i'll leave my fate to you

I think you are right, with your earlier post @miraculouscim….. They have done this on purpose!!! we are being spoilt rotten!!! 🗼🐞🐱😍 @skaylanphear@insanitysscribblings@siderealsandman@imthepunchlord@thelastpilot This has been a good week! =^_^= Sorry just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate your work especially as I have no way of contributing to the Fandom besides leaving faves, kudos and screaming into my pillow cause these dorks are so adorable and why won’t season two get here already ?!!?!

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Let’s Leave it Up to Fate

Character: Jaebum

Genre: Drabble

Requested here

“Oh, um, excuse me. Sorry, ah. Oh.” Oomph! You were shoved forward as the last of the subway riders crammed into the crowded car. You, in turn, fell forward, crashing right into the arms of a stranger.

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Can I have my farewell embrace, and I’ll whisper in your ear how miserable I’m going to be now that you’re leaving. There’s a chance that I’d effortlessly fall into the abyss because you won’t be there to hold me anymore. Just picturing it in my mind makes me want to beg, kneel in front of you and say you don’t have to go. It seems like fate hates me, fate hates us. The world doesn’t want us to be in each other’s arms. But, babe, carry my one last touch as a missing puzzle piece to figure out someday where am I, as a key to unlock that day where we can get to see each other again. I’ll always be here, waiting and praying that no matter what will happen, you’ll come back, we will be together and won’t let anything or anyone to change that once more.
—  // 9-5-’16. 9:37pm