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The Revengequisition

Horrible piece of trash I quickly wrote because I miss you all! (in the tags I explain why in these days I’m not here very often! But don’t worry, it’s a temporary thing due to a busy time in my life!)

The accidents started as soon as the ball at the Winter Palace ended. The nobles were still walking around, their glasses full of expensive wine and venomuos gossip. Behind golden masks and jewelled hands, lips were whispering about the mighty Inquisitor who saved the Empire from its very own end. 
Duchesse Henriette Laurelle Dorlaine,+ the favorite daughter of a man with an empty brain and a woman with more ambition than good sense, was particularly chatty with her ladies in waiting. And not just because she had assisted to an epic event, but also because she was one of the few people who had actually spoke with the gorgeus Commander of the Inquisition Army. And she hadn’t just speak to him. She had actually touched him. Oh, sure, the fierce Ferldan had seemed totally surprised by her bold action, but sure he was happy. Men loved to be approached in such a way, she was quite sure of that. Grinning like a cat, she already started to write her letter to the Commander about a possible bethrotal between them. Sure, his origins weren’t noble, but the duchesse knew that gold and persuasion could buy him a title. And, of course, before having the honor to marry her, he would need a proper training. She didn’t want to be embarassed during the wedding or their life together, after all! And once he woul become a perfect Orlesian, her life would be perfect. Days – and nights – spent being worshipped by that beautiful, mighty man. Oh, she had heard the gossip about a relationship between him and the Inquisitor. But that woman, a woman cursed with an unholy sparkling hand, couldn’t certanly compare to her, the daughter of a famous, pureblood Orlesian family. The Duchesse didn’t realize what was happening, until she put her foot on the first step of her carriage. With a squeak, the wood broke, making her fallen face first on the floor of her carriage. Her shrieks of pain and humilation, mixed with the laughters of the ones who had assisted, were heard also by a figure in the shadow. A figure who had watched hersince she left the ballroom and that now was walking away smiling satisfied “Minus one.”.

Comte Belisieux blew a kiss in the direction of Commander Cullen, who was escorting the Inquisitor outside the ballroom, after the empress had ended officially the party. “You’re wasting your time, Leònard.” a voice chuckled. Turning his face, the comte shrugged “You’re just jealous, Philìppe dear.”
“Jealous? Non, non.” the other man smiled “Just pragmatic. I know that once this little crush for that man will end, you’ll come back to me. You always do.”
“Wouldn’t you be happier if I’ll return with an interesting guest in our bed?” he teased, drinking a sip of wine. Disgusting. If only Gaspard had made better offers, the comte woud have gladly fought for him. A woman like their empress, who picked such an horrible wine for an important party, didn’t deserve any loyalty. He could have forgave her to have a bloody elven woman in her bed, if she hadn’t such a terrifying taste in wines.
“The Commander made you understand pretty clearly he wasn’t interested. He said he was taken, if I’m right.”
“Taken!” the other man scoffed, a lewd grin on his masked face “A petite liason with a woman that’s famous just because of her hand it means hardly “taken”. And it doesn’t matter, in any case. I want him and I’ll have him. I’m Leònard Jacques Belisieux De Montfort and nobody dares tell me no.”
The comte was already planning his arrival in Skyhold – sure he was going to have an invitation soon enough – and the time he would spend with the Commander Cullen. Oh, for a dirty Fereldan dog he was such a fine conquer to add in his collection. Lost in his thoughts, the noble didn’t realize that his wine had truly a terrible taste. And then, the first cramp hit his stomach. And then another. And another. Until he had to run out of the living room, searching for a bathroom, for avoiding to relieve himself in one of the plants along the main hall.
The hidden figure looked at him with a satisfied grin “Minus two.”
“What are you doing here, Jim?!”
The man jumped from his spot, while another guard arrived “We have the first watch outside the Inquisitor’s room, did you forget?”
“Uh… no, not at all.”
Following his companion, Jim sighed. He didn’t have time to punish all the others that during the night had bothered Commander Cullen, but at least the two major characters had had their lesson. Well, joining that Red Jenny group while he was drunk that night in the tavern hadn’t been a bad idea, after all.