s a happy lad rn what can i say his gf is a qt who wants to take over the world, who wouldn’t be happy about that?

163: “i’m sick of being USELESS.”

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hiiii everyone, it’s jamie. honestly, i never thought i’d make one of these. in the 5 years i’ve been on this site, i’ve had a lot of friends come and go, so i guess i’ve always worried about looking back on this to find that some of the friendships i’ve long cherished have ended… but recently i’ve realized that although i’ve lost a lot of people, there are also so many of you that have been with me all this time, that have supported me and cared for me for literal years, and as today is my 21st birthday and because i’m rly close to hitting 1k… i decided that i really wanted to make one after all to show my appreciation to all of you. you all seriously make life worth living and i don’t know where i would be or who i would be without you all, so seriously, thank you so much for being here with me and for staying by my side. even with the amount of sappy that’s in this post, i honestly can’t stress my gratitude enough, but i hope it’ll be enough to express at least a fraction of how much i care. anyway, again, thank you. and i apologize in advance 4 the long paragraphs under the cut~

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Orangie Sungjong Aesthetic 

(Thanks to @soooldout for tagging me)

Helping Your D-Partner Manage Stress (Pt. 2)

Part 1 is here

The Haus kitchen seemed as good a place as any to start.

Bitty had sympathy-baked pies for the team; blueberry, peach, and cherry cooled in a line down the counter. The whole room was still pleasantly warm from the oven and the Haus smelled the way heaven might, if heaven had been inspired by a Southern Living magazine.

Dex was more calm than Nursey had seen him in at least a week, curled up on the toxic couch, legs folded underneath him as read the textbook in his lap. His clothes were worn in just the right way to stretch perfectly over his body, like some kind of catalog ad. Dex muttered something to himself, eyebrows squishing together as he underlined something in his book. It was objectively adorable, and Nursey could admit to that. 

It didn’t change the fact that he needed to take time off to relax and, just maybe, pull the stick out of his ass.

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The signs as things I've heard people say at school
  • Aries: hey if I died right now do you think I'd still have to do my exams in hell
  • Taurus: why? Was I not supposed to use hydrochloric acid? Oh... Then I have a confession make
  • Gemini: chemistry can kiss my fat ass
  • Cancer: I'm gonna die a virgin who can't drive, can't swim and can't apply the cosine rule
  • Leo: yeah so I said who cares? I'm like really over you, you can suck 10 dicks. But then he said good I'm gay anyways. How did I not see that coming? (Cries)
  • Virgo: (everyone was talking about chicken fillets and asked her if she used one) no I'm a vegetarian you idiot
  • Libra: (when asked what we should do to avoid having this test) maybe if we stay still he won't notice us and he'll think that nobody's here
  • Scorpio: I think murder in a science lab should be legal if you end up with a moronic partner
  • Sagittarius: Look all I know is I was blazing it and then it started blazing me and I had to take the bus home with my shirt half burned off. It looked cool though
  • Capricorn: if I finish all these biology notes in my next free period I think I'll have time to go home and watch every single Star Wars movie
  • Aquarius: it's a fucking conspiracy. How can every single science teacher that ever taught me since year 7 just leave school like that... Something's up
  • Pisces: (why weren't you paying attention)I was thinking about how Drake would say xylem

i recently went over 1k here and 1k on my sideblog, which is crazy af? i feel so happy stanning the boys and i’m so emo for them :’) but u know what really makes me day??????? my beautiful mutuals. even if we never talk i always get happy seeing u on my dash or notifs! 

know that im here for you always, i barely leave my phone i’m almost a 24x7 contact lmao (also you guys deserve all the followers in the world bc you are all amazing). some of you i talk more to and i love you all so so so much. you’re so important to me. i want you to be happy. 

also remember to drink ur water and have your beauty sleep. drop people that don’t value you enough! have a great week babes. k bye here goes the list (in no particular order lmao)

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gnotblue replied to your post“look if that’s really a note keith wrote about shiro leaving then i’m…”

lol, true. Shiro doesn’t seem as interested (so far), but Keith’s look of Adoration being a crush is just the easiest explanation.

normally I just accept platonic explanations for everything, but who acts like keith does around shiro with their bro?? I mean I got 2 of them and that’s just not how we interact, nobody’s gonna be saying we’re DESPERATE to see each other lmao. keef just having a crush on a guy who mentors him seems more likely at this point. He’s waay too soft on shiro for me to buy “just buddies” anymore.

But the thing that REALLY makes me hrmmmm is that we know from the showrunners that lance and hunk have the strongest/closest bond (wondercon?? idr). Which is an odd thing to say if you’re gonna insist two other people with a very ambiguously presented relationship are ~bro power~ in an emotionally charged episode and yet don’t confide in each other even as friends would. If shiro’s like a bro to keith but they’re not even the closest members of the team, then they’re shitty ass brothers. And keith is still acting like he’s not exactly sure of his position at shiro’s side, which again is not a very bro vibe. But it is a very “i’m desperate to stay with you and not upset you so you leave me and I just love you and i don’t know or maybe even think you love me back” thing, which u know..did actually happen in the show..what i’m saying on this long tangent is that the show’s logic supports a crush more than anything else ok 

1-800-r0swell  asked:

my favorite game: when half of the gifs show up in a gid set and u get to guess the rest of the lyrics

my favorite game: not being able to see gifs bc tumblr wrongly flagged them as nsfw 😍😍😍


Star Trek Ongoing #53;;

(let’s make a petition to have Gaila in star trek beyond xD)

hell-omysupernaturalworld  asked:

Omg ;-; i'm so happy to read that dsadsaf I'll leave you all the messages that you want! e.e And ok I'll try to write a request, If something is wrong please tell me and I'll rewrite it. It's my first time u//u (?) Uhum! Can you please do headcanons of Aizawa and his s/o spending the afternoon sleepping, eating and making braids to each other? Thanks <3


  • Lazy days are one of his favourite ways to waste his free time; between being a teacher and his hero work he doesn’t find himself with much resting time. He’s also a notorious workaholic despite his seemingly lazy demeanour.
  • He needs it. He needs lots of food and naps. He’s the type that goes out before these snug sessions, buys a crap ton of bad food and then mentally plans the order of what he’s gonna eat.
  • He’s not a touchy feely guy, especially when he’s not had the opportunity to say yes or no, but this is the one time when he can be surprising with his affection. It’s nothing clingy; it’s lying next to each other, just about touching, little hand squeezes when someone wakes up, making sure the others covered in blankets or has something to drink etc. 
  • He’s probably gonna never want to get out of bed and if you let him he’ll wrap you around his little finger and get you doing all the walking required. 
  • Nobody can ever know but he’s a sucker for having his hair played with. So long as you’re gentle and stop when he wants you to then you could probably braid his hair all day long.
  • Unfortunately he’s really crappy at doing other peoples hair. When he braids there’s always one strand that is ridiculously thicker than all the others and he has no idea where he’s going wrong. 
  • Face masks tho. This is another one of his secrets but he’s happy to share it with you.
  • Will order takeaway and there’s nothing you can do to stop him from eating in bed.
  • Weird headcanon from me but I feel like he’s probably got a sofa bed in his front room. So he can have these lazy days in the room with the best tv and sound system.
  • Wants you to rest your head on his shoulder but will die before he says it so he just kinda nudges his way there. 
  • “You keep me sane, ____.”
announcement thing (possible courtship discord server, pls read)

Alright guys, first I want to apologize for not having asks on, I rly thought they were.
But yeah if anyone wants to ask something or send a public message those are open now along with the submit option.

Also, I remember I said I was gonna make a discord. I’ll do that if you guys want but I wanna know if ya’ll would want that? a courtshipping discord, not a private one or anything. Just a discord server for all shippers to discuss zirconshipping. I mean I said I was gonna make it so i’m making it anyway but I would like to know who would be interested in that?

anyway leave an ask or a reblog or a comment if u support that idea. When I make it i’m gonna tag everyone who commented/reblogged the “courtship squad” post and everyone who comments on, reblogs, or likes this post. 

sorry for the long text post. Now back to you’re regularly scheduled courtship/zirconshipping content

wait a minute are there ppl out there calling youngjae a visual hole?? excuse me?? choi youngjae of got7, resident sunshine, the one nichkhun called got7′s visual, the one who has no bad angles in selfies, the one with the most angelic voice, the one who loves fans and told them politely to give got7 their personal space but also worried abt the fans safety, the one who couldn’t dance at all when he became a trainee but only trained 7 months before he debuted, the one who worked multiple part time jobs for money for classes so he could become a trainee, the one who is so talented and so loving and caring, that choi youngjae? i’m sorry but he did not work this hard to have ppl hate on him no idol works this hard for ppl to hate on them goodbye


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